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  {===========}         #77 November, AS XXXVII (2002, C.E.)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Crown Principality of The North, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the Chronicler. Subscriptions are $1/yr. More information is available on the Northern Sentinel Website: http://www.finearts.uvic.ca/~medieval/esentinel
Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any given individual once only as a sample. Any other distribution is theft and harms the Principality.
- Event Calendar
- By The Light of A Northern Star
- From the ...
... Chatelaine
... Archery Marshal
... List Mistress
... Rapier Marshal
... Kingdom Waivers Secretary
... Board of Directors (SCA, Inc.)
- William Blackfox Nominees for 2001
- Upcoming Events in the North
- Because I Can....
...A Limerick for Gerhard
- Compendium of Resources

Event Calendar

9 Machiavelli - Danscombe - Kelowna, BC
9 Crown Council - Aquaterra - Everett, WA
9 Sing for Your Supper - Bordergate - Kitimat, BC
16 Bard & A Banquet - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC
16-17 Grand Ithra - S. Giles - Victoria, BC
23 CP Rapier Championship - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
23 Feast of St. Catherine - Eisnemarche - Coquitlam, BC
23 Games Night - Hartwood - Nanaimo, BC
30 Baronial Banquet - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC

7 Baroness' Tourney - Lions Gate - Vancouver, BC
7 Winter Gathering - Hartwood - Nanaimo, BC
14 Yule Revel - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
14 Feast of The Holly - Ravensweir - Quesnel, BC

4 12th Night - Appledore - Oliver, BC
10-12 Kingdom 12th Night - Adiantum - Eugene, OR

15 Lover's Revel - Eisenmarche - Coquitlam, BC
28-1 Kingdom A&S Championship - Montengarde - Calgary, AB

5 Shire Banquet - Eisnemarche - Coquitlam, BC
11-13 Sir Edward's Tourney - Shittemwoode - Bellingham, WA
26-27 CP Guardian & A&S Tourney - The North

2-4 Fur and Feather Tavern - Dregate - Omak, WA
16-18 May Crown - TBA

14-15 Principality Event - The North
20-22 PJ Party Meets The Mummy - Appledore - Oliver, BC

4-6 Mermaid's Tourney - False Isle - Powell River, BC
18-20 July Coronation - TBA

By The Light of A Northern Star....

A little longer column this month.
Years ago, when our Kingdom was still young and the idea of a Principality here in the North was a dull glimmer in the back of some gentles' minds, Newsletters were the lifeblood of information dissemination. Aside from the telephone, if you wanted to know what was going on in The Kingdom, you looked it up in The Crier, or your local newsletter. And pretty much every branch had a newsletter; it was something that a branch really found hard to live without.
And the populace helped newsletters be the information sources they were by supplying articles and artwork to them. And some of the articles and art were really good. I'm talkin' near-professional quality. Top- notch, all the way.
And newsletters like The Glaucous, The North Wind, Bunny Tales, The Portcullis, Murmurs, The Plume, and The Leaf were known throughout not just An Tir, but The Known World.
Did you know that The Glaucous from Seagirt was proclaimed "Best Newsletter" at the 20th Year Celebrations?
And up until around AS XXIX (1994), this was the way things were.
It was somewhere around this time maybe a little earlier here, and a little later there that chroniclers started to go around begging for artwork and articles.
And "begging" is not too strong a word, either.
Of the 20 branches of The North, I receive, regularly, 5 newsletters, with another four or five that come in on a quarterly or even more irregular basis. Five branches do not publish any newsletter (granted, St. Giles and Crickstow are served by Seagirt's Glaucous).
And the continued, repeated, every-report-reported complaint is, that getting anything out of the chornicler's branch in the way of articles or artwork is an exercise in continuing futility. Every single chronicler.
And I'll let you in on a secret: It just isn't up here in The North. I hear this same complaint from chroniclers down around River's Bend and out in Avacal. I hear the same thing from chroniclers in The East and The Middle and Ansteorra. Given that even the editor for Tournaments Illuminated has noted the difficulty in getting articles for publication, I can only assume that the problem is indeed Knowne World-wide....
And this problem seems to be getting laid at the feet of one of the chronicler's most powerful tools The Internet. Our readers say they can get the information off the various web-pages and email lists why do they need a newsletter? Artwork doesn't matter to them they want information. And they aren't really worried about how they get it. Articles in newsletters aren't enough, either, it seems. Not enough information; too much information; no diagrams to follow along with; too many diagrams.....
It is enough to make you throw up your hands and say, "Fehgedaboddit!" And walk away from it.
Email lists in particular seem to be something that draws people away from newsletters both subscriptions and submissions. Areas with particularly healthy email lists The Rocks on the Island, The Warrens in Shittemwoode, and Choill Mohr seem to have not particularly healthy newsletters. Interest in the newsletters is actually reported to decrease. And this continues to be so, I'm told, until the newsletter offers an electronic version of some sort.
I can believe this. 75% of all subscriptions to The Sentinel are for the email version. I mail out less than 20 issues a month right now.
And I won't even bother telling you about the responses I get when I request artwork or articles. Oh, I get a few, to be sure, but compared to what was once made available to this newsletter in the past and other, older newsletters it just doesn't compare. I go through the archival issues in my files, and I find a virtual who's who of The North. Some have graced the pages of The Sentinel during my tenure here, others have not. But the volume of such support is far, far down from where it was ten years ago.
And it's obvious. Real obvious.
People keep telling the Chroniclers, "Give us something more than an event calendar and officer reports, and we'll subscribe!" But when asked to submit articles or artwork themselves, well.......
A viscous circle, to be sure: Can't have the one without the other, but you can't get one without the other, either.
It's hard to keep a newsletter fresh, and up-to-date, something that is going to be wanted by the populace. After a while, a newsletter begins to sound like nothing so much as a platform for the chroniclers to present their opinions. Until they become tired and burned-out form trying to make it "Something More", and it becomes just another event-calendar-and-officer-reports before they ultimately turn it over to another chronicler.
Or worse; the branch decides they don't' really need a newsletter anymore, anyway.......

Lord Erasmus The Traveller, GdS

From The Crown Principality Chatelaine

From the reports I have recieved, the Chatelaines of our Principalipality are doing a fine job. However, I have found that there is a bit of confusion as to what reports I need to recieve.
If you are the Chatelaine of a branch in the Crown Principality of the North, I need quarterly reports from you. If you are a deputy, including a gold key deputy, your report goes to your Branch officer, who includes it when they report up. Getting multiple reports from one Branch is confusing for me, and getting reports from deputies but not officers is more so.
Keep up the good work though, I'm very impressed with what
I've been hearing from all of you. Also, anyone who has questions about the Chatelaines office, whether they are an officer or deputy should contact me. I just want the Quarterlies slimmed down to one per Branch.
Thank you,
Signora Angela Fracassa
CP Chatelaine

From The Crown Principality Archery Marshal

I am currently in the process of accepting the responsibilities of the Chief Archer for our Principality. As time progresses and the new archery season comes upon us I will be getting a staff together to try to provide services to any and all that wish archery in their areas.
If you have archery in your area contact me so I have a list of chief archers. If you do not have archery in your areas and are either looking to start it up or perhaps to have it at an upcoming event, get a hold of me so I can try to find people who own me favours and will dispatch them to assist you.
I can only assist you if you let me know you need help.
I can be contacted at: <lionsgater@yahoo.com>

Yours in service,
HL John Macandrew, OGGS

From The Crown Principality List Mistress

I will be stepping down as Lists Mistress for the Crown Principality at 12th Night and am thus accepting applications for the position. They can be sent to: <dominiqua_perreira@yahoo.com>.
Lady Dominiqua Perreira
Lists Mistress for the Crown Principality of the North

From the Crown Principality Rapier Marshal

My tenure as CP Rapier Marshal is almost up so its time to
find a successor. I am planning on stepping down after the next
quarter. If you would like the job, please send a written application
along with a copy of your membership to me; my address is in the
Sentinel and the Crier. As a reminder, all applicants must be senior
rapier marshals. I have a current list from Lists if you're not sure you're
registered. Thank you.

Lord Enoch MacIain Sutherland
#201-2121 Ethel St.,
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 2Z6
(250) 979-2786

From The Kingdom Waivers Secretary

Greetings unto the populace of An Tir -
Many of you have waivers which you would like to get out of
your storage space and into An Tir's storage space.....and you want to
know how to complete this task! Well....its not as easy as dumping a
box full of paperwork at my home/desk/encampment!!!
1) All waivers must arrive with a cover sheet stating the event
name, event date(s), event site and sponsoring branch name. A
statement of the number of waivers attached, divided by adult or minor
numbers, as well as the total number of attendees at the event would
be greatly appreciated. I will also need the member sign in sheets,
numbered 1-?? at the bottom. These are to be on top, with the adult
waivers next, followed by the minor waivers.
2) All waivers must be divided into two groups - adult waivers
and minor waivers. These must be separated with a paperclip or some
sort of easily seen divider, and somehow clipped together with the
cover sheet mentioned in 1) above.
3) Before sending, please contact me by e-mail with a subject
line of SCA WAIVERS, OR by phone (please observe the non-calling
hours of 10 pm to 10 am and it would be grand if you didn't call
before noon on weekends) OR by written request asking how I would
like the waivers delivered. Contact information is listed in The Crier.
It would help me greatly if you could please let me know the
volume/size of waivers you will be delivering. Please DO NOT bring
waivers to events, I will NOT be able to fit them into my dragon -
there is barely enough room for me to fit in after all the gear is
If you have any questions, please email me at
<ambra_d@hotmail.com>. Please put SCA Waivers in the subject line
as you will not make it past my junk mail scan unless you do so. If you
don't hear back from me within 48 hours, please try again as you may
have been eaten by hotmail.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all
begin the transfer of these documents into my possession. I will try to
make the best arrangements for everyone.
In service,
Lady Ambra da Monte,
Kingdom Waiver Secretary

From The Board of Directors of The SCA, Inc.

Greetings My Lords, Ladies, and Gentles All.
The Board of Directors and the SCA, Inc. are pleased to announce that, thanks to the efforts of Dave Weiner (Lord Robin Gallowglass), Chris Matthews (Christofe DuBois), and all the beta testers, the Office of the Stock Clerk is on line!
Using your Visa or MasterCard (sorry, but we cannot accept any other credit cards), you can now order back issues of Tournaments lluminated, The Compleat Anachronist and various officers' handbooks, and manuals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all from your computer.
Check out http://stockclerk.sca.org.
Also, coming soon -- Known World Email and Membership On-Line.

Most cordially,
Andrew Smith (Andrew of Riga), Secretary

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to: SCA Inc., Box 360789, Milpitas, CA, USA 95036. You may also email <comments@sca.org>


By proclamation of Their Royal Majesties An Tir, King Nicholaus & Queen Alyssia, a new Kingdom Champion will be created. This Champion will be henceforth known as the Kingdom Bard, being the Kingdom Champion of the Bardic Arts. The Kingdom Champion of Bardic Arts will be chosen in the Fall of AS XXXVIII [2003], during a two-day event.

The William Blackfox Nominees for 2001

The nominees for the William Blackfox Awards for the very best of The SCA's newsletters have been announced. Of particular note, are the following nominees from The Crown Principality of The North.

** Best Overall Newsletter **

The newsletter which best meets the needs of the local group or guild for which it is published. It should accurately reflect the status of the group and be a valuable tool for growth and promotion of SCA goals and ideals. The title is awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler:

The Toad, Shire of Eisenmarche (An Tir), Chronicler: Corrine Hennenburg.

** Best Layout and Design **

For the best-looking newsletter. Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler:

The Bards Banner, Shire of Tir Bannog, (An Tir)Chronicler: Valthmar Hawkwinter.

As the Chronicler fo the Crown Principality, let me add that I am EXTREMELY proud that two of our newsletters have been noticed at the very highest reaches of Our Society for their excellence.

Upcoming Events in the North

Fall Crown Council, 9 Nov, 2002
Aquaterra (Everett, WA)

The Barony of Aquaterra cordially invites the populace of An Tir to this year's Fall Crown Council. After Their Majesties have concluded their business, a grand bardic will take place. All bards of An Tir are invited to attend. Please join us for a fun and relaxing day.

Hotel Info:
This event will be held at the South Everett Holiday Inn, 101 - 128th ST, Everett, WA 98208, 800-256-8137. Please state you are with the "SCA" or the "Society for Creative Anachronism" when making reservations. SCA rate $69/night/room & $79/night/suite; rates valid until 10/30/02. All reservations must be secured with a credit card. Valid photo ID must be presented upon check-in. Full service restaurant, lounge & room service; fast food, restaurants & stores directly across the freeway; indoor pool; free parking.

Site Info:
Site opens Sat, 8am & closes Sat, 11pm. Site fee $10 for 16 & older, however, site fee is FREE to those registered at the hotel for at least one night (one free site fee/room/night). Proof of hotel occupancy required at gate. For site information, contact the Autocrat: Master John Bowslayer (John LeBlanc), 12010 46th DR SE, Everett, WA 98208, bowslayer@bowslaire.org, 425-338-4960 (no calls before 10am please). For scheduling requests, contact the Kingdom Seneschal: Viscountess Callista Balgaire (Deborah Brown), 904 Pine ST, Sultan, WA 98294, seneschal@antir.sca.org, 360-793-7536. An up-to-date schedule will be posted on the Kingdom web site.

Take your best route to I-5 in Washington, exit #186, 128th ST SE, and go east upon exiting the freeway. The Holiday Inn is in the northeast quadrant of this freeway exit.

~~ * ~~

Bard and a Banquet, 16 Nov, 2002
Lionsdale (Chilliwack, BC)

COME ONE COME All, friends and neighbours near and far to a Gourmet Feast extravaganza that will tantalize your taste buds and a play that will captivate your eyes. This year we will be entertained by our friends and their talents in a Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing. Bring your feast gear. Dry site. The play will start at 5:30. Feast will commence during the intermission and dessert will be served after the second act. Event will close 12 midnight. There will be a contest & prize for the best Banner, so bring your banner! Buy your tickets early, only 120 tickets available!
Site Info: Elk's Hall, 1854 Heath Rd, Agassiz, BC, V0X 1L3; Doors open at 4pm, appetizers available. Tickets are $10 adult - $5 child.
Directions: Follow the SCA signs. Take right exit 135 off Highway 1 to Agassiz, drive over the overpass, go straight, then over the Agassiz bridge, turn left at the SCA sign at the entrance to Agassiz, drive straight to the A&W on the right, which is on the corner of Morrow St. Turn right on Morrow, then directly left on Heath Rd. drive to the Purple Tassel Room, which is on your right hand side, lots of parking in back as well as in front. See you there! Crash space available.
Make cheques payable to SCA, Inc., Canton of Lionsdale.
Autocrat: Cerridwen Ravenhawk (mka: Michele Franklin), 27274 Yurkin Rd. Hope, BC V0X 1L3; (604)869-2296 evenings -
(604)796-0266 day. Email: fullsilvermoon@hotmail.com

~~ * ~~

Grand Ithra, 16-17 Nov, 2002
S. Giles College (University of Victoria, BC)

The S. Giles College on the island of Insula Magna wishes to invite all to our Grand Ithra, November 16th and 17th, 2002, at the University of Victoria, Finnerty Road, Victoria, BC. (No street address). Come and enjoy a general Ithra that should have something for everyone! This time we are also offering a stream of classes focusing on the 14th Century.
Site opens at 8:30 a.m. both days; classes start at 9 a.m. Classes end at 6 p.m. each day, site closes 6:30 p.m.
If you wish a catalogue please contact, after the 15th of October, either:

Baroness Amanda Kendal, Chancellor (Nancy Stevens) - (604) 988-0304 1192 Shavington St. North Vancouver, BC Canada V7L 1K9

HL Brenethwyn O'Connluin, Chancellor-in-Training (Margaret Stenning-Johnson) (250) 382-9349 3153 Irma St., Victoria BC Canada V9A 1S9

All cheques should be made payable to the "University of Ithra".

Directions: Make your best way to Victoria, BC (Port Angeles ferry, the Coho; or on BC Ferries from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay). BC Ferries: http://www.bcferries.bc.ca/. Coho: http://www.cohoferry.com/
* From Coho: turn left when leaving terminal. Go 2 blocks; turn left on Douglas St. Follow Douglas all the way through town. Just past the first sign for increased speed (80 kmh) take the exit for McKenzie Ave. Turn right on McKenzie...
* From BC Ferries (Swartz Bay): Stay on the #17 Hwy coming out of terminal. Follow signs to McKenzie Ave; turn left onto McKenzie at bottom of off-ramp...
* From up-island: Take Hwy 1 until you reach McKenzie Ave - turn left...
* Follow McKenzie Ave - it leads straight to the University. There will be signs directing you to the appropriate building.

~~ * ~~

Crown Principality Rapier Championship, 23 Nov, 2002
Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)

In addition to the rapier championship tourney, this one day event will include an armoured prize tournament sponsored by Jarl Hwolf as well an arts & sciences guild fair run by HL Aelana Cordovera. There will also be a tavern night to follow, so all can share their stories of glory and mayhem (whether on or off the listfield) over a friendly drink. There should be a bit of something to interest everybody!

Site Information: Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver BC. The event opens at 9:00a.m. on Nov. 23 and closes at 1:00a.m. Nov. 24, with the tavern night beginning around 8:00p.m. There will be a cash bar at this event. Therefore, do not bring any of your own alcohol as it will violate the liquor license.

Site Fees: Cdn$10 per adult, $5 per child 6-12 , 5 and under FREE, with a family cap of $30. For latecomers (after 8 pm) the site fee will be $5. There are no extra fees for merchants. Please make any cheques payable to the "Barony of Lions Gate".

Directions: Travelling West on Hwy 1 take the HWY-7A/HASTINGS ST exit, exit number 26. Turn LEFT (West) onto E HASTINGS St, drive approx 2.5 km. Turn Right (North) onto Victoria Drive. Drive 2 blocks Turn left (West) onto Pandora- entrance to the parking lot is on the right. Hall entrance is on Triumph - the North side of the building.
>Travelling East on Hwy 1 (over the 2dn Narrows Bridge). Take the HWY-7A/MCGILL ST/HASTINGS ST exit, exit number 25-26. Turn Right onto E HASTINGS St, drive approx 2.5 km. Turn Right (North) onto Victoria Drive. Drive 2 blocks Turn left (West) onto Pandora- entrance to the parking lot is on the right. Hall entrance is on Triumph - the North side of the building.

Autocrat: Don Diarmuid de Rosas (Sean Irwin); Ph: (604) 591-1818; Email <irwin@direct.ca>.

~~ * ~~

Baronial Banquet 30 Nov, 2002
Barony of Lions Gate Vancouver, BC

The Barony of Lions Gate's Baronial Banquet will be held Saturday, November 30 at Our Lady of Sorrows in Vancouver.
On-board tickets are $25.00; off-board are $10.00 each and at this time are available to vegetarians and persons with food allergies (and their companions).

Tickets may be purchased from me at the following: Rapier Practice, Thursday, October 24 from 8pm to approx 9pm; Newcomers Revel,Saturday, October 26; Heavy Practice, Monday, October 28, from 7pm to approx 8pm; Rapier Practice,Thursday, October 31 from 8pm to approx 9pm; Heavy Practice,Monday, November 4, from 7pm to approx 8pm; Dance Practice, Thursday, November 7, from 7:30 to approx 8:30pm; Lions Gate Ithra at the Revel on Saturday evening.
Cheques or money orders should be made payable to 'Barony of Lions Gate'.

If you want to purchase tickets, but cannot make it to any of the above, please email me at <emcmillan@dccnet.com> or leave a message at (604) 952-0452.

Lady Elena de Maisnilwarin, OLC, Exchequer, Barony of Lions Gate

~~ * ~~

Baroness' Tourney, 7 Dec, 2002
Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)

Although the name has changed, the event is still the traditional winter tourney for unbelted fighters to show their mettle, and for all gentles to enjoy rapier, dance, arts and sciences, bardic activities, games, shopping for gifts among the merchants, socializing, and a quiet meal with their friends. There will also be contests going on through the day contact the autocrat for more information. As always there will be an area for donations to the food & toy banks. Please feel free to drop off donations, they are gratefully accepted and will be delivered to the appropriate charities after the event.
SITE INFO: Cloverdale Rodeo & Exhibition Grounds 6050A 176 Street, Cloverdale, BC, Canada. NO open flames (ie.candles) are allowed in this hall, ambient lighting will be provided. Site is open 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight. Lists open at 10:00 am and the tourneys to begin after court.
Site Fee: Adult $ 10.00 Cdn ($7.00 USD); Under 12 $ 5.00 ($3.50 USD); Under 5 free. Mundane Family Cap $ 25.00 Cdn ($17.50 USD). Make cheques payable to "Barony of Lions Gate"

>From South - using Pacific Truck Border Crossing - continue on 176th St. through Cloverdale to 64th Ave. *Follow signs from 64th Ave
>From North - Hwy 91A or 99 take Highway #10 to 176th St. Turn left through Cloverdale to 64th Ave. *Follow signs from 64th Ave
>From East - Hwy #1 to 176th St. exit South to 64th Ave. *Follow signs from 64th Ave.

MERCHANT ORGANIZER: Lady Genevieve Barbota; Ph: (604) 872-8550 (home), 604-318-6337 (cell); Email <dragonward@shaw.ca>

AUTOCRAT: The Honourable Lord Severin ap Selwyn (Oliver Schneider), (604) 931-1040; Email <severinapselwyn@hotmail.com>. For emergency contact during the event, the Autocrat's cell phone will be on: (604)612-1050

~~ * ~~

Winter Revel, 7 Dec, 2002
Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)

Come one, come all to the winter revel in Hartwood!
Now the crops are in and the weather is cooling, we wish to take the time and share in the joys of each other's company. During this night, there will be much dancing, music, games and sundry entertainments, including a Promise Tree. Our Shire is happy to share a roast beast and divers other potluck contributions with our guests, and we welcome contributions you might make to the feast table.

Site Info: The Boy Scout Hut on Comox Road, Nanaimo. Doors open 5:00PM. Due to Scout's regulations, the site is dry. A non-alcoholic punch will be provided

Take the Nanaimo by-pass (from the south, just take the overpass that will take you to Campell River; from the north, just stay on the highway) to the Third Street / Jinglepot Road exit. From the south, turn right, from the north, left) Follow to the first set of lights (Wakesiah Road) and turn left. At Bowen road, which conveniently is also the end of Wakesiah, turn right. Drive until you see the Tim Horton's, and make a right immediately after passing. Make another right directly after passing the Tim Horton's parking lot. You are hopefully now going up a parking lot, heading for a rock wall. Do not hit the wall; instead, turn right and come to the hall.

AUTOCRAT: Lady Gillian Fayrefax; Ph: 245-7227, email <strimble@teacher.com>

~~ * ~~

Yule Revel 14 Dec, 2002
Barony of Seagirt Victoria, BC

Once again the days grow short. The sun sinks early in the West, and if we don't do something it might not come back again. Therefore, in the spirit of enlivening the dead of winter, I am pleased to announce the return of the Barony of Seagirt's Yule Revel. In conjunction with the Revel is the Feast of the Immaculate Confection, the Barony's annual dessert potluck. Bring your spiffiest sweets for the communal table. There will be singing and dancing and general merry-making, and if we're lucky the spring will come back eventually.
In addition, Baron Sir William will be holding the final testing for those competing to be one of the Scholars of Seagirt.
There will be a variety of dessert-related competitions, and Lady Antonia Fraser is sponsoring a yule-themed embroidery competition. Lady Antonia may be contacted at: <antoniawench@hotmail.com>
As noted, the potluck contributions will be judged as well as enjoyed. There will be prizes for: The most period dessert; The best-tasting dessert; The dessert with the best appearance; The best subtlety
SITE: St Dunstan's Anglican Church, 1806 San Juan Ave., Victoria, BC
Site fees: Adult with a potluck contribution: $6; Adult without a potluck contribution: $8; Children ages 6-12: $4; Children ages 5 and under: free
Directions: From the ferry: Take Mackenzie exit off HWY 17 (Pat Bay Highway). Turn left onto Mackenzie Ave. Turn left at Shelbourne St.
>From downtown: Follow Johnson St until it becomes Shelbourne St. Turn right at Feltham, Turn left at Tyndall. The church is on the right, at the corner of Tyndall and San Juan

AUTOCRAT: Lord Tirso el Velloso (William Wells); (250) 477-3222; Email <william_wells@telus.net>

~~ * ~~

Feast of the Holly, 14 Dec, 2002
Ravensweir (Quesnel, BC)

The Theme is early Celtic/Norse period, with competitions including table decorations, Ravensweir's A&S Championship (contact the Autocrat for more info), and an A&S Open Display.
There will be a rapier tourney (inside). Scenarios are not available at this time. For further info contact Ravensweir Champion and MoS Erik Skerlenger - <keeblersprite@hotmail.com>
Merchants welcome in the afternoon - no table fee.
Potluck contribution should be sufficient to serve 6 and be persona specific (if possible). Assigned by first letter in mundane last name: A-G Fruit or Veggies; H-M Desserts; N-S Meat dishes; T-Z Breads
Site Info: Barlow Creek Hall, 3811 Tremblay, Quesnel, BC; (252) 992-9034
Site fee - $10.00 & potluck contribution. Children 12 & under free. Please make cheques payable to "Ravensweir, SCA Inc.

DIRECTIONS: From the south Making your best way to Quesnel, drive through town and turn right onto Barkerville Hwy (26). About 2.5 kilometers up the road turn right onto Quesnel Canyon Road. Stay on the right, you will curve onto Tremblay. The Hall is immediately to your right - Also called Ranger Park.
>From the North Following Hwy 97 towards Quesnel, turn left onto Barkerville Hwy (26). About 2.5 klics up the road turn right onto Quesnel Canyon Road. Stay on the right, you will curve onto Tremblay. The Hall is immediately to your right. - Also called Ranger Park.

AUTOCRATS: HL Sigrid Arden <kstanley@uniserve.com> & Lady Rowena Skerlenger <dametammy@hotmail.com>

~~ * ~~

12th Night Coronation, 10-12 Jan, 2003
Adiantum (Eugene, OR)

The 12th Night Hotel is filling up fast! If you want a room in the hotel please reserve your room now!
Site fees: Member Adult $12, Non-Member Adult $15 (age 16 and up), Member Child $6,Non-Member Child $9 (age 6-15), Member Family $38, Non-Member Family $48 (per legally related immediate family only, see family pre-reg. form for eligibility), All Children under 6 are free.
Room reservations must be done separately from Preregistration; It is recommended you do this when sending in your site pre-registration by using the information below. Preregistration is recommended, but not necessary unless merchanting. Preregistration for individuals ends on November 30th, and for merchants ends on September 3rd. Preregistration forms are available on-line at our web-site or you can request preregistration form be sent to you by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to: Attn: Pre-registration forms needed, C/O 12th Night 2003, P.O. Box 25007, Eugene, OR 97402
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Because I Can....
...A Limerick for Gerhard by Lady Leah; AS XXXVI

There once was a Baron named Gerhard
With the Ladies he always won their heart;
He'd smile as they'd swoon
He'd grant any boon
But form Honour he never did depart.

A Brave Knight, his spurs they did jingle,
In all lands and courts he did mingle.
The ladies would flirt
'Til their eyelashes hurt,
But alas, this Goode Knight was not single.

Of Goode Virtues there seemed non were missing;
He won contests for things like hand kissing;
But a rumour did start
That he gave his heart
To a slave girl but this he's dismissing!

A Hero of Hearts and of War-field,
A great sword in strong arms did he wield;
He killed Infidel
He did it so well,
And to Montengarde never would he yield!

[Editor's Note: I am informed that this was the winning entry at Lions Gate's Bardic Revel, May 5, AS XXXVI (2001). One of the many bardic competitions that day, all limerick's had to start with "There once was a Baron named Gerhard". I shudder to think about some of the possible entries....... ]

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