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 \\   /   \   //       Being the electronic version of
  )\_/  *  \_/(             The Northern Sentinel
  {===========}         #59 May, AS XXXVI (CE 2001)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Crown Principality of The
North, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It
is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA
Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the
Chronicler. Subscriptions are $1/yr.

Permisson is granted to forward a single copy to any given individual
once only as a sample. Any other distribution is theft and harms the

- Event Calendar
- Crown Principality Officers
- Branches of The Crown Principality of The North
- By The Light of A Northern Star
- From The Marshal
- From The Arts & Sciences Minister
- From The Northern Society for Creative Anachronism
- Greetings all Buffalo Hunters
- From the Northern Principality Committee
- Make Ye Ready: The Fighting Season Cometh!
- Upcoming Events in the North
- Because I Can: The Ten Commandments of Garb
- Compendium of Resources


Event Calendar

5 Bardic Revel - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
12 Sprig Tune-up - Ramsgaard - Kamloops, BC
18-20 May Crown - Dregate - Omak, WA
25-27 SeLion War - Seagirt - Victoria, BC

5 5 Champions - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC
8-10 25th Anniversary - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
8-10 Spring Revel & Tourney - Coill Mhor - 100 Mile House, BC
15-17 Archery Althing - Dregate - Omak, WA
15-17 Spring Murder - Ravensweir - Quesnel, BC
15-17 Spring Tourney - Appledore - Oliver, BC
22-24 Championship Tourney - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC
29-02 An Tir / West War - An Tir - Eugene, OR
29-02 Just Cause Tourney - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
30-01 Fields of Gold Tourney - Tir Bannog - Smithers, BC

6-8 Mermaid's Tourney - False Isle - Powell River, BC
6-8 20th Anniversary - Appledore - Kelowna, BC
13-15 Sergeant Trials - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
20-22 July Coronation - Terra Pomeria - Polk Co., OR
27-29 Raven's Key Rebellion - Hartwood - Port Alberni, BC

3-6 Clinton War - Lions Gate - Clinton, BC
17-19 El marr Fudd/Warren War - Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA
17-19 Birthday Bash - Hartwood - Nanaimo, BC
24-26 Seagirt Summer Tourney - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
31 September Crown - Vulcanfeldt - Yakima, WA

1-3 September Crown - Vulcanfeldt - Yakima, WA
7-9 Tournament of Armies - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
15 Sergeant Trials - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
15-17 September Revel - Dregate - Omak, WA
21-23 Forest War & Feast - Coill Mhor - 100 Mile House, BC
22-23 Scribal Ithra - St. Giles - Victoria, BC
28-30 Holmgang - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC

2-8 Golden Swan - Appledore - Oliver, BC
20 Baronial Banquet - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
20 Freeze Off - Ramsgaard - Kamloops, BC
27 Feast of St. Crispins - Tir Bannog - Smithers, BC


Crown Principality Officers

Seneschal: HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck) Ph: (250)542-6988

Chronicler: Lord Erasmus the Traveller Ph: (250) 380-9947

Arts & Sciences: HL Aelana Cordovera Ph: (604) 876-9105

Chatelaine: Sgt. Ekatarina Borisnovna Ph: (250) 479-8174

Chirurgeon: HL Aaron of the Black Mountains Ph: (604) 524-2824

Constable: Lord Valdar Galdrasmid Ph: (360) 671-6706

Exchequer: Skya of Wrath Ph: (250) 549-4100

Herald: Lady Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna Ph: (250) 639-9301

Marshal: HL Griffin ap Bedwyr Ph: (604) 466-0654

Rapier Marshal:Lord Enoch MacIain Sutherland Ph: (604) 742-2003

Archery Marshal: Byron Fletcher Ph: (604) 521-0348

Dean of Pages: HL Malcolm of Lamont Ph: (250) 498-3084

Waterbearer: vacant


Branches of The Crown Principality of The North

Shire of Appledore (Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)
Seneschal: George of Mandledwords (250) 498-3084
Incipient Shire of Coill Mhor (110 Mile House, BC)
Seneschal: HL Genevieve Buchannon (250) 397-2079
Shire of Cragmere (Campbell River, BC)
Seneschal: Jamie The Impaler (250) 335-1599
Port of Crickstow-on-Sea (CFB Esquimalt, BC)
Seneschal: Turpin Akraspillir (250) 727-7855
Shire of Dregate (Omak, WA)
Seneschal: Lady Osorgarow of Karakorum (509) 486-1021
Shire of Eisenmarche (Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows, BC)
Seneschal: Baroness Katherina della Fiore (604) 734-2811
Shire of False Isle (Powell River, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Grimr inn svarti (604) 485-7234
Shire of Frozen Mountain (West Kootenays, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Rose Cam-beul (250) 352-1687
Incipient Shire of Gael Mathuin (Kitimat, BC) [aka, Ca Mor]
Seneschal: Lord Tadc OhAolain (250) 639-9301
Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)
Seneschal: Magdalina Riazanskaia (250) 716-1009
Shire of Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)
Seneschal: Hengst the Saxon (250) 260-2753
Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)
Seneschal: HL Padraign O'Bhuadhiagh (604) 861-0899
Canton of Lionsdale (Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Kieran Gunn (604) 842-0596
Shire of Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC)
Seneschal: Tariq Abu Zayd (250) 828-0251
Incipient Shire of Ravensweir (Quesnel & Williams Lake,BC)
Seneschal: Rowan (250) 992-7265
Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: [in process]
Shire of Shittimwoode (Bellingham - Whatcom CO., WA)
Seneschal: Godith d'Arcy of Goosefoot Mead (360) 398-2778
St. Giles College (University of Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: [in process]
Shire of Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC)
Seneschal: Tewl Gover orth Kernow (250) 846-5290


By The Light of A Northern Star....

A few changes this month to The Northern Sentinel.
Experimenting a little bit, and seeing how it all works out.
The first change is a Branch listing, including the seneschals'
contact info. A few people have asked for it, and it seems to me to be
something that a proper Principality Newsletter requires. I'll add
information to it as I go along.
Secondly, I changed fonts [not applicable to the eSentinel- ed.].
Okay I didn't, but the rest of the newsletter is now done with Garamond
No.4, a version of a period type-font. Don't hesitate to tell me that you
like it or don't like it. As a result of this, I have generally had to go
with a 10- point font size, which may make things a little harder to read
(but probably not as hard as The Crier [my one dig at the boss for the
Also, a little more in the way of announcements, as well as event
copy. And HL Aaron of the Black Mountains dropped me an article that I
thought was perfect for the May issue.
Finally, but by no means least, I'd like to welcome our new
Principality Constable to the listings, Lord Valdar Galdrasmid of
Shittimwoode. Those who need to, should get a hold of him so he gets to
know you.
Looking at the Branch listing, you may think, "I thought we had more
than 19 groups around here?" And you'd be right. Those listed are the
official branches. There are no less than 4 more branches just getting
Ravens Key (Port Alberni, BC)
Griffin's Gate (Williams Lake, BC)
Aqua Altus (Kelowna area, BC)
Losleiden (Duncan, BC)
My understanding is that Raven's Key is very close to becoming
"official", and Griffins Gate not too far behind them. Losleiden looks to
become an incipient canton of Seagirt, and Aqua Altus is looking after the
northern area of Appledore.
Wow, that makes 23 groups, and I hear that there may be another
forming somewhere in the interior even. That would make 24, twice as many
branches as any two regions or Principalities currently in An Tir.
These small groups, just heading out on their own as it were, need
our help. Support them in any way shape or form that you can. Getting
things going can take simply years (ask St. Giles or Crickstow about
that!), and the more help that you can give them, the better. They will
need gentle guidance in our ways, someone to talk to about problems or
indecipherable rules or laws, where to get pickle-barrel all those things
that each and everyone of us had to do when we got started. Someone helped
us it's time to return the courtesy.
My last point this month is to keep your eyes and ears open about
helping out in the Principality movement. There are a lot of jobs that are
going to need to be done, and the Principality Committee are looking for
interested people. See the contact information later in the newsletter.
That's it for me this month, at least in this forum. Wars and
tourneys can bee seen on the horizon, and I've got some gear to get ready
Ever in Service
Erasmus the Traveller, GdS.


From The Marshal

Greetings to all fighters, marshals and interested spectators,
Well the new tourney and war season is well upon us. I hope every one
has there gear in order, all their authorizations up to date, and the
proper combat attitude in place. May Crown is almost here. Remember if you
are going to fight in Crown, or any other tournament YOU MUST BE
hard to do. Most branch marshals should have the forms and any senior
marshal can authorize you. As well your armour must meet Kingdom
regulations. If you don't know what these are, find a copy of the ABC's or
the Society Marshals Handbook, or ask a senior marshal. (If they don't know
then they shouldn't be
a senior)
There has been a lot of discussion recently about anti bounce back
devices in arrows. The Society (the BOD) is planning on requiring that all
combat arrows have these ABD's installed. This is a safety issue to try and
eliminate eye injuries. Many feel this reduces the accuracy and range of
the arrows, and that requiring screening is a better way to ensure the same
outcome. If you have a strong opinion on this topic, let your voice be
heard. Write to our Society Marshall and give your thoughts.
That's all for now. Remember to play safe and have fun. And all those
branch marshals out there, send reports! This is vital for our quest for
full Principality status.
Sgt. Griffin ap Bedwyr, Squire
Principality Marshal,
Crown Principality of the North


From The Arts & Sciences Minister

This years's Five Champion's Event will be held in June, at a place
to be determined by mid February. Ljotr reports 5 Shires have put in bids,
so far. This will be the First Crown Principality Championship so we're
hoping for lots of entries in all categories. In addition I am encouraging
displays by previous champions so that the fine work being done by our
Champions can be an inspiration to us all.

Crown Principality Arts and Sciences Championship 2001

DUTIES : The Champion will be expected to serve as inspiration and
role model to others, especially through arts and sciences displays and
WHO MAY ENTER : the competition welcomes all those who have three
entries and are competing for Crown Principality Champion.
Those who have fewer pieces, and who are not going for crown
champion, are also welcome to apply. You may submit entries previously
entered in other contests, as long as they did not win at crown
principality level or above.
LETTER OF INTENT : To Aelana by May 15, 2001. Please include a list
of three intended entries with a sentence or two about each, to assist in
selecting expert judge. The entries as a whole, must exhibit a diversity
of interests.
ENTRY GUIDELINES : In order to qualify for the championship the
entrant must include:
* one Research Piece
* one Active Presentation piece
* and one Passive Display
A Research Piece may be a paper, a lecture, a class or display item.
Papers must be submitted 2 weeks before the contest to allow judges to read
A Presentation may be a 20 minute lecture, class or story, puppet
show, song or poem.
A Display does not require the entrant's presence in order to be
clear, and may be pictures mounted on poster board, a display of labelled
items or an entry showing various stages of completion.
STUDENT JUDGEING : In this format, experts, as well as potential
contestants, Arts & Sciences Ministers or delegates wishing to learn
judging skills, may take part in the judging process. Please let me know
in advance.

Score Attribute

____ Does the entry meet the category specifications eg research, active
presentation, or passive display?

___ Documentation - for research piece,- has the person done research as

___ Authenticity - how historically accurate is this presentation?

___ Workmanship - how well executed is this presentation?

___ Complexity - how difficult, how much "from scratch" ?

___ Emotional Effect - did this presentation move you, create a medieval
mind set?

Even if you do not think you are advanced enough to win, the Crown
Principality A&S Championship is a great opportunity to get feedback on how
your work is progressing. We encourage you to enter as a one entry
contestant or Student Judge to begin to learn one form of the judging
Yours in Service
Aelana Cordovera, MI, AA, J de L, Golden Swan,
Arts & Sciences Minister,
Crown Principality of the North


From The Northern Society for Creative Anachronism

No more waivers to sign at events!
Yes, it's true. Just sign up with the NSCA and you won't have to sign
an NSCA waiver at NSCA events til next year. Of course, if you aren't a
member of the SCA, Inc., you'll still have to sign one of their waivers.
(We never said it was a perfect world).
Wait! There's more!! Join the NSCA for a paltry $5.00 per year, and
you get out-of-country travel insurance free when you go to an event south
of the border! And that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if
you're injured while going to or being at an event in the States. Of
course, you will need to inform your local NSCA representative or the NSCA
President which event you are going to and when.
Sign up now, through one of the NSCA Board members (listed below), or
through your local NSCA Representative.
Don't delay! Do it TODAY!


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the NSCA was held on March 25,
2001. Members are reminded that all 2000 waivers and memberships have
expired. Membership forms and year-long waivers are available from the NSCA
Board Members, or from your local NSCA Representative.
Should you have any questions regarding the NSCA, please feel free to
contact any member of the NSCA Board of Directors listed below.

President: Nancy J. M. Stevens (Baroness Amanda Kendal of
Westmoreland), 1192 Shavington Street, North Vancouver, BC
V7L 1K9, (604) 988-0304, email: kendal@lightspeed.ca

Vice President: Penelope Adams (Lilliane d'Escargot) 5135
Broughton Place, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 6L4, (250) 758-8976, email:

Secretary: Elaine McMillan (Lady Elena de Maisnilwarin), 314 - 6425
Silver Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5H 2Y3 (604) 430-8208, email:

Treasurer: Tricia Le Pine (Her Ladyship Eriu of Tlachtga), 5 - 7576
Humphries Court, Burnaby, BC, V3N 3E9, (604) 524-2824, email:

Member-At-Large: Ray Turner (His Lordship Malcom of Lamont),
RR#3, Site 30, Comp 12, Oliver, BC, V0H 1T0, (250) 498-3084,
email: jturner@img.net


Greetings all Buffalo Hunters

I have received info that the next Tatonka will be in Chilliwack in
the Fall of 2001. The RCMP have recently acquired CFB Chilliwack for their
training purposes, so that's where it will be. More info will be
forthcoming when available.
Sharpen your spears.
HL Ljotr Einarsson
CP of the North


From the Northern Principality Committee
Call for Sub Committee Teams!

It's time to begin moulding ourselves into a noble An Tirian
We need Your Help on the Sub-Committees who will do the real work of
transforming ourselves.
Can you help? Will you help?
See the process from the inside out. Help make decisions. Get to
know folks from all over. Display your works and help others get known.
If you are interested in serving the Crown Principality, please send
your name, address, telephone number, email contact (if you have one),
interests, and abilities to the chairperson of that sub-committee. Their
contact information is in the sub committee description. If the
Sub-Committee doesn't have a chairperson listed, please forward your
information to Jarl Hwolf, Chair of the NPC. His address is below.
Let us know how you can help.
Full descriptions of the Sub-Committees will be published in the
Northern Sentinel, the various Northern email lists, or are available from
your seneschal. Brief descriptions are below. Please pass the word!

Sub Committee Descriptions

CALENDAR will determine schedule of Coronet events and help
co-ordinate branch event dates. Chair: Rose Scarlett Slade (Mary West),
dmwest@nas.com, 360-647-8032, 2524 Henry St., Bellingham WA 98225.
CEREMONY will draft a set of ceremonies suitable for the needs of our
CROSS BORDER RELATIONS will work on cross-border issues and
cultural/social differences.
FUNDRAISING will encourage fundraising activities and projects.
HISTORY will show how we meet Corpora requirements and assemble
branch histories. Chair: Aurora Argentius (Dawn Silver), 4771 199A,
Langley, BC, V3A 6J5, (604) 532-1942, dawn@lydia.org.
LAW will draft laws according to Corpora. Chair: Ljotr Einarsson,
addresses below.
REGALIA will organize the creation of regalia for our Coronets,
Champions and Officers.

Write to us. Include your interests and talents. Tell us which
sub-committee you'd like. Encourage interested friends to volunteer.
We may not be able to accept all comers, as there may not be enough
positions to fill. We will keep your name and tap you for future projects.
We need You for the formal Principality bid. All ages, all
abilities, all interests welcome. Write Today!

Send questions to the Northern Principality Email List at
Committee@grt-net.com or contact a committee member at:

REGIONAL SENESCHAL: Ljotr Einarsson (Mitch Steck), 1205 25th
Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 7L5, 250-542-6988, ljotr@home.com

Resumes to --- > CHAIR: Jarl Sir Hwolf Einarsson (Keith Unger), #34
17706 60th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3S 1V2, 604-574-7634,

ISLAND: Lord Erasmus the Traveller, GdS (Warren R. Edge), 1283
Park Terrace, Victoria, BC, V9A 4Z2, 250-380-9947(before 10pm),

LOWER MAINLAND: Cometessa Morgaine Brigantia (Liz Frick),
12388 103A Ave., Surrey, BC., V3V 3G9 604-588-3558,
darius@dccnet.com (until end of 4/2001)

NORTHERN INTERIOR: Finlaech MacGillandrias (Cameron Ross),
P.O. Box 14, Forest Grove, BC, V0K 1M0, 250-397-2151 fax
250-397-2861, finlaech@bcinternet.net

U.S. BRANCHES: Meresigha Stonegatta of Witham (Jackie Lynch),
2814 Franklin, Bellingham Wa 98225, 360-733-0386, jlynch@cob.org

COMMITTEE SECRETARY: Elizabeth Braidwood (Donna Hrynkiw),
4808 214A St., Langley B.C. V3A 8E6, Home: 604-533-8032 (before

Sub Committee Team Job Descriptions

The philosophy behind the creation of Sub committee
teams by the Northern Principality committee was one of
inclusion and involvement for the subjects of the Crown
Principality of the North. We need many hands to make a great
principality, and we are interested in having the best, brightest
and most enthusiastic people helping. There are many ways to
help and we encourage you to peruse the following list to see
where your talents might best fit in.
The working relationship between the sub committees
and the NPC will be ongoing and co-operative. A
Sub-committee (SC) will develops ideas and makes
recommendation to the Northern Principality Committee (NPC).
The NPC examines the recommendation and approves or returns
it for more work. The SC implements idea/process or works out a
modified recommendation. The NPC and SC are a two-tier
system for approving ideas and identifying impracticalities or
pointing out potential concerns in each other's plans. The Crown
Principality officers or their appointed deputies will be part of
the sub committees that reflect their area of responsibility. The
chairpersons for the committees will be chosen by the NPC on
the basis of their suitability for the position. The chairperson
will be responsible for reporting to the NPC on a
pre-determined basis.

Will include the CP Seneschal

* Compose a set of draft laws according to the requirements set out in Corpora:
h. A body of principality law which provides for the
maintenance and succession of the Coronet, and for any
other matters delegated or permitted by the parent
kingdom. Draft laws, in the form they will be presented
to the victors of the first Coronet Lists, must accompany a
petition for principality status.
* Consult closely with and solicit feedback from the Kingdom Seneschal and
the Crown., and a body of advisors from the Kingdom and CP.
* Incorporate decisions made by other sub-committees into the draft
principality laws. (Eg. Calendar/Event Schedule, Finance, Relations, etc.)
* Miscellaneous: Don't forget that any laws you write are only DRAFT and
can/will be modified by the first Prince and Princess.


HL Aurora Argentarius of Lions Gate

* Utilize existing records (old newsletters, branch histories, autocrats
notes) to compile lists and documentary evidence to prove that we fulfil
the following Corpora requirements for principality status:
b. A full staff of prospective Great Officers, each of
whom is acceptable to the kingdom officer responsible
for the direction of that aspect of Society activity, and
such other officers as kingdom law and custom may

e. A record of well attended events together with regular
study or guild meetings, demonstrations, and other
educational activities for the benefit of the members and
the community at large.

f. Sufficient members of the orders conferring Patents of
Arms to foster the development of those orders and the
skills they represent within the principality.

g. Sufficient fighters of such calibre as to provide
appropriate competition for the Coronet.

This is a research intensive group project, which can involve people
from all over the region. Part of the composition of these documents will
result in a compendium of historical significance. We could branch this off
into a Domesday Book project as well. With the possibility of some
calligraphy and illumination from each branch, and lots of photographs.
The petition will
document where we are at this time, and will be very handy when we look
back at it, for history.


- will include CP Arts and Sciences Officer
- include (if possible) royal peer(s)

* Co-ordinate overall regalia making activities such as:
- Oversee the planning and construction of appropriate regalia for our
King and Queen in Their capacity of Prince and Princess of the Crown
Principality of the North.
- Oversee the planning and construction of appropriate regalia for
display and use at Five Champions.
- Identify and define desirable regalia.
- Oversee construction, solicit bids, assign project, consult on and
approve design, set deadline for delivery
- Plan for the cartage, storage, and insurance of regalia.
- Co-ordinate with CP Exchequer to appoint a Regalia Deputy/Chancellor.
- Co-ordinate with CP Exchequer for funding.
- Possibly- establish a Chamberlain's position for the on-going care and
maintenance and retinue education with regards to regalia.

Much of the construction of regalia cannot take place until a device has
been registered. so this committee will necessarily need to wait for it's
official processes to begin until after the return of an heraldically
passed name and device. However, legwork can be done in the meantime to
determine our regalia
needs and solicit bids for the project, ideas for eventual regalia and
begin construction of non name or heraldic specific items. Fundraising
efforts can also begin.


Include CP Seneschal

* Identify possible cross-border issues while remaining aware of
cultural/social differences.
* Work out procedures, to the Kingdom's and Board's satisfaction, for handling
- cross-border financial reporting
- cross-border chirurgeonate reporting
- fundraising
- any other issues arising from having an international
boundary within the Principality borders.
* Communicate decisions to Draft Laws Committee for inclusion.
* Compile a statement, to be included in the Petition, which describes the
current status any issues across the border, describing how any problems
will be addressed in the principality.


Include CP Herald

* Compile/draft/write or otherwise compose a set of ceremonies suitable for
the needs of the Principality, including:
- Ceremony for the Investiture of the Principality
- Ceremony for the Investiture of the Coronet Lists.
- Ceremony of Recognition of the winners of the Coronet
Lists as Heirs of the Principality.
- Ceremony of Investiture of the Heirs/Lord and Lady as
Prince and Princess.
- Other ceremonies as identified.


Include CP Exchequer

*Co-ordinate, oversee, and encourage fundraising activities and projects in
the Crown Principality, and ensure all funds are accounted for and directed
toward the CP Exchequer.

We need money:
- To pay for Official Polling and Name/Device
- To pay for regalia
- To provide seed money to branches for Coronet Events
- To cover basic office expenses for Prince and Princess
- For a Royal Travel fund


Chair: Mistress Rose Scarlett Slade
CP Seneschal
CP Calendar Officer

* Determine and define the schedule of Coronet events, taking into
consideration the following:
- reigns of approximately the same length
- avoiding significant modern holidays
- avoiding conflicting with Kingdom events
- avoiding other significant events
- the length of time each couple spends as royalty
- individual branch needs, in consultation with branch
- safe travel weather
- appropriate camping weather

Specific decisions required:
- Number of Coronet events per year
- The approximate dates for Coronet events.

Secondary Duty:
* Define procedures to avoid inter-branch calendar conflicts and
co-ordinate branch event scheduling with each other. (In this capacity,
this committee may continue as a co-operative event-scheduling group after
principality status has been achieved.)


Make Ye Ready: The Fighting Season Cometh!

"You can't fight until you fix your armour!" How often have we
shuddered to hear the marshal utter those baneful words, causing us to
madly rush back to the tent/sidelines looking for someone with an armour
repair kit. "That #$%* strap was worn. I knew that last week at (fill in
name of event or fighting practice last attended). Why didn't I fix it?"
Because milord, milady; like most of us, armour out of sight is out
of mind. Can this problem be remedied?
Yes!!! Two solutions occur to me right away:
First, an armour repair kit for the field. Second, is to check your
armour as the days battle is finished and you're putting it away in your
armour bag. Do a "Head to toe" examination of your equipment as the 'Head"
(helmet) is the most important piece of armour you use. In spite of what
most knowledgeable folks claim, fighters do have a brain and the helm, if
in proper repair, will protect it. Proceed down the 'body' from there.
Gorget, breast and back armour, kidneys/hip belt/tasses, upper leg, don't
forget the vault for the heirloom jewel(s), knees, lower legs. Then the
shoulders, upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists and demi - gauntlets, full
gauntlets, Basket hilt of your weapon as well as the striking edge(s) and
last but not least check the shield.
Check all equipment for worn or brittle leather straps
Be aware that leather stretches over time causing the armour to not fit
properly, adjust straps if necessary. Check buckles for breaks, bends,
missing tongues, etc. Repair or replace.
Rivets that are missing (not there), do not hold anything in
place. Plates fall off, straps pull loose; so replace missing rivets, and
tighten loose ones.
Welds in helmet, knees, elbows, arms, legs, etc. can and will
crack or tear. Check all welds for these cracks / tears, if there are any,
then get them re-welded before your next fight.
Stitching. If your armour has stitching anywhere, then check it
and be sure some important seams won't let go when Duke Sir, (fill in your
favourite) hits you into next Thursday, and out of the Tourney/war till
repairs are made.
Chain-mail Shirts and Camails. Looks and feels beautiful,(I do
craft it for `dress' use only) is very 'period', and in my opinion, totally
useless for the average or new SCA fighter. It's very heavy (used by Peers
as a handicap when fighting opponents of lesser skill levels), it offers no
protection against the force of a club blow (ie. Swords, mace, pole arm,
axe, made of rattan), and ---- chain-mail sheds. Even spring steel links
pop open and can be found lying in gay profusion all about the Eric. These
shedding links cause "moth" holes in the chain-mail so that it looks ratty.
Wear it by all means, if that is your pleasure, but please pick up after
yourself and repair or re-weave moth' holes as soon as possible.
Weapons. A fresh layer of strapping and/or duct tape freshens up
a weapon and makes it a slight bit safer. However, stripping and re- taping
is even better and will make the weapon lighter / faster.
Basket Hilts. Check rivets/welds, repair as necessary. Make sure
hose clamps are tight. Secure hose clamp ends down with a layer or two of
strapping tape, then a layer of duct tape. This will ensure that they will
not come loose, or at least not as often. Check your trigger and/or lanyard
for wear.
Shield. Is the tire still attached, are there wood chips flying
when the shield is struck? The bolts holding the guard and handle are they
tight? The strap for your arm, worn or brittle? Repair or replace. Check
the paint job on your device, it can fade with time, and if it is hard to
`read' can leave the populace muttering " who was that masked person?"
Boots / shoes. Is there a more common, abet ugly, sight at SCA.
tourneys /wars than `running' shoes? Please good gentle warriors, try as
mightily for more pleasing footwear as you strive to slay your opponents on
the field. All and sundry will thank you for this courtesy.
I hope some of the above information, opinion, and helpful hints
will be of some benefit. I doubt that armour failure due to neglect will
disappear because of this article, however, if you do try to check out your
armour for problems as you put it away, you may be, might, possibly
remember to repair any faults before it is used again, or you are, once
again banished from the field till repairs are made.
May all your battles be fair fought and enjoyable, and may you
slay more than you are slain.
Aaron of the Black Mountain,
Armourer, Marshall, Fighter and

~~ * ~~

A Suggested Armour Repair Kit List of Contents:
Side cutters
Hammer (ball pean) 8 oz.
Pliers (slip joint & needle nose)
Small block of iron for anvil
Screwdrivers (standard, Phillips #2)
Stitching supplies if your armour has stitching.
Hose clamps (5 or 6)
Assorted rivets (two part, split, harness, as well
as washers for the split rivits)
Extra leather straping (2 or 3 yards)
Leather thong
Several buckle assemblies (with leather)
Leather punch (rotary)
Extra buckles (various sizes)
Strapping tape
Duct tape
Spare bolts, nuts, washers (for shield)
Extra pieces blue foam or the like
Tube of contact cement
Centre punch/drift punch (to remove rivets)
Rivet set (for harness rivets)
File (An axe file has two different cuts)
Knife (folding "Buck" style)
Tin snips
Extra 18 gauge steel for repairs
`Post It' Note pad & pencil to note needed repairs.


Upcoming Events in the North

Bardic Revel, May 5, 2001
Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)

Site: Scandinavian Community Centre, 6540 Thomas Street,
Burnaby, BC
Fee: Adults $6, Children 5-12 $3, Children <5 are free, Families $18
(immediate mundane family) Cheques should be made payable to 'Barony of
Lions Gate'
Hours: 10:30am - midnight

Come attend our Annual Bardic Revel! We'll have games, dancing,
bardic performances, and A&S displays/contests - not to mention the
The A&S Contests: Calligraphy & Illumination, Jewelry, Leather,
Metal, Needle Arts, Weaving & Spinning, Wines Meads & Liqueurs, Wood.
There is also an Unfinished Projects Category with prizes for: Best Excuse,
Close But Not Quite, Longest (Time) Unfinished Item. The populace will
judge the A&S Contests, except for Wines Meads & Liquors and Unfinished
Children's Contests are: Design a Shield, Colouring Contest, Kid's
Favour. Children's Contests will be judged by the children.
The Bardic Contests are: Limerick (must begin "There was a Baron
from Lions Gate"), SCA Filk, Shakespearean Sonnet, Brave New Bard. The
Bardic Contests will take place during the early evening in a Bardic Circle.
Day food will be available for sale by the Company of Provisioners;
please bring your own dinner.

Autocrat: Lady Elena de Maisnilwarin (Elaine McMillan) 314-6425
Silver Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5H 2Y3; (604) 430-8208; emcmillan@tsi.bc.ca
Co-Autocrats: HL Eriu of Tlachtga, (604) 524-2824,
bashful@tsi.bc.ca; and HL John MacAndrew, (604) 451-3912, jmail@teleglobe.ca
The Autocrat will be away April 11-30: please contact Co-Autocrats
during that time.

DIRECTIONS: From the west: Hwy 1 east to Exit 32 Sprott Street.
Left at stop sign, right at traffic light onto Kensington. Thomas is first
street on your right. If you reach the overpass you've gone too far.
>From the east: Hwy 1 west to Exit 33 Kensington Avenue/Canada
Way. Right onto Kensington. Thomas is first street on your left. If you
reach the traffic light you've gone too far.

~~ * ~~

SeaLion War, May 25-27, 2001
Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)

Sealion War will be the weekend of May 25, 26, 27. The site is the
Barony of Seagirt, all information is posted on the website
My apologies for the late date of the announcement and keep an eye on
the website as it will be updated regularly.(Check out the cool pix of the
site too, there is a castle tower)
There will be battles for heavies, lights, dragoons, rapier, archery
and siege engines, all fighters are welcome. There will also be target
archery. The war points are as follows: 3 war points, 1 rapier point (three
battles will be fought for the point), 1 archery point (three archery
contests for 1 point), and 1 point each for arts and sciences= Total of 7.
The Arts point is to be a "Decoration on a wooden object" the decoration is
the point, not the object. The Science point is "a piece of armour".
There will also be a bardic challenge at the event. It is a song in
praise of your enemy. It should relate to something that happens on the
war field that day.
Merchants - Merchants are welcome there is a beautiful spot for
merchants along the main road of the village by the castle and is also
within view of the war field. Merchants fee is a small donation to go to
the site raffle. Please contact the Autocrat to book space.
There is no electricity or plumbing at this site. We have
porta-biffs and a great big water truck with a pump for drinking water.
Please consult the event website for further info or contact the Autocrat.

General Site rules:
It is a discreetly damp site - no open containers. All SCA and
mundane laws must be obeyed and will be enforced. NO PETS.
There is plenty of camping space as well as a limited amount of space
to crash in the Tavern - please pre-book for the Tavern. RVs must also
There will be a tavern available for food. If you wish to be fed for
the weekend the cost is $20, please contact Judith de Montgomerie
I'm sure that I have missed something vital, but it will get posted
on the website, or contact me if you have any questions

Autocrat: Sasha Kristova <kinto_akimoto@yahoo.com>

~~ * ~~

Pyjama Party 2: The Sequel, May 26 and 27
Shire of Appledore (Oliver, B.C.)

For those of you who didn't make it to the first Pyjama Party, we're
doing it again. It's a fun, silly, relaxed event.
Activities planned include a Wacky Water Weapons tourney, weather
permitting (we provide the water and the weapons. You wear clothes you can
get drenched or dirty), archery, Flamingo Croquet, possibly a rapier
tourney, and lolling and lounging with your friends. Other displays of
silliness may erupt. Household or personal heraldry or colours are
encouraged to add atmosphere. Silly hats are encouraged. Disposable
personas that wear "pyjamas" (Persian,
Byzantine or Chinese) would be fun. Pyjamas are not required, but garb of
some sort is a must!
We will also be running a Stable Sale for people to sell or trade
their old medieval junk so they can acquire new medieval junk, er, stuff,
um, valued possessions.
Breakfasts and lunches will be available on-site for nominal sums.
There will be a potluck feast on Saturday night.
The site is close to motels, restaurants, stores and gas stations.
There is plenty of room for camping. Hot baths will be available on
Saturday. Permanent pit toilets and potable water are on-site.

Site fee is $6 Canadian ($4 US), half-price for kids 6-14 or

The autocrat is HL Malcolm of Lamont (Ray Turner) RR#3 Site 30 C-12,
Oliver, B.C., V0H 1T0, (250) 498-3084, jturner@img.net

Directions: Take Highway 97 to Oliver, BC. From either direction, go
through the first traffic light. At the next corner, 348th Ave. (Chevron on
one side, Dairy Queen on the other), turn east (Left from the north, Right
from the south). Go all the way to the bottom of the hill where the road
turns right and becomes 91st. St. Stay on 91 for two blocks. You'll come to
a Carwash and Big John's Tires on your left, and several large stacks of
white irrigation pipes on the right. Just past the piles of pipes on the
right is a gravel road. Turn right onto this gravel road. The site is the
first house on the left at the bottom of the hill.

~~ * ~~

Crown Principality of the North
Five Champions Tournament, June 1, 2 and 3
Shire of Krakenfjord (Vernon, BC)

The Shire of Krakenfjord is pleased to invite one and all to this
first 5 Champions tournament for our new Crown Principality. Are you ready
to be among our first champions?
The site will be at the Vernon Army camp, #100 Hwy 97S (just South
of Vernon). The access is the North Gate, just across the highway from the
tourist info building. Watch for SCA signs. The location will be clearly
marked. Watch for more details on our website www.geocities.com/krakenfjord
The site will open Friday evening (June 1) at 6:00 and will close
Sunday, June 3 at 2:00. Site fee is $8.00. Saturday night feast is $5.00.
Make cheques payable to SCA, Inc/Shire of Krakenfjord.
Autocrat: Gabriele Silverhand (MKA Judith King) 4302 Pleasant Valley Blvd.
Vernon, BC ph. 250-503-7902 email isjynx@home.com

~~ * ~~

25th Anniversary Event, June 9-10
Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)

Greetings unto the populace

On June the 9th and 10th, Lions Gate shall celebrate the 25th anniversary
of our creation and of the investiture of our dear Baron and Baroness. I
have the honour of being Merchant Autocrat for this fine event. The site
is Mission Heritage Park. It is huge. Scads of parking. The event will be
a Pas Du Arms. Fun. The subject is a party. Merchant row will surround the
list- field. I am so looking forward to it. But..in order to do this
right...I must ask that the merchants that intend to attend be
pre-registered. The earlier, the better. The best spots are nearest to
the list-field and there are only 28 of em...and allot of them are already
reserved. The autocrat has
decreed that only pre-registered merchants can merchant. So please email
me as soon as you can with the dimensions of your pavilion, any guy ropes
space you need, and the depth of your encampment as well as what you are
merchanting - not in detail but in general. I request that your pavilion
be as period as is possible. Also, our dear Baron has decreed that there
shall be no merchant fee. Just normal site fee. But if your not
pre-registered you wont merchant. And if your not pre-registered early,
you wont be in the first tier.

So to contact me... dragonward@home.com or by phone at
872-8550 but I prefer email.

In service to the dream
Lady Genevieve Barbota of Gryphonshold

~~ * ~~

Fields of Gold, June 29- July 1
Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC)

The Wilderness Shire of Tir Bannog invites one and all to come
and experience our 5th Annual Fields of Gold. The site is on Private
Property with shady trees and open fields. Water will be brought in.
Nearest grocery store is 15 km away. What it lacks in facilities it makes
up for in atmosphere.
Site info.: Set up at noon on Friday June 29th, events start on
Saturday morning and will end with court on Sunday afternoon. Site fee is
$5.00 per person, family rate is $15.00. Heavy and Archery Championships
(open to all). There are contests for "Midsummer Rose", Gallant Thorn, and
many other honours. On Saturday at noon we will be holding our renowned
"Helm Auction". Saturday evening is a pot luck, and Sunday morning the
Shire prepares a pancake brunch. The site is discretely damp. Contained
fires only. If anyone requires a larger space for their encampment that
can be arranged ahead of time with the Autocrat.
A word of caution, the nights can be cool, the days hot and the
mosquitoes are always present (sometimes plentiful), so bring warm blankets
and cloaks, sun screen and bug repellent. Please don't let this information
stop you from tasting the flavour of our Northern hospitality.

Directions: The site is at km 385 on Hwy 16. From Prince George (Cold
Keep) travel west approx. 350 km. It is just 30 km west of Houston. There
will be signs marking the only turn off of the hwy. For any information
contact the Autocrat Betha at (250) 846-5290 or cardinal@bulkley.net

~~ * ~~

Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium, October 26 - 28
Barony of Madrone (Seattle, WA)

Greetings unto the Populace
and Peers, and the assorted Baronies,
Shires, Cantons, Colleges and incipient Shires of the Kingdom of An Tir
from Laurellen de Brandevin, autocrat for Known World Arts & Sciences 2001,

The beautiful Barony of Madrone has been awarded the honor of hosting Known
World Arts & Sciences 2001. The dates are October 26th - 28th and the site
will be the DoubleTree hotel in Sea-Tac.

The event is in the preliminary stages of planning which brings me to the
gist of this message:.

The idea behind the Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium is not only to
showcase artisans and instructors from around the Known World but to also
showcase the Kingdom artisans and instructors. To this end, it is my
fervent hope that I can entice the various Baronies, Shires, Cantons,
Colleges and incipient Shires of this mighty Kingdom into organizing and
showcasing their artisans, instructors, and artifacts. In a sense, this
will be like the 3YC Arts and Sciences display on steroids.

The Kingdom of An Tir has some of the greatest talent in the Known World.
Let's take this opportunity to show it off... Please contact me if your
group has any ideas on displays, classes, instructors, or would like to
show off what your group can do (The Seagirt Tapestry comes instantly to
mind.) To see what has already been put into the planning, please visit the
website, www.vertetsable.com/kwas for more information.

Additionally, an event of this size cannot run with out one vital
ingredient; YOU. Please take a moment to look through the site and see if
there are things you would like to volunteer to help with. If you don't see
something you'd like to do, then you and/or your group can get together and
sponsor that activity! Either way, let someone on the KWAS team know that
you're interested in helping out...

Thank you and I remain,
In Service to An Tir,

Marquessa Mistress Laurellen de Brandevin


Because I Can......

The Ten Commandments of Garb
1. Thou shalt always measure twice and cut once.
2. Thou shalt, when measuring for a bodice, remember that while the
bodicegasm is a great Pleasure, thou art vulnerable to Rogues if thou
3. Thou shalt wear thy home-made garb with Great Pride, for thou art
learning a new skill.
4. Thou shalt not, if thou be a skilled tailor, call out the pattern
names and numbers of costumes thou recognizest from the Big Three of
Pattern Companies. Though shalt, instead, remember humbly the countless
hours THOU spent using language Naughty in My Sight whilst trying to adapt
or draft patterns when thou hadst but the skill of a small rodent on acid.
5. Thou shalt not sneer at materialism when thou wearest Boots that
cost thee more than thou wouldst spend on thy sofa or bed. (If thou
sleepest on the sofa because thou cannot buy a bed, thou hadst even less
room to talk).
6. Thou shalt not refer to visible tights on a woman as "period" for
late Tudor or Elizabethan garb. Thou shalt merely enjoy the scandalous
sight. (We know thou art contemplating invisible tights and We are ashamed
of thy lechery).
7. Thou shalt always buy more thread than thou thinkest thou needs.
Fabric stores will ignore thy pleas to open at two in the morning so that
thou may complete garb thou shouldst have completed three weeks ago whilst
thou wast wasting time in a flame war on the Internet.
8. Thou shalt always use a new Needle appropriate to the weight of
the fabric - for needles cost thee little and when thou hast used a needle
for canvas on thy chemise, thou shalt feel a draft.
9. Thou shalt not make garb carelessly when thou intendest to wear it
"only one season". It shall fall apart thy third wearing, causing thee to
use language that thy four year old shall repeat from the top of the diving
board at thy family reunion picnic, causing thy Aunt Reetzie to have a
Stroke. When thy Aunt Reetzie recovers, she shall Strike thee from her
will, thus leaving her worldly goods to thine older brother who shall Waste
his inheritance by investing in the Stock Market rather than spending it
sensibly on a new pair of custom boots.
10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's new sewing machine and
serger; in the fullness of time, thou shalt have many come to thy door,
requesting commissions which shall allow thee to also have "The New Stuff."
IF thou dost not spent it all immediately upon new fabric.


Compendium of Resources

Their Majesties of An Tir,
Prince and Princess Of The North
Duke Davin Ravensfuri and Countess Groa
(Damon Hill & Gretchen Hubbert)
1520 NE 102nd, Seattle, WA, USA, 98125

Scourge Of The North (Heavy Champion)
Sir Einar Guntharson & Thora Golvik

Skewer Of The North (Rapier Champion)
Kallyn Rozvardo

Scorer Of The North (Archery Champion)
Sir Einar Guntharson

Scholar Of The North (Arts & Sciences Champion)
Sarra du Corbelle

Skald Of The North, (Bardic Champion)
Petro Rosvardo Thorvaldson

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