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 \\   /   \   //       Being the electronic version of
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  {===========}         #57 March, AS XXXV (CE 2001)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Crown Principality of The
North, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It
is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA
Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the
Chronicler. Subscriptions are $1/yr.




I wish to let everyone know that the eSentinel should have been sent
late last week (March 9) as this was when the Chronicler sent me the copy.
Illness and child-care duties contributed to the delay and I will work to
ensure such does not happen again.
Please write to me if you have any comments, concerns or questions.
Duncan Macquarrie <duncanmacquarrie@home.com>



3 Ship's Twilight Tavern Night - Lions Gate (Vanc, BC)
3-4 Kingdom A&S Championship - Three Mtns (Wash. Co., OR)
10-11 Ithra - Lions Gate (Vanc, BC)
16-18 Summit's Spring Coronet - Nordholt (Linn Co., OR)
17 Daffodil Tourney & Feast - Seagirt (Vic, BC)
24 Championship Tourney - Eisenmarche (Coquitlam, BC)
24 Rapier Championship - Griffin's Gate (Williams Lk, BC)
31 Rapier Prize Tourney - Lions Gate (Vanc, BC)

7-8 Spring Ithra - False Isle (Powell River, BC)
14-16 Ithra of the Arts - Dregate (Omak, WA)
21 Sir Edward's Tourney - Shittimwoode (Bellingham, WA)
21 Winter's End Tourney - Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC)
28 Swimming Serpent Tavern - Dregate (Omak, WA)
28 Tribute To Shakespeare - Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)
28-29 Costumer's Guild Challenges - Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)

5 Bardic Revel - Lions Gate (Vanc, BC)
18-20 May Crown - Dregate (Omak, WA)
25-27 SeaLion War - Seagirt (Vic, BC)

5 5 Champions - Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)
8-10 25th Anniversary - Lions Gate (Vanc, BC)
8-10 Spring Revel & Tourney - Coill Mhor (100 Mile House, BC)
15-17 Archery Althing - Dregate (Omak, WA)
15-17 Spring Murder - Ravensweir (Quesnel, BC)
22-24 Championship Tourney - Lionsdalem (Chilliwack, BC)
29-02 Just Cause Tourney - Lions Gate (Vanc, BC)

6-8 Mermaid's Tourney - False Isle (Powell River, BC)
6-8 20th Anniversary - Appledore (Kelowna, BC)
13-15 Archery Appreciation - Crickstow-On-Sea (CFB Esquimalt)
20-22 July Coronation - Terra Pomeria (Polk Co., OR)

3-6 Clinton War - Lions Gate (Clinton, BC)
17-19 El marr Fudd/Warren War - Shittimwoode (Bellingham, WA)
17-19 Birthday Bash - Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)
24-26 Seagirt Summer Tourney - Seagirt (Vic, BC)
31 September Crown - Vulcanfeldt (Yakima, WA)



Seneschal: HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck), (250)542-6988

Chronicler: Lord Erasmus the Traveller, (250) 380-9947

Arts & Sciences: HL Aelana Cordovera, (604) 876-9105

Chatelaine: Sgt. Ekatarina Borisnovna, (250) 479-8174

Chirurgeon: HL Aaron of the Black Mountains, (604) 524-2824

Constable: Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter, (604) 702-0822

Exchequer: Skya of Wrath, (250) 549-4100

Herald: Lady Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna, (250) 639-9301

Marshal: HL Griffin ap Bedwyr, (604) 466-0654

Rapier Marshal:Lord Enoch MacIain Sutherland, (604) 742-2003

Archery Marshal: Byron Fletcher, (604) 521-0348

Dean of Pages: HL Malcolm of Lamont, (250) 498-3084

Waterbearer: vacant



Their Majesties,
Prince and Princess Of The North

Duke Davin Ravensfuri and Countess Groa
(Damon Hill & Gretchen Hubbert)
1520 NE 102nd
Seattle, WA, USA

Scourge Of The North
(Heavy Champion)
Sir Einar Guntharson & Thora Golvik

Skewer Of The North
(Rapier Champion)
Kallyn Rozvardo

Scorer Of The North
(Archery Champion)
Sir Einar Guntharson

Scholar Of The North
(Arts & Sciences Champion)
Sarra du Corbelle

Skald Of The North
(Bardic Champion)
Petro Rosvardo Thorvaldson



One of the nicest things about being the Editor (and Publisher) of a
newsletter is the opportunity to write editorials. I mean, I get a chance
to rant and ramble on about almost anything. Well, anything that has to do
with The SCA and The North, of course; gotta keep it within some kind of
So this month is a ramble, not a rant.
I spent the month of February on vacation, going back to my old stomping
grounds of Ealdormere. Didn't actually get a chance to take in any events,
but I got to talk to others who are still in there, doing their medieval
thing. Rapier combat was the main topic, although we digressed to others
as we went along. And that was what got me into a Inter-Kingdom
Anthropology mindset for a while.
I talked about getting to other branches events last month, and staying
informed, but this is a little different. You see, What our Kingdom of An
Tir is comes from elsewhere, just like every other kingdom. In An Tir,
most of our traditions come from The West, but in our younger days, we
played with Atenveldt, or rather, that part of Atenveldt which is now known
as Artemisia. And we probably took some of their ways into us when we
finally became our own Kingdom. And this is the same for Aethelmarc, stuck
as they are between The Middle, Ealdormere and The East. In fact, for
them, it was probably an even more telling example of cross-pollination,
given that Pennisc is within their borders.
And this got me to thinking about us here in the North; where are our
traditions and conventions coming from? An Tir, obviously, but are their
other influences? Avacal is right on our border, and the way they are
playing the game has, and undoubtedly is undergoing change. Is this change
affecting us? Are we being influenced by some of the ways that they are
doing things without really realizing it?
And what about The Summits, way down there in the south? How is their
proximity to The West affecting them? I know I've heard it from a number
of people who travel down there regularly that they are noticing changes in
fighting styles and how events are organized (amongst other things).
I think the real point of this rambling is that it is important for us,
at this time to take a look at where we ocme from, where we've been and
where we are going. It may seem obvious, but I don't think it is as
obvious as one might think.
One of the best ways of doing this is by experiencing not just other
branches, but other kingdoms. Perhaps even other historical re-enactment
I know, I know; not everyone is going to have the opportunity or
finances to go Caid or Trimaris or wherever. But those who can, should.
And then they should bring back their tales and observations and look at
how we are and are not doing things. It is these observations, these
glimpses at how our friends and distant neighbours play Our Game that are
going to give us more insight into how we play it.
We are going down a road that is, at best, packed earth; no pavement.
The ride is not going to be smooth, and at times, will probably be
down-right bone-jarring and extremely uncomfortable. We are not going to
know some of the signposts, and the crosswords we find could lead us into
places we really don't want to go.
Those observations, those insights about how others play are going to be
what we use to fill in some of those pot-holes, and to act as directions to
get us to the place where we've said we want to go.
Just some thoughts. For what they're worth.
In service to Our Game,
Erasmus the Traveller



Your Northern Chatelaine requires a drop-dead deputy. Anyone interested
please email me for job descriptions and questions.
I will be picky!
The idea candidate would have chatelaine experience at a branch level,
email, no next-of-kin, good paperwork skills, good problem solving ideas, a
brand new Mercedes, a good rapore with the currrent Kingdom chatelaine, the
strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Solomon and a few other things. (Yes,
I'm kidding about a few of those.)
Please email me if you are interested. I take this job seriously but not
too seriously. I am looking for someone like me who would be able to take
over if I want out, or I get bumped up.
Sgt. Ekatarina Borisnovna
Ph: (250) 479-8174



Unto all the populace of the Crown Principality of the North:
The doomsday reporting is almost finished, and at that time I will be
stepping down from my position as Crown Principality Exchequer. I strongly
encourage anyone interested in the position to apply to HL Alanus of
Bunghea, Kingdom Exchequer.
The position does call for a strong spirit and a firm understanding of
accounting or bookkeeping principles. I am hoping that the new SCA approved
Kingdom policy will make it easier my successor to enforce reporting. This
policy gives various penalties for late or non-existent reports, including
having your events stricken from the SCA calendar, up to dissolution of the
branch. Other than checking over the reports on a quarterly basis,
ensuring that the Doomsday reports are submitted on time, and assisting
branch exchequers in learning and maintaining their basis accounting duties
and responsibilities, there is not a lot of time required on an on-going
I would like to thank those that have supported me in this role, both on
a reporting and a spiritual basis.
In service,
Lady Skya of Wrath AoA



Greetings good gentles,
The An Tir Kingdom Costumers' Guild is pleased to announce that our
email discussion list is now up and running!
This list was created to serve the members of the Costumers' Guild of An
Tir, however the antir-costumers list is open to anyone interested in
costuming and textile arts, whether or not they are a member of the
Costumers' Guild. The purpose is to share information and ideas on SCA
period costuming, textile arts and other matters pertaining to the Guild.
To subscribe: Send a blank message to
Send messages to the list to: antir-costumers@antir.sca.org
We look forward to many interesting discussions on the list and would
like to see participation from all parts of the Kingdom and beyond!
If you have any questions about the Costumers' Guild, please let us know
- we're here to help!
In service, I remain
Lady Cainder nic Sheanlaoich
Exchequer, An Tir Kingdom Costumers' Guild



The main thing about recieving Arts & Sciences reports from all over the
North is the wondrous variety of ways of carrying out the office.
For instance in smaller, or newer Shires the Arts and Sciences reports
include information on newcomers, deomo, god key, plans for feasts, costume
and armouring, as well as shire regalia, wall hangings, banners, games,
brewing and monthly to weekly informal get togethers to work on "stuff"
often associated with a games night or fighting practice. The reports give
a snapshot of life in the Shire.
In older or medium sized Shires the Arts & Sciences are more specialized
with organized classes, reports on preparation for camping, or specific
events. People are named if they are working on or have completed
something noteworthy. Chatelaine and Gold Key offices,
Demo Coordinators, take up some of the general activities. Reports
highlight the Arts & Sciences specifically.
St. Giles, being a University campus has the most specialized art and
science program with weekly seminars, for beginners and generalists, and
those for advanced and specialists. Their semester plan reads like an
Ithra calendar, very attractive.
In the largest and oldest Shires and Baronies, the A & S becomes the
most specialized of all. The Arts may be separated from the Sciences
either because of size or because of specialized interests of individuals.
The Chatelaine, gold Key, and Guilds are often very
active, making the A&S office merely administrative, with monthly general
or scheduled get togethers, which may not be as well attended as those in
smaller areas where there is less competition for member's time and travel.

So be assured that someone reads your reports with pleasure, and has an
overview of the Arts and Sciences of the North. It is my hope in ongoing
reports to draw on themes that may be of interest to the Artisans and
Populace in general, to make a report each month. I hope you will find
this interesting. If you have questions you may address "Dear Artisan"
with them.
Yours in Service
Aelana Cordovera, MI, AA, JdL, Golden Swan,



Greetings from the Crown Principality of the North's Chirurgeon.
I will, with the editor's kind permission and assistance, be writing
snippets of information on the Chirurgeoning, Chirurgeon's Guild and First
Aid hints.
This first snippet is regarding resources available on the computer's
world wide web. For those not computer connected I will be happy to
correspond by postal service. Feel free to ask any question and I will do
my best to give or get answers for you.
This is to let folks know about the list resources available to the
Chirurgeonate of An Tir. No one should feel compelled to sign on to all
these lists, however folks may find them helpful as information to give to

* Kingdom Resource page: http://www.rainweaver.com/Chirurgeon [under

* Galen's Chirurgeon point: http://www.chirurgeon.org/

* Chirurgeon General: http://www.sca.org/officers/chirurgeon/

* An Tir site: http://www.antir.sca.org/

* An Tir Kingdom Chirurgeon Site:
http://www.antir.sca.org/Offices/chirurgeonate.html [not much there yet]

* SCA Home Page: http://www.sca.org/welcome.html

* An Tir Apprentice list: This list is a resource for Apprentices in the
Chirurgeonate of the Kingdom of An Tir within the SCA. It is intended as a
place where they can share their experiences, and help each other get
through. It is also a place to come with problems and issues which need
help to be resolved. Sometimes it will be a place to come and post a bitch;
but with the caveat that the goal is to reach a solution, not simply to
vent without end!
Post message: Chir_Apprentices@egroups.com
Subscribe: Chir_Apprentices-subscribe@egroups.com
Unsubscribe: Chir_Apprentices-unsubscribe@egroups.com

* An Tir Administrative list: Unlike a more general chat list, our purpose
here is to exchange information and ideas pertaining to the administration
and functioning of the Chirurgeonate within An Tir. As such it is expected
that the traffic on this list will be limited, and the moderator reserves
the right to request that discussions of a general nature be taken to
another Chirurgeonate list, or be carried on privately. While this list is
intended primarily for the use of those holding administrative offices in
the An Tir Chirurgeonate, it is open to others with an interest in the
Chirurgeonate. Unlike most lists this one does require the permission of
the moderator for membership.
Post message: Chir_AnTir@egroups.com
Subscribe: Chir_AnTir-subscribe@egroups.com
Unsubscribe: Chir_AnTir-unsubscribe@egroups.com

* Chirurgeon Chat List with a large An Tir membership: This is a place
where the Chirurgeonate (i.e., first-aiders who hold a warrant in the SCA)
and those interested in Chirurgeonate issues, can meet and discuss topics
of interest. This list is has its Origin as well as most of its members in
An Tir, but it is open to all who practice first-aid in the SCA. The
purpose of this list is to facilitate communication; to raise issues of
concern; to answer questions; and to try to help each other do our jobs
better. Part of the purpose of this list is to help us find each other and
to get to know each other.
Post message: Chirurgeons@egroups.com
Subscribe: Chirurgeons-subscribe@egroups.com
Unsubscribe: Chirurgeons-unsubscribe@egroups.com

* An Tir Waterbearer list: This list is intended to serve as an aid to
those interested in Water bearing in the SCA. Our focus is within the
Kingdom of An Tir, however because the subject is of interest across the
Laurel Kingdoms other folks are invited to join in as well.
Post message: Waterbear_AnTir@egroups.com Subscribe:
Unsubscribe: Waterbear_AnTir-unsubscribe@egroups.com

This information has been taken from an information letter sent out by
RauthulfR Meistari inn Orthstori (OL, MC, P-eX, Et Cetera) An Tir's Kingdom
In service
Aaron of the Black Mountains, Master Chirurgeon

First Aid Hint:
The colour of blood is RED. To control bleeding remember that RED stands for
R: rest....sit or lay them down
E: elevation..... elevate the injured part (if possible) above the level of
the heart.
D: direct pressure on the wound (unless there is an embedded object in the



Unto the populace and performers of the Kingdom of An Tir, greetings
from HL Briana Kassia, Kingdom Bard.
Good gentles, I hope this finds you in good health and voice! As of
Ursulmas, I have taken on the newly renamed Kingdom Bardic Office, with the
eager assistance of HL Jason the Seolfar-tunged.
Our first task is the rebuilding of the Bardic Registry of An Tir, the
database and listing of the performers in the Kingdom, for the use of them,
as well as Autocrats and class organizers. The last time the Registry was
updated, there were 410 names listed, however, as much of that data was
entered more than three years ago, it is our fervent hope that those who
have already submitted all their information will be willing to do so
again, and that any and all performers who have not submitted their contact
information will be inclined to do so now.
There are several ways to do this. The first is in person or via regular
or emails to me, at the address below. The Office is also in the process of
building a webpage, with the able assistance of HL Conor o'Droai, which
will be available for those with internet access to input their data or
corrections to the Registry. The URL will be linked to the An Tir Arts and
Sciences page for the ease of all.
Regional and Branch officers are sought: if you would like to serve in
such a capacity, please send an application letter to one of us, Briana or
Jason, at antirbard@yahoo.com, and we will be in touch. The post is
entirely administrative, but an understanding of the various bardic
activities in your area is a definite plus. Enthusiasm is an absolute
The first Open Letters, reporting on the condition and activities of the
Office, as well as performance opprtunities and the results of recent
competitions, will be distributed at May Crown, with all who unable to
attend to receive their via conventional or email in the following week. I
pray that we will hear from all the performers of the realm as soon as they
are able, that we may begin the work, and give all performing artists
within An Tir the voice and organisation at Kingdom level they deserve.
Here we go... (whee!)
In service,
Briana Kassia
#203-803 Esquimalt Rd.
Victoria, BC V9A 3M5



Daffodil Tourney and Feast
Barony of Seagirt - March 17, 2001

The Barony of Seagirt invites the warriors of An Tir to come vie for
the title of Defender of Seagirt. Come be the guests of the Baron and
Baroness as we host the XXIV Daffodil Tournament and Feast at the Saanich
Fairgrounds in Victoria, BC.
Site opens: 8:30 am, Lists: 10:30 am; Tournaments: noon. Site closes at
The ARMOURED COMBAT and the RAPIER COMBAT tourney formats will be
announced the day of the event (the Armoured combat will use standard legal
tourney weapons). There will be prizes.
Traditional Daffodil contests: Daffodil in Any Medium and Daffodil
Costume Contest.
Daffodil Feast & Entry Tickets on sale now: $20 Cdn ($15 US). Ticket
sales close March 10, 2001. Contact Autocrat. Make cheques payable to the
Barony of Seagirt. No refunds; feast tickets will not be available at the
IMPORTANT NOTES: There will be a tavern running across the hall from the
feast for those wishing to eat off-board. NO OUTSIDE LIQUOR ALLOWED (BC
Liquor Law). Local Bylaw: Absolutely no open flame indoors; enclosed
candle lanterns only.
Autocrat: HL Lenora di Calizzan (Tami Hayes), (250) 474-5602,
Deputy Autocrat: Lady Myrranda Dimici (Colleen Mah-Sim), (250) 474-0765,
Merchant-crat:HL Daniel of Stafford Pele, dshill@home.com, (250) 385-5449
Daffodil in Any Medium Contest: HL Aliena Searover (Lucy Porter), (250)
380-9947, shootr@pacificcoast.net
Costume Contest: HL Judith de Montgomerie (Judy Bennett), (250)
537-9880, jb@saltspring.com
Armoured Combat Format: Sir Kheron Asov (Richard Bertrand), (604)
582-5708, rhytsar@home.com
Directions: From the mainland, go to Tsawwassen and take the ferry to
Victoria BC (Swartz Bay). Off the ferry continue on HWY 17 S. to Mt.
Newton X Road. Turn right, travel to Wallace Drive. Turn left, go to
Stelley's X Road, turn right. The fairgrounds are 1/4 mile on the right,
1528 Stelley's X Road.
From Victoria - Hwy 17 (Pat Bay Hwy) N. towards Sidney. Turn left on Mt.
Newton X Rd.
From Up-Island - Trans-Canada S. to Victoria. Turn left on Mackenzie
Ave. and follow signs to Hwy 17 Northbound.


2nd Annual Spring Opener
Griffin's Gates - March 24, 2001

'Tis almost time for all of us to withdraw from our winter holdings (or
burrows) and once again take up our blades! The clash of steel, the
repartee`, the wondrous deaths... yes, 'tis a wonderful thing, and
Griffin's Gate has the cure for what ails thee.
Griffin's Gate's Rapier Championship.
This tournament is a Native Sons Tournament, but do not fret foreigners,
there is a second tourney the very same day!
The Spring Opener is open to all who would cross blades with us
northerners (and kill us...if you can).
There will be prizes for both tournaments which consist of:
1-Champion of the day (winner of the tourney)
2-Best Death (I believe this one is obvious)
3-Most Chivalric (Voted by those competing)
I am also hoping to have a "Gather the most favours" competition, and
the favours must be won that day (sorry folks, you can only give one favour
out each). The winner will be determined at the Bardic that night.
On Saturday and Sunday, there will also (hopefully) be a dance class, if
we can coax someone, a chivalry class, and other classes as teachers become
After the tourney, there will be a Bardic (tentatively, 7:00 pm).
This is an overnight event. Camping space is available, and crash space
is limited, so please contact me as soon as possible.
Directions: Take the easiest route to Lac La Hache, Look for the Mount
Timothy Ski Area signs. Follow the signs to put you on Timothy Lake Road.
The Event Site is on the left of Timothy Lake Road, about 2 miles from Hwy
97. Look for the SCA signs. (and thank you to Petro Thorvaldson for his
directions, and the clarity in which they are writ.*evil grin*)
Fees are as follows:
Adult: $5
Couple: $8
Family: $12
A fee for the tournaments has yet to be determined, but it will not
exceed $2, and there may not yet be any cost.
So remove your peace-knots and come and enjoy a day of flashing blades
and a night of revelry.
Any queries may be directed to:
Gwydion MacBairn at Darkmage99@yahoo.com or (250)392-3613


Sir Edward's Memorial Tourney
Shittimwoode - 21 April, 2001

Greetings from The Shire of Shittimwoode,
Sir Edward's Memorial Tournament will be held this year on Saturday,
April 21st, at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden, Washington -
just north of Bellingham. This fantastic new site can hold more gentles,
more activities and more fighting that at previous Sir Eddie's tournaments.
The sight is just 4 miles south of the Modern border. Plus, our new space
will allow for indoor or outdoor fighting (depending on weather), Archery,
and Thrown Weapons!
Start the tournament season off right - come and fight for the title of
Champion of the Shire and win prizes fit for royalty. For example, a Sir
Thorvald made Helm, a Valentine Armoury Schlager, Rattan great and broad
swords with matching custom MacBrian hilts,
50 war blunts, and more. Not a competitor? Enjoy the A&S displays and
activities that will include an "Industrial Park" with a forging practicum.

There are showers on site for the sweaty, a food booth during the day
for the hungry and evening feast. This year's feast is hosted and only $5
Merchants are encouraged, there's pleny of space and no merchant fee.
Contact the Market Officer (follow web link for information).
Directions: From the South: Take I-5 into Bellingham and turn right at
Exit 256 A, going north onto Meridian Street. (Meridian is Hwy 539.) Follow
Meridian straight north 11 miles to Lynden. At the second lighted
intersection turn right onto Front Street, between the cemeteries. The
fairgrounds is 4/10 of a mile ahead. Turn right at Gate 2. Follow
From North: Aldergrove crossing, Follow Signs. Site is discreetly wet,
period containers only! As this is our traditional demo, the public is
invited. Gate fee is: $6 US/ $8 cdn Under 12 $3.00. Site opens at 9:00am,
feast at 6:00pm. Tickets in advance.
Autocrat: Padraig MacBrian, (Patrick Shannon) 5353 Olson Rd., Ferndale,
WA Hm: 360-384-0547 E-mail- Autocrat@macbrian.com merchant@macbrian.com


Known World Arts & Sciences 2001
Barony of Madrone - October 26th - 28th

Greetings unto the Populace and Peers, and the assorted Baronies, Shires,
Cantons, Colleges and incipient Shires of the Kingdom of An Tir from
Laurellen de Brandevin, autocrat for Known World Arts & Sciences 2001,
The beautiful Barony of Madrone has been awarded the honor of hosting
Known World Arts & Sciences 2001. The dates are October 26th - 28th and the
site will be the DoubleTree hotel in Sea-Tac.
The event is in the preliminary stages of planning which brings me to
the gist of this email.
The idea behind the Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium is not only to
showcase artisans and instructors from around the Known World but to also
showcase the Kingdom artisans and instructors. To this end, it is my
fervent hope that I can entice the various Baronies, Shires, Cantons,
Colleges and incipient Shires of this mighty Kingdom into organizing and
showcasing their artisans, instructors, and artifacts. In a sense, this
will be like the 3YC Arts and Sciences display on steroids.
The Kingdom of An Tir has some of the greatest talent in the Known
World. Let's take this opportunity to show it off... Please contact me if
your group has any ideas on displays, classes, instructors, or would like
to show off what your group can do (The Seagirt Tapestry comes instantly to
mind.) To see what has already been put into the planning, please visit the
website, http://www.vertetsable.com/kwas for more information.
Additionally, an event of this size cannot run with out one vital
ingredient; YOU. Please take a moment to look through the site and see if
there are things you would like to volunteer to help with. If you don't see
something you'd like to do, then you and/or your group can get together and
sponsor that activity! Either way, let someone on the
KWAS team know that you're interested in helping out...
Thank you and I remain,
In Service to An Tir,
Marquessa Mistress Laurellen de Brandevin


NSCA Annual General Meeting
Vancouver, BC - 25 March, 2001

The Annual General Meeting of the Northern Society for Creative
Anachronism will be held Sunday, March 25, 2001 at 1:00pm at 4224 Hoskins
Road, North Vancouver, BC. All current members and representatives will
receive notification of the meeting, the site and the agenda.
NSCA Recognized Groups are reminded to send their year-end financial
records to the Treasurer. The Treasurer needs this information in order to
include it in her report to Victoria and to report to the AGM.
Reports are due by February 15, 2001.
The deadline for nominations for officers of the NSCA Board of Directors
is January 31, 20001. Some of the executive intend to step down at the
AGM. Nominees must be current general members of the NSCA, at least 19
years of age (21 years in the case of the President) and a resident of
British Columbia for the past two years. You must be a current general
member of the NSCA in order to vote.
A. Nominated candidates must be general members in good standing.
B. Members wishing to stand for office shall submit a declaration of
intent, signed by the candidate and a nominator, both of whom shall be
general members in good standing. The declaration must be submitted to the
secretary or the president either in person or by mail postmarked no later
than January 31 of the year of the intended election meeting.
Members are reminded that all 2000 wiavers and memberships expire on
March 31, 2001. Membership forms and year-long waivers are available form
the officers or from your local representatives.
Should you have any questions regarding the NSCA, please feel free to
contact any member of the Board of Directors of the NSCA, listed below:

President - Nancy J.M. Stevens
1192 Shavington St., North Vancouver, BC V7L 1K9
(604) 988-0304, email <kendal@lightspeed.bc.ca>

Vice-President - Elaine McMillan
#314-6425 Silver Ave., Bsmt, Vancouver, BC V5H 2Y3
(604) 430-8208, email <emcmillan@tsi.bc.ca>

Secretary - Peggy Stonnell
1188 E.28th Ave., Bsmt, Vancouver, BC V5V 2P7
(604) 875-1273, email <isobel@intergate.bc.ca>

Treasurer - Tricia LePine
#5-7576 Humphries Crt., Burnaby, BC V3N 3E9
(604) 524-2824, email <bashful@lightspeed.ca>

Member-at-Large - Ray Turner
RR#3, Site 30, Comp 12, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0
(250) 498-3084. email <jturner@img.net>


Champions Tournament & Banquet
Eisenmarche, March 24, 2001

This years banquet shall be a Feast of Illusions. No food or dish shall
be as it appears to be, no entertainment quite what it seems. All is a
dream and the dreams are a dream.
Challengers, come and test your skills! Our Champion Tourneys to decide
our Arts & Sciences, Heavy And Rapier Champions will be held during the
Arts & Sciences champion: Details on this will be emailed upon request.
Are you tough enough? Eisenmarche's heavy champion tourney, as per
tradition, will be a 2 hour no-waiting bear pit. Fight from 12-2pm with
one small break. Expect to have 70+ fights to be competitive, but fight
only as much as you wish.
Are you fast enough? Eisenmarche's Rapier Champion Tourney starts at
2:15 right after heavy tourney. Style of tournaments will depend on the
number of fighters.
This year we also will have a boffer & whalebone tourney. Fighting
starts at 2:15 right after heavy. Style of tournaments will depend on the
number of fighters.
Attention to all those in need of Heraldry! The Eisenmarche Herald will
be available during the afternoon for consultations, registering devices
and names. Contact Alpyn ap Llewellyn mailto:darys@mybc.com
* Best use for a Codpiece when not being used for its original purpose
* Best riddle
* Best description of an unknown object (on site)
* Best mask. We entreat all Gentles to don a period style mask for a
grand processional display of your craft.
Site: Pitt Hall, 12460 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows. Open 11:00 am
until midnight.
Banquet tickets are $17.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door. Please
reserve early as seating is limited to 100 people. Make cheques payable to
Shire of Eisenmarche / SCA Inc.
Autocrats: HL Dante della Foscari aka Gregory Armstrong 1-604-682-176
cchadd@hotmail.com, Lady Rhiannon McBeign 1-604-594-0547


A Tribute To Shakespeare
Hartwood, 28 April, 2001

Hear Ye Hear Ye,
Come all ye weary travellers to the Shire of Hartwood for our tribute to
This event is planned for the 28th day in April doors open at 4:30pm,
pall-mall is planned at 2pm outside the hut (weather permitting)
This is a potluck feast. Mundane last names beginning with A-F bring a
bread or cheese dish,G-L bring a fruit or veggie dish, M-R bring a meat
dish,S -Z bring a rice or starch dish.
Entertainment includes Dramatic representation of Shakespearean theater
(hosted by Mal U theater students), various contests and maybe even a
little Elizabethan dancing.
* Best period potluck contribution (documented/ online is fine) Prize
sponsored by M'lady Magdalina Riazanskaia
* Best Shakespearean Sonnet or Poem recited. Prize sponsored by M'lady
Directions: Boy Scout Hall, 443 Comox, Nanaimo. For out of town guests,
the way to go is off the new highway (parkway) turn either right (from
south) or left (from north) on the third street exit. Follow this road
until you hit Wakesiah and turn left. Go to the end of Wakesiah, and turn
right on Bowen/Comox (they are the same road ... we have some seriously
messed up city planners to thank for that one!) Go through the lights at
Macleary, and at the next set of lights, (Prideaux, or Wallace, I'm not
sure, but there will be signs!) turn right. About 1/4 of a block on the
right is a driveway going up the hill to the Boy Scouts hall. Again, just
follow the signs!
Autocrat is Lillianne (in order to make it NSCA worthy) but hosted by
the shire of Hartwood. Direct questions to Tayla Delabrache (Tracey
Paisley) at paisley@island.net or Lillianne at penelope.a@home.com.
Please direct billetting questions to Madgalina at ladyink@hotmail.com


An Tir Kingdom Costumers' Guild Rankings/Challenges
Shire of Krakensfjord, April 28-29th, 2001

The An Tir Kingdom Costumers' Guild will be holding its next series of
Guild rankings and challenges in conjunction with an Ithra. The event
will be held at the Vernon Army Camp immediately south of Vernon on highway
97. Signs will be posted and the site clearly marked.
In addition to the Guild rankings/challenges, there will be attendance
of other guilds, a full Ithra session, and a tavern night. Camping will be
offered on site. Full washroom facilities will be available.
For information on the Ithra please contact the chancellor, Amanda
Kendal at kendal@lightspeed.ca.
If you are planning to participate in the challenges or rankings, please
advise either Guild Administrator Mistress Kateryne of Hindscroft (email:
kat@grendal.rain.com) or Guild Education Deputy Aelana Cordovera (email:
sburrows@istar.ca, snail: Sharon Burrows, 2621 St. George Street,Vancouver,
B.C., canada, V5T 3R5) so that we may arrange sufficient judges for the
ranking. Please include your name, telephone number (just in case we need
to contact you) and the rank you will be challenging.
If you need further information regarding criteria for the challenges,
please contact Aelana Cordovera at the above address.
Site Fee: $5.00 Canadian. Please make site fee cheques payable to the
Shire of Krakensfjord and send them to Marinella di Ravenna, 4758-Gulch
Road, Armstrong, B.C. Canada. V0E 1B0. Please note the above address is
for crash space enquiries or advance
site registration ONLY.
Email address for site information and crash space availability is
Arrangements are being made to have at food available on site Saturday
and there will be tavern style food available at the Saturday night
'Bardic tavern'.
Autocrat: Yrsa Kettilsdottir (mka Cristin Olafsson) can be reached at
(250) 490-4771 or cristin-kyndra@home.com.
Location: Vernon Army Camp, highway 97 Vernon. B.C. Canada.
Directions: Follow any of the main routes to Vernon. If approaching from
the North (Kamloops or Salmon Arm) stay on the highway straight through
town (and it is, indeed, straight through) and watch for the signs on the
right. The site entrance is directly across from the Tourist Information
booth. If approaching from the south, the site will
be on your left after you pass the Vernon Campus of Okanagan College. Watch
for signs.


Swimming Serpent Tavern
Dregate, 28 April, 2001

Waiting for the ice to melt and free your ship? Looking forward to the
warm winds of summer and spring? So are we. The crew of the Swimming
Serpent, a privateer ship in service of Dregate and Lion's Gate under her
excellency Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland, invites all who sail the sea for
An Tir to stop in the Fur and Feather Tavern for a drink, a round of games,
good songs, warm food and songs worthy of any siren worth her weight in
Set your calendars for April 28, 5 p.m., as the doors of the tavern open
to all walks of society. The tavern is located in the Shire of Dregate
(Omak, Washington).
Dregate and the Serpent crew invite all to attend this nautical-late period
event. Personas are not required to attend.
Site fee purchases Dregate coins (no real monetary value) which are
usable to purchase hot food, mixers (site is discreetly wet), gamble, tip
serving wenches or bards or bet on rapier combatants as they fight in a
single elimination, random off-hand weapons tourney. The off-hand weapons
range from table clothes to bottles to certain food items.
Tourneys include fencing, bardic, filking, wenching, period darts and
Nine Man Morris.
Come take part in this living tavern as events unfold around patrons and
tavern staff. Nautical or late-period personas not required to visit the
Autocrat: Andrew Williams (Bill Stevenson) P.O. Box 4195, Omak, WA 98841
(509) 826-1395, (509) 322-2506, billst@televar.com.
Site Info: This event is at the Okanogan County Fairgrounds Home Ec
Building, 11 Rodeo Trail Road, Okanogan, WA 98840. This event opens at 5
p.m. on April 28 and closes noon April 29. The site fee is $10 for adults,
$5 for ages 17-13 and free for children 12 and under. Make checks payable
to Shire of Dregate, SCA. Limited crash space available upon reservation
in Dregate homes and in the tavern. On-site camping is available for an
additional $12 through the Okanogan County Fairgrounds.
Directions: The event is in Okanogan, Washington, which is one and
half-hours north of Wenatchee and one hour south of Osoyoos, BC on Highway
97. To find Okanogan on a map, look at north central Washington. It is
north of Chelan, south of the Canadian border on the western edge of the
Colville Confederated Tribal Reservation along the Okanogan River. The
fairgrounds are visible from Highway 97. Many signs will be posted. For
further directions contact the autocrat.


Winter's End Tourney
Ramsgaard, April 21, 2001

The Shire of Ramsgaard would like to invite one and all to their second
Annual Winter's End Tourney. We will have Rapier & Heavy combat (melee
format - numbers permitting) with classes in the morning. A&S banner
competition, dance classes and Pied Piper throughout the afternoon. The
day will be capped off by a tavern, with dancing and merriment for all.
The event site is the Heffley Creek Hall just North of Kamloops, (3 Old
Yellowhead Hwy, Heffley Creek, BC, (250)578-7945), and at the field across
the road. For Merchant space contact the Autocrat.
RSVP appreciated by March 31, 2001 - contact Autocrat: Duncan Darroch,
(John Devitt, 50 Edward St., Kamloops, BC, V2B 4G1, (250)554-3986, email:
Site opens at 9:30am, closes at midnight. DINNER to start at 6:30pm.
Site fee: Adults $5.00,6 to 16 years $3.00, 5 and under free; $12.00 modern
immediate family (max 2 adults). Merchants lunch will be available for a
nominal fee. Dinner tickets: Adults $6.00, 6 to 16 years $3.00, 5 and
under free. (All prices in Canadian funds). Please make cheques payable
to "SCA, Inc.- Shire of Ramsgaard". As this is a wet site all British
Columbia Liquor Laws will be strictly enforced with zero tolerance. All
potables must be purchased on site: Beer/Liquor $2.50; Coolers $3.00; and
pop is by donation.
Directions: From Kamloops, take the #5 (Yellowhead) Hwy. North to
Heffley Creek, turn right off Hwy at the Sun Peaks signs, ** follow the Old
Yellowhead Hwy past the Heffley Creek store (keeping right). The hall is
one block past the store on the right. If traveling from the North along
the #5 (Yellowhead) Hwy. then turn left at the Sun Peaks signs and proceed
from ** above.


Olwen Pen Aur

In my inimitable opinionated fashion, I'll state my case:
I could support 2 Coronet events a year, but I would be more in favour
of 4. For starters, I belong to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" clan.
But my main reason is that we shouldn't be be placing all of our
proverbial eggs in one basket. Even two may not be enough.
The temptation with a single Coronet event would be for it to be held in
the Lower Mainland or on the Island, because there are more people there.
And in logistical terms, who can argue with the reasons to hold our single
CP event there? Bigger crowd to draw from, makes more money, less distance
for the populations of the largest branches to travel, etc. I foresee that
if we go with only one event a year, 3 out of 4 would be held in the Lower
Mainland (I include Shittimwoode in this) or on the Island. This does
little to create and sustain the identity of the Principality as a whole.
If we hold one event a year, we might get 600 attending in the Lower
Mainland, while the same event might only attract 150 in Griffin's Gate. So
from a purely mercenary perspective, it really would not pay the CP to
encourage the smaller branches to host the one money-maker the CP has. This
puts the smaller and more remote branches at a distinct
Currently, the attendance for individual Crown events varies from 600 to
over 2000, but overall, I'd be willing to bet that the total attendance for
all 4 together probably doesn't vary more than 25% from year to year, and I
know it increases steadily every year. Most of the money in the Kingdom
coffers comes from the Kingdom events. The Kingdom needs to know that it
has a reliable source of income each year to carry on its functions. The
Principality will be the same.
If we have 2 events, or 4, a year, each one may attract 150, 300 or 600.
The overall attendance, and therefore income, would average out. We would
also get more in total numbers if there are more events in a variety of
locations. This is more dough for the CP, and it also means that there's a
chance smaller and more remote branches will get events.
Using a bid system means that the autocrats select themselves. And a CP
event is not as big a deal to host as a Crown event. Loch Dorr, which has a
core group of about ten or twelve people, is hosting its second Coronet
Tourney in 4 years this June.
We could look at a general rule of thumb that we aim to have one event
in the Lower Mainland, one on the Island, one up north, and one in the east
over the course of a year. This is going to vary somewhat from year to
year, but it means there's a greater chance more people can get to the
Coronet level of event, and that the Coronet level event can get to them.
This, for me, is the main consideration.
The Principality, with its ceremony, Royalty, and so on, is going to be
a lot of what most people joined the SCA for. That's why we're doing this.
Or, at least, this is why I'm doing this. I have over 60 names on the
telephone list for the New Revised Standard Appledore, and less than 30 of
them have seen a reigning monarch. Even fewer have attended a Royal Court.
Relative to the rest of the CP outside the Lower Mainland, we have had more
than our share of Royal visits in Appledore. Frozen Mountain has not had a
single reigning monarch visit, ever, in 11 years of existence. The Crown
rarely gets within 4 hours of Frozen Mountain, except for the two Kings who
have lived in Wealdsmere. The same is even more true of all of the branches
north of Ramsgaard. Unless the Crown goes to Clinton, forget it.
We need MORE opportunities to bring ceremony, royalty, and the workings
of state to the masses. The more chances we can give to branches throughout
the CP to host Coronet events, the better. Using the branch-travel balance,
the more events we place on the calendar, the better the odds are for an
event, and the attendant splendour, royalty and thrills, to get to or near
a given branch. The fewer the events we have each year, the greater the
odds are that event will be held near the population centre of the CP.
Which merely perpetuates the same problems that many of us want a
Principality to alleviate.
I want more Royalty all over the place. I want every person who joins
the SCA to have a chance to see real Royalty and a Royal Court within a
year or two of joining, without having to drive 12 hours to do it. I want
every fighter to have at least a hope of getting to a Coronet lists, which
means the more they can rotate in location, the better the chances are. I
want people in every branch to have the opportunity to get their Award of
Arms direct from the hands of their own Prince and Princess with a lot of
their friends in Court yelling and cheering and taking pictures, not have
it handed to them at a shire business meeting because only two people were
at the event to receive it, and there won't be another opportunity to give
it to them for six months. I want every person in the Principality to have
the opportunity to kneel at the feet of their own Prince and Princess and
swear allegiance, and not have to read about it in their local newsletter 3
weeks later. I want every person in the Principality to be able to say they
know at least one Royal Peer, because every fighter who wants to has had
some kind of chance to make it to Coronet lists once in a while. I want to
see anyone who wants to compete for a Principality Championship to have the
possibility of doing that within a year or two of formulating that
ambition, without significant hardship or financial strain. I'd like
everyone in the Principality who'd like to serve as a Principality officer
to feel that they have a realistic chance to do that, and not feel they're
eliminated before they even start because they can't get to Coronet events
in Lions Gate or Dregate or wherever. The more we spread out the Coronet
events, the more we maximize the chances for these things to happen.
This is not a simple bottom-line equation. Peter F. Drucker says that in
the non-profit organization, "the bottom line is, there is no bottom line."
The SCA is about ideals and ceremony and garb and playing a game that
includes royalty. Right now, there are hundreds of players in the Lower
Mainland who can get to where Royalty is by driving 3 hours or less,
depending on the event. A couple of hundred on the Island had the
opportunity to attend a Kingdom Coronation a month ago. And there are
hundreds of players not in the Lower Mainland who might see Royalty at
Clinton, IF Royalty comes, but who otherwise are five or ten and more hours
from anywhere Royalty is, all of the time. The part of the game that
includes royalty, regalia and real whiz-bang ceremony is not open to them.
I'd like to see us all working together to provide more opportunities and
benefits for all of us.
At the same time, the SCA is also about friendship, perhaps more than
anything else. The more events you can get to, the more people you meet.
Most of us will only travel to events where we know people. The more we
spread out events throughout the Principality, the more opportunities we
provide for all of us to make and cement friendships and to find
like-minded people. This is what will knit us together as a Principality.
Avacal faces many of the same challenges we do. If anything, their
weather is more severe and their traveling can be harder. The population
centre of Avacal is Borealis-Montengarde. If Avacal can find 4 slots in
their calendar, and can mobilize their Coronet, Curia and populace to get
to Cold Keep, Cold Lake, Loch Dorr or Myrganwood, surely we can do the
A Royal Peer in Avacal commented to me once that your group is only ever
as strong as your newest member. Whatever they're excluded from becomes a
weakness for all.
The more we can allow, even encourage, the activities of the
Principality to travel, the more we open up opportunities to participate in
all aspects of the game for everyone. That's what I would like to see.

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