Tir Righ

Don John Warrick Draker (Warwick Drakkar)
Warrick's wiki entry
(Sean Penney)
(604) 657 3224 (accepts text msg)

Contingency Deputy Marshal

Lord Snaer Hugproui
(included in Marshall's email)

Archery Marshal

HL Conn McRoy (Stephen Cole)

Rapier Marshal

HL Ewein Whowood (Bill Ryan)

Cut & Thrust Marshal

currently vacant

Equestrian Marshal

HL Cassandra Wineday of Newingate (Joanne Loney)

Youth Armoured Combat Marshal

Viscount Kheron Azov (Richard Bertrand)

Minister of Lists

Countess Dalla in Fagra (Tamara Young)
(please email for contact phone number)