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This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Crown Principality of The North, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the Chronicler. Subscriptions are $1/yr.
Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any given individual once only as a sample. Any other distribution is theft and harms the Principality.

- Event Calendar
- Crown Principality Officers
- Branches of The Crown Principality of The North
- By The Light of A Northern Star
- From The Crown Principality Constable
- From The Crown Principality Chatelaine
- From The Grand Council
- Good News For SCA Campers
- Northern Principality Committee Bulletin #11
- Name & Device Bulletin #3
- Upcoming Events in the North
- Tips To Increase Attendance at Smaller Branch's Events
- Because I Can.....
- Compendium of Resources


Event Calendar

6-8 Mermaid's Tourney - False Isle - Powell River, BC
6-8 20th Anniversary - Appledore - Oliver, BC
13-15 Sergeant Trials - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
14 Tourney for A Friend - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
20-22 July Coronation - Terra Pomeria - Polk Co., OR
27-29 Raven's Key Rebellion Hartwood Port Alberni, BC

3-6 Clinton War - Lions Gate - Clinton, BC
11 Clan Frog Tourney - Lions Gate - Vancouver BC
17-19 El marr Fudd/Warren War - Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA
17-19 Birthday Bash - Hartwood - Nanaimo, BC
17-19 Red Tiger's Circus - Appledore - Oliver BC
24-26 Seagirt Summer Tourney - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
24-26 Firest War & Feast - Coill Mohr - 100 Mile House, BC
31 September Crown - Vulcanfeldt - Yakima, WA

1-3 September Crown - Vulcanfeldt - Yakima, WA
8 Rapier War - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
14-16 September Revel - Dregate - Omak, WA
15 Sergeant Trials - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
22-23 Scribal Ithra - St. Giles - Victoria, BC
28-30 Holmgang - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC

5-8 Golden Swan - Appledore - Oliver, BC
6 Palmyra Camel Races. - Cragmere - Campbell River, BC
20 Baronial Banquet - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
20 Freeze Off - Ramsgaard - Kamloops, BC
26-28 Knowne World A&S - Madrone - Seattle, WA
27 Feast of St. Crispins - Tir Bannog - Smithers, BC

10-11 Crown Council - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
17 Bardic & Banquet - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC
24 Feast of St. Catherines - Eisenmarche - Coquitlam, BC

8 Baroness' Birthday Bash - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC


Crown Principality Officers

Seneschal: HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck) Ph: (250)542-6988

Chronicler: HL Erasmus the Traveller Ph: (250) 380-9947

Arts & Sciences: HL Aelana Cordovera Ph: (604) 876-9105

Chatelaine: Sgt. Ekatarina Borisnovna Ph: (250) 479-8174

Chirurgeon: HL Aaron of the Black Mountains Ph: (604) 524-2824

Constable: Lord Valdar Galdrasmid Ph: (360) 671-6706

Exchequer: Mikhail Kurganovic Ph: (604) 420-8806

Herald: Lady Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna Ph: (250) 639-9301

Marshal: Sir Griffin ap Bedwyr Ph: (604) 466-0654

Rapier Marshal: Lord Enoch MacIain Sutherland Ph: (604) 742-2003

Archery Marshal: HLByron Fletcher Ph: (604) 521-0348

Dean of Pages: HL Malcolm of Lamont Ph: (250) 498-3084

Waterbearer: Vacant; Applications being accepted.
(Contact Kingdom Waterbearer.)


Branches of The Crown Principality of The North

Shire of Appledore (Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)
Seneschal: George of Mandledwords (250) 498-3084
Incipient Shire of Coill Mhor (110 Mile House, BC)
Seneschal: HL Genevieve Buchannon (250) 397-2079
Shire of Cragmere (Campbell River, BC)
Seneschal: Jamie The Impaler (250) 335-1599
Port of Crickstow-on-Sea (CFB Esquimalt, BC)
Seneschal: Turpin Akraspillir (250) 727-7855
Shire of Dregate (Omak, WA)
Seneschal: Lady Osorgarow of Karakorum (509) 486-1021
Shire of Eisenmarche (Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows, BC)
Seneschal: Baroness Katherina della Fiore (604) 734-2811
Shire of False Isle (Powell River, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Grimr inn svarti (604) 485-7234
Shire of Frozen Mountain (West Kootenays, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Rose Cam-beul (250) 352-1687
Incipient Shire of Gael Mathuin (Kitimat, BC) [aka, Ca Mor]
Seneschal: Lord Tadc OhAolain (250) 639-9301
Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)
Seneschal: Magdalina Riazanskaia (250) 716-1009
Shire of Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)
Seneschal: Hengst the Saxon (250) 260-2753
Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)
Seneschal: HL Padraign O'Bhuadhiagh (604) 861-0899
Canton of Lionsdale (Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Kieran Gunn (604) 842-0596
Shire of Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC)
Seneschal: Tariq Abu Zayd (250) 828-0251
Incipient Shire of Ravensweir (Quesnel & Williams Lake,BC)
Seneschal: Rowan (250) 992-7265
Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: [in process]
Shire of Shittimwoode (Bellingham - Whatcom CO., WA)
Seneschal: Godith d'Arcy of Goosefoot Mead (360) 398-2778
College of St. Giles (University of Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: [in process]
Shire of Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC)
Seneschal: Tewl Gover orth Kernow (250) 846-5290


By The Light of A Northern Star....

Feast or famine: The Chronicler's Dilemma...
This month, I get two wonderful articles, and don't have the heart to put either of them aside for another time. The first is HL Godith's piece on SCA Camping, and then there is Mistress Meresigha's musings on how to make a small branch attract more people to their events.
And that gets me into this month's column.....

Events, that is to say "good" events or even "great" events, are made, not born. They do not just spontaneously happen. It takes a lot of hard work on the parts of the autocrat, their team and the participants to make a so-so event become a "gotta-get- there-who-do-I-have-to-bribe" kind of event.
They also do not happen overnight. It takes a few years for a particular event to really catch on.
The North holds perhaps four or five really "gotta-go" events Clinton War, Daffodil Tourney, Baroness' Birthday Bash, Sir Edward's Memorial Tourney and the Golden Swan Tourney. These are all events that are somewhere around 20 years old. Established. Known. Respected.
Note that they are also from the five oldest branches in the CP.....
It took many years for these events to have the cachet that they do now. Sometimes, fate plays a hand, with the winners of the early Daffodil Tourneys becoming Prince and/or King. Or the word-of-mouth that told anyone really interested in persona development to get their butts up to Appledore and try the trials, because it was really something to live through....

Newer branches, like Dregate and Cragmere, and Tir Bannog look to these events with a bit of honest jealousy. They sigh and say, "I want to hold an event like that!!" And they plan and they work and they publicize weekely over every mailing list and send copy to every newsletter and.....
Nobody shows up.
I think their feelings of some resentment are honest and well-earned. But they should also take a deep breath and say, "They won't be able to stay away next year," and get on with their planning.

Anyone who thinks otherwise need only look to the event that will be taking place in False Isle the weekend after this newsletter comes out The Mermaid's Tourney.
Here is a relatively new shire, been around (officially) for about five years. And yet, here is an event that has grown from a fairly small, local gathering into something that word-of-mouth says to me (repeatedly, I might add) that I "gotta go there!"
Through hard work, and offering activities that are unique unto itself (Moonbagging fire-arrow shoots), Mermaid's Tourney is becoming one of The North's favourite, if not premier events. It takes Mainlanders two ferry rides to get there, and Islanders one; but the numbers grow each year. This says something to those who will listen.

So worry not, you younger and harder-to-get-at branches: Your turn will come. Through diligence of effort, careful planning and advertising and even following a few of Mistress Meresigha's suggestions in this issue things will happen. Not to each and every event you put on, of course, but to that special one, the one that you dream about, curse at and cry over; that's the one that one day someone will come home from and tell their friends and start making plans for immediately.

"If you build it, they will come" is a badly and poorly used cliche of our times. But cliches like that are most often based in a fact that is often forgotten. But the truism works, nonetheless. One day you will be telling someone at a fairly new branch who has complained about the very things that you do now, and smiling because you remember yourself in that position. And your words, one hopes, will spark the creative light in their eyes, and they will know the truth of "If you hold it, they will come....."

Erasmus the Traveller, GdS.


From The Crown Principality Constable

Greetings from the Constable,

I have heard from His Royal Majesty who has clearly stated that the constabulary needs to make some serious changes. I took this office in the hopes that I too could make some changes. This office has need of moving back towards its roots, those of using courtesy in all aspects of our service. Many of us have moved towards confrontational methods to fulfill our duties, this must stop.

The Constabulary is going through some major renovations. That in it self is an understatement. I am doing the best I can under the circumstances to assist in these changes. I would ask that all those
who once considered themselves "constables" to hang in there as we
attempt to revamp our duties etc.

At this time, only the Branch Constables, and possibly their
contingency deputies, will be allowed to be warranted, but I will need
to hear from you ASAP. The new warrant list will be examined by
myself, the Kingdom Constable and Their Majesties before being
signed at July Coronation. Please send me the information I need to
get you considered for the warrant, or you will be excluded! The rest
of you will be called the Watch and do not need warranting for now.
Please contact me with questions or any clarification you need.

Contact me at: <james_troupe@msn.com> or

For those who haven't sent me a photocopy of your
membership card and Job Acceptance Form (or letter from your
seneschal stating your the chosen officer), send it to me ASAP, or you
too will be excluded from the next warrant. In no way am I trying to
be harsh, this is just the way it has to be for now. This letter will also
be posted to the Northern Road email list.

In Service to our Crown Principality,

Lord Valdar Galdrasmid
Constable of the North


From The Crown Principality Chatelaine

Greetings from Lady Ekatarina Borisovna Kievskaia, Chatelaine
of the Crown Principality of the North.


We all need it. Some of us do. I know that I personally
do not do it to the best of my abilities from time to time.
We need more!
Reporting and communication is extreamely lacking in
my office.
I have only a handful of branches that report with any
regularity. Every branch needs to report something. If I get a
three line note from the seneschal saying "We have no
chatelaine. We haven't done much lately. Everything is fine." I
would be so very very happy.
Please. If we are going to be a Principality, a Crown
Principality, or even just a region, we have to act like one.

In service,
Lady Ekatarina Borisovna Kievskaia


From The Grand Council

Greetings from the Grand Council, a committee reporting to
the SCA's Board of Directors. The Grand Council is currently
recruiting volunteers to fill out its numbers and provide a cross-section
of opinion in its continuing work.
The Grand Council functions as a think tank to the Board of
Directors of the SCA Inc. It is charged with formulating both possible
changes to the Governing Documents of the SCA, as well as suggesting
procedural changes for dealing with modern world problems and the
Past items have included recommendations to the Board which
led to the formulation of G&PD#20 (alternate sanctions),
regularization of the means of impeachment of Directors by the
members of the SCA (recently passed), and revision of the procedures
and scope of banishments (recently sent out for commentary by
participants). While recommendations of the Grand Council are not
guaranteed of acceptance, involvement in the Grand Council is
important in the continuing evolution of the SCA, Inc.
The Grand Council is not involved in policy decisions or
debate regarding how the SCA is organized on the medieval level,
except where such organization impinges on the modern world.
For more information on the Grand Council, please visit our
web pages at: http://www.math.harvard.edu/~schuldy/gc
The Grand Council meets online, not in person. The list is
open for reading by anyone. Good email access is required. We
encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and locations.
Electronic applications are being accepted via the Grand Council's
Web Page (above), or directly via email to:
Applications may be submitted online at:
Applications should include SCA name, Kingdom/Principality
of Residence, and Local Branch, Modern Name, email address, and any
relevant SCA and Modern experience. Applications must be received
by July 15, 2001.
Questions about the Nomination Committee, or additional
suggestions of lists to which this message might be posted, can be
addressed to the Committee Chairman: Simone Maurian
UI'Dunlainghe, <lady_simone@code-works.com>
Thanks in advance on behalf of the Grand Council
Nomination Committee.


Northern Principality Committee Bulletin #11
Busy Summer Ahead

Greetings to the Populace of the Crown Principality of the North.

The North has not been idle this past winter: We are a Crown
Principality, we are embarking on the polling for name and device for
our fledgling branch, and we are forming the sub committees that will
lead us to the finished product.
Many thanks to those whose efforts and work have brought us
to this point! As we move closer to a polling regarding a change in
status, look forward to more bulletins with more info. As always, feel
free to offer your services where you think your talents may best suit.
You don't need to hold some high title or have a lot of time in the
SCA to contribute. Your wisdom and enthusiasm are all we need.
Contact information for the various Subcommittees follows.

~~ * ~~


The Northern Principality committee is pleased to announce
the following sub-committees and their Chairpersons:

CEREMONIAL HL James Llewellyn ap Grufydd of Seagirt
#306-55 Bay St., Victoria, BC, V9A 6X9
(250) 381-9012, <jamesllewellyn@home.com>

CROSS-BORDER HL Olwen Pen Aur- Appledore
ISSUES RR#3 Site 30 C-12, Oliver, B.C.
(250) 498-3084, <jturner@img.net>

FUNDRAISING Lady Delphenea Du Basque- Lions Gate
(604) 936-9307, <damselflyis@blackvault.com>

LAWS HL Ljotr Einarsson- Krakenfjord
1205 25th Ave, Vernon BC, V1T 7L5
(250) 542-6988, <ljotr@home.com>

REGALIA Cometessa Morgaine Brigatia- Eisenmarche
12388 103A Ave. Surrey, BC., V3V 3G9

~~ * ~~


Sunday morning at May Crown, His Majesty Davin hosted the
attending members of the NPC and many of the public
His Majesty was pleased overall with the progress shown, and was
supportive in his remarks, while at the same time making sure both the
Committee as well as the populace realized that he had a number of
concerns. Of particular concern, as expressed by His Grace, Skepti
Thorinsson, were the possibilities of problems due to the differing
mundane legalities both north and south of the border. Exchequer
Office problems were just one of the areas of interest in this concern,
but both His Majesty and His Grace seemed happy that the Committee
had decided to form a sub-committee to look expressly into this.
King Davin also warned that given the number of sub-committees
proposed, that we should not get ourselves bogged down in the
minutiae, and that making sure that lines of communication between
the various SCs were kept open.

~~ * ~~


Sunday Morning dawned bright upon the faces of the North.
The Northern Principality committee briefed the hardy folks who
attended the meeting. There was much discussion of the process so far,
subcommittees and their needs, and what changes we might see in the
next year or two. The Autocrat, Gabrielle Silverhand, noted that she
was impressed with the mingling of the various folks attending, with
fighters having a chance to view the Arts and Sciences displays and
Archers being able to support the Rapier community. She made a
strong case for not separating the championship tourneys when and if
we become a Principality so that this mingling of interests and
disciplines could continue. The meeting ended with committee
members urging attendees to keep in touch with the process
and to serve on the subcommittees. This would be of benefit to the
Crown Principality, let people feed information back to their branches,
spread the decision-making over a wider area, let people train
themselves for more complicated endeavours, and allow notice and
recognition to flow over a wider group of people.

~~ * ~~


[Ed: See inside the back cover for our New Champions!]

~~ * ~~


You are invited to the Northern Principality Meeting at Clinton War.
Date, time, and place will be announced. Topics will include: progress
reports from the committees, issues under discussion, and upcoming

~~ * ~~


The Crown Principality needs a pavillion at Northern and
Crown events.
Can you lend a period-looking pavillion? We'd need you to
have full responsibility for the pavillion, transporting it to sites in the
Northern region and throughout An Tir, for approximately 4 events a
You would be responsible for the big tasks of hauling, set up,
take down onsite maintenance, and long-term repair. The North will
help with set up and take down workers when we can, and we may
have a few dollars in the budget to pay for your maintenance and such.
True compensation is space on the Eric, the infinite gratitude of the
Crown Principality Committee, and the knowledge that your pavillion
housed Royalty.
While the pavillion was on the Eric, it would be the 'homes' of
the thrones of our Crown Prince and Crown Princess (Their Royal
Majesties), and for the meeting/ administrative work of the Crown
If you're interested, please contact the Regalia Committee
Chair, above, for more information.


Name & Device Bulletin #3

Greetings from Lady Li Ban ingen Echtigeirn MacNessa, Crown
Principality Herald and Chairman of the Name & Device Committee.

The collation of name and device submissions is done. The
culling of the over one hundred names and two-hundred-plus devices
has been completed. There is one thing left to do and we need your
We need you to chose from the amongst the finalists, the name
that we shall become known as, and the device that shall become Our
This week, polling packages are being sent to each branch
seneschal. These packages contain a black-and-white ballot form (ready
for photocopying), a colour version of the ballot, a colour "poster"
showing not just the devices in question, but possible (and I would like
to stress that again; possible) investiture tabards for our future Prince
and Princess, and a note from HL Ljotr Einarsson, the CP Seneschal.
The package will also have detailed information on the polling
Completed ballots are to be returned to myself, or to Countess
Elisabeth de Rossignol, at the following addresses:

c/o Heather Rowe c/o Lisa Mohr
72 Starling St. 16308 SE 165rh Pl.,
Kitimat, B.C., Canada Renton, WA, USA
V8C 1K5 98058

As well, you can complete a name and device ballot on-line, at

Ballots will be accepted throughout the summer, to be
postmarked no later than September 30th, 2001.

We hope to be able to announce the final decision that
**YOU** have made within a week to two weeks after the close of the


Good News For SCA Campers

You don't need much furniture to be authentic. Throughout
most of the middle ages, upper-class furniture was limited to benches,
often set along the sides of the Great Hall, and trestle tables, which are
basically a couple of decorative sawhorses with boards laid over them.
In northern England, settles (a long box bench with a straight back on
it) were common.
This offers hope to the newcomer trying to be authentic, as
long as you have a truck or van you can throw long items into. Hit the
garage sales, looking for a couple of old picnic benches, and cover
them with rugs (the common medieval practice). Fairly authentic-
looking trestle tables could be made by cutting designs into plywood
ends and making a pair of fancy sawhorses. Throw in some long cedar
boards (cedar is very light) and you, too, can have one of the long,
narrow tables of the Middle Ages. Don't worry if your woodwork
looks clunky. The sawmill wasn't invented until the 14th century, and
most furniture before then was of thick hewn wood, carved at best.
The amount of furniture in medieval homes saw a sudden
increase in the late 1300s and 1400s, as urban life gained importance
and the merchant class gained disposable wealth. But before that, the
basics (other the aforementioned benches and trestles) included a bed
and chest, and wall "perches" one for clothes, one for the falcons in
the solar. The "bed," however, may have meant a straw pallet or rough
mat on the floor, or, for those who slept in the Great Hall, on one of
those benches along the side wall (the sleeping arrangements in
Hrothgar's Hall, in "Beowulf").
I would argue that this means air mattresses aren't far from the
medieval norm. They certainly mimic the bed-on-the-floor approach.
Covered with a comforter of vaguely medieval design, they fit in well.
Beware when using them, however; if you don't put something thick
(like a sleeping bag) between you and the air mattress, it will transmit
cold from the ground and you will freeze, even on a hot August night.
Pallets eventually became box beds, which in time were
enclosed by hangings attached to the wall. Why? Eric Mercer, author of
the book I just read that prompted me to write this, suggests the
original idea was to keep the soot that had collected on the ceiling
from centuries of central fire pits off the bed.
Interesting point about beds. As Mercer puts it, "Sharing of
beds was a common and normal practice," even among strangers,
although medieval sleeping was normally done nude. Ah, the things
we put up with to be "period."
Folding stools were common and, because they had been used
by the field commanders of Imperial Rome, were a symbol of majesty
for Rome's successors. Stools with decorative, crossed legs, often
displaying animal motifs, remained "the preserve of highly
distinguished men" and were used for centuries as thrones. Chairs
remained extremely rare before the 1300s. One might have been
placed, permanently, at the table on the dais of the Great Hall, but that
was about it. In general, people apparently sat on the floor more often
than we think.
Textiles, because they could be packed away and moved easily
as the wealthy traveled from house to house, were the medieval
homemaker's means of conspicuous consumption. In descriptions of
medieval homes, the furniture itself often is ignored while praise is
heaped on the hangings or carpets, which covered walls, floors and
The mobility of rugs and hangings can benefit the SCA
camper, as well. Gothic architecture often uses walls as curtains;
interior walls aren't load-bearing. This imitates the medieval use of
textiles. In many cases, medieval "walls" actually WERE curtains.
Hangings were used to separate halls into private spaces; alcoves
created by hanging curtains around a bed were thought of as actual
"rooms." You can use textiles to define a camp site in much the same
way using tall, 2-inch dowels set in portable holes to hang curtains
that will hide modern amenities, if nothing else.
Chests were essential because they were the only way to lock
up possessions. Small, very decorative ones were used to transport and
store valuables. A larger one was common in the solar for storage and
to double as a bench or table, sometimes as a writing table. In An Tir,
many of us pack our clothes into large plastic boxes, simply to keep
them dry. Cover these with a small rug, and you aren't too far off the
Cupboards, particularly food or livery cupboards, became
standard furniture as the middle ages wore on often these were built-
ins, giving us justification for the fold-out kitchen cupboards or boxes
that many SCA campers rely on. (A livery cupboard was a small
cupboard placed in the chamber -- the solar or private room -- to hold
food and drink for evening or breakfast consumption.)
Furniture gets much more complicated as the Middle Ages
give way to the Tudors and Renaissance. But in general, newcomers
can take heart that, if you can create a tent that looks medieval, your
furnishings are the least of your problems.
For more information, I refer you to my main source:
"Furniture 700-1700," Eric Mercer, 1969 Meredith Press (probably
out of print; mine came from a secondhand book store). Good
illustrations, B&W and color plates; footnotes; bibliography.

By my hand this 31st day of May, A.S. XXXV.
Godith d'Arcy of Goosefoot Mead



Upcoming Events in the North

Mermaid's Tourney, July 6 - 8, 2001
Shire of False Isle (Powell River, BC)

The Shire of False Isle invites the populace of An Tir to their
Fourth Annual Mermaid's Tourney. There will be a Pas d'Arms
Fighting Tournament, which will include Heavy and Rapier fighting,
an Archery Competition and a Rapier Tourney. There will also be a
Boffer Competition and games. When darkness falls we will have
Moonbagging, shoot Flaming Arrows into the Ocean (archers get
ready!) and a bardic circle on the beach. The prize for our Arts &
Sciences competition will go to the best tribute to our Mermaid, be it
in song, verse, drawing, carving be creative.
The Site is Kent's Beach Campsite, located right on the ocean
and only moments away from the Saltery Bay ferry terminal.
Site fee: $15.00 per person for the weekend or $7.50 per
person per day. No charge for smalls under the age of 12. Includes a
Potluck Pig Roast Saturday evening. Bring something for the Potluck,
the Shire of False Isle will provide the pigs. The site is available for
setting up on Friday afternoon and will close on Sunday afternoon.
Times are flexible. ALL fires must be above ground. The site has
running water but Environment Canada recommends boiling it before
drinking. There are nice clean bathrooms with coin operated showers
(cost: a loonie ($1.00) per 72 minutes). Electricity and laundry
facilities are available. Wet site. Merchants are welcome and will only
be charged for their camping site fee. Pets are welcome, but MUST be
leashed during Combat and Archery.
AUTOCRAT: Lady Rhyannan of Pembroke Castle (Wendy
Lewis) (604) 485-7234 Email: <rhyannan@home.com>
ASSISTANT AUTOCRAT: Lady Saeunn Hrafnsdottir (Valerie
McKeen) (604) 485-5188 Email: <valannmck@mybc.com>
From the Vancouver Island (Comox) ferry, go straight off the
ferry to Marine Avenue (2 blocks). Turn right, follow Highway 101
south for 28 km, turn right at the BIG waterwheel (Kent's Beach
From Vancouver take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to
Langdale. Drive to Earl's Cove ferry terminal. Take the ferry to
Saltery Bay. Coming off the ferry follow Highway 101 north for 2.4
km, turn left at the BIG water wheel (Kent's Beach Campsite).
Note: There are two ferries to get to Powell River from
Vancouver, but you only pay for one. It is the same fare as going to
Vancouver Island.

~~ * ~~

July Coronation, July 20 - 22
Barony of Terra Pomaria (Gervais, OR)

This year's coronation will once again be held at Willamette
Mission State Park. Trees are plentiful on this site. There are several
water faucets, a few braziers and permanent restrooms. There is a
permanent shelter where meetings will be held with picnic tables, sinks
and electricity. To use the shelter between meetings, check with the
PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE JOGGING PATH it needs to be accessible to the public.
ALL FIRES (If Allowed...listen to announcements on site.)
must be a minimum of 12 inches off the ground. This is a state park
and no ground fires are permissible except in the firepit by the
permanent structure. Water must be on hand within reach of the fire.
Modern fire regulations will be in effect. The autocrat team will keep
everyone updated should there be a fire danger.
PETS: As a first choice, Please leave your pets at home.
Should you decide you need to bring your pet with you, be sure to
provide adequate accessories to clean up after your pet. Dog owners,
please be aware that Oregon has a leash law and requires that dogs be
kept on a leash at all times. Be a courteous pet owner and see to the
needs of your pet should you bring them to the event. A noisy barking
dog or squawking bird can diminish the atmosphere and interfere with
the enjoyment of the event.
be off duty police assisting with the constabulary duties in the evening.
Please be mindful of modern law so that you and others will enjoy this
event to its fullest!

Directions from the North or South:
Take your best route to I-5. Follow I-F to Exit 263 and head
West on Brooklake Road. (Follow the signs to Willamette Mission
State Park & the SCA signs.) Stay on Brooklake until it ends on
Wheatland Road and then take a right. Follow Wheatland Road to the
Park. It will be on the left hand side. The event is being held in the
Mission Lake B section.

~~ * ~~

Ravens Key Rebellion, July 27 - 29, 2001
Shire of Hartwood (Port Alberni, BC)

Costs : $8 adults and youth 15 yrs and up, $3 children 6 yrs
to 14 yrs, children under 6 free. Family rate $20. Day rates: $5
adults and youth 15 yrs and up; $2 children 6 yrs to 14 yrs; children
under 6 free. Family rate $15
The gates of the Raven open at three p.m. on Friday the 27th,
please call ahead if you wish to come earlier. There will be a limited
concession and pied piping available beginning at four p.m..
Fighters will gather Saturday morning at 10 a.m. for armor
inspection. We would like everyone else to gather at the bardic at this
time so we can start the contests and send the children to the pied
The siege weapon contest. For more details contact Lord
Reynolds at <innchaos@telus.net> .
Best camp garb. Catagories are functionality, versatility and
pleasing appearance.
An on-site embroidery contest will also be held. Supplies will
be provided. There are two categories..
The Bardic competition prizes will be awarded to the funniest,
saddest and bravest.
The Pied Piper services begin on Friday with many, many
children's activities going on throughout the weekend. Please contact
the autocrat for more details. Fees for the Piper are $3/per child or
$5/per family.
Children under four yrs old must be accompanied at all times
by an adult. Sign-up for the Pied Piper will be at the troll. Any
children not on the Piper's list will be returned to their parents.
Sunday there will be a pancake breakfast for the fighters.
Anyone else wishing to partake must pre-book. The fee (for non-
fighters) will be $4.
For more information please call Branwen at
<tcurrie@uniserve.com> (autocrat) or Elizabeth at <innchaos@telus.net>
Directions: Take the New Island Highway (north or south) until the
Port Alberni turnoff. Travel along the Alberni Highway until you
reach Port Alberni. Take the right fork into town (to the right of the
tourist info center). Turn right at the first set of lights (Cherry Creek
Road). Go along it until you reach Cowely Rd (across the road from a
school). Follow it around until you reach Kitsuksis Rd. Turn right.
Turn left at the next road (it is a dirt road). There will be signs

~~ * ~~

Clinton Ithra Classes, July 30 - August 3
Barony of Lions Gate, (Clinton, BC)

Will you be at the War? Want to teach at Clinton?
We're looking for instructors now.

Classes during the Work Week can be
anything from 1 hour to 5 days long. It is up to you.

Classes during the War Weekend (August 4 & 5) are limited to 2

All classes must be able to be taught in a tent or out of doors.

Want to teach? Want more information?

Please contact Baroness Amanda Kendal,
1192 Shavington Street, North Vancouver V7L lK9;
(604) 988-0304, <kendal@lightspeed.ca>

~~ * ~~

Birthday Bash 2001, August 17 - 19
Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)

The Shire of Hartwood would like to invite one and all to
enjoy the festivities as they celebrate their 12th Birthday! We
encourage fighters to challenge themselves and others in a Pas
D'Armes, the Rapier fighters to test their skills in a Rapier Tourney,
and encourage all others to participate in the various demos and
competitions taking place during the weekend! This year, there may
also be an archery competition. We'll keep you posted.
As a Saturday evening activity we would like to have dancing
by torchlight, and are asking all who have torches to please bring them
for the activity. It should be quite magical if we have enough!
There will be a kitchen where one can purchase food.
Merchanting: Merchants who wish to sell their wares may do
so, but please contact the autocrat ahead of time so we can reserve
spaces and see if you need tables and such. There will be no
merchanting fee, but donations of prizes are greatly appreciated.

$12 adult weekend fee
$6 children weekend fee
$30 mundane family weekend fee
$5 adult day fee
$2.50 children day fee

>From Victoria, before you get to Nanaimo, take the Campbell River
exit to by-pass Nanaimo (just stay in the right lane, and it will happen
for you). Go through three sets of lights, and turn left at the Jinglepot
Road / Mostar exit.
>From the North, keep on the new highway. Go though the Aulds
Road lights, and turn right at the next set of lights on Jinglepot /
Mostar exit. Take the next right onto Biggs Road. Follow this for a
ways and you will see the camp on the left hand side of the road! See
you there!
We are also currently looking for someone to host the rapier
tourney and competitions. Volunteers are also needed. Anyone
interested PLEASE contact Lord Justice!!!
Autocrat: Lord Justice Fourault, email: mrhellbot@hotmail.com
Phone: (250) 754-7624, message (July and Aug.) 754-7689
Site is dry and opens 4:00 Friday, August 17

~~ * ~~

Warren War: The Great Border Conflict! August 17 - 19
Shire of Shittimwoode,(Ferndale, WA)

The Crown Principality of the North is warring with the
Barony of Aquaterra over the border. There are a variety of war points
and prizes to give everyone a chance to participate. The winner will
take the Great War Banner home for a year.
War points will be given for (not a complete list): Field Battle,
Ravine Battle, Invitational Torchlight Tourney, Rapier Competition,
Capture the flags - kids age 7 to 17, Scavenger hunt - for ages 6 to 12,
Siege cooking - Ages 13 and up, Most period encampment, Brewing
Contest - Best overall beverage, contact Juliana 360-752-1132,
juliana@shittimwoode.org, and
Best Heraldic display on the field, amongst others.
Equestrian competition - Rental Horses may be available.
Equestrian activities will be worth a warpoint. For a complete schedule
of Warren War equestrian activities see:
http://THLDonwenna.homestead.com/Warren2001.html, Contact THL
Donwenna, EMIC at drdonna@pioneernet.net or Dr. DeBonis at
Merchants please contact Mersigha 360-733-0386,
<jlynch@cob.org>. No merchant fee, but please donate an item to be
used as a prize. Must reserve space.
No grounds fires (braizers ok), limited water on site, pack out
your garbage, recycle bins available, pets on leash at all times. Period
containers only. Smoking in encampments and designated areas only.
Autocrat: Baroness Asthor of Peyton (Kim Chambers-Ross)
2530 Henry St, Bellingham WA 98225 (360) 738-1896 (call between
noon and midnight). Email: <asthor@memes.com> (must be lower
Event opens at 4pm Friday the 17th, closes 4pm Sunday the
19th. Site fee is Adult $8 US, Age 6 to 12 $4, age 5 and under free
(Canadian $10 Adult, $5 age 6 to 12). There will be NO day fee.
Make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. Shire of Shittimwoode"

Directions: Site is the Tennent Lake Park , 5299 Neilsen Rd, Ferndale
WA 98248. From Northbound or Southbound I-5, take the Ferndale
Main Street Exit (#262) and turn west onto Main Street. Proceed 1/4
mile to the train trestle. IMMEDIATELY after passing under the
trestle, turn left (South) onto Hovander Road. In another 1/8 mile,
turn right onto Neilsen Road. Proceed south 1/2 mile to the site

~~ * ~~

Forest War And Feast II, Aug. 24-26, 2001
Incipient Shire of Coill Mhor (100 Mile House, BC)

After admirably coming to the aide of the incipient Shire of
Coill Mhor and her noble peoples when faced with invasion last
autumn, the Wolf Pack has laid claim to these lands as their
protectorate. Friends and Foes of Coill Mhor alike, have thought this
either dire or noble news. Thus the stink of aggression wafts across
our lands once again!
War scenarios will include a forested hill battle, field battle,
and creek-side battle. This will be a camping event. Mixed lights and
heavies battles will be fought in many scenarios after allegiances are
forged (or purchased).
There will be a pot-luck feast on the Saturday night for
everyone. Chicken and sausage will be provided. Please bring a dish
to feed at least 10ppl
Site is at 6122 Cheetah Road, Gateway, BC (10 minutes East
of 100 Mile House). Site opens at 3 pm on Friday Aug 24; Site closes
at 8 pm on Sunday Aug 26. Site is Discretely Damp. Pets welcome
but must be leashed at all times.
There is water at site for washing and cooking but it is hard
(Sulfur) and should be filtered for drinking (or bring bottled water)
There will be filtered potable water available at the gate.
Site fees: $10 adults $5 children (age 6-12) under 6 is free
($25 family cap) Site fee includes feast. Merchants welcome
(Merchants requested to contribute to prize pool)

Directions: Make your best way to 100 Mile House (45 minutes
North of Clinton). 1 km North of town, there is a road heading East
(toward Canim Lake). Follow this road for 10 minutes, and after
passing Buffalo Creek Elementary School on your left, take the first
right (Houseman Road). Cross a bridge and at the fork, turn right and
continue up hill to the next T-intersection. Turn right again and
follow for a few kms, then turn left onto Cheetah Road. Site is at end
of Cheetah Road (400 yards). There will be SCA signage along the

Autocrat: Finlaech MacGillandrias (250) 397-2151
Co-Autocrat: HL Genevieve S.C. Buchannon (250) 397-2079

~~ * ~~

Golden Swan, October 6 - 8, 2001
Shire of Appledore, (Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)

Important Announcement About Golden Swan!

For anyone interested in the Tournament of the Golden Swan,
there is a webpage set up at
www.geocities.com/olwenpenaur/Golden_Swan.html (that's
Golden_Swan, not Golden Swan, for those whose e-mail programs
automatically underline so you can't see the underscores!). This has
links to a list of categories, judging criteria, and an application form. I
plan to have a FAQ
up soon.
For information on this year's Golden Swan event, go to my
Unofficial Appledore Events page at
www.geocities.com/olwenpenaur/Appledore_Events.html (yep, that
would be Appledore_Events).
FYI, there's a page listing motels and campgrounds in the
Oliver area linked to events pages. The list is fine and up to date, and
the link back to the Golden Swan page works fine, but the link back to
the Appledore Events page doesn't. Use the Back button on your
browser, or go to the Golden Swan page and then to the Appledore
Events page. I know what went
wrong, I just need the time to go back and fix it. *SIGH*
For those who lack Web access, information on Golden Swan
can also be mailed. Contact me for information.

Yours in Service,
HL Olwen Pen Aur

~~ * ~~

Palmyra Camel Races, Oct 6, 2001
Shire of Cragmere (Campbell River, BC)

After the summer heat and before the winter rains, come to
the Camel Races at Palmyra, currently manifesting in Cragmere. The
races will be overseen by the Vizier's Camel Master. All entries will be
inspected for soundness. For more information, contact Taroob at
(250)334-6166 or <magpye@canada.com>.
The Camel Master will not tolerate drunken camels! (He was
once bitten by one...) Please conceal your beverages from these
devious beasts.
Back your favourite team! Four weight classes!
By special permission of the Caliph, native dancing girls will
be allowed in to entertain! (Dancers, please contact Halima at
(250)703-0494 or <doerksen@island.net>.)
The Bey of Tunis offers a prize for Best Team Livery (camel,
rider, goader)!
Merchants welcome! Contact Taroob at 334-6166 for more
Make a meal of mezzah that will be sold by the fair maidens
circulating through the throngs. Fair maidens, contact Morel at
<niamh@oberon.ark.com>. Inquiries regarding food, please contact
Morel. (Local currency in dirhams and fals only; money changers will
be available in the bazaar.)

Date: Saturday, October 6, 2001
Place: Fallen Alders Community Hall, Royston Rd., Royston, B.C.
Time: 4 p.m. until midnight
Site fee: $5 per person 12 years old and up; younger are free
Racing Camel fee: 1 dirham

~~ * ~~

Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium, October 26-28, 2001
Barony of Madrone, (Seattle, WA)

The beautiful Barony of Madrone is proud to host the 2001
Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium (KWAS) , October 26th -
28th. This is the premier Arts & Sciences event for the Known World.
Arts & Sciences classes, workshops, displays, and merchants from all
over the world will be meeting to exchange ideas and learn in a
medieval and Renaissance atmosphere.
We will be featuring six tracks of classes by instructors from all
over the Known World. We also offer Crash space coordination for
those gentles who do not wish to stay at the hotel, A Samhain Masque
Ball on Saturday evening, a Hospitality suite, a Display of Arts &
Sciences pieces, a Fashion Show, and a Friday afternoon textiles tour of
the Henry Art Gallery (space is limited).
The location is the Double Tree Inn Sea-Tac, located at 18740
Hwy 99/Int'l Blvd., Seattle, WA 98188. Hotel phone number is (206)
246-8600. KWAS attendees receive a discounted hotel rate so please
be sure to inform the hotel when you make your reservations.
Transportation to and from the Sea-Tac airport is provided 24 hours a
day and leaves every 15 minutes from the airport.
Registration for classes is available both on-line and through
the catalog. Class catalogs are available from Constance Davies, c/o
Theresa Kelmer, 6725 19th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117, Ph:
(206)783-6235 - no calls after 9PM; Email: <teresa-brent@msn.com>
First catalog is free, additional or replacement catalogs are $1 each. An
online catalogs is also available on the website at
Merchants may contact Angharad Albanes, c/o Laura White,
13047 Westbrook Drive SW, Port Orchard, WA 98367, Ph: (360)
874-7608 - no calls after 9 PM, or email: <angharad@uswest.net>.
Crash Space Coordinator: Meave d'Mass, Ph: (206) 764-4894
Email: <charding@nwlink.com>
Fashion Show Coordinator: Anastasia Andreevna, Ph: (206)
365-0413 - no calls after 9 PM; Email: <stasi.wa@netzero.net>
Textiles Tour Coordinator: Merouda the True of Beaumaris,
Ph: (206) 522-0589 - no calls after 9 PM; Email:
For any other questions, please contact the Autocrat
Laurellen de Brandevin, c/o Tammie L. Dupuis, 2401 SW Holden
#L-101, Seattle, WA 98106, Ph: (206) 763-3369 - no calls after 9PM,
Email: <mrq_laurellen@hotmail.com.>

~~ * ~~

12th Night, AS XXXVI,
Barony of Madrone (Seattle, WA)

Announcement for 12th Night, AS XXXVI in Madrone

Her Serene Highness Janeltis' Heraldic Needlework Competition is
held at Twelfth Night. It is open to all. All entrants meeting the
criteria, in the opinion of the judges, shall be awarded the traditional
prize: a scroll and a pair of snips. The criteria is as follows:

1. The entry shall be made in the name of the maker of the object (not
necessarily the owner).

2. All forms of needlework (embroidery, needlepoint, applique,
pieced work, etc.) are acceptable.

3. The entry must be an heraldically correct depiction of a coat of
arms or device.

4. The entry must be accompanied by a blazon of the arms or device
being depicted.

5. The entry must match the blazon or it will be disqualified.

6. The entry will be judged both for heraldic accuracy and competency
in the technique used. While the judges like to see the back of a piece,
it is not required by the criteria.

7. The judges will be available after the competition if the entrants
wish to ask questions or receive comments.

Any questions may be addressed to Aislinn of Cumbria or Asha ap
Myrddin or by email from <Pastiche@teleport.com>.


Tips To Increase Attendance at Smaller Branch's Events

I think we have to find a way of making events in the
smaller branches very, very attractive. I think there are
ways to do this.

- Advertise!.
- Travel to the larger branches and make yourself useful.
they'll feel obliged.
- Travel to the larger branches and make friends. They'll
want to visit you.
- Invite specific folks to come and do specific things
(people will be flattered). What do you really need?
Invite a knight to run your tourney! Invite a laurel to
judge your hat making contest. Invite a pelican to teach
a class on autocratting. Invite that neat merchant
you saw at the event last year. Decide if you can afford
to subsidize their travel, and tell them your decision.
- Invite the King and Queen! Who knows, they just might
come. If they accept your invitation, advertise! If
they can't come, ask them to name some folks to come in
their stead. Do fund-raisers to fly them in - they have
limits on their pocketbooks, too. When we have them,
invite the Prince and Princess!
- Do you know any spiffy Royal Peers? Get a Patron!
- Provide great contest prizes. Take them around 6 months
before the event to larger events and show them off. How
many Laurels and major costumers would you get to come to
your costume contest if the prize was 10 yards of silk
velvet? (Ask at local stores for prize donations, and
acknowledge them at your event.) Ask merchants for prize
donations instead of a site fee (don't be greedy).
- Run your events well. Get the reputation of having a good
- Provide directions to the site for the entire Crown
Principality, not just your group.
- Announce your contest winners. Let folks know what they
did to win - praise them. Remind folks what they won, and
mention that next year...
- Have Ithras. Invite in teachers and treat them like
Royalty. Have really neat classes which will make people feel
that they have to come. Have a theme, so folks around the
Known World know they can learn about underwater
- Capitalize on your resources.
- Do you have a fantastic site? Use it!
* Take pictures and post them to email lists.
* Take pictures and bring to events.
* Invite folks to events on the site so they can praise
it when they get home.
- Do you have a (for example) great dessert cook?
* Have them make up goodies and take them as presents
to other events. Present them in court, and then let
folks know that the cook will be making the dessert
course at your next Feast on such and such a day...
- Ask for a Peer's Road Show. Get a bunch to come up, and
let the knights do an all-day fight practice while the Laurels
go over their specialties and teach you about research and
the Pelicans do whatever they do. ;-)
- Invite neighbouring branches.
- Get known.
* Give presents to Royalty at Court. Provide
scrolls to deserving out-of-towners. Get your folks to
volunteer for a Principality Office. Call a Kingdom
Officer and ask how your branch can help them.
* Wear some favor identifying you as a part of your
* Know your branch will be identified with your actions.
* Go to events en-masse.
* Fly your banner.
* Call the autocrat ahead of time and ask what you can
help with. Do a great job. The autocrat will never
forget. Invite them to your next event, and if they
come, treat them like Royalty and let everyone know
how much fun had at their event and pick their brain
on autocratting.
* Do the same in other circumstances, like offering to
help a Kingdom Officer at a Crown Event.
- Provide a lower gate fee for folks who come from far away.
- Start a joint event with 2-3 other close-by branches. It
doesn't have to be a war, although War Is Good For The
Economy. Keep it going, keep it regular, keep the other
branches feeling important. Make sure you make all
decisions in common with them.
- Make it bigger and better each year.
- Make your event, an event folks have to come to.

Any other ideas?

Meresigha Stonegatta of Witham


Because I Can.....

... The SCA Chain of Command

Leap tall cathedrals at a single bound
More powerfull than a huge fire-breathing dragon
Faster than a speeding bullet
Walks on water.
Gives policy to God/dess

Leap short cathedrals at a single bound
More powerful than a small fire-breathing dragon
As fast as a speeding bullet
Walks on water if sea is calm
Talks with God/dess

Leaps short cathedrals with a running start and favorable winds
Almost as powerful as a small fire-breathing dragon
Faster than a speeding arrow
Walks on water in indoor swimming pool
Talks with God/dess if special request is approved

Barely clears a pavilion
Loses tug of war with baby fire-breathing dragon
Can fire a speeding arrow
Swims well
Is occasionally addressed by God/dess

Make high marks on walls when trying to leap tall cathedral
Gets eaten by frie-breathing dragon
Can sometimes handle weapons without inflicting self-injury
Can dog-paddle across the moat
Talks to animals

Runs into buildings
Recognizes dragons 2 out of 3 times
Is not issued ammunition
Can float in bathtub
Talks to walls

Trips over welcome mat when trying to enter building
Says, "Look at da dwagon"
Wets self with water pistol
Plays with rubber ducky in mud puddle
Mumbles to self

Lift buildings and walk under them
Kick dragons out of the way
Catch bullets in teeth and eat them for lunch
Freezes water at single glance
Is God/dess

and finally ...

Cathedrals bow to her
Dragons roll over and hope she will scratch their tummies
Bullets stop and fall to the ground in homage
Water parts for her
God/dess happily stands in line for an appointment

[Ed: With thanks to Baroness Saewynn Silfrhrafn, who adapted
it from a well-known, but unattributed piece of military office humour.
And we all know that every word of it both versions is true,


Compendium of Resources

Their Majesties of An Tir,
Prince and Princess Of The North

Duke Davin Ravensfuri and Countess Groa
(Damon Hill & Gretchen Hubbert)
1520 NE 102nd, Seattle, WA, USA, 98125

Their Highnesses of An Tir
Crown Prince Aveloc and Crown Princess Mahliqa
(Harvey Palmer and Tayissa Chadwick)
6320 34th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

Scourge Of The North Skewer Of The North
(Heavy Champion) (Rapier Champion)
Jarl Sir Hwolf Einarsson Don Diarmuid de Rosas

Scorer Of The North Scholar Of The North
(Archery Champion) (Arts & Sciences)
Eamon Ryan HL Thorin Olafsson

Skald Of The North
(Bardic Champion)
Anya Rozverdo

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