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  {===========}         #74 August, AS XXXVII (2002, C.E.)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Crown Principality of The North, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the Chronicler. Subscriptions are $1/yr. More information is available on the Northern Sentinel Website: http://www.finearts.uvic.ca/~medieval/esentinel
Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any given individual once only as a sample. Any other distribution is theft and harms the Principality.
- Event Calendar
- By The Light of A Northern Star....
- From The A&S Minister
- From The Kingdom Calendar
- Upcoming Events in the North
- Because I Can....
...You KNOW You are in the SCA WHEN
- Compendium of Resources

Event Calendar

3-5 Clinton War - Lions Gate - Clinton, BC
10-11 SYG Trials - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
17-18 Warren War - Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA
23-25 Forest War And Feast - Coill Mhor - 100 Mile House, BC
23-25 SST - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
31-3 September Crown - Bearwood - Snohomish, WA

6-8 Baronial Stepdown - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
6-8 Workshop Weekend - Krakfjord - Vernon, BC
13-15 September Revel - Dregate - Omak, WA
13-15 CP Champions' Tournies - Danscombe - Kelowna, BC
13-15 Birthday Tourney - Craigmere - Courtney, BC
14-15 Days of Archery - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
20-22 Wardog Tourney - Eisenmarche - Mission, BC
21-22 Workshop Ithra - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
27-29 Holmgang Tourney & Feast - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC

12-14 Golden Swan - Appledore - Oliver, BC
19 Freeze-Off - Ramsgaard - Kamlloops, BC

2 Baronial Banquet - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
9 Machiavelli - Danscombe - Kelowna, BC
16 Bard & A Banquet - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC
16-17 Grand Ithra - S. Giles - Victoria, BC
23 Feast of St. Catherine - Eisnemarche - Coquitlam, BC
23-24 Proposed Principality Event - The North

7 Baroness' Birthday Tourney - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
14 Yule Revel - Seagirt - Victoria, BC

JANUARY (2003)
10-12 Kingdom 12th Night

15 Lover's Revel - Eisenmarche - Coquitlam, BC

APRIL (2003)
26-27 Proposed Principality Event - The North

By The Light of A Northern Star...

The old saw goes, "What's in a name?"
In our case, it's a pretty convoluted answer.
You may have noticed on the cover of this issue that we are once again "The Crown Principality of The North." This is not a typo. And it comes from about as high up as you can get.
At July Coronation last month, there was a meeting held at the CP's pavilion on the listfield dealing with (primarily) our name situation. Included in the discussion
were The Guardians of The Waiting Thrones, the CP Seneschal, Mistress Elizabeth Braidwoode (the CP Deputy for Principality Stuff) and Black Lion Herald, HL Marco Valentino. There was much concern over the flip-flopping of the name form North to Tir Rioga to Tir Righ and this was at the Kingdom level (an I'll bet you thought they weren't paying attention). Marco Black Lion had even gone before Curia earlier to make an announcement on this very issue, before our meeting even took place. His announcement to Their Majesties and his fellow Kingdom Officers is the same one I am relaying now:

Until a name is formally registered, continue using "The North".

The main thrust is, we don't "own" Tir Rioga" or "Tir Righ" until after it passed through Laurel King of Arms hands. So we are to continue using our "baby name" until our "grown-up" name is settled.
But, of course, our grown-up name is not settled. In fact, we are caught between two possibilities, still. One is the appeal for "the North", which the Kingdom Heralds (and other local AN Tirian heralds) believe has a respectable chance of being granted by Laurel. But on the other hand, we have Tir Rioga in submission, but it has been suggested that this be changed to "Tir Righ" as it is a (little) better Gaelic grammar. But the populace of The North didn't really vote on this new name, and so it's acceptability to them is questionable. We did put on the Heraldic Forms that we would accept changes for grammar, but this is a strictly administrative thing, that helps speed the process, really it enables the heralds to just continue moving it along without having to send it back and add possible months of additional waiting.
Except, of course, that this isn't a persona name. This will be the name by which we all are going to have to live with and be associated and known by. Such a change
could ruffle more than a few feathers, even by supporters of "anything other than North".
There's a meeting to take place at Clinton War this coming weekend to deal with this matter. Do we go with the appeal, or do we go with "Tir Righ"? The Guardians Request and Require your input. A joint Curia/Populace meeting to make a Final Decision about which route to take. If you are up there, go to it. Make your thoughts and feelings known. A decision one way or the other is going to
be known by February. And that is going to make all the other timings for Our Principality very tight.
If you aren't going to be there get your word to someone you know is. Give The Guardians what they need in order that they may tell Their Majesties exactly what we are doing. And so the question, "What's in a name?" can be
put to rest in Our Crown Principality after seven years of trial and error.
You owe it to Our Princess........
Lord Erasmus The Traveller, GdS

From The Crown Principality A&S Minister

The latest news is that the Five Champions is changing to four Principality events. Instead of doing Five Champions in September there will be three champions, with Rapier in November and Arts and Sciences in April. At the Three Champions in September, the current Arts & Sciences Champion will hold a Prize contest. In November the Rapier Champion will hold the Rapier Championship hopefully in conjunction with a Guild Faire to be organized by your truly. Further details to be announced as they develop.
For those working on Principality kneeling cushion squares, your deadline is extended to the September event. If your Shire is not working on a square send me your address and I will mail you a kit <sburrows@istar.ca>
For Artisan's long range planning, here is the current rules for the Arts and Sciences Contest. I am open to feedback on this though any changes will probably take place next year. I hope many of our Jambes and Artisans will join in as Contest entrants or student judges.



The Crown Principality would like to find an A&S champion who can represent the Crown Principality through leadership and example. The champion must have a public presence in promoting the arts and sciences. This will include setting up a major Display or contest during their tenure. The Champion should show a breadth of skills and should be ready and able to judge teach and guide with gentleness and compassion.


The Champion will be expected to serve as inspiration and role model to others, especially through setting up displays, contests and forums at local and Principality events in cooperation with the Arts & Sciences Minister. The Champion will play a major Ceremonial role in putting on next year's Championship to choose his or her successor. This also includes promotion, recruiting contestants, judging, and deciding on the Champion's Focus. In response to popular demand to increase the standards of the Arts & Sciences Competition, the Champion will choose, in cooperation with the A&S Minister, one of the forms, completed object, demo/ process or research to highlight in the following year's Championship. This
will be announced each year at the September Principality event so that Artisans have 8 months to prepare their entries. Failure to announce it at the September event will forfeit the option, as artisans need time to prepare. The contest will revert to the core four each year.


The competition welcomes those who have five entries including the Champion's Focus, and are competing for Crown Principality Champion. Those who have fewer pieces, and who are not going for Champion, are also encouraged to apply for feedback and individual prizes (where there are 3 or more entries). You may submit entries previously entered in other contests, as long as they did
not win at CP level or above.


To Aelana Cordovera by March 1, 2003 at 2621 St George St, Vancouver BC V5T 3R5, phone (604) 876-9105, or email sburrows@istar.ca. Please include a list of intended entries with a sentence or two about each. (To assist in selecting expert judges as well as assistant judges). The entries as a whole, must exhibit a diversity of interests. Call Aelana if you have questions about diversity in your entries.


All competitors must be present at the competition area by 9:00 am Saturday for set up before court. Be ready for a long, intense day of participation.


In this format, experts, as well as potential contestants, Arts & Sciences Ministers or their delegates wishing to improve their judging skills, will form a consensus on who should be Champion. A judges meeting will be held while contestants are setting up their displays before court. Contestants for Champion
must enter each of five categories, The expert judges and assistant judges will give feedback to all the entrants. (Training in rubrics based judging will be provided this year).


Our survey has shown a great concern in the Crown Principality for a high standard of encouragement in judging, and in response to this, we are including a training component to our judging process. Rubrics based judging includes a checklist of desired qualities in the articles being judged, so that different items can be judged based on objective qualities. In this way we can more truly live up to the ideals of our Society in a competition which elevates rather
than discourages the spirit of the participants.


The purpose of this new format is to foster the noble conduct, eloquent presentation, and honourable behaviour that befit a Champion, and to encourage evaluation and useful feedback in the judging process which can further the Arts and Sciences. This means that each artisan is responsible for doing the best work that they are capable of, and that each judge is responsible for giving the fairest and most accurate assessment and encouragement of the work of the competitors.
The Expert Judges will take the role of in-depth questioning and they will be available as a source of information on unusual entries, for the assistant judges.


In order to qualify for the championship the entrant must include :
1. one Research Piece [a paper, an object or process display (story board) item. Three copies of the Papers must be submitted on Friday night of the Competition before the contest to allow judges time to read it before the contest.]

2. one Active Presentation piece [may be a lecture, class, demonstration or story, song or poem up to 15-20minutes]; and

3. two Completed Object Pieces in the four entries [does not require the entrant's presence in order to be clear, and may be , a display of labeled items or an entry in various stages showing the progress of completion. The contestant should be available to be interviewed by the judges].

4. the Champion's Focus [one more of these forms may be chosen by the retiring Champion as the Champion's Focus. This will be announced in the Previous September Principality event and will be widely publicized].

If these categories overlap, please label them clearly for the judges benefit.
Each set of entries demonstrates "breadth," one of a specialist, and one of a generalist variety.


At least basic labelling is required for each entry, as appropriate. See "The History of a Good Idea" for more guidance; available by fax or post from Aelana.


After each contestant presents their entry, judges and assistant judges will complete their notes and feedback forms. When all the entries in a category have been presented, the Counter will tally the judges grades. Once all competitors have completed presenting all the entries in each category, the grades will be totalled to give a composite score for all entries of each competitor. Then the judges will fill out feedback forms for the participants.

Suggested Guidelines for Evaluation


____ Does the entry meet the category specifications eg
research, active `presentation, or completed object
___ Documentation - has the person done research as
appropriate? How thoroughly?
___ Authenticity - how historically accurate is this
___ Workmanship - how well executed is this presentation
___ Complexity - how difficult, how many steps, how much
"from scratch" ?
___ Completeness - are all the necessary parts present?
___ Emotional Effect - did this presentation move you,
create an feeling of `medieval atmosphere, or mind set ?

Good judging is one of the skills that make good contestants, and understanding this process is an important step towards the skills a Champion will be expected to have. Champions are often invited to judge other's work, and should know how to go about this. This is why we have included judging and assistants as an important part of the contest. It is recommended that if you intend to compete in the future, you volunteer as an assistant judge, this year.
Even if you do not think you are advanced enough to win, the Crown Principality A&S Championship is a great opportunity to get feedback on how your work is progressing. The feedback can provide just the piece of information, technique or materiel to help you take the next leap in progress to a new level of skill and authenticity in your work. We encourage you to enter as a single entry contestant, or Assistant Judge to begin to learn one form of the judging process.

From The Kingdom Calendar

Viscountess Callista recently published some changes to Kingdom Law which included some minor changes to the way Calendar works.

Regions and the Tier system are gone, but, I'm still required to maintain an event conflict system. For working purposes I'll still use the original regional designators for the various geographic areas but without capitalization. Instead of Tiers I will move to using "Conflict Level" which will come in two flavors.
"Open Date" is invoked for events of local and limited draw. It allows any other group to also schedule, at either level, for that date. "Limited Date" is for major events of regional or greater appeal and may be invoked for a date on a first to claim it basis, but, cannot bump a previously scheduled "Open Date" event. However, from that point on, a conflicting group may schedule that date only with permission from the group holding the "Limited Date" event.
As before, NO event anywhere in the Kingdom may conflict with one of the four Crown events without specific permission requested through the Kingdom Seneschal. No event within a given region may conflict with a Kingdom Level event without specific permission. This has not changed.

The Date Reservation Form (DRF)is no longer required by law, but, is for a seneschal to use to schedule a date when they don't have enough data to complete The Event Information Form(EIF). So if you know everything you need, jump right to the EIF.
To maintain equal opportunity for all groups, submissions are accepted by postmark date and must be paper originals completed and signed by the warranted seneschal of the sponsoring group. If e-mail is available I will confirm dates electronically. If you need hard copy confirmation, please include a SASE with your submission. No changes here.

Coming soon; we'll have updated forms in interactive PDF format. Also the conflict zone definitions will be published and you'll have a chance to modify the zone definition as your group sees fit. The website Calendar is being tweaked in and has some really great features. did you know it will generate a MapQuest map if a good site address is available. Autocrats may directly update most event info
online themselves. Soon it will directly track the (official) Crier Calendar.

Please update any address info you may have on me. The Crier had an incorrect ZIP code at first, but, has been corrected. Below is my full contact info.
If you have questions or suggestions that will make the Calendar serve you and your groups better, please let me know. After all, that's why Calendar exists.

Pyotr Constantinovich, An Tir Kingdom Calendar
MKA: Peter C. Gorshkoff
10224 123rd Street Court E. #3, Puyallup, WA 98374-2602
(253)845-0375, calendar@antir.sca.org

Upcoming Events in the North

Sergeants, Yeomen, Gallants Trials, 9-11 Aug, 2002
Lions Gate (Burnaby, BC)

The event is at Warner Loat Park in Burnaby BC. The site opens at 6:00 pm on Friday, August 9, and closes at 5:00 pm on Sunday, August 11. Opening Court - Saturday - 10:00 am.
Marshals of all levels, waterbearers, constables and heralds are all very much in demand for this event.
Local/An Tir drinking laws are in effect (period containers). This is a public park. No underage (under 19 years of age) drinking. Smoking is restricted to a designated area.
Merchants are welcome, no extra merchant fee.
Children are very welcome. Pets are welcome as long as they are leashed.
This is a camping event - due to the nature of the tests involved, please ensure that you do not camp in one of the ribboned-off areas.
AUTOCRAT: Baroness Amanda (mka Nancy Stevens) 1192 Shavington St, North Vancouver V7L lK9; (604) 988-0304, email - kendal@lightspeed.ca.
SITE FEE: adults $5.00 Canadian, children 5-12 years $2.00 Canadian, under 5 free. Make cheques payable to "Barony of Lions Gate".
SITE: Warner Loat Park, on Piper Street in Burnaby BC.
>From Canada - get onto Hwy 1. Go to Caribou exit. Take exit North to Lougheed Hwy. (second light from exit), turn left on Lougheed. Go to next light (Brighton), turn left. Go down hill to Winston / Government - T intersection, turn right onto Winston. Keep watch for SCA signs on the left. Park signs are at the first street on the left (Piper). Left on Piper, site is on the left.
>From U.S. - take the truck exit, this puts you on Hwy. 15 or 176th St. Go North on 176th St. to Hwy. 1, get onto Hwy 1 westbound. Follow the above directions.

~~ * ~~

Warren War, 17-18 Aug, 2002
Shittimwoode (Bellingham, WA)

Shittimwoode is hosting a War Practice with many scenarios including bridge, castle, field, war group, and resurrection battles. Anyone wishing to teach classes or set up fighting scenarios please contact the Autocrat. We have heard about some invaders from the North (perhaps Vikings) wishing to come raid the Royal Hunting Preserve! Please come help us root out these would-be poachers!
No ground fires (braziers ok), limited water on site, pack out your garbage, recycle bins available, pets on leash at all times. Smoking in encampments and designated areas only.
Due to site concerns, there will be a Beer Garden for consumption of all alcoholic beverages (BYOB). No open containers of alcohol anywhere but in the Beer Garden. Everyone is welcome to come to the Beer Garden. Period containers only. Anyone (over 21) telling a war story will be gifted a beer from the Autocrat and the story has to be entertaining (Autocrat's discretion).
SITE INFORMATION: Site is the Tennent Lake Park , 5299 Neilsen Rd, Ferndale
WA 98248. Event opens at 4pm Friday the 16th, closes 4pm Sunday the 18th. Site fee is Adult $10 US, Age 6 to 12 $5, age 5 and under free (Canadian at par). There will be NO day fee. Make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. Shire of Shittimwoode"
DIRECTIONS: From Northbound or Southbound I-5, take the Ferndale Main Street Exit (#262) and turn west onto Main Street. Proceed 1/4 mile to the train trestle. IMMEDIATELY after passing under the trestle, turn left (South) onto Hovander Road. In another 1/8 mile, turn right onto Neilsen Road. Proceed south 1/2 mile to the site entrance.
AUTOCRAT: George Slade the Dragoon, (mka: Doug West) 2524 Henry St. Bellingham, WA 98225; (360) 647-8032; dmwest@nas.com

~~ * ~~

Forest War And Feast III, 23-25 Aug, 2002
Coill Mhor (100 Mile House, BC)

War scenarios will include a forested hill battle, field battle, and creek-side battle. This will be a camping event - and a great spot to camp! Mixed lights and heavies battles will be fought in many scenarios after allegiances are forged (or purchased).
There will be a rapier war on Sunday morning, and a boffer tourney Saturday after heavy fighting ends. Pied Piper activities are also planned (helpers may be needed). There will be target archery with extra novice bows for those who want to give it a try. Torchlight dancing will commence after the feast. And, of course, a bardic fire will be going Friday and Saturday nights. Many prizes for many activities.
SITE INFORMATION: Site is at 6122 Cheetah Road, Gateway, BC (10 minutes East of 100 Mile House). Site opens at 3 pm on Friday Aug 23, and closes at 8 pm on Sunday Aug 25. Site is Discretely Damp. Pets welcome but must be leashed at all times. There is water at site for washing and cooking but it is hard (Sulfur) and should be filtered for drinking (or bring bottled water) There will be filtered potable water available at the gate.
SITE FEES: $5 adults (children 12 and under are free!) Merchants welcome (Merchants requested to contribute to prize pool.) There will be a full roast beast feast on the Saturday night for everyone. TICKETS ARE LIMITED TO 100 adults. FEAST TICKETS ARE $12/adult (children under 12 pay their age) Book your tickets with Emma: emma@coillmhor.com in advance!
DIRECTIONS: Make your best way to 100 Mile House (45 minutes North of Clinton). 1 km North of town, there is a road heading East (toward Canim Lake). Follow this road for 10 minutes, and after passing Buffalo Creek Elementary School on your left, take the first right (Houseman Road). Cross a bridge and at the fork, turn right and continue up hill to the next T-intersection. Turn right again
and follow for a few kms, then turn left onto Cheetah Road. Site is at end of Cheetah Road (400 yards). There will be SCA signage along the route.
Site Autocrat: Finlaech MacGillandrias (250) 397-2151 finlaech@grt-net.com

~~ * ~~

Seagirt Summer Tourney, 23-25 Aug, 2002
Seagirt (Victoria, BC)

The Barony of Seagirt Welcomes you to the Seagirt's Summer Tourney. Event will consist of a Rapier, Full Armoured Combat, Archery and Arts and Science Competitions, (Contact HL Beatrice Fraser, (250) 382-4868 for A&S Contest information). Some children's activities planned. Merchant fee is a donation of wares. A potluck feast will be available; please bring a donation to the feast to
partake as well as two dollars to cover the cost of the roasted chickens. Also there will be a dance revel on Saturday night, so practice up on those steps, take the class during the day to learn basic steps.
SITE FEES: Adults $12 dollars, Day fee is $7 dollars; Children 12-18 years of age, $8 dollars, Day fee is $4 dollars, Children under 12 are free. Make Checks payable to the Barony of Seagirt.
SITE INFORMATION: Camp Barnard Boy Scout Camp. Site opens at 4:00pm on Friday and closes at 4:00pm on Sunday. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED (with the exception of Handicapped-assist animals). The site is DAMP. Flush toilets and showers on site. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a certified Parent/Guardian with included SCA documentation. Fire regulations subject to Weather Conditions.
>From the Lower Mainland - Take the Tswaassen-Swartz Bay Ferry. Take the Pat Bay Hwy 17 south; Take the Mackenzie turn off heading west to the Trans Canada Hwy. Turn Right onto the Trans Canada Northbound. Then follow directions from Victoria
>From Port Angeles - take the MV Coho ferry. Sailings are at 8:20 am, 12:45 pm, 5:15 pm, and 9:30 pm. In Victoria travel east on Belleville Rd to Douglas St. Turn Left on Douglas (northbound) into downtown Victoria
>From Downtown Victoria - Follow Douglas St north as it turns into the Trans Canada Hwy #1. Take the Colwood Exit towards Sooke on Hwy 14 (Sooke Rd). Follow Sooke Road to Sooke. Turn right at stop light (only one in town) on to Otter Point Road. Stay on OPR for about 5 Km, turn right on to Young Lake Road. YLR leads right to Camp B.
AUTOCRATS: Lady Anastasia Daysshe (Randi-Anne Dey), (250) 474-6174; Anastasiadm@hotmail.com and Nara, Mundanely known as Anne Legg, (250) 383-9135

~~ * ~~

Baronial Stepdown, 6-8 Sept, 2002
Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)

AUTOCRAT: Lady Padraigin O'Bhuadhaig
SITE INFORMATION: Warner Loat Park, Piper Street, Burnaby, BC. Site opens
6:00 pm Friday, September 6, and closes 6:00 pm Sunday.
SITE FEE: adult's $5.00 Canadian, children 5-12 years $2.00 Canadian, under 5 free. Make cheques payable to "Barony of Lions Gate".
Opening Court - Saturday - 10:00 am.
Heavy tournament, a rapier tournament and an archery contest on Saturday. Arts Contest - Construct, Compose, Create or Build the thing that you most want at an event. Sciences Contest - Construct, Compose, Create or Build the thing that you most want at an event.
Activities for Sunday will be announced when the new Baron and Baroness are chosen.
Marshals, waterbearers, constables, heralds -please sign up when you come in the gate.
Local/An Tir drinking laws are in effect (period containers). This is a public park. No underage (under 19 years of age) drinking. Smoking is restricted to a specific designated area. There is plenty of flat space to pitch tents.
Merchants are welcome, no extra merchant fee.
Children are very welcome. Leashed pets are welcome.
AUTOCRAT: Baroness Padraigin; podonnell@shaw.ca
DIRECTIONS: From Canada - get onto Hwy 1. Go to Caribou exit. Take exit
North to Lougheed Hwy. (second light from exit), turn left on Lougheed. Go to next light (Brighton), turn left. Go down hill to Winston / Government - T intersection, turn right onto Winston. Keep watch for SCA signs on the left. Left on Piper, site is on the left.

~~ * ~~

North Fall Champions Tourney, 13-15 Sept, 2002
Danescombe (Kelowna, BC)

You are all invited to Danescombe to witness the choosing of three of our Principality Champions this fall. The Champions Tournaments will include Heavy Combat, Bardic and Archer. There will also be prize tournaments for Rapier and A&S. Heavy combat Championship will be fought with the following criteria: Sword and Shield, maximum sword length is 36", no thrusting tips. Bardic and Archery Championship details are not available yet but sign up will be on site. For the information on the A&S prize tourney, please contact HL Thorin at olafsson@shaw.ca. If you are bringing weather sensitive items please let the autocrat know and on site indoor storage can be arranged for them. There will be space for merchanting and pavilions around the listfield. Please contact the autocrat with dimensions needed for reservations.
SITE INFORMATION : Camp Boyle a large wooded Scout Camp in Summerland, BC. No street address but there will be lots of signs. There is a creek running through the site so please watch children. There are no pets allowed on site. Smoking will be at designated smoking areas and in your encampment. This will be a very discreetly damp site - period containers at all times please. Fire restriction dependant on the mundane requirements. There are, outhouses, bathrooms (with showers), and plenty of running water on site.
SITES FEES - $12 for adults, $6 for 6 -12, 5 and under are free. Maximum family cap of $30. Make checks payable to SCA Inc, Shire of Danescombe.
DIRECTIONS: Follow Highway 97 to Summerland. Turn onto Rosedale Avenue at the Macs & 7-11. Follow Rosedale south through town - Rosedale will curve to the west and become Prairie Valley Road after the second 4-way stop. Follow Prairie Valley Road all the way ... it curves, branches, twists and turns, through orchards, farms, and ranches, but it is paved almost all the way to the Camp gates. The road will turn into Darke Lake Road ... keep going. Camp Boyle will
appear on your left with a large field for parking on your right soon after the road turns to gravel. Watch for SCA signs along the way! A Map and event info can also be found on the Danescombe website after June 9, 2002.
AUTOCRAT: Yrsa Kettilsdottir (Cristin Olafsson) 608 Braid St., Penticton, BC V2A 4Y5 (250) 490-4771 cristin@shaw.ca

~~ * ~~

Birthday Tourney, 13-15 Sept, 2002
Craigmere (Courtney, BC)

We invite you to a weekend of delight in the woods by the river. For the delectation of our warriors, the tourney will have wondrous prizes! The Armoured Combat prize is a hand-made dagger created by Asa Martel. Rapier fighters will fight for a hand-sewn cloak made by HL Marina la Pica. Archers will be pleased to earn the long-bow donated by William the Archer. In addition, the hammer toss target will be set up for all to have a go. Contests include "A Tribute to Craig", the Swan Mascot of Cragmere, in any medium.
For the less-martially inclined, there will be a swap'n'shop to help clear out that extra fabric, feast gear, and finery that you no longer have use for, or to add to it! Merchants are welcome! Dry weather will allow some dancing.
The Saturday evening bardic fire welcomes tales of victory and woe; can you tell your story under five minutes? Songs are also welcome! Reann will be the arbiter of the fire circle, as well as the Children's Bardic Contest.
Those who attend for the weekend will be treated to a Sunday morning pancake breakfast stirred up by Lady Rachanda.
Gate opens Friday at 3 pm. Site closes Sunday at 3 pm.
SITE FEES: under 14 years old, $5/night; 14 years and over, $8/night; cabin space, $10/bunk/night (16 bunks per cabin; bring your bedding and mattress; specify smoking or non); cheques to be payable to: "Shire of Cragmere".
Camp Gilwell is a Scouts Canada site, and all usual rules apply: no pets; no alcohol; fires in pits only. Other notes: gravel beach on river; UV-treated well-water on-site.
>From North or South, use the new Inland Highway, turning right at Exit 127, the Piercy Road turn-off. Travel about 1.4 km to Forbidden Plateau Road, and turn right. After 1 km, turn right onto the Duncan Bay Main, and turn right down the driveway.
>From town, you could take the scenic route; email doerksen@island.net for details.

Autocrat: HL Halima al-Rakkasa, (250)703-0494, doerksen@island.net (Linda J. Doerksen, 1080 16th St., Courtenay, BC, V9N 1X9)

~~ * ~~

September Revel, 13-15 Sept, 2002
Dregate (Omak, WA)

Come one, come all to the annual September Revel hosted by the Shire of Dregate. Join us as we draw to a close the War & Tourney season with a relaxing weekend in the Highlands. There will be archery, a heavy bones tourney, fencing, and let's not forget the feast.
SITE INFORMATION: Kiwanis' Camp Tokiwanee at Lost Lake in Tonasket WA. Site opens noon Friday, September 13th and closes 3pm Sunday September 15th. This is a mountain setting at a high elevation, pleasant days and cool nights. The nearest towns are 40 miles away so come prepared for the weekend. The site features lake swimming nearby, hot showers, flush toilets, potable water, and wheelchair access. Above ground fires if allowed by Forest Service in the dry season. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Camping on-site or bunk style cabins are available (and included in site fee). Pre-registration is requested. Bunk style cabins on a first call first serve basis so if you would like to make a reservation please contact Cerdic Stuart (Philip Bedard), (509) 826-3910 until 10pm or phil_shannon@cuonlinenow.com. This site is discreet.
SITE FEES: $10 US . Children 6-12 $5 US. Children 5 and under are free.
FEAST TICKETS: will be pre-sold and there are a limited number. $7 US for adults. $3 for children 6-12. 5 and under are free. Please contact the autocrat for tickets.
DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to North Central Washington. Tonasket is on
Hwy 97 and Republic is on Hwy 20. On Hwy 20, twenty miles in between these two towns is a turnoff for Bonaparte Lake. Follow blacktop to lake and resort, keep driving, signage will be good. Follow our signs to Lost Lake. Do not turn off pavement.
Autocrat: Rowan MacLean (Shannon Bedard) 732 S. Jackson, Omak, WA 98841; (509) 826-3910 until 10pm or phil_shannon@cuonlinenow.com

~~ * ~~

War Dog Tourney, 20-22 Sept, 2002
Eisenmarche (Coquitlam, BC)

Come one and all to compete for the title of WARDOG of Eisenmarche. See the two- headed troll! Watch the mystical beast hunt. Obtain the honour of leading the shire in WAR. Competitions include: Pell Pole and Round Robin Tourneys for the Heavies, Ring Lunges and a Round Robin for the fencers. Archers can sharpen their
skills with Special target shooting. Common Events: Obstacle course, Potluck Popularity contest, War Alarm, Best Inspiration, Some surprise contests!!! Ladies, enjoy the Ladies Tea. And for the children, a Boffer/whalebone tournament, Magic show, a Mythical Beast hunt, and a Scavenger hunt.
SITE FEES: Weekend Adult $10, $5 for the day; Children 6-12, $3 weekend or day; Family Weeeknd $20, or $12 for the day. Children under 6 free.
DIRECTIONS: Take Lougheed highway. From Vancouver going east or Mission going west. Site is between Mission and Ruskin. Turn north on Nelson and follow the road up past the golf course and sports center. Keep going up the hill around a bunch of turns, do not turn off just keep going up the road until you reach Olsen Avenue.........go through the gate at 32113 Olsen Ave.
AUTOCRATS: Lord Sergeant Cyneric Bearson of the Clan McBean Wardog of
Eisenmarche; (604) 574-0566; dcocking@telus.net and Yeorick the Simple; (604) 523-1626 yeorick@telus.net.

~~ * ~~

Minter Gardens Demonstration, 27-29 Sept, 2002
Lionsdale (Chilliwack, BC)

Lionsdale Invites All who wish to share the knowledge and enjoyment they have gained as part of our Society to join us at the First Annual Minter Gardens Demo Event In the Beautiful Fraser Valley.
Heavy Fighters - haven't you been looking for a reason to get your armor prettied up? (Pas de Arms & a Tourney)
Rapier Fighters - don't you want to show off that incredible garb? (the gardens are huge - think of the roaming battles you could have)
Target Archers - think of all the oohs and ahs over those spiffy bows! (and a chance to teach someone new about your passion)
Thrown Weapons - knives, axes and spears - they'll let us throw them all!
Dancers - wouldn't it be fun to watch all those people trying to dance the dances you look so incredibly graceful doing?
Artisans - what a fabulous opportunity to show off your work to a wider audience - and maybe even teach someone something new!
Merchants - Sell your 'period' wares to all and sundry! (juried)
Everyone - mingle, laugh, have fun, educate, ENJOY. (what a
great chance to practice being in persona)
The Gardens are open to the public from 9am 'til 5pm - the evenings are ours and they are providing 5 acres of camping space for those who have 20th century encampments. We request that you all bring your most period garb and behaviour.
SITE FEE - $ 0.00 - That's right - its FREE!
Information will be posted to the Northern Road - anyone wishing to merchant, assist, teach, demonstrate, or organize a mini workshop or class please contact Lady Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter @ 604-795-9611(10 am - 2pm) or e-mail
katarina@antir.com anytime - I will return calls if you leave a message and e-mail is checked every second day.
Anyone with ideas for mini classes, workshops or event demonstrations PLEASE contact me and I will find a way to add it in if possible - the more the merrier, as they say (must be appropriate)

Because I Can....

...You KNOW You are in the SCA WHEN....

...everyone dances Karabushka at your parties.

...you're walking down the street in garb and notice everyone looking at you, then start trying to find the food stain on your tunic.

...you see a group of attractive (men? women? whichever you prefer) walking down the street in embroidered peasant costume, and think, "I'd love to take their clothes off" ...because you'd like a closer look at the garb.

...you get yelled at by the Legions of Political Correctness in World Civ. class for agreeing with a Medieval Authority that Mongol food tastes like an unwashed gambeson... even though you know that it does.

...you think Wile E. Coyote should be hanged for abusing anvils.

...your spare tire cover has your device on it.

...a newcomer asks you for a pattern for the shirt you're wearing and you think "Pattern? Gee -- when did I last use a pattern?"

...you're annoyed because your new printer didn't come with Luxhaeiul miniscule or Batarde as one of the standard fonts.

...half of your summer weekends are booked by May.

...you have Canadian loonies (one-dollar coins) in your toll-change holder, and you live in Florida. [Ed: Originally noted in 1995]

...your cat understands "Hold!"

...you used to have a wok, but now you've got a spangenhelm.

...you can put up ANY tent ever made...but only in the dark.

...Deadheads think your friends are weird.

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