The current Active Sergeants

Sergeant Edward Holgrove
Sergeant Prime

Gallant Seamus MacDonald

Yeoman Athelina Grey

Yeoman Gallant Lachlan Mac an Toisich of Benchar

Gallant Connal Maclouman


1. The positions of Sergeant, Yeoman and Gallant within the Barony of Seagirt have been developed to allow individuals the opportunity to demonstrate the martial prowess, commitment to service, dedication to the chivalric qualities and developmental ideals esteemed within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The goal of the Sergeantry is to provide leadership and exemplify commitment to service to the populace of the Barony of Seagirt, be worthy of respect as ambassadors for all who they interact with and particularly serve as mentors to newcomers to the society. The members of the Sergeantry will earn the right to wear the regalia that denotes this baronial position and accept the obligations of the Sergeantry. It is expected that any member of the Sergeantry will conduct themselves accordingly.

2. The Obligations of the Sergeantry of the Barony of Seagirt are:

a. To assist, protect and support the Baroness in her role within the Society for Creative Anachronism. This will requires swearing fealty to the Barony through the Baroness, and through that oath to the Coronets of the Principality of Tir Righ and the Crowns of the Kingdom of An Tir.

b. To protect and defend the Barony and, through the Barony, the Principality of Tir Righ and the Kingdom of An Tir. You will be expected to fight with the baronial army during Sealion War and lead fighters on the field if necessary. For those members of Sergeantry who are not able to take the field, they are expected to support the Baronial Army in some other meaningful capacity

c. To champion and protect the populace of the Barony to the utmost of ability and need, in accordance with the code of Chivalry.

d. To uphold by word and deed the ideals of chivalrous behavior as embodied in the Society of Creative Anachronism, and support this game which we play by comporting oneself in an appropriately medieval manner and courtly decorum.

e. To bring to the attention of the Baroness those who are deserving of recognition, be that of a baronial nature or otherwise.

f. Whenever possible, to maintain an acceptable level of competence in all fields involved in the testing of the Sergeantry.

g. To remain active within the position in accordance with the requirements of this station to the best of one’s ability and financial situation.

h. To actively promote the Sergeantry to the Barony and assist the Baroness in organizing future Sergeantry trials and sponsored tournaments.

I. To attend Sergeantry meetings, functions and baronial events to the best of one’s ability and financial situation.

j. To acknowledge that there may be a time when you will be unable to uphold the responsibilities of this station, and have the humility to accordingly accept a different status.

3. Privileges
The privileges of the of the Sergeantry of the Barony of Seagirt are:

a. To wear Sergeantry regalia as an appropriate token of this accomplishment.
b. To receive written certification that one has been duly tested and admitted into the Sergeantry.
c. To take on and train Men-at-arms. Men-at-arms are not automatically candidates for testing nor are they required to submit to test.
d. To be recognized as the Honour Guard of the Baroness, serving her both on the field of battle and within the Baronial Courts and other appropriate occasions.
e. To fly a Sergeantry banner at events to promote the Sergeantry.
f. To be valued advisers to the Baroness on matters of the Sergeantry with the ability to speak freely and without fear of retribution.

4. Guidelines for the Sergeantry

a. The Sergeantry shall be self-administering and the members shall elect one leader, to be known as “Sergeant Prime”. All codes of conduct and regulations specific to the Sergeantry shall be developed with the approval of the Baronesses and enforced by the Sergeantry and the Baronesses. Such codes and regulations shall not conflict with the Corpora of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the laws of the Kingdom of An Tir, the laws of the Principality of Tir Righ or the financial policy of the Barony of Seagirt.
b. In all matters regarding the Order of Sergeantry, the Baroness has the authority of final judgment over any decision reached.
c. Under the direction of the Baroness, the active Sergeantry shall:
i. Organize the annual event whereby candidates for the Sergeantry will be tested
ii. Provide commentary to the Baronesses regarding and modifications deemed necessary to the testing criteria.
iii. Observe candidates upon the submission of the Petition.
iv. Assemble and verify all judging results.
d. There are three statuses within the Sergeantry of Seagirt; Active, Emeritus, and Retired.

Emeritus: Those individuals who are not active in the Barony they are sworn to serve and unable to continue in maintaining the obligations and responsibilities of the Sergeantry. If the Emeritus Sergeant requests to return as an active Sergeant within two years, retesting may be waived at the Baroness’ discretion. For a lapse of greater than two years Emeritus Sergeantry shall be asked to retake the Sergeantry trials in order to be restored to their former position. Retesting is always at the discretion of the Baroness.

Retired: This status denotes those individuals who are no longer active:
Any member of the Sergeantry who has not been in contact with the Baroness for a period of two years shall be considered Retired. In the event of a change in Baroness, all of the current members of the Sergeantry are obliged to contact the new Baroness prior to her stepping up and declare their chosen status within the Sergeantry. If a member of the Sergeantry has not declared their intentions by the investment of the new Baroness they shall be considered to be Emeritus. If they have had no contact with the Baroness within the first year of her reign, their status shall be changed to Retired.

A member of the Sergeantry may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of currently active members if just cause is shown and no conflict resolution is successful or can be found. The sanctioned member may appeal the decision to the Baroness, who reserves the right to final judgment.

A Baroness may temporarily suspend any member of the Sergeantry at her discretion for gross failure in their commitment to the Sergeantry, or for violation of the Obligations of the Sergeantry until such time that a delegation of the active Sergeantry can convene and discuss the situation for further action.