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  {===========}         #56 January, AS XXXV (CE 2001)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Crown Principality of The
North, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It
is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA
Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the
Chronicler. Subscriptions are $1/yr.

- LOST AND FOUND (12th Night)



3 Day of Dance - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
3 Winter Parade - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC
9-10 Weekend of Service - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
10 Medieval Workshop - University of Victoria
10 Festival of Red Lanterns - Dregate - Omak, WA
17 Lover's Revel - Eisenmarche - Coquitlam, BC
17 Feast of The Raven - Raven's Key - Port Alberni, BC
23-25 Avacal Investiture - Borealis - Edmonton, AB
24 Winter Tourney - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC

3-4 Kingdom A&S - Three Mountains - Washington Co. OR
10-11 Ithra - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
16-18 Summit's Spring Coronet - Nordholt - Linn Co., OR
17 Daffodil Tourney & Feast - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
24 Championship Tourney - Eisenmarche - Coquitlam, BC
31 Rapier Prize Tourney - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC

14-16 Ithra of the Arts - Dregate - Omak, WA
21 Sir Edward's Tourney - Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA
21 Winter's End Tourney - Ramsgaard - Kamloops, BC
28 Fur & Feather Tavern - Dregate - Omak, WA

5 Bardic Revel - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
18-20 May Crown - Dregate - Omak, WA

8-10 25th Anniversary - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
8-10 Spring Revel & Tourney - Coill Mhor - 100 Mile House, BC
15-17 Archery Althing - Dregate - Omak, WA
15-17 Spring Murder - Ravensweir - Williams Lake, BC
22-24 Championship Tourney - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC

6-8 Mermaid's Tourney - False Isle - Powell River, BC
6-8 20th Anniversary - Appledore - Kelowna, BC
20-22 July Coronation - Terra Pomeria - Polk Co., OR



Seneschal: HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck)
Ph: (250)542-6988 northern-seneschal@antir.sca.org

Chronicler: Lord Erasmus the Traveller
Ph: (250) 380-9947 northern-chronicler@antir.sca.org

Arts & Sciences: HL Aelana Cordovera
Ph: (604) 876-9105 northern-artsci@antir.sca.org

Chatelaine: Sgt. Ekatarina Borisnovna
Ph: (250) 479-8174 northern-chatelaine@anitr.sca.org

Chirurgeon: HL Aaron of the Black Mountain
Ph: (604) 524-2824 northern-chirurgeon@antir.sca.org

Constable: Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter
Ph: (604) 702-0822 northern-constable@antir.sca.org

Exchequer: Skya of Wrath
Ph: (250) 549-4100 northern-exchequer@antir.sca.org

Herald: Lady Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna
Ph: (250) 639-9301 northern-herald@antir.sca.org

Marshal: HL Griffin ap Bedwyr
Ph: (604) 466-0654 northern-marshal@antir.sca.org

Rapier Marshal:Lord Enoch MacIain Sutherland
Ph: (604) 742-2003 northern-rapier@antir.sca.org

Archery Marshal: Byron Fletcher
Ph: (604) 521-0348 northern-archery-marshal@antir.sca.org

Dean of Pages: HL Malcolm of Lamont
Ph: (250) 498-3084 jturner@img.net

Waterbearer: vacant



Their Majesties,
Prince and Princess Of The North

Duke Davin Ravensfuri and Countess Groa
(Damon Hill & Gretchen Hubbert)
1520 NE 102nd
Seattle, WA, USA

Scourge Of The North
(Heavy Champion)
Sir Einar Guntharson & Thora Golvik

Skewer Of The North
(Rapier Champion)
Kallyn Rozvardo

Scorer Of The North
(Archery Champion)
Sir Einar Guntharson

Scholar Of The North
(Arts & Sciences Champion)
Sarra du Corbelle

Skald Of The North
(Bardic Champion)
Petro Rosvardo Thorvaldson



And so it begins.....

I don't need to explain to you all about the work we all face over the
next few years; I think since that momentous cry went up at 12th Night that
we have all stopped for a moment here and there and realized the work that
awaits us. It will be years of hard effort to produce the kind of
Principality that we want; one that will shine like the voided star of our
Those with abilities and knowledge and experience in the arts and
sciences, in heraldry and organization, and in the confidence of their own
selves can see that they will be needed. And will be called.
But there is something that we can all do, as a regular part of our
day-to-day, event-going SCA selves pay attention to your neighbours.
There is a unity that has to be strived for, worked at and wrestled into
some semblance of completeness. And nowhere is that more apparent than in
our own event schedules.
Just looking at the back cover of the Northern Sentinel (where the
schedule will always be found)[ED NOTE: printed version only. The eSentinel
will begin with the Calendar.], we can see that the calendar fills up
quickly. Some branches are better than others at making sure they get the
dates that they want for their events. But there is a price to this that
not everyone can see clearly.
Conflicting with a neighbouring branch's event happens. It just does
sometimes, no matter how hard you work to make sure that it doesn't. But
far more often, the conflicts happen because one branch is not paying
attention to what other branches are doing. And this is far more hurtful,
and destructive, than when it just "happens."
So be aware of what your neighbours are doing. Certain events always
happen at the same time every year (Baroness' Birthday Tourney is the best
example that I can think of). Don't go planning to conflict with an event
like that if you are only a branch away. It's one thing for Tir Bannog and
Shittimwoode to conflict it is another thing entirely if Appledore and
Frozen Mountain do it!
Soon, we can expect a Principality Calendar position to become a
reality. It will bring with it concerns about conflict regions and
"dedicated dates." How much better will it be if we can get this happening
ourselves, before this position becomes official? To show that we can work
together on something as important as this? For it is by the event that
our branches live and die. By
shortchanging the attendance at one event, we necessarily shortchange
another. And that helps neither branch to learn, to grow and to have the
events that we really, truly want to have.
Pay attention to your neighbours. Help them out, as you would hope
that they will help you when your turn comes.
It all comes down to what The Northern Sentinel is all about:
Communication. If we're not communicating, we're not growing as a Crown
Principality, and if we're not growing, we're by definition stagnating.
And stagnation does no one any good.
Well, with the information that you will find within these pages, I
hope that some of the problems of communication between branches can be
This is my mandate. This is what I will do in order to make certain
that The North becomes whatever it is that we will become. I know where I
want to see us go.
But it won't happen without a lot of work.
Which takes me back to where I started this column.
Which is a pretty good place to leave it.

I remain, as always,
In Service to the Crown Principality, The Lion Thrones, and The Dream,

Lord Erasmus the Traveller, GdS
Crown Principality Chronicler



Greetings All,
I was extremely pleased to have witnessed Their Royal Majesties reward
the People of our Region, who have worked very hard for you, by naming the
Northern Region, the Crown Principality of the North. I believe that this
will allow us to further develop our Identity which will in turn further
enrich the Kingdom of An Tir.
I presently reside in the Shire of Krakenfjord (Vernon BC) and if you
wish to contact me for any reason, email is usually the best. I can be
reached at:
<northern-seneschal@antir.sca.org> or <ljotr@home.com>
Tel:250-542-6988 Fax:250-542-6988
Snail Mail: Mitch Steck, 1205 25th Ave,
Vernon, BC V1T 7L5
I am looking forward to meeting you in my travels and if you should need
assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Yours in Service
HL Ljotr Einarsson
Crown Principality of the North



[The following was received from the Kingdom Seneschal, in response to the
question of Events and Bids from Canada - Ljotr]
Unto my friends and neighbors to the north, it has come to my
attention that there is much rumor of late regarding policies of allowing
kingdom events in Canada right now. Please allow me to state the facts. I
hope you will find them a refreshing change to what you have been hearing.
Several months ago it was discovered that the statement "make checks
payable to the NSCA" violated the Society Chronicler's policy, which said,
"make checks payable to the SCA, Inc." There was controlled panic. In this
group, a degree of panic is always expected. It was suggested that some
alternate wording be substituted in the Chronicler's policy and approved by
the board. It was. They added, "or an account acceptable to the Kingdom
Exchequer." That makes everything happy and legal again.
It was also discovered through this dilema that the Canadian
Government doesn't recognize the SCA. That means the SCA can't sue or be
sued in Canada. I would imagine the upside is that it limits our liability
too, since the SCA doesn't exist.
No one ever said they didn't trust anyone else. I find that as
offensive as you do. I have heard no objection to having the SCA become
recognized in Canada by becoming incorporated there. Everyone I have talked
to recognize the need for it and favor it. We are at present, trying to
find an attorney in Canada to help us do that. Any suggestions and
referrals are greatly appreciated. One attorney said we probably need to
incorporate federally and register in each province. Then he added that he
doesn't do that kind of work any more and will refer someone who does. I'm
still waiting. Referrals are very much needed asap.
I was instructed briefly to put a hold on accepting kingdom event bids
from Canada until the policy conflict was corrected. At this time kingdom
event bids are welcome from Canada. There was a brief knee-jerk reaction
at the corporate level, but it was resolved, in thanks largely to your
kingdom and corporate officers. I wouldn't make a bigger deal out of it
than it was. It had to do with corporate policies being too restrictive
and the technical legality of events. It never had to do with trust or
friendship. That has NEVER been in question.
I would ask, at this time, that anyone who wants to know the truth,
call me or talk to me about it. Please quit spreading untrue and hurtful
rumors. I know I speak for most of the kingdom officers when I say that we
very much appreciate all of our Canadian and stateside branches equally.
We want to be proactive and move forward in this organization. We all need
to work as a team in making this dream continue to be as bigger, better and
more fun than it has been.
Mikill Olafr Bjarnarson
Seneschal, An Tir



Congratulations to all of us for getting this far on our journey to
being a Principality ! Lets all take a moment and pat ourselves on the
back before we get on with it.
The Artisans of the North have been busy making banners and favours
for a show of enthusiasm at 12th Night. We also recieved $54 in donations
from the populace for favours and armbands. We are continuing to produce
armbands, favours and banners so we will continue to make a good showing
at Principality and Crown events in the future. Thanks EB and everyone who
loaned regalia and ideas. Anyone who wants to join on should contact me at
the above address or phone at (604) 876-9105.
The current issue under discussion is Officer's Baldrics. They would
contribute to the Pagentry for wearing in court, and the debate is on
about style, etc. I have proposed long baldrics, of fringed blue taffeta,
with a Northern Star on the shoulder, and the Office's device on the chest.
Small favour type and waistband type regalia have also been proposed.
Anyone wanting to contribute to the debate can reply to the Northern.
The next issue to be debated on the Northern Road will be the Crown
Principality of the North A & S Champions Contest. Watch for last year's
contest regulations to be posted, and the content of this year's will be up
for suggestions. Last year, by popular request we scrapped the Self
Judging and instituted "expert judges." The Laurels really came through
for us, at the Griffin's Gate, but unfortunately, due to date changes,
etc. the number of contestants was disappointing. Any suggestions about
how to increase the number of contestants would be very welcome. Gerhard
has made a wonderful entry token, to recognize the effort of just getting
A future program for the Artisans of the North will be planning and
carrying out the designs for the Regalia of our future Prince and Princess.
This will be a long range project, and those hoping to take part should get
involved in the Officer's and Champion's Regalia project, in the meantime,
so we can get to know you, and your work.
Lastly, to the local Arts and Sciences Officers, your reports are due
to me on the First of February, so I have time to chase down late reports
and get mine in on the 15th to Isabella. Please don't make me email your
Seneschal in an effort to track you down. If your email has changed, or
your officer, send me a note to sburrows@istar.ca. And phone calls get
expensive if I'm making them all. Lets make an effort to show we are
responsible about this reporting business. I will mail back to you a
digest of all the reports, so we can all see what everyone is doing. Its
so inspiring !

Yours in Service
Aelana Cordovera, MI, AA, JdL, Golden Swan



Greetings unto the populace of the Crown Principality of the North;
Isn't it neat how one can go from being a regional officer to a
principality officer over night?
For those who do not know, I am Griffin ap Bedwyr, Sgt., Squire to Sir
Oak, and your Principality Marshal. Just thought I'd slip in a few words
now that our newsletter is up and running again (and Erasmus asked me to).
I hope everyone is taking this time to make sure all their gear is in good
order and meets all regulations. An Tir is using Society regulations as the
base for our regs. So, with the addition of sternum protection, if your
armour meets Society standards then it will be okay for fighting in An Tir.
The updated copy of the Society Marshal's handbook is available
online at the SCA website or from the Society stock clerk. Get all your
equipment up to snuff and make sure you are authorized. No fighting without
If anyone has any questions drop me a line. My address is:
12159 222nd st
Maple Ridge BC,
V2X 5W4.
E-mail northern-marshal@antir.sca.org.



Greetings unto Their Majesties and the citizens of An Tir from HL
Yolande Chastellain.
I am pleased and excited to announce that as of this past 12th Night,
I have been appointed your new Kingdom Minister of Lists. Thank you to
Skepti & Asa for having chosen me for the position. Yes! This does mean you
can send your yellow Fighter/Marshal 2 Year Authorization and Waiver
Form(s) to me. Please send them to my address below. I will be distributing
new Fighter/Marshal Authorization Rosters as soon as I can get the forms
processed. (And yes, there is discussion happening about changing this
The Lists position has been vacant for quite some time, and I look
forward to being near the field of combat as your Listmistress. I have been
in the SCA for 14 years, and have run many lists on all branch levels,
including Crown and Inter-Kingdom events. I have also score-kept bowling
since the time I was five and then baseball when I was a little older. On
the field you may recognize me as a long-time waterbearer, but now I get to
sit down and rest my weary feet!
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be aware that there is a new Kingdom Law
in place which indicates that YOU MUST BE A PAID SCA MEMBER if you wish to
enter any Kingdom Champions Tournament. As printed in the January Crier
(page 28) and made Law by Their Majesties Skepti & Asa: "Society membership
is required to enter any championship competition, to meet qualification
criteria of Corpora (V,C,2,b) for all officers."
The Kingdom Championships of An Tir are: The Champion of An Tir (heavy
fighting), The Champion of Rapier Combat, The Kingdom Protector (archery),
and the Arts and Sciences Champion. Don't forget that you and your
inspiration must also be paid SCA members to enter the two Crown
Tournaments which determine our sovereigns by right of combat. The Lists
must have proof of your paid membership. I will let you know in the near
future what form this proof of membership must be in. In order to ease the
stress away from the List Keepers and from yourself, please be prepared to
bring all your cards (membership, authorization) with you when you sign up
at the Lists Table. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.
It is my intent to network with all List Keepers throughout the
kingdom to create a roster of names wherein we can foster communications
and learning. I would like to request that all branch Lists Officers
introduce themselves to me. Or, if you are not a branch officer, and you
have run the Lists in any way, shape or form, please contact me so I may
add your name to the roster and stay in touch with you.
As well, many have come to me expressing their desire to run lists
without any notion of how to go about it, and thus a class on how to run
lists will be taught at kingdom events. I have taught this subject at Ithra
previously. If you wish this class taught at your event, please get in
touch with me to see what we can arrange.
I will be developing a much needed handbook for this office. I have
been in the position of re-inventing the wheel when it comes to organizing
the Lists, and I have determined that others have no need to go through this
re-invention process. I have recently developed new List sheets to
pre-determine the order of a Round Robin. If you are interested in
assisting me in the test phase of these sheets, please let me know and I
will send you copies to try.
In my next letter I will discuss List shields and how their heraldry
adds to the ambience that is our society.
From the sidelines of the tourney field,
HL Yolande Chastellain
mka Laura Offley
10444 River Road
Delta, BC V4C 2R5


Mistress Ariel de Courtenay

[Reprinted from The Bunny Tales, October AS XXXIV, with permission]

I have just returned this evening from a few enjoyable hours spent
with my apprentice Helene. One of the things our discussion touched on was
the subject of SCA demos, and how we each felt about them.
In the past, we have both experienced a certain amount of burn-out
over the large number of demos that our group seemed to be doing-school
demos, Sir Eddie's, Town Faire-but I realized, as we talked, that I have
been quite looking forward to both the Western University demo, and the
Women's History event at Whatcom County Museum in March. In fact, I had
not even really identified these two events as demos in my mind.
Why not? I asked myself. What is it about some demos, like demos in
schools, or the demo part of Sir Edward's, our annual public demo, that
seems so tiring and unrewarding, while other demos seem exciting and
inspiring? I believe that the answer to this has many parts. Demos with
a strong theme and good organization can be an entirely different
experience than grueling sets of all day classes, or exhibits thrown
together at the last minute (Please be assured that I am referring to my
own halfhearted exhibits here).
About a month ago, I went to an event in Madrone called the Greenspire
Demo. It is an event put on to boost the building and maintenance fund of a
Medieval-style Catholic church (called Greenspire) in the University
District in Seattle (you may have seen the green spire from the freeway as
you have driven by.) It was one of the best organized, most exciting SCA
events-demo or no-that I have been to in a long time. They had booth after
booth of exciting craft and arts demonstrations including pewter casting by
Mark de Gaukler, a full size Norse rock-weighted loom, samples of several
kinds of embroidery, a basket of about forty non-perishable food items that
were to be sorted into old world and new on a map, along with free medieval
cook booklets for trying, medieval herb and spice packets to smell and
sample, a large clothing display from many periods, live music from a
quartet of period musicians for most of the day, calligraphy, hand-made
playing cards, Punch and Judy puppet shows, miracle plays (put on by the
church), a section of merchants, and of course, fighting, which included
live chess and challenges of champions fighting for members of the
audience. I'm sure there was more I am forgetting. I had a wonderful time
just looking at other people's stuff.
Now, I'm not saying that we could put on as large a spread as a big
Barony like Madrone, but the fact is, they can't either-they do it by
outside help. They had as many out of branch folks as locals--in fact,
members of the Northern Region were well represented among the
demonstrators. In any case, the point at hand is not really can we, but
why should we? In
the case of Madrone's demo, the answer is that in return for the great show
they put on, they get the moral satisfaction of helping a deserving charity
and they get the financial reward 10% of the demo's take for Baronial
coffers. Although I didn't get the exact figures, I understand that that
10% could be a significant amount of money. For a return like that, as
well as for the feeling of doing something worthwhile for a worthy cause, I
could really get excited!
So, two questions:
1. How does the demo make money so effectively?
2. How might such a thing work in our smaller branch
here in Bellingham?
First, the way the church makes money in this fundraiser is to charge
a $1.00 entry fee, and then to sell tickets to a great variety of quality
children's activities. For various numbers of tickets, kids could go
through a "castle maze" made of cardboard and wood, try to knock down
wooden pins with a ball, throw beanbags at a target with holes, make a
shield out of precut foam-core board and stencils, get their face painted,
or make a felt cone-shaped hat with glued-on felt stars, moons, glitter,
and chiffon streamers. All the materials were donated by people and
businesses wishing to support the church. In a large metro area like
Seattle, hoards of parents are looking for quality activities to do with
their kids, in addition to the members of the parish who came to support
their church. Although Bellingham doesn't have quite the population base, I
think we could get a pretty good response here as well.
So how would it actually work here, and would it be worth our while?
The key, I believe, is to find a local (or perhaps national) charity, or
maybe more than one, with a strong existing support network in Bellingham.
That would significantly increase the number of volunteers available to
help with advertising, run gate, supervise children's activities and help
find donated materials. By benefiting a local charity, we do a service for
our community, while at the same time, tapping into the good will of the
people of Bellingham. By making it a big endeavor, organized to make
money, we ensure that we will get a reasonable return for our work, and
some group who really needs it, will get the lion's share of the proceeds.
Goals like these, I would be willing to work for. If we were to do such an
event, there would be no question about who it was for. We would not be
stuck in the Sir Eddie's quandary of wanting to make the event more like an
SCA event, while still wanting to suit it to the public's needs. Frankly,
I think that the public, not to mention ourselves, might value a demo more
if admission was charged.
Now, it may sound mercenary and selfish of me to speak of making money
by benefiting a local charity, but honestly I do not think I am proposing
anything outrageous. First of all, we would have to make a really obscene
amount of money to even come close to paying everyone a decent hourly wage
for all the work and materials that go into preparing for and putting on a
really good demo, so even if we were making a profit, I would feel morally
fine about it, so long as the charity we were benefiting got most of the
money. The fact is, that unless we get a decent return on our effort, in
concrete community service as much as money for the branch, we will
continue to give demos that are less than what they could be, and while
still burning out several members of the group.
I hope that folks will consider the merits of this idea. As far as
which charity or charities to work with, I'm not sure. I would be hard to
find such a good fit as Madrone has found in Greenspire (they also get free
meeting rooms out of the deal), but I'm sure there are possibilities out
there. Helene and I talked about Agape House, the battered women's shelter
in Bellingham, or groups to benefit research into a disease like CF or
Leukemia, or maybe a more general, well-known charity like The March of
Dimes. I'm sure that in Canada, you have a different slate of charities to
The SCA claims to be about chivalry and service, but we rarely reach
outside our own group. Consider this proposal as a way to do that that is
rewarding for ourselves and enriching for our communities.


HL James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd

The time has arrived. In preparation for the Northern Region's
embarking upon it's destiny as the newest Crown Principality we present
"The Enumeration".
A census, conducted within the region to gather data to provided
established criteria AND to gather data to be used to plan and coordinate
future activities. It is our hope that we reach each and every active
participant in the Region to provide a true and accurate snap-shot.
And don't forget the prize for guessing the correct number of polled
people. (Prize donations are welcome too)
In that light I would now call upon our volunteer core of
census-takers to begin canvassing your branches. That list to date includes:
Crickstow-on-Sea - James Llewellyn
St Giles - Duncan Macquarrie
Shittemwoode - Helene
Frozen mountain - Magdalen
Coill Mhor - Finlaech MacGillandrias
Cragmere - Desamona Villani
Hartwood - Lilliane D'escargo
Dregate - Osorgarow the Dredful, Ashling Cassandra de Brittain
Eisenmarche - Rhiannon ap Gwyned, Alexander Ivor
Lions Gate - Ksenia, Antonella di Sicillia
Lionsdale - Dougal MacLaumuinn
Ca Mor - Chiara beguy urdina, Titus Valerius Romanus
Aqua Altus - Yrsa
Griffins gate - Kallyn Rozvardo
Krakenfjord - Hengest, the Saxon
Tir na Bannog - Josephine Blackthorn , Tewl Gover orth Kernow
Seagirt - Theocharista
Ravensweir - Sigrid Sigurdsdottir

We are still in need of representatives from:
False Isle
More volunteers from branches may help in the distribution of the forms.

The forms are available in several formats:
1) online submission at http://members.home.net/jamesllewellyn/census.htm
2) downloadable word format on the web site
3) downloadble text format from the web site

Forms can be submitted online at the web site, sent via email to
jamesllewellyn@home.com, or snail-mailed to:
Tom Pilcher
#306-55 Bay St.
Victoria BC V9A 6X9

This Census is being done because the Kingdom Herald says the Name &
Device decision will be made by everyone who participates whether they are
SCA members or not, but the rules say the winner needs to show majority
support. So we have to find out how many of us there are to know if we have
a majority when everyone is asked. There are also some things that people
have been wondering about like "How many people are members?" and "How many
people have email?". So we thought that if we had to ask everyone a
question, why not answer a bunch at the same time - Steffano & James &
Yolande aka The Census Triad).
The first and foremost task is to get the information out. Putting it
out on the local mailing lists, including it in local newsletters and
handing it out at events and meetings. Pass the word as best we can. Our
goal is saturation. I would like to reach every active SCA person in the
Crown Principality. Even if they don't respond I want them to at least know
its out there.
The second step is to get the forms filled out. The quickest and
easiest is obviously give them the URL and let THEM fill it out. Try and
mention to them to let YOU know they have done it so you can keep a running
total. HL Yolande is responsible for progress reporting as we proceed so we
need to know initially what are your expectations in numbers and then we
can compare it with the results as they are received. You may also request
from me an update as to how many or who HAS filled out data so we can find
the missing people. If someone does NOT want to fill it out please suggest
that they go to the form, fill in their SCA name and put in the comments
section "DO NOT WISH TO PARTICIPATE" We would still like to include them in
the numbers totals.
The final step is to ascertain the completeness of YOUR branch. In
branches where there is more than one census taker, get together and
compile the data. When you feel you are completed let me know. If all
branches report in completed we can end this early if need be.


You should fill out this form if you have been to an Event and intend
to go to more of them.
This is very important. If people are walking away from the SCA then
taking them into consideration for FUTURE events is pointless. I also don't
want the numbers skewed by passing forms out to people who aren't sure they
are sticking around.
The Census will remain open until the Name & Device Poll is finished
and the results will be posted and published.


LOST AND FOUND: Kingdom XIIth Night, A.S. XXXV
Lord Anthony Hawke, Baronial Constable, Seagirt

o 2 wooden stanchions with eyelets on top possibly belonging to Kingdom
o 1 black duffle bag containing clothing, running shoes, newspaper and a
toiletry kit. Tag on bag indicates that the owner is Tony McRory from
Ladysmith, BC.
o Metal goblet with handle, probably silver has golden tarnish.
Inscription says Bob & Carol, April 22, 1989. Has been repaired in past
with silver solder.
o Wooden tissue box cover
o Stack of Tacoma Reporter newspapers featuring the Blatha An Oir forging
of the "Millennium" sword.
o Gold coloured cloth placemat
o Purple kneeling cushion
o Coathanger covered by braided yellow cord with yellow ribbon attached
o Wicker basket full of A&S materials and a tube of lipstick. The papers
appear to be documentation from various entries (all in different hands),
signage and Autumn War 2001 handouts.
o Green hooded cloak with velvet trim and metal clasps. Lined in white.
o Black leather baldric with sword hanger
o Woven wicker fan, stained a red/brown colour
o White muslin/cotton material
o White/grey linen material
o Burgundy wool blanket with vertical yellow/navy stripes
o 12" long white plume (somewhat stained) with white ribbon wrapped around tip
o 1 pair of Wells Lamont yellow leather work gloves
o Wooden corset insert
o Bumper sticker: "Practise safe government: Use Kingdoms"
o Child's Tigger cap
o Pair of blue wool socks
o Pilot Explorer pen
o Brown ceramic mug with a black and white motif and a purple piece of yarn
attached to the handle
o Aluminium glass-bottomed stein with a burgundy/gold yarn attached to the
o Hairpin with a blue sparkly heart
o Silver bracelet with enamel and mother of pearl inlay in a flower motif
o Metal belt purse covered in green velvet and brocade, beaded with a brass
clasp. The dangles and chain have also been beaded with purple.
o Teal hood, woollen
o A camera in a black case
o Silver ring, man's with Celtic knotwork. Found in hotel room registered
to Ellana Judge.
o Brown leather wallet containing a sum of Japanese money. Found in hotel
room registered to Elizabeth Munro of Vashon WA.
o Cap, blue velvet with pearls sewn on. Found in hotel room registered to
Anthony Cain and Sara Bonneville.



The Medieval Studies Workshops began in 1988, to announce our existence to
the international scholarly world and to our own local community. The
hugely successful Workshop is traditionally held in February of each year,
organized jointly with the Division of Continuing Studies. A variety of
guest scholars, from Canada and beyond, regularly attract an audience of
over 200 people.

MEDIEVAL WORKSHOP 2001, Saturday, February 10th
Medieval courts were renowned for their conspicuous consumption and
displays of power and pomp. Although reserved for a select elite, the
social practices of the courtly world had a profound general impact, which
outlasted the Middle Ages, on institutions of learning and art.
Who were the members of the privileged elite? Who took part in court
practices like banqueting, hunting, making love and making war? What sort
of art objects did courtiers surround themselves with, and to what purpose?
The 14th Annual Medieval Workshop will focus on the splendours of the
medieval courtly world. The workshop will explore the many faces of
pleasure, pomp and power in courts East and West. Among the speakers will
be Paul Williamson, Chief Curator of the Victoria and Albert Museum in
London, who is a world expert on medieval sculpture. He has been a major
contributor to many landmark exhibitions on medieval arts, such as the Age
of Chilvalry: Art in Plantagenet England (1987). He will be speaking about
medieval ivories and their courtly owners.
Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Catherine Harding, Department of History in
Art, Dr. Iain Higgins, Department of English and the Medieval Studies
Program, Uvic. Please call 721-8485 to receive registration information.



Daffodil Tourney and Feast
Barony of Seagirt - March 17, 2001

The Barony of Seagirt invites the warriors of An Tir to come vie for
the title of Defender of Seagirt. Come be the guests of the Baron and
Baroness as we host the XXIV Daffodil Tournament and Feast at the Saanich
Fairgrounds in Victoria, BC.
Site opens: 8:30 am, Lists: 10:30 am; Tournaments: noon. Site closes
at midnight.
The ARMOURED COMBAT and the RAPIER COMBAT tourney formats will be
announced the day of the event (the Armoured combat will use standard legal
tourney weapons). There will be prizes.
Traditional Daffodil contests: Daffodil in Any Medium and Daffodil
Costume Contest.
Daffodil Feast & Entry Tickets on sale now: $17 Cdn ($12 US) until
February 9, 2001. $20 Cdn ($15 US) after February 10. Ticket sales close
March 10, 2001. Contact Autocrat. Make cheques payable to the Barony of
Seagirt. No refunds; feast tickets will not be available at the door.
IMPORTANT NOTES: There will be a tavern running across the hall from
the feast for those wishing to eat off-board. NO OUTSIDE LIQUOR ALLOWED (BC
Liquor Law). Local Bylaw: Absolutely no open flame indoors; enclosed
candle lanterns only.
Autocrat: HL Lenora di Calizzan (Tami Hayes), (250) 474-5602,
Deputy Autocrat: Lady Myrranda Dimici (Colleen Mah-Sim),
(250) 474-0765, myrr@telus.net
Merchant-crat:HL Daniel of Stafford Pele, dshill@home.com
(250) 385-5449
Daffodil in Any Medium Contest: HL Aliena Searover (Lucy Porter),
(250) 380-9947,
Costume Contest: HL Judith de Montgomerie (Judy Bennett),
(250) 537-9880, jb@saltspring.com
Armoured Combat Format: Sir Kheron Asov (Richard Bertrand), (604)
582-5708, rhytsar@home.com

From the mainland, go to Tsawwassen and take the ferry to Victoria BC
(Swartz Bay). Off the ferry continue on HWY 17 S. to Mt. Newton X Road.
Turn right, travel to Wallace Drive. Turn left, go to Stelley's X Road,
turn right. The fairgrounds are 1/4 mile on the right, 1528 Stelley's X
From Victoria - Hwy 17 (Pat Bay Hwy) N. towards Sidney. Turn left on
Mt. Newton X Rd.
From Up-Island - Trans-Canada S. to Victoria. Turn left on Mackenzie
Ave. and follow signs to Hwy 17 Northbound.


Krakafjord Winter Parade
Shire of Krakafjord - 3 February, 2001

An open invitation to all our friends (future friends included) . . .
Each Year on the first Saturday in February (Feb 3 this year) the
shire of Krakenfjord takes part in Vernon's Annual Winter Carnival Parade.
The parade takes place at 10:00 in the morning and is over by noon or 1:00.
After the parade this year we will retire to Bedlam Hall (Ljotr's place)
for an
afternoon of fun and fellowship. We'll have hot food and hot chocolate for
Free crash space is available for Friday and Saturday nights, please
contact me at thesaxon@home.com.
Wear you warmest garb and an extra cloak, as the day is usually a
chilly one. We line up starting about nine am, wait for a couple of hours
until the parade starts moving. Then walk for a couple of hours. Our
fighters fight along the way, lords and ladies dance and stroll through the
parade route. We have horses and a float (I think). Please feel free to
bring your shire banners to carry etc. Our group is a strong and exciting
part of the parade. Last year we had some 40 participants, and were able to
take up nearly half a block of space. The mundanes love to see us. The
parade serves Krakenfjord well as far a attracting new members and keeping
a visible presence in the mundane community.
The theme for the parade is "2001 - a Space Odyssey." We will be
working with "1002 - Chivalry in the new millennium" (or something like
It is a fun afternoon, But again please be prepared to deal with the
cold, temperatures around freezing are normal this time of year. I hope
that many of you can join us. Vernon's Winter Carnival is a large event,
with many
events happening throughout the weekend. Feel free to contact me, or any of
our shire members for more information.
Hengest, the Saxon, Seneschal to the Shire of Krakenfjord


Winter's Tourney
Canton of Liondale - 24 February, 2001

Greetings to all:
The Canton of Lionsdale would like to invite everyone to our 4th
annual Winter's Tourney.
For those of you that have been to this event before this year we have
our event at a new site. There is more room for both heavy and rapier.
And we still are holding our indoor archery tourney as well.
There will be day food available and in the evening there will be a
potluck supper. There is no bar this year however, the site is discreetly
Arts & Sceince competition is Most creative cod piece. If you have
any questions about this competition please contact Rane (Tracy)
(604)703-0367. (This being a family event no x-rated cod pieces please).
Merchants are welcome. Merchant fee will be a prize donation. Please
call the Autocrat for reservation.
Autocrat: Synnovea Gravel (Cindy) phone (604) 792-9620 or Lou Tang
(George) phone (604) 795-6032
email lou_tang@yahoo.com
Date: February 24, 2001
Place: Princess Armouries, 45707 Princess Ave
Site Fee: $7.00 for adults, $3.00 for children 5-13, children under 5
are free. Family rate $20.
Site opens at 9:00

Take Hwy 1 to Chilliwack/Sardis exit (119A). Take the north exit over
the Hwy to Yale Rd. Follow Yale Rd until you come to the set of lights
that mark Yale Rd and Spadina. Turn Left onto Spandina. Go up to four way
stop. Turn right on to Mary St. follow Mary up to Princess Ave. Turn left
onto Princess, the site is on the right hand side. Signs will be posted
all along the way.


Rapier Seminar
Shire of False Isle - 3 February, 2001

Unto the Populace of the Crown Principality of the North does Lord
Grimon de Beaujolais, Seneschal of False Isle send Greetings and
In response to our Shire's most excellent adventures at the recent
12th night rapier tournament in the Barony of Seagirt, we are holding a
Rapier Seminar on the weekend of February the 3rd in the Shire of False
Eight of our rapier fighters attended the tournament with Six entering
the lists. While we felt the tournament and marshalling to be of the
highest calibre, it left us all thirsting for more fencing, hence this
post. Those two Dashing Cadets, namely, Lords Prospere de Montsegur and
Diarmuid de Rosas have deigned to honour us with their instructions to be
followed by a pot luck feast or pub attack in the usual False Isle Style!
Instruction will focus on more advanced techniques but beginners are
welcome as well!
Billeting is available first come, first serve. For More Info please
contact the autocrat Grimon de Beaujolais : lordgrimon@home.com
Visit our New Rapier Web page at: http://www.members.home.net/lordgrimon


Known World Arts & Sciences 2001
Barony of Madrone - October 26th - 28th, 2001

Greetings unto the Populace and Peers, and the assorted Baronies,
Shires, Cantons, Colleges and incipient Shires of the Kingdom of An Tir
from Laurellen de Brandevin, autocrat for Known World Arts & Sciences 2001,
The beautiful Barony of Madrone has been awarded the honor of hosting
Known World Arts & Sciences 2001. The dates are October 26th - 28th and the
site will be the DoubleTree hotel in Sea-Tac.
The event is in the preliminary stages of planning which brings me to
the gist of this email.
The idea behind the Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium is not only
to showcase artisans and instructors from around the Known World but to
also showcase the Kingdom artisans and instructors. To this end, it is my
fervent hope that I can entice the various Baronies, Shires, Cantons,
Colleges and
incipient Shires of this mighty Kingdom into organizing and showcasing
their artisans, instructors, and artifacts. In a sense, this will be like
the 3YC Arts and Sciences display on steroids.
The Kingdom of An Tir has some of the greatest talent in the Known
World. Let's take this opportunity to show it off... Please contact me if
your group has any ideas on displays, classes, instructors, or would like
to show off what your group can do (The Seagirt Tapestry comes instantly to
mind... ) To see what has already been put into the planning, please visit
the website, http://www.vertetsable.com/kwas for more information.
Additionally, an event of this size cannot run with out one vital
ingredient; YOU. Please take a moment to look through the site and see if
there are things you would like to volunteer to help with. If you don't see
something you'd like to do, then you and/or your group can get together and
sponsor that activity! Either way, let someone on the KWAS team know that
you're interested in helping out...
October 26th - 28th


NSCA Annual General Meeting
Vancouver, BC - 25 March, 2001

The Annual General Meeting of the Northern Society for Creative
Anachronism will be held Sunday, March 25, 2001 at 1:00pm at 4224 Hoskins
Road, North Vancouver, BC. All current members and representatives will
receive notification of the meeting, the site and the agenda.
NSCA Recognized Groups are reminded to send their year-end financial
records to the Treasurer. The Treasurer needs this information in order to
include it in her report to Victoria and to report to the AGM.
Reports are due by February 15, 2001.
The deadline for nominations for officers of the NSCA Board of
Directors is January 31, 20001. Some of the executive intend to step down
at the AGM. Nominees must be current general members of the NSCA, at least
19 years of age (21 years in the case of the President) and a resident of
British Columbia for the past two years.
You must be a current general member of the NSCA in order to vote.

A. Nominated candidates must be general members in good standing.
B. Members wishing to stand for office shall submit a declaration of
intent, signed by the candidate and a
nominator, both of whom shall be general members in good standing. The
declaration must be submitted to the
secretary or the president either in person or by mail postmarked no later
than January 31 of the year of the
intended election meeting.

Members are reminded that all 2000 wiavers and memberships expire on
March 31, 2001. Membership forms and year-long waivers are available form
the officers or from your local representatives.
Should you have any questions regarding the NSCA, please feel free to
contact any member of the Board of Directors of the NSCA, listed below:

President - Nancy J.M. Stevens
1192 Shavington St., North Vancouver, BC V7L 1K9
(604) 988-0304, email <kendal@lightspeed.bc.ca>

Vice-President - Elaine McMillan
#314-6425 Silver Ave., Bsmt, Vancouver, BC V5H 2Y3
(604) 430-8208, email <emcmillan@tsi.bc.ca>

Secretary - Peggy Stonnell
1188 E.28th Ave., Bsmt, Vancouver, BC V5V 2P7
(604) 875-1273, email <isobel@intergate.bc.ca>

Treasurer - Tricia LePine
#5-7576 Humphries Crt., Burnaby, BC V3N 3E9
(604) 524-2824, email <bashful@lightspeed.ca>

Member-at-Large - Ray Turner
RR#3, Site 30, Comp 12, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0
(250) 498-3084. email <jturner@img.net>



Greetings from Lady Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna MacNessa, Crown Principality
Herald and Chairman of the Name & Device Committee.

Name and Device submissions should be sent directly to myself, as The
Chair for this committee. Via email, regular mail or directly to my hand,
it doesn't matter. In order that everyone can have a chance to submit a
proposed name and/or device, I will be accepting your suggestions up to
midnight, 28 February, 2001. That is to say, if you are mailing your
suggestion, it must be postmarked no later than then.

Heather Rowe
72 Starling St.
Kitimat, B.C.
V8C 1K5
ph# (250) 639-9301

After the final submissions are received, the committee will begin our
final winnowing process. A final presentation of non-conflicting names and
devices will then be made, and the Crown Principality will decide on them
via a formal poll later in 2001.
If, for whatever reason, you cannot send your suggestions to me
directly, please give them to your local branch herald who will forward
them along to me.

For branch devices, a laurel wreath must be a "significant" charge;
that is to say, not placed in as an afterthought. The current and the last
Laurel King/Queen of Arms have both accepted laurel wreaths as maintained
charges, so long as they are of significant size to be an important visual
part of the final design. So doing something like the An Tirian Lions is
possible, but keep that wreath large for the best visual impact.
As well, laurel wreaths must be circular, not like the laurel wreath
that you can see on the Kingdom of Calontir's arms. The rules changed
after this device was passed, so placing a laurel wreath on a bordure is
not going to work.
Crowns or coronets are not a requirement for Principality arms, but
they *are* a requirement for kingdom arms, so a little forethought is
called for here. Crowns need not be a "significant" charge, although they
do tend to
be for Kingdom arms (as opposed to the coronets that you would find on the
arms of a count or duke). The standard style is a three pointed coronet,
although there is some leeway on its exact presentation (this gets quite
complicated, and should be discussed with senior heralds for a more
complete understanding).
So, when you give your device suggestions to the committee, keep these
points in mind; it's going to make the winnowing process go just that much

Lady Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna MacNessa, Crown Principality Herald,
Chairman, Name & Device Committee
Finlaech MacGillandrias, member of the Northern Principality Committee
Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol, Black Lion Herald
Dame Zenobia Naphtali, Batonvert Herald (SCA) and Couronne Rouge Herald (An
Baron David of Moffat, Electrum Herald
Lady Teceangl Bach, Black Lion Staff
Her Ladyship Godith D'Arcy of Goosefoot Mead, Shittemwoode Seneschal
His Lordship Erasmus the Traveller, Crown Principality Chronicler (acting
as secretary)

Staff Credits: Chronicler and Northern Sentinel Editor: Lord Erasmus
the Traveller (mka Warren Edge). eSentinel Deputy Duncan, Lord
Macquarrie (mka Ted Godwin). All queries regarding subscriptions and
copy should be sent to the Chronicler. Any technical concerns
regarding the eSentinel should be sent to the eSentinel Deputy. All
articles are copyright their respective authours.