August 4 - 7, 2017 Hosted by the Barony of Lions Gate

Warlords! Can you raise an army to stand against all others?

Once again, the Barony of Lions Gate hosts "The Tournament of Armies", to challenge all potential warlords. All martial disciplines are needed, but a successful army is built on the strength of its artisans, scientists, and support personnel. You will be limited to the number of heavy, rapier, or archery personnel at the opening of the event, but coins earned through skill and service will allow you to build your army through the weekend. There is no limit to the artisans or service personnel supporting your claim. Everyone is needed! Everyone is welcome!

Who will stand beside you under your banner? Who will inspire you to support their quest for the title?

Who will be the next Warlord?



 Aug 1, 2017

  Updated Bardic, Equestrian, and Arts & Sciences information.

  Changes and updates to Schedule page, including new pdf


 July 23, 2017

  Updated Event Team page to include new members

  Changes and updates to Schedule page, including new pdf


 July 22, 2017

  Added TOA7 Site Map

  Updated Warlords page, listing currently declared warlords.


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Tournament Details

Build your army and declare your intentions to seek out the title of Warlord! Be mindful that building an army for combat is just one piece. Earn points by participating in each challenge as well. The more challenges you participate in, the stronger your army becomes!

War Scenarios

Exciting combat scenarios are planned which are the heart of TOA.

Site Details

Here are details on the site itself, site fees, maps, info on local shopping and more. Additional event details regarding merchants can also be found here.