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  {===========}         #69 March, AS XXXVI (2002 CE)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Crown Principality of The North, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the Chronicler. Subscriptions are $1/yr. More information is available on the Northern Sentinel Website: http://www.finearts.uvic.ca/~medieval/esentinel
Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any given individual once only as a sample. Any other distribution is theft and harms the Principality.
- Event Calendar
- By The Light of A Northern Star....
- From The Crown Principality A&S Minister
- From The Crown Principality Chirurgeon
- Changes To Kingdom Law: Subordinate Groups
- From The Northern Principality Committee
- WANTED - New Kingdom Lists Board
- NSCA Annual General Meeting
- From the Board of Directors of The SCA, Inc.
- Volunteering: Town Crier
- Upcoming Events in the North
- Compendium of Resources
- Crown Principality Officers
- Branches of The Crown Principality of The North

Event Calendar

1-3 Kingdom A&S - Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA
16 Daffodil XXV - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
23 Champion's Tourney - Eisenmarche - Coquitlam, BC
23-24 Kingdom Heraldic Symposium Glymm Mere - Olympia, WA
24 NSCA AGM - n/a - Vancouver, BC
30-31 Crown Council - Rivers Region
30-31 Ithra - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC

5-7 Ithra - False Isle - Powell River, BC
13 Cardinal's Birthday Banquet - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
19-21 Fur & Feather Tavern - Dregate - Okanogan, WA
20 Sir Edward's Mem. Tourney - Shittimwoode - Bellinghame, WA
27-28 Ithra - Hartwood - Nanaimo, BC

4 May Bardic - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
4-5 Early Britain & Ireland Ithra - Appledore - Oliver, BC
17-19 May Crown - Stromgard - Vancouver, WA

7-9 Pas de Arms - Ramsgaard - , BC
7-9 Wedding Tourney - Shittimewoode - Bellingham, BC
8 Silver Whale - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
14-16 Champions Tourney - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC
18 Silver Whale - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
21-23 PJ Party 3 - Appledore - Oliver, BC
21-23 SYG Trials - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
28-1 Highland-Fjord War - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC

5-7 An Tir/West War - Kingdom of The West
5-7 Mermaid's Tourney - False Isle - Powell River, BC
19-21 July Coronation - Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA
27-28 Clinton Work Weekend - Lions Gate - Clinton, BC

3-5 Clinton War - Lions Gate - Clinton, BC
17-18 Warren War - Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA
23-25 SST - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
31-3 September Crown - Bearwood - Snohomish, WA

6-8 War of Feast or Famine - Seagirt - Victoria, BC

By The Light of A Northern Star....

Being as it is time once again to choose An Tir's Arts & Sciences Champion, I think it only fitting that I talk about the arts & sciences of Our Society this month.
Studying the arts and science of the middle ages is more than just a hobby within a hobby. It's learning about how things were done. Sometimes, why things were done. It gives us insight into mind-sets and attitudes. And occasionally, we can even see how and why technological jumps were made. We get a peek at the spark of creativity.
Of course, sometimes when we do an art or a science, we're just doing something because it needs to be done, or to keep our hands occupied. And, of course, we do them because they're FUN!
While there is an attitude that our study of the arts martial is the big draw of Our Society, it is in the area of A&S that we most live up to the educational aspects that is our supposed reason for being. We learn more about what life in the middle ages and renaissance when we research our next piece of garb, or try to figure out if the cloak clasp we like is actually what a person from 1385 would actually wear. Even the simple decision of side-laced versus front- laced boots can give us a glimpse of what a person of the period would be considering in the same situation.
It is through this discovery of how and why they did these arts and sciences in the manner that they did that brings out more than just the information that this style of whatever was practised in this time-period. We discover their aesthetic sense, their economics and trade, the politics, beliefs and even dreams.
It truly makes the past come alive!
What art or science are you studying.....?

Lord Erasmus The Traveller, GdS

From The Crown Principality A&S Minister

Sorry this month's report is late, and missing a few, as I have been away from my computer due to the recent illness and death of my mother. I was not able to track down non-reporters this time. Thank you to the faithful few who sent in reports without reminders.
The biggest change in the Arts and Sciences in the Northern Principality is that there will be no A &S Tourney this year, as the five champions has been divided among the Principality events throughout the year. The howl of outrage I hear is not so loud as it would be if there were no Heavy tournament. We Artisans are such a refined lot !
Instead I plan to hold alternate Displays and Demos at every Principlality event over the new calendar. So get out your best work. On June 6 - 7 at the Wedding and Principality Tourney in
Shittimwood, there will be an ARTISAN'S DISPLAY FOR LAUREL COMMENT. You are invited to bring your best work, your problem work and your incomplete work for Laurels, Jambes and the Populace to comment upon. No winners, no prizes just tokens from the Laurels, and Jambes for notable work. This is an ideal way to get your feet wet in Northern Principality Arts and Sciences.
I have tried to establish some alternative A&S venues and demos such as the Shittimwood Ithra Display which featured Teacher's works and Crown Council in Lions Gate, the Display featured fighter artisans with leather work and metal work by fighters. This year at Kingdom A&S I will be sponsoring a Young Artisans Display for our Young artisans to show off their work.
The Goutte and Jambe list is up and running thanks to Shirin al Hassan as list moderator. When people want to subscribe they need to send an email to:
If they have problems they can e-mail Shirin at leanne@lfwebdesigns.com or at
GouttesJambes-owner@yahoogroups.com. To post messages they send an email to: GouttesJambes@yahoogroups.com.
The list is for Gouttes and Jambes where this is the highest award an individual holds. For those who hold higher awards or lower awards a letter of application is all that is required to join. It has been recommended that we refer to it as the "Ship list" as everyone on it is a lord or ladyship. Some allusion to the Fleet has also been suggested. I like the idea of being on a ship list, myself. that's where all the best people seem to be these days.
With the shortage of resource people in the North, I believe we should be utilizing our Gouttes and Jambes and organizing them to recruit their numbers and challenge each other to sponsor projects, contests, displays, and take students. I hope to host "socials" at Principality and other events. For instance they will be included in the comment process at the ADLC mentioned above.
The Artisans of the North are getting organized to work on Regalia for Northern Officers and on a Kneeling Cusion for the thrones, with squares from each Shire as well. Each Shire may also
have a volunteer to make the square of the cushion for their Shire. The kits are prepared and were handed out at Crown Council and Baronesses's Birthday and went into the mail for those who have sent me their addresses. Any group that does not have one can order one or ask for an embroiderer to do theirs for the cusion. If your Shire has not received a kneeling cushion kit please contact me and I will get it out to you. I have already received one back and it looks beautiful !

Yours in Service
Aelana Cordovera, MI, AA, JdL, Golden Swan, LA, LS,
Arts & Sciences Minister, Crown Principality of the North
From The Crown Principality Chirurgeon

If you were curious as to what is required to become a member of the Chirurgeons Guild of An Tir, here are the facts of what you'll need.
The requirements for admittance to the Guild are three fold:
1) Have a valid First Aid Certificate from a recognized authorizing body.
2) Have a valid CPR Certificate from a recognized authorizing body.
3) Have a valid SCA membership card.
Then all you have to do is submit photo copies to the Kingdom Chirurgeon along with an application form which any of the Regional or Principality Chirurgeons, even the Kingdom Chirurgeon will be
happy to provide.
This done, you'll receive an apprentice card that you will have to have filled out by either a member of the Chirurgeon's Guild (Journeyman or above ) or your local Seneschal(e) at the next three events you attend where you have worked as a Chirurgeon.
The Guild member or the Seneschal(e) who signs your card is only verifying that you can effectively deal with interpersonal issues concerning First Aid with the SCA'ers you do F/A for and on. (Fighters are one ' problem area ' where common sense is very handy to have and apply. Another is ' cross border ' concerns IE: " I haven't got medical Insurance for [fill in country here]. This is a real life concern that requires a ' realistic ' approach by the attending Chirurgeon). Once you have all three spaces signed and dated, you send that filled in card off to the appropriate Kingdom Deputy Guild officer and receive back a Journeyman's membership card.
Once a year you will have to re- up your certs to Kingdom. (Send in photocopies of your mundane certs, both F/A and CPR upgrade as well as your new SCA membership card. )
When we are made a full Principality all this paperwork will become my responsibility, but until that occurs you must send all this paper to the appropriate Kingdom Chirurgeon's Deputy for
Apprentices who is listed in the Crier.
I hope that this information will answer your questions about how to become a Chirurgeon and will inspire some of you to join the Guild.
If so then I will look forward to having you in the Chirurgeon's Guild in the near future.
HL Aaron of the Black Mountains


E. New Branches

New branches will be styled "incipient" until they are granted official status by The Crown. To establish a new branch the group shall supply the Kingdom Seneschal with: proof of five sustaining or international memberships; the names and addresses of the required officers and the tentative name of the group. All of an incipient branch's officers must reside within the territorial area of the branch and all will be expected to establish and maintain a working relationship with Kingdom, principality or regional officers. If this is satisfactory, the Kingdom Seneschal shall grant incipient status. The Kingdom Seneschal shall report this to the next Curia meeting. Incipient branches will be evaluated for stability, growth, activity levels, and compliance with requirements. Based on the evaluation, they may be recommended for official status or continued incipient status. Incipient branches will be re-evaluated within two years of their inception. Branches which are unable to advance to official status after three years of incipient status will be dissolved and the territory will revert to its original status. Exceptions will be granted to incipient branches that have been functioning well but can't yet satisfy all requirements, through no fault of their own, e.g., name approval.

Aveloc, Rex An Tir
Mahliqa, Regina An Tir
Callista, Seneschal An Tir

From The Northern Principality Committee

The Coronet Event Schedule has been finalized. The schedule was drafted and polished by the Calendar Committee -- thank-you all for your excellent work. It has since been reviewed by the Crown Principality Seneschal, Branch Seneschals, Kingdom Calendar and the NPC, and has been approved by all.
How are the Principality Event dates defined? From the Draft Principality Laws:
-- Spring Coronet Tourney: Weekend of the last Saturday of April
(unless this date falls on Easter weekend, then the previous weekend.)
-- Summer Investiture: Weekend of the second Saturday of June.
-- Fall Coronet Tourney: Weekend of the second Saturday after Labour
Day (Labour Day is the first Monday of September).
-- Winter Investiture: The weekend before U.S. Thanksgiving (U.S.
Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November).

The Champions' competitions schedule is loosely arranged so that combat championships will take place at Investitures, and non-combat Championships will take place at Coronet Tournaments;
something for everyone at all events. Archery was placed at the Fall Coronet Tournament because sites with facilities for archery would be easier to find at an outdoor site than an indoor one.
From the Draft Principality Laws:
The Championship tournaments will take place as follows.
Spring Coronet Tournament: Arts & Sciences
Summer Investiture: Heavy
Fall Coronet Tournament: Bardic and Archery
Winter Investiture: Rapier

WANTED - New Kingdom Lists Board

The Kingdom Office of Lists is seeking a new Kingdom Lists Board. The purpose of the Lists Board is to display the pairings of the bouts during a tournament. Each combatant has a miniature shield which shows their device or coat of arms. This shield is then displayed next to the shield of the person they are to fight. A re-design of what is currently used now is needed.
The List Board is an important piece of Kingdom regalia needed to ensure the smooth running of each Crown Tournament. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone (or a group of someones) to show off their skills and talents through the making of this piece of equipment. It is a great way to provide a service to the Kingdom.

All bids must be in writing and must contain the following:
- description of proposed design
- drawings of proposed design
- any documentation if design is period
- list of materials
- budget

- lightweight (can be carried by one smaller woman)
- easily transportable (not too many pieces, nor too
awkward to pack)
- durable - must be able to endure all weather
conditions: heavy rain, strong winds (and yes, even
- flexible - used both outside and indoors (no tent
- no taller than 7 feet - ideally at eye-level, or
just above people's heads
- must be able to incorporate the current painted wood
shields (size: 2 and 3/4 inches wide x 4 inches long)
(other shield designs will be considered, however keep
in mind the current shield's useability and history)
- cup hook system is unusable due to strong winds
blowing the shields off the cuphooks (perhaps magnetic?)
- must be able to display 8 fields indicated by colour:
(checky, yellow, white, black, blue, red, green, purple)
- must be able to display 7 pairings on each field
(that's 14 fighter's shields)

Bid Deadline: March 31, 2002
Delivery Deadline: May Crown (May 17, 2002)

For more information, or to submit at bid, please contact:
HL Yolande Chastellain, Kingdom Minister of Lists; mka Laura Offley, #76 - 12110 - 75 A Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 1M1 Canada, (604)599-4181 <lists@antir.sca.org>

Northern Society for Creative Anachronism (NSCA)
Annual General Meeting
Sunday, March 24, 2002, Vancouver, BC

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Northern Society for Creative Anachronism (NSCA) will be held on March 24, 2002. All current members and representatives will receive notification of the
meeting, the site and the agenda.
NSCA Recognized Groups are reminded to send their year end financial reports to the Treasurer of the NSCA. The Treasurer needs this information in order to include it in her report to Victoria
and to report to the AGM. Reports are due by February 15, 2002.
The deadline for nominations for officers of the NSCA Board of Directors is January 31, 2002. Nominees must be current general members of the NSCA, at least 19 years of age (21 years in the case of the president) and a resident in British Columbia for the past two years. You must be a current general NSCA member in good standing in order to vote.

A. Nominated candidates must be general members in good standing.
B. Members wishing to stand for office shall submit a declaration
of intent to stand for office to the secretary or president,
signed by the candidate and a nominator, both of whom shall be
general members in good standing. The declaration must be
submitted to the secretary or president either in person or by
mail postmarked no later than January 31 of the year of the
intended election meeting.

Members are reminded that all 2001 waivers and memberships expire on March 31, 2002. Membership forms and year-long waivers are available from the officers or from your local representative.
Should you have any questions regarding the NSCA, please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Directors of the NSCA listed below.

President: Nancy J. M. Stevens, 1192 Shavington Street, North
Vancouver, BC V7L 1K9 (604) 988-0304, <kendal@lightspeed.ca>

Vice President: Penelope Adams, 5135 Broughton Place, Nanaimo, BC
V9T 6L4 (250) 758-8976, <penelope.a@shaw.ca>

Secretary Elaine McMillan: 314 - 6425 Silver Avenue, Burnaby,
BC V5H 2Y3 (604) 430-8208, <emcmillan64@hotmail.com>

Treasurer Tricia Le Pine: 5 - 7576 Humphries Court, Burnaby,
BC V3N 3E9 (604) 524-2824, <bashful@lightspeed.ca>

Member-At-Large: Ray Turner, RR #3, Site 30, Comp 12, Oliver,
BC V0H 1T0 (250) 498-3084, <jturner@img.net>

From the Board of Directors of The SCA, Inc.

Position Available: President, SCA Inc.
The President is the principal executive officer of the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. Duties include supervision of and/or interaction with all corporate and Society officers and the Milpitas office, communication with corporate officer applicants, and the fulfilling of requirements and special projects as given by the Board of Directors. Applicants must have the ability to meet quarterly reporting deadlines in a timely manner.
This is an unpaid position. Applicants must be able to travel to the quarterly Board meetings of the Society as necessary. Easy access to phone, mail and e-mail is required. Applicants must be paid members of the Society.
Please send your resumes, modern and SCA, to the corporate office, Resumes: President, SCA Inc., Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 95036, or via email to ea@sca.org, no later than June 1, 2002.


The Board is considering the following Corporate Policies clarification. Please send your comments to GD Revisions, SCA Inc., Box 360789, Milpitas CA 95036, or email comments@sca.org, no later than July 1, 2002.

Proposed Revision to Corporate Policies of the SCA, Inc., Section VIII. (Policy on Alcohol) (proposed new language in ALL CAPS)
The following is not a change to existing policy; it merely places the existing policy of the SCA, Inc. into the Governing Documents so that it can be easily referenced.


"The use of any SCA funds for the purchase of potable alcohol, except for such quantities as may be necessary for cooking, is prohibited in the United States and its territories.
"Officers are not prohibited from serving alcohol; however, it must be done as individuals, and not as part of their official duties as officers.
"Officers are not prohibited from giving gifts of alcohol; however, it must be done as individuals, and not as part of their official duties as officers. Giving or receiving gifts of alcohol in court is not considered to be part of an officer's official duties."


The Board is considering the following Corpora revision. Please send your comments to GD Revisions, SCA Inc., Box 360789, Milpitas CA 95036, or email comments@sca.org, no later than July 1, 2002.

Proposed revision to Corpora II.E., new subpoint 3 (Events - Duty to Enforce Requirements)
The purpose of this proposed change is to clarify the responsibilities of officers in dealing with modern law violations. This is not a true change to the rules of the Society; rather it is a clear statement of those rules.

"It is not the responsibility of any officer, including Crowns, to deal with violations of modern law. When asked to resolve situations that fall under the jurisdiction of modern authorities, it is the officer's responsibility to fully cooperate in referring such violations to the modern authorities."

Volunteering: Town Crier
by Lady Emma Randall & HL Ciaran Cluana Fuerta

Another great volunteering possibility at events is town crying. There are rarely enough people available at an event to perform this job, yet the town cry is the primary method of getting information out to everyone during an event. Volunteering as a town crier will keep you aware of what is going on, give you a chance to see most if not all of the event site, and earn you the gratitude of the Autocrat staff.
Here are some things you can do before you volunteer that will make your experience more enjoyable and your service more valuable.
1. Practice! Too many people assume that because they have a loud voice they will make fine criers. Most of them know how to yell; they don't know how to project. Unless you learn how to project you will ruin your throat within a short period of time trying to yell your town cries. So... take a deep breath, loosen and relax your throat, and push that air out from your diaphragm as you say "My Lords and Ladies." Did you feel it in your nose or the front of your head? If so,
you did it wrong. Keep practising, especially the part about relaxing your throat. You will know when you get it right. Your voice will be deeper than usual, you will feel everything coming fromdeep in your chest, and you won't feel any vibration in your face. There! You've learned to project.
2. Learn the layout of the event site. A well organized Herald's Point will provide criers with a map. But just in case it is helpful if you show up knowing where things are and how the site is laid out.
3. Bring a water bottle, apply sun screen, and wear a hat. Also, bring a watch. You will be saying things like, "The Pelican meeting will begin at 4pm in the Royal Pavilion." People will ask you what time it is now, and you must be able to tell them. Don't worry about flashlights or other after-dark supplies. Town cries stop at sunset except for emergencies, which are taken care of by more experienced staff.
4. Leave your friends behind, unless they are interested in learning along with you. Remember, you will be doing an important job, and socializing is not compatible with a good town cry round.

So, now you are ready to try being a town crier. Report to the herald in charge at Herald's Point. At a Kingdom event you will find Herald's Point on the eric, near the Royal Pavilion. At smaller events, there may not be a specific herald's point. You can usually find the heralds either near gate or next to the baronial pavilion. Let the herald in charge know that you want to volunteer for a town cry round. Let them know when you are available, and please if you sign up for a specific time show up! Nothing is more frustrating than to have a round scheduled and no one to cry it. If you have a lot of available time, you might let them know that you are available for an emergency round should the need arise. Just let them know where you can be found.
When it is time for your round, you will be given a baldric to wear. Do NOT cry a round for an event without a baldric. If the herald in charge does not have baldrics, find someone who will loan one to you. If you plan to be a regular town cry volunteer, please consider making your own baldric. It will require about 1/2 yard of green cloth, preferable cotton duck or something of a similar weight; and 1/4 yard of yellow fabric from which to fashion the crossed trumpets and appliqu&Mac173; them to the baldric. When you wear the baldric, you are the Voice of the Crown. You should never act as an "official" herald in any capacity at an event without the baldric.
Please remember that as the Voice of the Crown you must behave with the utmost courtesy. Additionally people owe you courtesy. If you are harassed in any way you should report it to the
senior herald. You must not gossip, be rude, or in any way embarrass yourself, the College of Heralds, or the Crown.
You will be given a card or two with the information needed to be cried. Go over the information with the herald in charge before you leave on your run. Be certain you understand what it is you are crying. The only information you will cry on your rounds is that which is printed on your card. Do NOT take information from people along the way to be cried. If someone needs an announcement made, direct them to the herald in charge. No matter how much they beg, be firm but polite. Send them to the herald in charge, no matter who they say they are.
While we are talking about what you are crying, please be aware that if a merchant hires you to cry a commercial announcement, or an encampment persuades you to cry their marvellous tablero party to the entire event, you may do so. However, you must NOT wear the baldric when crying these kinds of announcements. The baldric is reserved to heralds crying the business of the event only.

Now you are ready to start. You have your water bottle, your sun hat, and you've applied a nice coat of sun screen. The chief herald has also slipped you a few lemon drops. And you have your cards with the information to be cried. You and the herald in charge have discussed the route you are going to take to be sure that the entire site is covered. It is possible that you will be sharing the round if the site is large enough to require two or more criers for each round.
Walk briskly but without wearing yourself out to your first calling point. You should plan to stop approximately every 50 feet, or wherever there are a number of people gathered together. Make sure you are not interrupting a performance or a meeting. If a meeting is going on, catch the eye of the person in charge of the meeting and indicate that you have announcements by pointing to your cards and a questioning look. Either you will be invited to make your announcement, or the leader of the meeting may wave you on. Almost always it will be the former. But if you are waved on, please be courteous and follow their request.
When you make your announcements, pick a spot central to where people are gathered. Look at that spot and speak to it. Do not turn your head from side to side. That is called "lighthousing" and the end result is that people hear parts of your announcements only. If you speak straight ahead, loudly and clearly, people will hear you from all sides. If you are making a time sensitive announcement, tell people what time it is.
It is better to make your announcements too close together than too far apart. Don't worry about people being unhappy at hearing the news more than once. Chances are some of them didn't
hear your first announcement anyway. About 50 feet between each announcement is a good distance.
Please don't rush through your announcements. People need to hear and understand what you are saying. And don't make the mistake of substituting volume for clarity. I would prefer that you need to make your announcements more often in a quieter voice than to lose clarity in the service of great volume. If people tell you they can't understand what you are saying, please listen to them and enunciate more carefully.
When you have completed your round, return to the herald in charge and turn in your cards. And your baldric. Don't just wander off, assuming they know you are done. Let them know you have completed your rounds.

I know how daunting this all seems. There is a lot of information here, and it seems like a lot to learn. The fact is, there are lots of experienced town criers who will be more than happy to help you. Many of us have done town cry runs for years and are delighted to have new people take our place. It is physically demanding, so if you are motively disabled in any way you probably will not enjoy this duty. You have to walk, and you have to project. But you will meet lots of delightful people. You will get to see most if not all of the site. You will find out where all the happening parties and bardics are located. You will see merchants row. And you will know when and where the important activities of the event are taking place.

Try it. You might like it.



Upcoming Events in the North

Daffodil XXV, Mar. 16, 2002
Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)

The Barony of Seagirt invites the warriors of An Tir to come vie for the title of Defender of Seagirt (currently held by Duke Skepti Thorinson). Come be the guests of the Their Excellencies Liam and Nadezhda as we host Daffodil's Silver Anniversary at the Saanich Fairgrounds in Victoria, BC.
Site opens: 8:30 am, Lists: 10:30 am; Tournaments: noon. Site closes: midnight.
The ARMOURED and RAPIER COMBAT tourney formats will be announced the day of the event (Armoured - standard legal tourney weapons). There will be prizes.
Traditional Daffodil contests: Daffodil in Any Medium and Daffodil Costume Contest.
Daffodil Feast & Entry Tickets on sale now: $20 Cdn ($16 US). (Prices are feast AND site fee inclusive.) Ticket sales close March 8, 2001. Contact Autocrat for tickets. Make cheques payable to the Barony of Seagirt - NSCA. No refunds; feast tickets will not be available at the door. For crash space, contact the Deputy Autocrat.
Tickets will be available at Seagirt Council tomorrow night (Tuesday, Jan 8). For the up-Island branches and False Isle, you can either contact Lillianne d'Escargot of Hartwood (she has a set of tickets), or contact the autocrat directly.
Autocrat: HL Lenora di Calizzan (Tami Hayes), (250) 474-5602, tami.hayes@moh.hnet.bc.ca, #21 - 2771 Spencer Road, Victoria, BC V9B 4E2.
Deputy Autocrat: HL Brenethwyn O'Connluin, (250) 382-9349, stenning-johnson@telus.net, 3153 Irma Street, Victoria, BC V9A 1S9.
Merchant-crat: Daniel of Stafford Pele (Dan Hill), woodcrafter@shaw.ca, (250) 385-5449

IMPORTANT NOTES: There will be a tavern running across the hall from the feast for those wishing to eat off-board. NO OUTSIDE LIQUOR ALLOWED (BC Liquor Law). Local Bylaw: Absolutely no open flame indoors; enclosed candle lanterns only. There will Pied Piper activities for children. Please note that this is not a babysitting service and that a parent or guardian needs to remain with the child
(or children) during the Pied Piper activities.

>> From the mainland, go to Tsawwassen (approximately 1/2 an hour drive from the Peace Arch border crossing) and take the ferry to Victoria BC (Swartz Bay). Off the ferry continue on HWY 17 S. to Mt. Newton X Road. Turn right, travel to Wallace Drive. Turn left, go to Stelley's X Road, turn right. The fairgrounds are 1/4 mile on the right, 1528 Stelley's X Road.
>> From Victoria (and Port Angeles ferry) - head north on Blanshard Street. This becomes Hwy 17 (Pat Bay Hwy); follow to Mt. Newton X Rd. Turn left, follow instructions as above.
>> From Up-Island - Trans-Canada S. to Victoria. Turn left on Mackenzie Ave. and follow signs to Hwy 17 Northbound.

~~ * ~~

Eisenmarche Shire Banquet, March 23, 2002
Shire of Eisenmarche (Pitt Meadows, BC)

For all those nobles who are both valiant and daring, we the Shire of Eisenmarche encourage you to journey through the depths of the Black Forest ot join us in our homeland and enjoy a truly
sumptuous repast in the traditions of Germania!
We challenge all true and worthy combatants to compete for the title of Champion of the Shire. We will be awarding 3 baldrics this day to those with prosess in the Arts & Sciences, Rapier, and Fully Armoured Combat.
The day will begin at 11:00 AM with the lists for both Heavy and Rapier. The Rapier Bear pit Tourney will begin at 12:00 with the Heavy Bear Pit Tourney to follow after.
There will be an on site lunch available.
We are arranging some informal lectures to be announced that day for you entertainment.
Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM promptly! With feasting to continue into the night. Please no off site alcohol as we will have a cash bar available.
Entertainers are welcome and encouraged just let the Autocrat know your pleasure.
For guidelines for the A&S championship please contact the Autocrat (see below)

SITE: Pitt Meadows Rec Hall 12460 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows
SITE FEE: Day site fee is $5 Cdn (12 and under free)
BANQUET FEE: (Includes site fee) $15 Cdn in advance $17 Cdn at the door (12 and under half price) Please reserve early as seating is limited to 100 people.
TICKETS: Contact Aelpyn (mka Shawna) at 604-541-0474
AUTOCRAT: Desiree Chirastella 604-465-7947 desgod@hotmail.com
>> From Vancouver or Fraser Valley, take Hwy #7 (Lougheed Hwy) to Pitt Meadows. At Harris Road (look for the McDonalds) turn South (right from Vancouver - left from Mission). Turn left at McMyn Rd (first light).
~~ * ~~

Kingdom Heralidc Symposium, Mar 23-24, 2002
Barony of Gymm Mere (Olympia, WA)

Sound the Trumpets!!
Announcing the 2002 An Tir Heraldic Symposium!
We Want You!! Yes, You!!

Discover the secrets of what heralds and scribes REALLY do! The An Tir College of Heralds invites you to join us at the Kingdom Heraldic Symposium, March 23-24, 2002, hosted by the Barony of Glymm Mere.
The best part is you don't have to be a herald or a scribe to attend! This event is open to everyone -- especially welcome are folks who want to learn about all the fun things heralds and scribes do in a relaxed setting.
By special request, a new class is being offered, "What Their Excellencies Meant to Say " It is designed for non-heralds in particular, and will feature tips for working with court heralds at all levels -- Baronial, Principality, Kingdom, and Known World. Nobles and those who aspire to Crown or Coronet will get valuable insights on what they'll need from the herald, what the herald needs from them, and much more. Retinue members and scribes will benefit from this class, too. New heralds just starting to do court will find this a treasure trove of helpful ideas.
On Saturday (March 23) we have a full day of classes planned for scribes, for book heralds, for court heralds, for field heralds, for heraldic artists, and for illuminators. Get expanded information on the classes listed below at the Symposium website.
To pre-register for a class (strongly encouraged) contact Baron David of Moffat, E-mail amoffatamoffat@juno.com. Classes are $1 per class to cover the handout, to be paid at gate in addition to the site fee. Additional fees for supplies may be collected by the instructor(s).
Sunday activities will include a Black Lion staff meeting, followed by a Laurel Roadshow, and Lion's Blood (Kingdom submissions herald) decision meeting in the afternoon. The Laurel Roadshow and Lion's Blood decision meetings are open to all. The locations for these meetings will be announced on site.

The Classes: (Instructors names in parentheses)
Track 1: Basic Book Heraldry (Elisabeth de Rossignol), Basic Voice/Field Heraldry (Ciaran Cluana Ferta), Basic Protocol Heraldry (Beatrice Domenici della Campana), and What Their Excellencies Meant to Say (the new class) (David of Moffat, Natasha Orionova and Kateryn of Falconkeep).

Track 2: Name Pronunciation Tips for Court and Field Heralds (Ciaran Cluana Ferta), Heralds in History (Zenobia Naphtali), Researching and Preparing a Scroll (Cystennin Ap Gereint), and How
to do Effective Commentary (Teceangl Bach).

Track 3: May the Furs be With You (Iago ab Adam), Gottingen Model Book Illumination (Cystennin Ap Gereint), Egg Tempera Painting (Aelana Cordovera), and Silk Banner Painting (Adrianna the Fierce).

>> From I-5 north or south, take Exit 104 (Highway 101). (This busy interchange is just slightly south of downtown Olympia, and is steeply banked from either direction. Please be careful!) Shortly after you pass Mud Bay, exit to the right to stay on 101. (Do not exit at Mud Bay.) Travel on Highway 101 to Shelton, and take the first Shelton exit (Highway 3), turn right at bottom of ramp. Turn left at Cota Street (4th stoplight), continue 5 blocks to Civic Center on the left. There are approximately 80 parking spaces outside the Civic Center.
The Shelton Inn (motel) is within easy walking distance, as are food establishments including a coffee shop next to the motel. The phone for motel reservations and information is (360) 426-4468 or (800) 451-4560. A variety of lodgings is also available in the Olympia/Tumwater area. (Shelton is about 25 miles from Olympia.)
Site fee includes the potluck feast with the Barony providing the main dish. There is a kitchen on site for refrigerated storage and reheating prepared dishes. Please bring a potluck contribution to feed 10 people.
Site opens 8 AM 23 March. Site fee $7, classes $1 per class, please make checks payable to Barony of Glymm Mere, SCA Inc. Autocrat: Natasha Orionova (Scotty Zdarsky), (360) 493-6084 (before
11PM), E-mail orionova@juno.com
New info: There will be no weapons allowed on site, it is co-located with the Shelton Police Department, and they take a dim view of folks wearing swords wandering around their parking lot...fancy that! Eating utensils are OK, but please be very conscious of what you wave about
during the rest of the day.

~~ * ~~

The Cardinal's Birthday Bash, April 13, 2002
Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)

I bring unto you word of festivity beyond any seen or imagined. On the 13th of April we will gather to feast and celebrate the birthday and twenty years of one Cardinal (That darn Steffano).
You will marvel at the delicacies and spice sensations that will fill your tastebuds with the exotic flavours of the Middle East, prepared by one benJoseph al Khabeelah.
The room is transformed into The Church in the Middle East. Colour and pageantry are all around. A tablero board graces the centre of each table as the would-be soon-to-be pope's game of choice. That's right, he's going for the papacy.

I encourage you all to come to this once in a lifetime event. The event will be in the Barony of Lions Gate, the site is in New Westminster (directions will be given to you with your ticket). Tickets are $20 Cdn and are available through Lady Antonella di Sicilia by email or by phone:
antonelladisicilia@yahoo.com or 604-841-3169

~~ * ~~

Sir Edward's Memorial Tourney, Apr. 19-21, 2002
Shire of Shittimwoode (Lynden, WA)

Join us for a Heavy Tournament, Rapier Tournament, Bear Meat Tournament, Cadet Tournament, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Bardic, Brewing, A&S, Children's activities and much more at the NW
Washington Fair Grounds in Lynden, WA.
Great Prizes!! Heavy Tournament Stainless Steel Gauntlets & Quillions. Rapier Tournament Buckler & Gorget

** Hearth & Harvest Feast -- Feast tickets now available! **

We are very excited this year to have captured the chef's from Ma E'lring. Their fabled culinary skills will delight even the most discriminating palette. There will also be a Desert auction. The menu consists of such scrumptious items as Venison Stew, Brazed Duck, Roasted Lamb, Smoked Salmon, Saffron Tarts, Honey Glazed Carrots, Wild Rice, Roasted Turnips, Roasted Garlic & Squash among other tasty delicacies.
Presale tickets are $8.00 Adult & $4.00 under age 10 (U.S.). If tickets remain, at the event, cost will be $10.00 & $5.00 for under age 10. Seating is limited so purchase early!!!
Contact Maele McGurn, for menu information or to purchase tickets at siredwardsfeast@hotmail.com

** Wanted: Merchants & Feast Entertainers. **

Prime Eric space can be attained at no cost. Contact the Merchantocrat NOW to find out how to get your space. Spaces are filling up fast so contact us soon! Merchantocrat, Floralyn MacBrian, at
Entertainers - dancers, singers, jugglers, etc., Sing for your supper and feast for free! Contact Serith at Serithanne@yahoo.com
Indoor/outdoor camping will be available. Pre-register Now for indoor camping. Gate fee: adults $10, children twelve & under $8, family cap $30 Indoor camping reservations and all other
inquiries can be directed to the Autocrat team: Isobel and Conal MacAllister at btbk@email.msn.com or Moira Doone at brooksana_raney@oppco.org

~~ * ~~

Silver Whale Persona Competition, June 8, 2002
The Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)

Once again the Barony of Seagirt is hosting our annual persona competition. This year Silver Whale will be held on June 8 (site tba). The competition is an opportunity to present an authentic
and logical persona you have created and who could have existed before the year 1650. (This is not to be a recreation of a historic, fiction, or SCA character). The competition is open to both men and women.
This is not a competition to win against others, but to accomplish a goal of presenting a successful piece of theatre. This means bringing together and presenting everything - from knowledge, bearing and attitude to props and aids such as food, costume(s), skills and activities needed to make the persona a whole, living, believable person.
Interested in getting more information? Please contact Tatiana Alexievna by email or phone and an information package and application form will be forwarded to you. Applications must be received no later than May 8, 2002 in order to be accepted for this year s competition.

Ph: 250-388-6983 (no calls after 9pm please.

Compendium of Resources

Their Majesties of An Tir,
Prince and Princess Of The North
Wilam and Siobhan (Don and Aleida Wittmayer)
7345 NE River Rd. Keizer, OR 97303
503.393.4538 (No calls after 9:30pm)

Scourge Of The North (Heavy Champion)
Guardians of The Waiting Thrones
Jarl Sir Hwolf Einarsson and Zelda of Yorvik
#34 17706 60th Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1V2, the_rogue@imag.net

Skewer Of The North Scorer Of The North
(Rapier Champion) (Archery Champion)
Don Diarmuid de Rosas Eamon Ryan

Scholar Of The North Skald Of The North
(Arts & Sciences) (Bardic Champion)
HL Thorin Olafsson Anya Rozverdo

Crown Principality Officers

Seneschal: HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck) (250)542-6988

Chronicler: HL Erasmus the Traveller (250) 380-9947

Arts & Sciences: HL Aelana Cordovera (604) 876-9105

Chatelaine: Sgt. Ekatarina Borisnovna (250) 479-8174

Chirurgeon: HL Aaron of the Black Mountains (604) 524-2824

Constable: Duncan Darroch (250)554-3986

Exchequer: Mikhail Kurganovic (604) 420-8806

Herald: Lady Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna (250) 639-9301

Marshal: Sir Griffin ap Bedwyr (604) 466-0654

Rapier Marshal: Lord Enoch MacIain Sutherland (604) 742-2003

Archery Marshal: HLByron Fletcher (604) 521-0348

Dean of Pages: HL Malcolm of Lamont (250) 498-3084

Waterbearer: Vacant; Applications being accepted.
Contact Kingdom Waterbearer.

Branches of The Crown Principality of The North

Shire of Appledore (Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)
Seneschal: George of Mangledwords (250) 498-3084
Shire of Bordergate (Kitimat, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Tadgg OhAolain (250) 639-9301
Incipient Shire of Coill Mhor (110 Mile House, BC)
Seneschal: HL Genevieve Buchannon (250) 397-2079
Shire of Cragmere (Campbell River, BC)
Seneschal: Jamie The Impaler (250) 335-1599
Port of Crickstow-on-Sea (CFB Esquimalt, BC)
Seneschal: HL James Llewellyn ap Gruffyd (250) 995-8526
Shire of Dregate (Omak, WA)
Seneschal: Lady Osorgarow of Karakorum (509) 486-1021
Shire of Eisenmarche (Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows, BC)
Seneschal: HL Eric of Clan Smith (604) 841-4515
Shire of False Isle (Powell River, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Grimr inn svarti (604) 485-7234
Shire of Frozen Mountain (West Kootenays, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Rose Cam-beul (250) 352-1687
Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Kineburh
Shire of Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)
Seneschal: Hengst the Saxon (250) 260-2753
Canton of Lionsdale (Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Kieran Gunn (604) 842-0596
Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)
Seneschal: HE Padraign O'Bhuadhiagh (604) 861-0899
Insipient Shire of Montforet
Seneschal: Yrsa Kettlesdottir (250) 490-4771
Shire of Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC)
Seneschal: Tariq Abu Zayd (250) 828-0251
Shire of Ravensweir (Quesnel & Williams Lake,BC)
Seneschal: Rowan (250) 992-7265
Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: HL Brokkr Aricsson (250) 727-7855
Shire of Shittimwoode (Bellingham - Whatcom CO., WA)
Seneschal: Godith d'Arcy of Goosefoot Mead (360) 398-2778
College of St. Giles (University of Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: HL Beatrice Cairistin Fraser (250) 382-4868
Shire of Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC)
Seneschal: Tewl Gover orth Kernow (250) 846-5290

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