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Tir Righ Populations

Tir Righ Branch Populations

as of Sep 2017

branch pop by postal code by municipality
Appledore 5 link link
Coill Mhor 14 link link
Cold Keep 24 link link
Danescombe 34 link link
False Isle 7 link link
Fjordland 40 link link
Hartwood 57 link link
Krakafjord 21 link link
Lions Gate 171 link link
Lionsdale 52 link link
Ramsgaard 25 link link
Seagirt 80 link link
Thornwold 45 link link
Tir Bannog 12 link link
unclaimed 8 link link

Current Tir Righ population total: 595

Historical Population Data

Historical Population Chart

Historical Population Chart, without Baronies