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  {===========}         #60 June, AS XXXVI (CE 2001)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Crown Principality of The North, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the Chronicler. Subscriptions are $1/yr.
Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any given individual once only as a sample. Any other distribution is theft and harms the Principality.

- Event Calendar
- By The Light of A Northern Star
- From The Crown Principality Chriurgeon
- From The Crown Principality Constable
- From The Grand Council
- Announcement from The Kingdom of The West
- 10 Ways To Kill Your Shire
- Upcoming Events in the North
- Because I Can
- Compendium of Resources
- Crown Principality Officers
- Branches of The Crown Principality of The North


Event Calendar

1-3 Anniversary Event - Cragmere - Campbell River, BC
1-3 5 Champions - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC
8-10 25th Anniversary - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
8-10 Spring Revel & Tourney - Coill Mhor - 100 Mile House, BC
15-17 Archery Althing - Dregate - Omak, WA
15-17 Spring Murder - Ravensweir - Quesnel, BC
15-17 Spring Tourney - Appledore - Oliver, BC
22-24 Championship Tourney - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC
29-02 An Tir / West War - An Tir - Eugene, OR
29-02 Just Cause Tourney - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
30-01 Fields of Gold Tourney - Tir Bannog - Smithers, BC

6-8 Mermaid's Tourney - False Isle - Powell River, BC
6-8 20th Anniversary - Appledore - Oliver, BC
13-15 Sergeant Trials - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
14 Tourney for A - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
20-22 July Coronation - Terra Pomeria - Polk Co., OR
27-29 Raven's Key Rebellion - Hartwood - Port Alberni, BC

3-6 Clinton War - Lions Gate - Clinton, BC
11 Clan Frog Tourney - Lions Gate - Vancouver BC
17-19 El marr Fudd/Warren War - Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA
17-19 Birthday Bash - Hartwood - Nanaimo, BC
17-19 Red Tiger's Circus - Appledore - Oliver BC
24-26 Seagirt Summer Tourney - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
31 September Crown - Vulcanfeldt - Yakima, WA

1-3 September Crown - Vulcanfeldt - Yakima, WA
8 Rapier War - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
14-16 September Revel - Dregate - Omak, WA
15 Sergeant Trials - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
15-17 September Revel - Dregate - Omak, WA
21-23 Forest War & Feast - Coill Mhor - 100 Mile House, BC
22-23 Scribal Ithra - St. Giles - Victoria, BC
28-30 Holmgang - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC

5-8 Golden Swan - Appledore - Oliver, BC
20 Baronial Banquet - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
20 Freeze Off - Ramsgaard - Kamloops, BC
26-28 Knowne World A&S - Madrone - Seattle, WA
27 Feast of St. - Tir Bannog - Smithers, BC


By The Light of A Northern Star....

Hey, check out the cover art on this issue! From Lady
Josephine Blackthorn, the Chronicler of Tir Bannog.
I look at it and I think, "It's gotta be the start of war
season, 'cause there just ain't NO WAY a marshal's going to
allow that out on the listfield!"
Okay, so that's about the lousiest segue into a topic I've
done, but it's been a busy couple of weeks, okay?

Wars in the SCA are interesting things. Some say that
we are merely re-creating the team-melees of yesteryear, while
others are adamant about the idea that we are actually re-
creating (or trying to, at any rate) medieval battles. It's an
interesting topic, with lots of twists and turns in the debates, but it
helps to clarify the mind of what we are, and what we are trying
to accomplish.
One of the most-heard expressions in The SCA is that
we are trying to re-create the Middle Ages as they "should have
been." Others maintain that we should be striving to re-create
them as fully as we can, in order to learn more about that period
of time we study. And, of course, there is a lot of middle ground
between the two (boy is there EVER!).
Well, nobody wants to give up their indoor plumbing if they
can at all help it, and there ain't anyone on either side of the
argument that wants to see a return of bubonic plague. So, yeah,
as they "should have been" works to that degree. But what about
other aspects of our current-middle-ages lives? Light, heat,
cleanliness, and food preparation, just to name a few. It is within
these parameters that things start getting dicey.
We need our ice-chests; no one want food poisoning.
Heat is a necessity at some camping events (Clinton War springs
instantly to mind for some reason), and as I learned this past
weekend, when you are out in the wild beyond, you really, really
need lights.
But there are methods to tackle these things, and make
them not-so-obviously mundane. Sir Oak won Lionsdale's A&S
Championship last year with a wonderful cooler disguised as a
viking stool. Light? Well, candles work to a degree, as do oil
lamps and torches of one sort or another. But in a plastic biffy?
Sorry, all you authenticity types, but I REALLY like the chem-
lights that you can pick up at the camping stores for small
enclosures like that, they're very useful, and no hazard to life and
limb (the solution inside those little sticks is non-toxic, but will
Heating is a topic that could take days to go through, but
we all know that the propane heaters and nylon domes just don't
mix well. We have to find alternatives to those. And we will
The Society is like that.
Is there anything more medieval than watching the
fighters head toward the warfield with the banners waving and
pennants snapping in the breeze? Yeah, lots, if all I see is a sea
of pickle-barrel. Now, this has changed these past few years,
with people covering up that so-very-mundane material with
something a little more authentic-looking. And this is a good
thing. We can't all afford those wonderful stainless steel
breastplates and such, so we have to improvise, and tabards are
a good start. How about a torse around that very obvious weld
joint on the crown of the helm? And maybe something other than
running shoes on one's feet. These are easy fixes.
Making the effort to make our wars that little bit more
medieval helps everyone. The ambiance goes a long way toward
making these current-middle-ages come alive. The "ten-foot rule"
(If it looks authentic form ten feet away, it is works; Use it.
It's all a compromise those that are very heavily in the
authentic scene make it possible for us to enjoy a more richly
textured medieval environment; we owe it to them, and ourselves
(the not-so-authentic), to help out. Hide that cooler, put away that
Coleman lantern.
"As it should have been" and "as it was" are just
heartbeats away form each other. Let's not cause one or the
other into heart-attacks, because it is very much a TEAM

But people forget that sometimes. Be gentle when you
remind them.

Erasmus the Traveller, GdS.


From The Crown Principality Chriurgeon

It has come to my and the Kingdom's Chirurgeon
attention that groups here in the North have been designating
their First Aider's as Group Chirurgeons.
Please good gentles, be aware that unless the First Aider
has joined the Chirurgeon's Guild of An Tir, and that means
submitting all the required paperwork and doing the necessary
duties then the First Aider can not be designated as a "
Chirurgeon " and does not have the insurance coverage of
the SCA policy.
One of the Chirurgeon's entry requirements is that the
applicant must have a SCA Inc. membership and a Kingdom
Chirurgeon's warrant.
Without these and proof of a valid mundane authority's
First Aid and CPR certificate, the SCA group's First Aider does
not have insurance coverage.
That being said, also be aware that anyone with a valid
F/A certificate can do first aid under that certificate's authority.
They just can't claim the label of Chirurgeon .
I will happily send out all required documents and assist
anyone or any group in warranting their First Aider as a
Chirurgeon. All that needs be done is to contact me at the
addresses below.
Come on out and play with the Guild, you'll find that we
are a fun bunch of people.

In service
Aaron of the Black Mountains
Master Chirurgeon

Bob Le Pine
# 5 - 7576 Humphries Court
Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 3E9


From The Crown Principality Constable

If you haven't heard yet, there is a new Constable in town. On
April 20, 2001, I succeeded Lady Johanna as the new Crown
Principality Constable.
My first order of business is to build up the constabulary roster
in our fair principality. I hope and expect to hear from each branch as
to whether there is a constable in place or not. I have sent numerous
emails and have received very few responses. Please contact me ASAP
as July Coronation is just around the corner and the new warrant list
will be sent in soon.
I am also working with the Kingdom Constabulary Admin
Staff to work out a way to recognize the many constables who for one
reason or another do not have memberships. At this time we are using
two designations, the first is a Warranted Constable which is a member
with dues paid, and Authorized Constable which is someone with
constabulary experience but not warrantable due to non-membership
status. It has been determined that Authorized Constables and regular
volunteers will be allowed to perform most general duties at an event.
The only stipulation will be that they contact a warranted
Constable-in-Charge or the Seneschal/Autocrat at an event for any
incident which would require a report of serious infraction. Currently,
we will continue to use the old constabulary manual until a new
revision is authorized.
So, this is a call for all aspiring or experienced constables,
members or not, to contact me ASAP so that we can begin rebuilding
the Constabulary of the North.
Send all written correspondence to: Constable of the North,
c/o James L. Troupe, 2000 Mill Ave #4, Bellingham, WA, USA,
98225-6772. Send all emails to: northern-constable@antir.sca.org
You can call me at: (360) 671-6706 in the late evenings

Yours in Service,

Lord Valdar Galdrasmid
Constable of the North


From The Grand Council

Greetings from the Grand Council, a committee reporting
to the SCA's Board of Directors. The Grand Council is currently
recruiting volunteers to fill out its numbers and provide a
cross-section of opinion in its continuing work.
The Grand Council functions as a think tank to the Board
of Directors of the SCA Inc. It is charged with formulating both
possible changes to the Governing Documents of the SCA, as
well as suggesting procedural changes for dealing with modern
world problems and the SCA.
Past items have included recommendations to the Board
which led to the formulation of G&PD#20 (alternate sanctions),
regularization of the means of impeachment of Directors by the
members of the SCA (recently passed), and revision of the
procedures and scope of banishments (recently sent out for
commentary by participants). While recommendations of the
Grand Council are not guaranteed of acceptance, involvement in
the Grand Council is important in the continuing evolution of
the SCA, Inc.
The Grand Council is not involved in policy decisions or
debate regarding how the SCA is organized on the medieval
level, except where such organization impinges on the modern
For more information on the Grand Council, please visit
our web pages at: http://www.math.harvard.edu/~schuldy/gc
The Grand Council meets online, not in person. The list
is open for reading by anyone. Good email access is required. We
encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and
locations. Electronic applications are being accepted via the
Grand Council's Web Page (above), or directly via email to:
Applications may be submitted online at:
Applications should include SCA name,
Kingdom/Principality of Residence, and Local Branch, Modern
Name, email address, and any relevant SCA and Modern

Applications must be received by July 15, 2001.
Questions about the Nomination Committee, or
additional suggestions of lists to which this message might be
posted, can be addressed to the Committee Chairman:
Simone Maurian UI'Dunlainghe, lady_simone@code-works.com

Thanks in advance on behalf of the Grand Council
Nomination Committee.


An Important Announcement From Our Great Southern
Neighbour, The Kingdom of The West

According to the June issue of "The Page," West
kingdom's newletter, The Principality of Lochac was granted
advancement to Kingdom status at the April Board meeting.
Their first Crown tourney will be next April, and their first
Coronation July 2002.

Congratulations to our soon-to-be 17th Kindom!


10 Ways To Kill Your Shire

1 Don't come to meetings

2 If you do come late

3 If the weather doesn't agree with you - don't come

4 If you do attend a meeting, find a fault with the work of
the officers and the other workers

5 Never take up a position on anything- its easier to
criticize than do things to change them

6 Neverless, get angry if you are not appointed to a

7 If asked by an officer to give your opinion on a important
matter, tell him/her that you have nothing to say. After
the meeting tell everyone how things should be done.

8 Do nothing more than is actually necessary. When other
members roll up their sleeves, willingly and unselfishly,
to use their ability to help matters along. Howl that the
shire/barony/principality is being run by a clique.

9 Don't bother with new members, let the others worry
about them

10 And remember, whatever happens, it's always someone
else's fault.


Upcoming Events in the North

25th Anniversary Event, June 9-10
Barony of Lions (Vancouver, BC)

Greetings unto the populace

On June the 9th and 10th, Lions Gate shall celebrate the 25th
anniversary of our creation and of the investiture of our dear
Baron and Baroness. I have the honour of being Merchant
Autocrat for this fine event. The site is Mission Heritage Park.
It is huge. Scads of parking. The event will be a Pas Du Arms.
Fun. The subject is a party. Merchant row will surround the list-
field. I am so looking forward to it. But..in order to do this
right...I must ask that the merchants that intend to attend be
pre-registered. The earlier, the better. The best spots are nearest
to the list-field and there are only 28 of em...and allot of them
are already reserved. The autocrat has
decreed that only pre-registered merchants can merchant. So
please email me as soon as you can with the dimensions of your
pavilion, any guy ropes space you need, and the depth of your
encampment as well as what you are merchanting - not in detail
but in general. I request that your pavilion be as period as is
possible. Also, our dear Baron has decreed that there shall be
no merchant fee. Just normal site fee. But if your not
pre-registered you wont merchant. And if your not
pre-registered early, you wont be in the first tier.

So to contact me... dragonward@home.com or by phone at
872-8550 but I prefer email.

In service to the dream
Lady Genevieve Barbota of Gryphonshold

~~ * ~~

Spring Murder, June 15-17
Incipient Shire of Ravensweir (Quesnel, BC)

Location - private site roughly l mile south of Kersley on Hwy 97
(there will be LOTS of signs)
Autocrats - HL Robert Arden (250) 992-2123 kstanley@uniserve.com
- milord Otto Von Frickenmott (250) 992-6484

Spring hath finally shown it's tardy and shameful visiage in
these hard northern climes. Murders of crows and ravens mob each
other in their yearly competition for territory. In like vein, we have
decided to stage a friendly competition of our own.
The site is a little primitive - There is no water on site - we
will be doing water runs, but we ask that all that are able, please bring
a couple of gallons from home to help us out. On the bright side the
site has no obvious mundane sights at all - so we would really like to
be as medieval as possible. For this reason, we will be requesting that
all dome tents and mundane equipages camp under the trees for
concealment (lucky them, in the shade). We would also request that all
mundane camping equipment (coolers,chairs,stoves,etc) be hidden or
disguised. As this is a free site, there will be no site fee - Huzzah!!!
There will be a potluck dinner and Tavern Saturday night (not
obligatory, but all welcome) at the Ardens. If participating in the
dinner, please bring something that your persona might have prepared.
There will be a contest on this (to be judged by milady Grizelda and
HL Robert - documentation gets extra points).

Rapier Tournament
The combatants will be unaware of their weapons until they
fight, as they will draw their main weapon from one hat, and a
secondary from another hat (you might perhaps draw dagger and
tankard, or sword and blackjack[which can be used to parry or a strike
to the head]). This will be a roving tourney.
Tourney Awards to include:
"Most Pathetic Demise"--awarded to the individual who hams up
a great death with excessive over-acting.
"Scoundrel of the Day"--awarded to the individual who wins the
most matches.
"Rapier Wit"--awarded to the person with the best "cutting"
remark(s) (witty, not rude; no obscenities)
"The Pincushion"--awarded to the person who loses the most

~~ * ~~

Lionsdale Champions, June 22 - 24
Canton of Lionsdale (Chilliwack, BC)

The Autocrat requires that all competitors have a banner of
some sort, be it a 10' X 10' flag or a 8.5" X 11" piece of paper with a
quick drawing, and a way to display it; you must have something!
Please add to the pagentry of the event and make an effort.
The Armoured Combat Tournament will be organized and run
by Sir Oak Guntharson
The Light Tournament will be organized and run by William
of the Battered Helm
The Rapier Tournament's format will be a three on three bear
pit run for two 45 minute sessions, with a 10 minute break between.
Cumulative wounds apply, so losing a fighter, means that fighter is out
and cannot re-join the line till the entire team is out. The finals will be
one on one single elimination between the top two teams.
The Arts and Sciences Tournament will be the same as last
year, best hidden mundane item as a period item. Last years winner
was a cooler built into a period Viking stool. Lets get lots of entries as
this is something that helps us all look good!
The Archery Tournament will be run by Morweena of Lions
The Bardic Tournament has three themes: 'Make me Laugh',
'Make me Cry', and 'Teach me Something'. This competition
will be run by Pierce O'Briain so keep that in mind when preparing
your material.

Site Information
The site is Chilliwack's Island 22 Equestrian Park. This is a
large site with varied terrain located on Cartmell Road just off Young
Road, one of the main thoroughfares or Chilliwack. The site is
Discretely Damp. Period containers are a must.
Island 22 has potable water. The caretaker allowed me to taste
the water. BRING WATER. We will provide limited amounts of water
for the Chirurgeonate, and for the waterbearers during Tourneys. We
will be sending a truck with containers for water occasionally
throughout the event.
Parking parking will be in designated areas only. We may
have to squeeze ourselves quite close together to fit all the vehicles in.
Your co-operating in this area is much appreciated.
PET OWNERS - This is a site that is used on a regular basis
for horses. I know of one confirmed case of a pet getting very ill after
being on this site. I would highly recommend that you leave your
animals, all animals, at home. If you cannot, PLEASE be sure that ALL
of your pet's immunizations are up to date. An Tir leash laws will be in
effect. All pets must be leashed and attended at all times while on site.
Please be aware that any person attending this event that is 18 years of
age or younger not travelling with their own parent or legal guardian
(documentable please) MUST have an SCA minor waiver, an NSCA
minor waiver and Medical forms in duplicate, with them and,
according to the latest information the autocrat has, the Medical forms
MUST be NOTARIZED. We WILL turn away any minors who do not
have these items.
This site has wooded areas and is adjacent to a large deep body
of water (gravel pit lake) as well as being VERY close to the Fraser
River. Please, keep aware of where your children are! There are too
many potential dangers for small ones on this site to let them run

Site Directions
To get there - make your best way to Canada's Highway #One
(the TransCanada). Heading East or West, depending on where you are
coming from, drive toward Chilliwack.
From the West (Vancouver, Abbotsford, Sumas, Aldergrove,
etc) take the Chilliwack Exit that is labeled "Chilliwack Airport". This
is the second turning in a two part exit ( #119). (I cannot put signs on
the highway as the ministry of highway will remove them!) This will
put you on Yale Road. The first light you will come to is a from the
left intersection only. Drive through it. The second light is AIRPORT
ROAD. Turn Right. Go across the Railroad tracks to the light at
YOUNG ROAD and turn left. Follow Young Road through town and
past Minter Country Gardens, then start looking for Cartmell Road on
the left. There is a small Blue sign that directs you to Island 22. Turn
left onto CARTMELL ROAD. The equestrian park is on the left
hand side after you pass through a gate ..please drive slowly down the
gravel section of Cartmell as we wish to retain the goodwill of all who
live there and use the park!
From the East (Hope, the Interior of BC, etc) - Take the
Young Road exit. Turn right onto YOUNG ROAD. Follow the
directions from "follow Young Road", as above, to the site.

Autocrat contact info - Lady Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter
weekdays-604-523-9924 weekends-604-702-0822

~~ * ~~

Fields of Gold, June 29- July 1
Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC)

The Wilderness Shire of Tir Bannog invites one and all to come
and experience our 5th Annual Fields of Gold. The site is on Private
Property with shady trees and open fields. Water will be brought in.
Nearest grocery store is 15 km away. What it lacks in facilities it
makes up for in atmosphere.
Site info.: Set up at noon on Friday June 29th, events start on
Saturday morning and will end with court on Sunday afternoon. Site
fee is $5.00 per person, family rate is $15.00. Heavy and Archery
Championships (open to all). There are contests for "Midsummer
Rose", Gallant Thorn, and many other honours. On Saturday at noon
we will be holding our renowned "Helm Auction". Saturday evening
is a pot luck, and Sunday morning the Shire prepares a pancake
brunch. The site is discretely damp. Contained fires only. If anyone
requires a larger space for their encampment that can be arranged
ahead of time with the Autocrat.
A word of caution, the nights can be cool, the days hot
and the mosquitoes are always present (sometimes plentiful), so bring
warm blankets and cloaks, sun screen and bug repellent. Please don't
let this information stop you from tasting the flavour of our Northern

Directions: The site is at km 385 on Hwy 16. From Prince George
(Cold Keep) travel west approx. 350 km. It is just 30 km west of
Houston. There will be signs marking the only turn off of the hwy.
For any information contact the Autocrat Betha at (250) 846-5290 or

~~ * ~~

Just 'Cause III Tournament, June 29 - July 2
Barony of Lions Gate (Pemberton, BC)

This event is a favorite to many Lions Gaters. It combines the
joys of fighting, the beauty of the most wonderous valley in the Known
World, Garb appreciation, good laughs, great friends and wonderful
prizes. It also has a grand Bardic in the evening along with an Adult
Torchlight Boffer Tourney. And serving hot coffee and cool beverages
will be the Moon Does Coffee shop.
Fighting & Frivolity: The site has a shaded listfield and
exceptional woods for the Rapier and Lights Trials competitions. An
archery range available for IKAC & Royal Round compeitions. Heavy
and Rapier Grand Melees are on the docket along with the ever
popular Fighter Auctions. A Period Yard Sale will also take place, so
bring items you wish to sell and bring coin for the treasures that will
be for sale. Children's Colouring and Boffer Competitions will occur.
All proceeds from The Figher Auctions go to the local Search &
Rescue volunteer service. Please, help us help them - they save lives.
Arts & Sciences competitions: Best Liqueur, Most Period
Encampment (pavilions, furniture & banners), Best Dressed Fighter
(each medium), Best Disguise of Plasitc Armour, and Best Children's
Tourney Garb.
The site is discretely wet to which mundane rules are strictly
adheared. Fees are $10 per person or $25 for a family of four.
Merchants are encouraged to attend -(contribution in lieu).
For more information E-mail or fax us and we'll be happy to
answer your questions Autocrat: HL Jodan de la Montagne Carlitte,
ph: (604)894-3641 (fax) 894-3643 jodan@whistler-ca.net Or
go on line to www.lionsgate.antir.sca.org/events

>From the south, go to Vancouver, BC and take Highway #1 as far
west as land will allow. Take exit #1 north onto highway #99 (Sea to
Sky Highway). Drive through Squamish and Whistler and in to
Pemberton. (120 minute drive) In Pemberton, go through the traffic
lights and travel an additional 3.5 km. (Yellow shield signs will be
posted). Turn left onto Pemberton Farm Road. Take the first right
and then turn right through the big wooden gate (at the huge log
house) and follow the road to the left. You have arrived!
>From the North: Travel to Lillooet, take the road to Pemberton and
turn left at Mt. Currie, follow signs to Pemberton Farm Road (about 5
km) turn right.- follow directions above from there.

~~ * ~~

July Coronation, July 20-22
Barony of Terra Pomaria (Gervais, OR)

This year's coronation will once again be held at Willamette
Mission State Park. Trees are plentiful on this site. There are several
water faucets, a few braziers and permanent restrooms. There is a
permanent shelter where meetings will be held with picnic tables, sinks
and electricity. To use the shelter between meetings, check with the
to be accessible to the public.
ALL FIRES (If Allowed...listen to announcements on site.)
must be a minimum of 12 inches off the ground. This is a state park
and no ground fires are permissible except in the firepit by the
permanent structure. Water must be on hand within reach of the fire.
Modern fire regulations will be in effect. The autocrat team will keep
everyone updated should there be a fire danger.
PETS: As a first choice, Please leave your pets at home.
Should you decide you need to bring your pet with you, be sure to
provide adequate accessories to clean up after your pet. Dog owners,
please be aware that Oregon has a leash law and requires that dogs be
kept on a leash at all times. Be a courteous pet owner and see to the
needs of your pet should you bring them to the event. A noisy barking
dog or squawking bird can diminish the atmosphere and interfere with
the enjoyment of the event.
be off duty police assisting with the constabulary duties in the evening.
Please be mindful of modern law so that you and others will enjoy this
event to its fullest!

Directions from the North or South:
Take your best route to I-5. Follow I-F to Exit 263 and head
West on Brooklake Road. (Follow the signs to Willamette Mission
State Park & the SCA signs.) Stay on Brooklake until it ends on
Wheatland Road and then take a right. Follow Wheatland Road to the
Park. It will be on the left hand side. The event is being held in the
Mission Lake B section.

For more information, check out the web-site at:

~~ * ~~

Birthday Bash 2001, August 17- 19
Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)

The Shire of Hartwood would like to invite one and all to
enjoy the festivities as they celebrate their 12th Birthday! We
encourage fighters to challenge themselves and others in a Pas
D'Armes, the Rapier fighters to test their skills in a Rapier Tourney,
and encourage all others to participate in the various demos and
competitions taking place during the weekend! This year, there may
also be an archery competition. We'll keep you posted.
As a Saturday evening activity we would like to have dancing
by torchlight, and are asking all who have torches to please bring them
for the activity. It should be quite magical if we have enough!
There will be a kitchen where one can purchase food.
Merchanting: Merchants who wish to sell their wares may do
so, but please contact the autocrat ahead of time so we can reserve
spaces and see if you need tables and such. There will be no
merchanting fee, but donations of prizes are greatly appreciated.

$12 adult weekend fee
$6 children weekend fee
$30 mundane family weekend fee
$5 adult day fee
$2.50 children day fee

>From Victoria, before you get to Nanaimo, take the Campbell River
exit to by-pass Nanaimo (just stay in the right lane, and it will happen
for you). Go through three sets of lights, and turn left at the Jinglepot
Road / Mostar exit.
>From the North, keep on the new highway. Go though the Aulds
Road lights, and turn right at the next set of lights on Jinglepot /
Mostar exit. Take the next right onto Biggs Road. Follow this for a
ways and you will see the camp on the left hand side of the road! See
you there!
We are also currently looking for someone to host the rapier
tourney and competitions. Volunteers are also needed. Anyone
interested PLEASE contact Lord Justice!!!
Autocrat: Lord Justice Fourault, email: mrhellbot@hotmail.com
Phone: (250) 754-7624, message (July and Aug.) 754-7689
Site is dry and opens 4:00 Friday, August 17

~~ * ~~

Warren War: The Great Border Conflict, August 17-19
Shire of Shittimwoode (Ferndale, WA)

The Crown Principality of the North is warring with the
Barony of Aquaterra over the border. There are a variety of war points
and prizes to give everyone a chance to participate. The winner will
take the Great War Banner home for a year.
War points will be given for (not a complete list): Field Battle,
Ravine Battle, Invitational Torchlight Tourney, Rapier Competition,
Capture the flags - kids age 7 to 17, Scavenger hunt - for ages 6 to 12,
Siege cooking - Ages 13 and up, Most period encampment, Brewing
Contest - Best overall beverage, contact Juliana 360-752-1132,
juliana@shittimwoode.org, and
Best Heraldic display on the field, amongst others.
Equestrian competition - Rental Horses may be available.
Equestrian activities will be worth a warpoint. For a complete schedule
of Warren War equestrian activities see:
http://THLDonwenna.homestead.com/Warren2001.html, Contact THL
Donwenna, EMIC at drdonna@pioneernet.net or Dr. DeBonis at
Merchants please contact Mersigha 360-733-0386,
<jlynch@cob.org>. No merchant fee, but please donate an item to be
used as a prize. Must reserve space.
No grounds fires (braizers ok), limited water on site, pack out
your garbage, recycle bins available, pets on leash at all times. Period
containers only. Smoking in encampments and designated areas only.
Autocrat: Baroness Asthor of Peyton (Kim Chambers-Ross)
2530 Henry St, Bellingham WA 98225 (360) 738-1896 (call between
noon and midnight).
asthor@memes.com (must be lower case!)
Event opens at 4pm Friday the 17th, closes 4pm Sunday the
19th. Site fee is Adult $8 US, Age 6 to 12 $4, age 5 and under free
(Canadian $10 Adult, $5 age 6 to 12). There will be NO day fee.
Make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. Shire of Shittimwoode"

Directions: Site is the Tennent Lake Park , 5299 Neilsen Rd, Ferndale
WA 98248. From Northbound or Southbound I-5, take the Ferndale
Main Street Exit (#262) and turn west onto Main Street. Proceed 1/4
mile to the train trestle. IMMEDIATELY after passing under the
trestle, turn left (South) onto Hovander Road. In another 1/8 mile,
turn right onto Neilsen Road. Proceed south 1/2 mile to the site

~~ * ~~

Important Announcement About Golden Swan!

For anyone interested in the Tournament of the Golden
Swan, there is a webpage set up at:
(that's Golden_Swan, not Golden Swan, for those whose e-mail
programs automatically underline so you can't see the
underscores!). This has links to a list of categories, judging
criteria, and an application form. I plan to have a FAQ
up soon.
For information on this year's Golden Swan event, go to
my Unofficial Appledore Events page at
www.geocities.com/olwenpenaur/Appledore_Events.html (yep,
that would be Appledore_Events).
FYI, there's a page listing motels and campgrounds in the
Oliver area linked to events pages. The list is fine and up to date,
and the link back to the Golden Swan page works fine, but the
link back to the Appledore Events page doesn't. Use the Back
button on your browser, or go to the Golden Swan page and
then to the Appledore Events page. I know what went
wrong, I just need the time to go back and fix it. *SIGH*
For those who lack Web access, information on Golden
Swan can also be mailed. Contact me for information.

Yours in Service,
HL Olwen Pen Aur


Because I Can......

You might be "Bird Bait" if:

1. Your shoulder has a spring-loaded feature that triggers your hand to
snap upward every time the phrase, "We need someone to--" is uttered.
2. You suddenly hear yourself saying to the former Kingdom
Constable, "--and mundanely I'm a teacher, so I'm off in the summer;
do you need someone to teach in the Summits or Avacal? I can travel."
(Reported to have been spoken by someone living in Blatha an Oir.)
3. You find yourself serving in more than one discipline at an event
(e.g. roving Constab and Marshalling; Bardic performance and
4. Someone approaches you and says something like, "Baroness Rowan
couldn't be here. Would you--"
5. You honestly don't realize you've volunteered for something until the
words come out of your mouth, wrap around your head, and enter your
6. You can't remember the last time you only served 4 hours at an
7. You see a woman in full Elizabethan and think, "How the heck could
she POSSIBLY rove in that?"
8. Your closet rods are painted yellow and black.
9. You know more about putting the Baron's period wooden chair
together than he does.
10. You take a day off from work to recover from your vacation.
11. You're more comfortable cleaning house in your garb than in your
mundane clothes.
12. You're asked to teach the new Chronicler how to use Pagemaker
and say, "No, that would take too long. Why don't you just send the
stuff to me? I can copy-edit and do layout."
13. People who don't know your name refer to you as "that lady in the
blue dress who's always working," or "that tall lord with the patched
up hose" and other people know whom they mean.
14. You willingly get up at 5:30 a.m. for an Ithra class.
15. You willingly get up at 5:30 a.m. to teach an Ithra class.
16. The words, "Sure, I'll help break down the site; it's only a 300-mile
drive home" have ever come out of your mouth.

[Bird Bait: (noun) someone who will probably end up being a Pelican,
whether they ever intended to or not!]


Compendium of Resources:

Their Majesties of An Tir,
Prince and Princess Of The North
Duke Davin Ravensfuri and Countess Groa
(Damon Hill & Gretchen Hubbert)
1520 NE 102nd, Seattle, WA, USA, 98125

Their Highnesses of An Tir
Crown Prince Aveloc and Crown Princess Mahliqa
(Harvey Palmer and Tayissa Chadwick)
6320 34th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126, (206)935-6453

Scourge Of The North (Heavy Champion)
Sir Einar Guntharson & Thora Golvik

Skewer Of The North (Rapier Champion)
Kallyn Rozvardo

Scorer Of The North (Archery Champion)
Sir Einar Guntharson

Scholar Of The North (Arts & Sciences Champion)
Sarra du Corbelle

Skald Of The North, (Bardic Champion)
Petro Rosvardo Thorvaldson


Crown Principality Officers

Seneschal: HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck) (250)542-6988

Chronicler: HL Erasmus the Traveller (250) 380-9947

Arts & Sciences: HL Aelana Cordovera (604) 876-9105

Chatelaine: Sgt. Ekatarina Borisnovna (250) 479-8174

Chirurgeon: HL Aaron of the Black Mountains (604) 524-2824

Constable: Lord Valdar Galdrasmid (360) 671-6706

Exchequer: Mikhail Kurganovic (604) 420-8806

Herald: Lady Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna (250) 639-9301

Marshal: Sir Griffin ap Bedwyr (604) 466-0654

Rapier Marshal: Lord Enoch MacIain Sutherland(604) 742-2003

Archery Marshal: HLByron Fletcher (604) 521-0348

Dean of Pages: HL Malcolm of Lamont (250) 498-3084

Waterbearer: Vacant; Applications being accepted
Contact Kingdom Waterbearer.


Branches of The Crown Principality of The North

Shire of Appledore (Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)
Seneschal: George of Mandledwords (250) 498-3084
Incipient Shire of Coill Mhor (110 Mile House, BC)
Seneschal: HL Genevieve Buchannon (250) 397-2079
Shire of Cragmere (Campbell River, BC)
Seneschal: Jamie The Impaler (250) 335-1599
Port of Crickstow-on-Sea (CFB Esquimalt, BC)
Seneschal: Turpin Akraspillir (250) 727-7855
Shire of Dregate (Omak, WA)
Seneschal: Lady Osorgarow of Karakorum (509) 486-1021
Shire of Eisenmarche (Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows, BC)
Seneschal: Baroness Katherina della Fiore (604) 734-2811
Shire of False Isle (Powell River, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Grimr inn svarti (604) 485-7234
Shire of Frozen Mountain (West Kootenays, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Rose Cam-beul (250) 352-1687
Incipient Shire of Gael Mathuin (Kitimat, BC) [aka, Ca Mor]
Seneschal: Lord Tadc OhAolain (250) 639-9301
Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)
Seneschal: Magdalina Riazanskaia (250) 716-1009
Shire of Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)
Seneschal: Hengst the Saxon (250) 260-2753
Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)
Seneschal: HL Padraign O'Bhuadhiagh (604) 861-0899
Canton of Lionsdale (Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Kieran Gunn (604) 842-0596
Shire of Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC)
Seneschal: Tariq Abu Zayd (250) 828-0251
Incipient Shire of Ravensweir (Quesnel & Williams Lake,BC)
Seneschal: Rowan (250) 992-7265
Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: [in process]
Shire of Shittimwoode (Bellingham - Whatcom CO., WA)
Seneschal: Godith d'Arcy of Goosefoot Mead (360) 398-2778
St. Giles College (University of Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: [in process]
Shire of Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC)
Seneschal: Tewl Gover orth Kernow (250) 846-5290

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