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This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Principality of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is available by subscription through the Chronicler. Subscriptions are $2/yr. More information is available on the Northern Sentinel Website: http://north.antir.sca.org/sentinel/
Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any given individual once only as a sample. Any other distribution is theft and harms the Principality.
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1-4 Early Briton Ithra - Appledore - Oliver, BC
16-18 May Crown - Wealdsmere - Spokane, WA
30-1 Dregate Horse Fair - Dregate - Omak, WA
30-1 Fur&Feather Tavern - Dregate - Omak, WA
30-1 Workshop Weekend II - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC

6-8 Sealion War - Seagirt - Duncan, BC

14-15 Coronet Tourney & Summer Investiture - Lions Gate -
Mission, BC
20-22 PJ Party Meets The Mummy - Appledore - Oliver, BC
20-22 Champions Tourney - Lionsdale - Chilliwack, BC
27-29 Highland/Fjord War - Dregate - Omak, WA

4-6 Mermaid's Tourney - False Isle - Powell River, BC
18-20 July Coronation - Blatha An Oir - Tacoma, WA

15-17 Homecoming - Danscombe - Kelowna, BC
15-17 SST - Seagirt - Victoria, BC
22-24 Warren War - Shittemwoode - Bellingham, WA
22-24 Holmgang VIII - Krakafjord - Vernon, BC
29-31 September Crown - Borealis - Edmonton, AB

5-7 Birthday Bash - Hartwood - Nanaimo, BC
5-7 September Revel - Dregate - Omak, WA
5-7 Summer's End/Ithra - Ravensweir - Quensel, BC
13-14 Fall Coronet & Bardic and Archery Championships -
Danscombe - Kelowna, BC
26-28 Kingdom Bardic - Wyewood - S.King Co., WA

10-13 Golden Swan - Appledore - Oliver, BC

22-23 Winter Investiture and Rapier Championship -
Shittimwoode - Bellingham, WA

By The Light of A Northern Star....

Six weeks is not a long time. But for some of us, it is going to seem like forever.

Last Saturday morning, around 8:30 PST, a phone call was made and we got the word: The Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Incorporated put our petition as their first order fo business, looked it over and said yes.

Saturday evening, as the sun was setting, Their Majesties, our Crown Prince and Princess, Davin and Groa, called forth all those attending who were part of the Northern Principality Committee, and all members of the various sub-committees to come before Them in Court. The announcement was made Formally, and the Arms of Tir Righ were unfurled by His Majesty and flew in the breeze to enormous cheers.

Welcome to the Principality of Tir Righ.

But we're not totally there yet we have a important last step to take care of. You know, that Tourney thing, followed by watching a Coronet get placed on someone's brow.... And of course, now all those people doing the various pieces of Regalia have a rather definite deadline.

And let us not forget the fighters and their prospective consorts. They have a very interesting six weeks ahead of them, too! This next tourney is going to be IT. This isn't for the Defender of Seagirt, or "Miss Shittim" the winner of this tourney will become Prince. Moreover, he will be our first Prince, and he along with his consort, have a very large job ahead of them. There are many things that will need to be done.

The wise fighter (and consort) will be asking a lot of questions of both themselves and others right now. They will likely be checking out the Tir Righ web site and reading the draft Principality laws and seeing if they can sign off on them like they are, or if they think changes need to be made to them. And what about a retinue? Awards; we don't' have awards figured out yet that's another job for the first P&P! The receiving and accepting of fealties in the name of The Crown. And what about travel? And phone bills? Can we afford it all?

It's not going to be easy.

Six weeks isn't very long at all. But it could also be forever.....

And just for the record, it appears that the first Coronet and Investiture will be happening at the same site as the Heavy and A&S Championships occurred last weekend The Fraser River Heritage Park in Mission, BC. There were some worries about the timing of getting event copy into The Crier and all that, so some executive decisions were made and it appears that Their Majesties signed off on it. It's a nice site, and Lions Gate has agreed to act as sponsoring branch. September and November's events have also been tentatively accepted. Bids for next April's event and the rest of 2004 should be put together and sent in ASAP.

And I have been reminded that it would REALLY NICE if everyone brought their banners and flags and pennants for the June Event. We know we're good let's really look good, too

We still are awaiting confirmation about "The North", and it has been explained that January was very busy for the SCA College of Arms, and that the official release of their findings has been held up because of the backlog. So don't get antsy things are at work and we should know before the Coronet & Investiture Event on the 14th & 15th of June.

I am also still looking for someone to step up and take over this job. Applications, including a simple SCA and mundane Resume, should be sent to me at the contact listing on the inside front cover. If you are not sure what the job entails, I will be happy to explain if you get in touch with me. It is not a hard office to do.

Lord Erasmus The Traveller, GdS
From The Crown Prince and Princess of Tir Righ

People of Tir Righ, We, Davin and Groa, Great Khan and Khatun of the Sea of Grass, come before you now to make plain our thoughts:

It is with a heavy heart that we hear the words of the Lord and Lady Guardian of the North, Jarl Hwolf and his Lady, Zelda of Jorvik. We accept their resignation and offer them our gratitude for their devoted service to our fledgling principality. Tir Righ would not stand so close to full principality status were it not for the hard work of Hwolf and Zelda, and we thank them for their efforts.

However, Lady Zelda has chosen to speak plainly to you about their reasons for abdicating the Guardian position and has, as an unfortunate consequence, placed us in a rather awkward position. We understand that Jarl Hwolf and Lady Zelda have issues with Countess Morgaine and others, but we now feel compelled to stress that we do not share Lady Zelda s concerns about these people. We have spent the last two weeks investigating Hwolf and Zelda s reservations about various individuals in Tir Righ, and we have found that we cannot agree with their assessments or find merit in their claims. We do not question Jarl Hwolf and Lady Zelda s right to hold whatever opinions they

chose about whatever people they chose. We simply do not share those opinions.

Ultimately, Lady Zelda herself put it quite wisely in her most recent missive to the north, and we echo her words: We believe that Tir Righ can survive the current politicking just fine, and future politics, too. Tir Righ has its own identity, and the people are strong and no one person or house is in a position to change the identity and will of the people. Or the will of the Crown, for that matter, or the will of Tir Righ s first Prince and Princess. Like An Tir itself, or any other principality in our kingdom, Tir Righ will grow and develop with the input of many Coronets, officers, and members of the populace. It is an organic process, and we have great faith that the people of Tir Righ will adapt and accept many different leaders to come.

At this time, we would like to share with you our plans for our Crown Principality, including the upcoming champion tourney in April and Tir Righ s first coronet tourney in June. We will stress that until the Board makes a decision in their next quarterly meeting, none of us knows if Tir Righ will become a full principality in June, and any tentative dates that any of us publish are ultimately guesswork. Nevertheless, we will go forward with the notion that the first coronet tourney will be in June.

Because we seem very close to our goal of full principality status, and because there is no precedent in An Tir for a position called guardian, and because no written guidelines ever materialized outlining the scope and authority of the guardian position, we have decided to discard the guardian position for now, and we, ourselves, as Crown Prince and Princess of Tir Righ, will absorb whatever powers the guardians did have. We will continue as participants in Tir Righ's financial committee, and, in concert with Seneschal Ljotr, we will oversee the work of those committees still functioning in Tir Righ. Should the Board decline to elevate Tir Righ at the April meeting, we will reassess our decision at that time.

The heavy tournament scheduled for April 26 will be a competition for a traditional heavy champion, and the winner of the tournament will be entrusted with the authority given to any other principality heavy champion in our kingdom. To simplify matters, this tournament will be a standard double- elim format. We liked Jarl Hwolf s request that all fighters present persona- appropriate documentation for their weapons; however, at this time, we are not prepared to assess that documentation, so we will drop that restriction from the tournament. (Plus His Majesty isn t sure he can even document the D-guard on his own sword as being medieval.)

The winner of April's champion tourney will be welcome to enter the Coronet in June. Heavy champions everywhere else in our kingdom are allowed to enter Crown and Coronet lists, so we see no reason to restrict the new heavy champion of Tir Righ from fighting in June s Coronet tourney. This is the other virtue of dissolving the guardian position; if guardians are "proto-princes", as King Aveloc proposed, with the same powers and scope of authority as any other prince, then, to our mind, a guardian should not have the privilege of succeeding him/herself, since the rules about non succession contain an essential check and balance common to our Society at large. But, as we say, altering the guardian tourney in April to a champion tourney will eliminate that issue.

When Tir Righ celebrates its first Coronet Tourney in June, pending Board permission, we will also go forward with a standard double-elim format with no restrictions on who may enter the lists (except for the usual caveats about SCA membership.) We look forward to seeing a wide variety of our northern An Tirans meeting in honorable combat for the privilege of serving as Tir Righ s first prince and princess. We also hope that Jarl Hwolf and Lady Zelda will feel free to enter the Coronet tournament, should health and life circumstances permit. Their love for Tir Righ is undoubted, and Tir Righ will be enriched by their presence in the lists.

The Crown will attend both the champion tournament in April and the proposed Coronet tournament in June. At April's event, we will hold an open meeting so that all who wish to voice their concerns to the Crown will have our ear. We also hope that the former members of the Northern Principality Committee will join us in that venue, so that we have a chance to thank them personally for all their efforts on Tir Righ s behalf.

Thus ends the words of Davin and Groa, Crown Prince and Princess of Tir Righ and Great Khan and Khatun of An Tir.

From the Principality Seneschal

Well we did it! At 8:30 am pst, the Society Board of Directors approved the elevation of the Crown Principality of Tir Righ to full Principality status. That means, the next Principality Event, which will be hosted by Lions Gate at the Fraser Valley Heritage Park will be a Coronet Tournament and Investiture of the first Prince and Princess of Tir Righ. Wow, what a mouthful!

That means we are looking for sponsoring branches to host Principality events. Erasmus has that covered in another part of this publication. The next three are looked after but we need all four events in 2004 to be claimed by someone. I have already forwarded Principality Event Bid forms to the Seneschals of Tir Righ, so don't be afraid to fill them in an forward them to me.

I would like to thank the Populace of Tir Righ for your support, dedication and straightforwardness over the past years that the Principality bid was being developed and decided. Without your unswerving devotion, even after a second polling, this would not have come about. Thank You!

Ljotr Einarsson AA MI JL GS


From the Kingdom Administrative Projects Deputy

I'm pleased to announce that there is a new page for An Tir Forms at: http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/forms.html

If you would like a form designed and added to this page, or revisions to an existing (numbered) form, please contact me at either lenora.is@shaw.ca or admin-projects@antir.sca.org. Note: all changes to Kingdom forms must be approved by the appropriate Kingdom Officer.

A big thanks to Mistress Elizabeth Braidwood for making this all possible.

Lenora di Calizzan, GdS

Administrative Projects Deputy, An Tir


From An Tir's Lowenmahne Herald

Good gentles, the time draws nigh when we will choose our next monarch. Many, I know, will make the pilgrimage to Wealdsmere to witness this event. What better seat can you get than being right on the eric? You can get this seat if you're a field herald!

Want to be the first to know when the Tournament starts? Be a town crier and tell everyone else!

Contrary to popular belief, previous experience is not required. Leather lungs are not required either. All I ask is that you - yes, you - volunteer to do one - that would "the next smaller number from two" town crier run or herald one round of combat on one field. A round of town crying lasts about 40 minutes. A round of heralding on the field lasts 15 to 20 minutes. That's it; that's all the time I want out of your weekend.

Volunteers for heraldry have always been a problem; many people feel that they need to be in the Secret Herald's Club or something. Wrong! If you show up at Heralds' Point and say, "I wanna volunteer to do a town crier run" - guess what? You're in! You're a herald! You may even find that you like it! You

may come back and say "I wanna do another one!" Great! You will be greatly appreciated!

If this message has moved you and you are willing to do some town crying or field heraldry, please let me know. Reply via email and tell me:

+ Your SCA name:

+ Your home branch:

+ Your estimated time of arrival on site

+ Your estimated time of departure from the site

+ Your preference, if any, for field heraldry or town crier

+ Any restrictions (i.e., not available in the afernoon, will also be

entered in the Crown Lists, whatever it may be)

If you like, you may also add:

+ Previous experience, if any

+ Home phone number

+ Mundane name

+ Requests for particular duties (i.e., you want to do morning wake-up, you want to do the last run in the evening, you want to herald the quarter/semi finals, etc.)

When you answer, please ensure your response goes as well to Ciaran Cluana Ferta <vox@xprt.net>) and Fina MacGrioghaire <gwynwhyvar@hotmail.com>). Both of these gentles will be running the heraldry on-site at May Crown.

Thank you very much for your help.

Yours aye,

Thegn Uilliam mac AillÇnn vhic SÇamus,

Lowenmahne Herald of An Tir


From the Kingdom Non-Member Surchage Deputy

Effective January 1, 2003 all Kingdoms of the Knowne Worlde were tasked with collecting an event levy on non members.

This is just a friendly reminder that if your branch holds an event where 1) you charge an admission fee or mandatory donation, and 2) run your event copy in the Crier, that event is subject to the corporate mandated Non Member Surcharge. This issue still applies, has not been rescinded, and is not debatable or avoidable. Failure to comply may have serious repercussions to your branch up to and including dissolution of your branch. (No, that isn't very friendly, but, neither is life, sometimes.)

Viscountess Callista, Kingdom Seneschal for AnTir has asked me to administer this program and accept and track branch submissions along with my Calendar duties.

This surcharge is $3 US, $4 Can. for every attending adult who can not prove membership.You are asked to collect this fee and forward it within thirty (30) days of the end of the event to me at the address listed below. I will pass these checks to the Kingdom Exchequer who will forward the aggregate to the Society main office quarterly. Along with the fees please furnish the following information:

Event Name, Event Date(s), Number attending, Number of Non Members, Total Surcharges collected.

Please make checks out to "Kingdom of AnTir, SCA Inc."

If you have issue with any of this, please refer your issue to Viscountess Callista Balgaire, Seneschale, AnTir. (contact info in The Crier). I will also be

happy to work with you to resolve any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation

Further on The NMS Policy (From The Crier)


There are four basic classes of events in AnTir, Crown, Kingdom, Kingdom sanctioned, and Local. They differ in sometimes subtle ways. In this article I shall endeavor to explain the differences, how they relate to Crier and Calendar and tie them into the new dreaded Non-Member Surcharge.

Crown events (named in AnTir law)

- May Crown Tournament; September Crown Tournament; 12th Night Coronation; July Coronations

- An Event Information Form (EIF) must be on file,

- event copy must be published in the Crier along with a calendar listing,

- Non Member Surcharge (NMS) must be levied on all full-price non-member attendees.

- No event anywhere within AnTir may conflict without specific permission from the Crown.

Kingdom events (named in AnTir law)

- Inter-Kingdom Wars; Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship; Crown Councils

- An Event Information Form must be on file

- event copy must be published in the Crier along with a calendar listing

- Non Member Surcharge must be levied on all full-price non-member attendees

- No other event may conflict with a Kingdom Event within the region or Principality where the Kingdom Event is being held.

Kingdom Sanctioned Events

Those where formal actions and announcements with long-term impact on the Kingdom may occur. This includes:

- Coronet lists & Investitures; appointment of Officers at the Principality level and up; presentation of kingdom awards and titles; proclamation of Law; the establishment or advancement of branches.

- An Event Information Form must be on file

- event copy must be published in the Crier along with a calendar listing

- Non Member Surcharge must be levied on all full-price non-member attendees.

- Conflict policies as defined are in effect.

Local events (all other "official" SCA events)

Per Corpora, "All Society events must be:

- sponsored by branches of the Society,

- registered with the Seneschal of the sponsoring branch

- publicized at least to the members of that branch

- conducted according to Society rules.

This includes everything from formal events with entrance fees to fight practice, business councils, stitch & bitch... as long as it meets the definition.

- If the group desires a calendar listing, an EIF must be submitted, otherwise not.

- Event copy is not published in the Crier but may be included in the web site calendar

- Non member Surcharge does not apply to these events.

- Conflict policies as defined are in effect.

You'll notice most events fall under the criteria for the last two classes and the significant difference is whether or not event copy is published in the Crier. The difference impacts two important factors, kingdom level business and Non-Member Surcharge. When you decide what kind of event you want to hold, it would be wise to consider these criteria.

Pyotr Constantinovich (Peter Gorshkoff)

10224 123rd St. Ct. E. #3, Puyallup, WA 98374-2602

(253)845-0375, <calendar@antir.sca.org >

From The Kingdom Royal Archer

I've been asked to seek everyone's opinions and suggestions one last time, before the final decision is made on the armor proposal. This time, please consult with your archers and your fighters and let me know what they think. There will be 30 days for feedback [Editor's note: this message was originally dated April 25], then the final draft will be made. If you have any suggestions on a different or better wording or things that should or could be changed, please let me know.


All participants on the field shall meet the minimal Society standards for a fully armoured, heavy weapons combatant. This would include combat archers, siege, scouts, banner bearers, slingers, staff slingers, axe throwers etc). It would not include marshals, water bearers or chirurgeons.
These standards can be found in the marshals handbook or online, on the Society Marshal's website here:


The only exception to this rule shall be those archers equipped with the "Archer's Gauntlet'' All missile combatants can wear two archers gauntlets. A full gauntlet is recommended for the bow hand, but not required. The "Archer's Gauntlet'' shall be a minimum of a hockey glove with the fingers cut off, so that the back of the hand and the wrist are protected. Other gauntlets such as demi- gauntlets may be used in place of the "Archer's Gauntlet'' described above,so long as they provide equivalent or greater protection.

Participants will have a maximum of 18 months to upgrade their helms to 16 gauge or better, if they need to do so. That change will be effective (date to be inserted here, once the ruling is made)

All participants will have a maximum of 6 months to upgrade any other armor that they need to fit the Society standards. That change will be effective (date to be inserted here, once the ruling is made)

In effect this means that the minimum armour for all participants:

1. that had 18 gauge helms now need to get a 16 gauge (or better)

2. Neck Armor

3. The kidney area,

4. Groin protection.

4. Hand and Wrist Armor: A minimum of 2 archers gauntlets for missile combatants.

5. Rigid knee and elbow protection.

6. All individuals will wear sturdy footwear while engaged in combat activities.

Please check the society standards for specifications on what is allowed or not.

This will replace the current heavy and light archer armour standards in the missile combat rules.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

From The Principality Archer

There has been a ruling by the Society Combat Archery Marshal banning the new egg shaped baldar blunts from the field until modifications can be made to them. Due to their tapered shape, they have been penetrating helms and impacting on fighters faces. They are currently working on a modification to solve the problem but until then they are banned from the field.

This ruling does not effect UHMW blunts, old Mk I baldars or any other type of arrow blunt. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Armsmaster Ts'ai T'ien-p'u

Royal Archer for the Principality of Tir Righ


From the Principality A&S Minister

First, congratulations to the new Principality of Tir Righ!

And also, congratulations to the First Principality Arts & Sciences Champion, The Honourable Lady Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim. The quality of the competition was awesome this year, and the runner up, Alexander, will bear watching for the future. Such promise!

Artisan's Forum at June Principality Event (previously Artisan's Display for Laurel's and Jambe's comment):

Artisans of Tir Righ (pronounced The North) are invited to display their works at the Principality Coronet Touney in June in an Artisan's Forum. Laurels and Jambes will be invited to give tokens and comments and talk to the artisans who sit with their work or work on their projects at the display.

Bring especially unfinished projects you might want to get feedback on, or new work you are especially proud of. Old work is good too.

We will be working with the autocrats to get space on the eric for our display so let me know if you are planning to come to we can reserve space for you.

In Service

Aelana Cordovera

(604) 876-9105, <northern-artsci@antir.sca.org>

Upcoming Events in the North

Event, date
branch (place)


~~ * ~~
Demo, 10 May, 2003

Danscombe (Kelowna, BC)

*** HELP NEEDED ****

A Kelowna demo event that we expected to draw 2000 spectators throughout the day, turns out is being forecast at drawing upwards of 20,000! And we need help.

Coordinated by Parks Alive! in Kelowna, the Cultural District Launch "open house" covers nearly six square blocks. The SCA has been asked to take part in it. They have given us a very large grassy area right beside the main stage for the event.

We are part of the planned entertainment for the day, with Armoured and Rapier fighters, and Dancers rotating with other performers. (exact times will be announced prior to the event) The information for this event will be published this week in the EVENTS! newspaper, published throughout the Okanagan.

We need YOU!

- We have two pavilions and two sunshades so far, but we beg you to bring your pavilion to add to the "encampment" - there is lots of room. (We can use 10" spikes in the grass)

- A&S is whatever you wish to display, or bring a project to work on.

- Armoured and Rapier will be "demo style"; emphasis on style and show

- Dancing will have two entertainment dances; most likely Black Nag & Hole in the Wall, and two audience participation; Saracens & Montarde. Kelowna is supplying a professional sound system for our use!

DETAILS: Cultural District Launch demo - May 10, 2003 (Parks Alive), Arts Common Area - Kelowna, 10AM - 5PM. The location for Cultural District Launch is in the "Arts Common". To get there you would go down Hwy. 97, turn onto Water Street, and then turn right on Cawston Avenue (the road right before SkyReach Place). The Arts Common is the grassy area on the right hand side, in between the Kelowna Art Gallery and the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

- Day long event with scheduled rotation of all activities

- A Period encampment will be set up with A&S displays, information etc.

- Strong emphasis on period encampment, period garb, demo fighting, A&S display and mingling with the public to answer their questions.

Set-up begins at 9:00 am on the day for pavilions and the list field.

If you can attend, or have any questions, please email Danescombe's Chatelaine Keinna, <keinna_ds@canada.com>, or Sevrin de Savage <sevrin@canada.com>

~~ * ~~
Artisan's Display at May Crown 16-18 May, 2003

Barony of Wealdsmere Spokane, WA

Do you have a spiffy project that you've been working on that you would like to show to other people? Would you like to perform that piece you've been working on this winter to an appreciative knowledgeable audience? Do you want to get help with that project that's got you at an impasse or find ways to improve it the next time round or maybe even for Kingdom A&S?
Come show your endeavors in the Arts and Sciences at May Crown on Saturday at the Artisans' Display (aka Laurels' Prize Tourney). We encourage you to bring works-in-progress or recently completed projects.


I would like to encourage those displaying objects to sign up ahead of time so we can provide adequate space and let people know what kind of things will be on display (you can show up at the event, but we'd really appreciate the heads up so we can plan the space out). If your piece does not fit on a table please let me know your requirements. It is also recommended that you sign up for your Bardic Presentation ahead of time. Make sure that you're there by 1:30 pm so we can get started on time and fit everyone's presentations in. You may perform outside the scheduled Bardic time, but do not expect silence from the other activities.

Both displayers and performers should bring a cover sheet. This is an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, with a brief description of the piece, including where, when and in what culture it would have existed, your name, branch and contact information, along with a photograph of yourself (preferably showing the piece as well). The cover sheets will be kept by the organiser. Besides the cover sheet you may bring documentation or handouts about the work, tools or materials that you used, and business cards (or equivalent) to share your contact info with interested visitors. You will be given a chapbook for comments, either general or detailed critiques. Note that if you choose the critique chapbook you are agreeing to hear specific criticism of your object or performance. Those giving critiques will identify themselves and provide contact information. You should bring your own goblet, snacks and chair.

All times tentative!

Noon-1:00 p.m. Setup at the A&S Pavilion. Please bring your work by 12:30 p.m. along with a cover sheet.

12:30-1:00 p.m. Polaroids taken for those who have not provided photos with their cover sheets. Please make sure your contact information is noted down.

1:00 p.m. Display open to the populace.

2:00-3:00 p.m. Bardic presentations. Bardic presentations will take place in a separate area near the A&S Pavilion.

4:00-4:30 p.m. Takedown. Please make sure you pick up your pieces as they will be unattended after 4:30

For further information or to sign up contact me at <tamlyn@gte.net> or

(425) 880-6209

~~ * ~~
Dregate Horse Faire, 30 May -1 June 2003

Dregate (Okanogan, WA)

While pirates and rogues gather at the Fur and Feather Tavern, the folk of Dregate invite the equestrians of AnTir and neighboring kingdoms to the first Dregate Horse Faire. This year's theme is "High Lawyers and Heroes," and celebrates those nobly born bandits of 15th and 16th Century England, known modernly as "highwaymen."

Event features an IKEQ course, and a theme challenge course. Take the field as High Lawyers or as those oft-vilified officers of the Law whose task was to curb these popular heroes.

This event held in conjunction with Fur and Feather Tavern. Saturday evening, we will gather in the Tavern for hearty repast, and for recounting the day's exploits.

HORSE RENTAL INFO: $55/ day. Please call Maggie 509-476-3365 until 11pm, or email gilrent@bossig.com for reservations and payment information.

SITE INFO: Okanogan County Fairgrounds, 175 Rodeo Trail Rd. Okanogan WA.98840. Site opens at 4pm Friday May 30th and closes at 5pm Sunday June 1st.

SITE FEE: $10/adult, $5/under 15 SCA member; $13/adult, $8/under 15 non-member. Site fee includes dinner at Tavern. Stalls available for haul-ins: $10/night, self-care; bedding supplied, hay bag & water bucket required. Make site fee checks only to: SCA, Inc. Shire of Dregate. Checks for horse rental accepted in the wrangler's name only. Call for information.

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to Okanogan WA. Hwy 97 runs north and south. Take the second Okanogan exit to the west from either direction, and go to stop sign, Rodeo Trail Rd. Turn right, follow road one mile. Fairgrounds are on the left, and well marked at above turns.

And there will plenty for those not at home on four legs to do as well, I am assured!

AUTOCRAT: Osorgarow the dredful of Karakorum (Kim Jacobs), 106 Locust Ave. Tonasket, WA. 98855 509-486-1021 until 10pm <odredful@hotmail.com>

EMIC: Lord Khaidu, <constable@antir.sca.org>

~~ * ~~

Workshop Weekend II, 30 May - 1 Jun, 2003

Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)

Call For Interested Instructors

This weekend provides an excellent opportunity, for members of the SCA, to share their skills with other members of the society. As with last year we are looking forward to offering as wide a range of classes as possible in the areas of Arts, Sciences, Archery, Rapier and Heavy Combat.

Our beautiful setting lends itself to a remote weekend away with excellent facilities and yet within just minutes of all the amenities of the modern mundane world. Many of you will be aware of our shire's reputation for excellent weekend meal plans that blend traditional meals with dietary needs and restrictions.

If you are willing and interested in instructing a class during this weekend, please provide the following information to the Autocrats, as soon as you can. Course information and registration forms will be available for 17 March ASXXXVIII. Please see the shire's website for ongoing updates etc.

Instructor Information: Your Name & Titles; Name of Class; Class Description; Length of Class (suggested 2 Hr increments); Cost of Materials provided by yourself (handouts); Materials students need to bring;

SITE: Vernon Tillicum Girl Guide Camp

AUTOCRATS: Taliesin & Topher, (250) 860 -9976, <taliesin_of_krakenfjord@shaw.ca>

~~ * ~~

SeaLion War, 6-8 June, 2003

Seagirt (Duncan, BC)

The annual clash of forces between the Barony of Seagirt and the Barony of Lions Gate will occur June 6-8

SITE: A Farmer's Field, Duncan BC. Site opens: 2:00 pm Friday, Site closes: 3:00 pm Sunday

For War Points and Directions, please go to the SeaLion War webpage at:

MERCHANTS: Merchant fee is $5.OO CAD or the minimum equivalent value in goods. We cannot guarantee space in the market for anyone who does not register before June 4, 2003. To register, contact: Lady Antonia Fraser, (250) 598-9978, <antoniawench@shaw.ca>


- Pets are allowed, with strict leash laws. This is a farm, and there will be livestock in the neighbouring field. We don't care how well trained you think Rover is, he needs to be on a leash at all times. Pet owners are responsible for disposing of their pet's waste.

- There will be a bin for garbage.

- Site is a grazing pasture - be prepared to do a puckey patrol of your chosen campsite.

- Site is primitive, and while there will be some wash water available, at this time we cannot guarantee potable water so please bring your own drinking water.

- Site is damp - period containers only please.

- Please use enclosed candle lanterns (not open flame) for lighting purposes. If local fire hazard conditions are favourable, brazier fires and tiki torches will be permitted. If allowed, braziers need to be a minimum 12" above ground, and all those with braziers and tiki torches need to have sufficient water or sand for fire suppression or a fire extinguisher close by. Dispose of cold brazier contents in garbage bag, not on the ground.

- Smoking is in your own encampment *with an ashtray* and at bardic areas with permission of bardic attendees. This is a grazing pasture - NO butts on the ground.

AUTOCRAT: Lord Ming Lum Pee (Terrance Lam), (250) 592-9119, <kinematic@mac.com>

Because I Can.....

.... Still More "You Know You're in The SCA When...."

... looking at a wicker chair makes you want to cry because it is a waste of good rattan

... you think "spear the beer", "clench a wench/squeeze a squire" and "Norse stickball" should be added to the Extreme Olympics as events

... the words "lay on" doesn''t make you want to take a nap but instead gives you an adrenaline rush

... you have ever been a part of or judged a "Wet Chemise" contest

... an old Econoline Van or travel trailer looks like a good investment

... you dress and look like you belong to the "Hell's Angels" motorcycle gang but do embroidery needlework in public (double the points if you don''t care that people see you do this)

... a 350 pound lady walks by you in Arabian courtesan or belly dancing garb and you don''t even think twice about it

... "Value Village" becomes one of your favourite shopping places

... you plan an entire weekend's trip just so you can get to the stores with the inexpensive silks, discontinued findings for jewellery and/or woodworking, leather supplies and IKEA.

... you invite half-a-dozen people to come with you on that shopping trip

... you're in the Navy, you've come back from a six-month deployment, and when the ship comes along side, you're summoned by name to the small arms locker to get your souvenirs

... you can't remember the year you bought something, but you do remember who was King at the time

... when you ask your mom if you can come up to sew and she comments "12th Night is coming up, is it?"

... you walk into the fabric store and the staff asks you what kind of fabric you need for your next garb

... you can wear 4+ layers of clothing, a cloak and a belt... and not get an article of them wet while using the restroom. .....and you're a guy....

... the only reason you get an internet account in the first place is in order to read the Rialto. [Editor's Note: This one was dated 5 Apr 1995; those were the days,eh?]

Compendium of Resources

Their Majesties of An Tir,
Prince and Princess Of The North
Sir Davin Steingrimsson & Groa
(Damon Hill & Gretchen Hubbert)
1520 NE 102nd, Seattle, WA, USA, 98125

Scourge Of The North (Heavy Champion)
Sir Keron Azov

Scar Of The North (Rapier Champion)
Maestro Guidobaldo d'Aquilla

Scorer Of The North (Archery Champion)

Scholar Of The North (Arts & Sciences)
HL Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim

Skald Of The North (Bardic Champion)
Lady Bernadette Ard Eibhlinn

Directory of Officers

Principality Officers
Seneschal: HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck),
1205-25th Ave., Vernon, BC, V1B 2C3, Ph:

Chronicler: HL Erasmus the Traveller
(Warren R. Edge), 1283 Park Terrace,
Victoria, BC, V9A 4Z2, Ph: (250) 380-9947

Arts & Sciences: HL Aelana Cordovera
(Sharon Burrows), 2621 St.George St.,
Vancouver, BC, V5T 3R5, Ph: (604) 876-
9105 <northern-artsci@antir.sca.org>

Chatelaine: Signora Angela Fracassa (Eva
Hartkopf), #207-720 Queens Ave., New
Westminster, V3M 1L6, Ph: (604) 777-1749

Chirurgeon: HL Aaron of the Black
Mountains(Robert B. LePine), #5-7576
Humpfries Ct., Burnaby, BC, V3N 3E9, Ph:
(604) 524-2824

Constable: Lady Johanna Katarina
Morgenstochter (Marion Felgenhauer), #202-
46210 Chilliwack Central Rd., Chilliwack, BC,
V2P 1P8, (604) 795-9611

Exchequer: HL Eriu of Tlachtga (Tricia
LePine) [see Chirugeon Lisitng]
Ph: (604) 524-2824

Herald: HL Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna (Heather
Rowe), 72 Starling, Kitimat, BC, V8C 1K5, Ph:
(250) 639-9301

Marshal: Sir Throvald Hwolfson(Mark
Vermette), #3254-272B St., Aldergrove, BC,
V4W 3H8, Ph: (604) 607-0080

Rapier Marshal: Don Diarmuid de Rosas (Sean
Irwin), 14129 -68th Ave., Surrey, BC, V3W
2H3, Ph: (604) 591-1818

Archery Marshal: Ts'ai T'ien-P'u (Jaime
Tiampo), 2424 Lincoln Rd., Victoria, BC, V8R
6A4, Ph: (250) 744-4885

Minister of Lists: Lady Caitrin ni Cingeadh
(Janice Jackson), #12159-222nd St., Maple
Ridge, BC, V2X 5W4, Ph: (604) 466-0654

Waterbearer: Gera Ginevra Orlandini

(Kimberly Montminy); 9336-155A Street,

Surrey BC V3R 9B7; Ph: (604) 328-7386


Branches of The Principality of Tir Righ

Shire of Appledore (Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)
Seneschal: George of Mangledwords (George Cornish)
(250) 495-7715 <gcornish@direct.ca>

Shire of Cae Mor (Kitimat, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Tadgg OhAolain (John Rowe)
(250) 639-9301 <tadgg@telus.net>

Incipient Shire of Coill Mhor (100 Mile House, BC)
Seneschal: Finnlaech MacGillandrias (Cameron Ross)
(250) 397-2151 <finlaech @coillmohr.com>

Shire of Cragmere (Campbell River, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Kjartan kraka (Jamie Prowse)
(250) 335-1599 <j_amazon@island.net>

Port of Crickstow-on-Sea (CFB Esquimalt, BC)
Seneschal: Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffyd (Tom Pilcher)
(250) 995-8526 <tpilcher@shaw.ca>

Shire of Danscombe (Kelwona, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Enoch Sutherland
(250) 490-2787 <jarrodandkaren@yahoo.ca>

Shire of Dregate (Omak, WA)
Seneschal: HL Killian Carrick (Kelly Cericker)
(509) 422-5101

Shire of Eisenmarche (Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows, BC)
Seneschal: HL Eric of Clan Smith (Norm Nelson)
(604) 942-9412 <nan@telus.ca>

Shire of False Isle (Powell River, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Rhyannan of Pembroke Castle
(604) 485-7234 <ladyrhyannan@shaw.ca>

Shire of Frozen Mountain (West Kootenays, BC)
Seneschal: HL Evangelina du Lac (Janette Mulloy)

Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Kineburh (Tracey Paisley)
(250) 754-7971 <kineburh@hotmail.com>

Shire of Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)
Seneschal: Hengst the Saxon (Mike Hamm)
(250) 503-7902 <dirtysaxondog@yahoo.ca>

Shire of Lionsdale (Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC)
Seneschal: Don Kieran Gunn (Kevin Manson)
(604) 556-0887 <kierangunn@shaw.ca>

Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)
Seneschal: HE Padraign O'Bhuadhiagh (Patricia O'Donnell)
(604) 861-0899 <Seneschale@shaw.ca>

Shire of Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC)
Seneschal: Wren (Jenna Ditrich)
(250) 319-9867 <wrenshenna@hotmail.com>

Shire of Ravensweir (Quesnel & Williams Lake,BC)
Seneschal: Lady Rowan (Brenda Miller)
(250) 992-7265 <rowan@quesnelbc.com>

Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: HL Lenora di Calizzan (Tammi Hayes)
(250) 474-5602 <lenora.is@shaw.ca>

Shire of Shittimwoode (Bellingham - Whatcom CO., WA)
Seneschal: Floralyn, Fern of Dale (Flora Shannon)
(360) 384-0547 <pmacbrian@earthlink.net>

St. Giles College (University of Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: Niniane Greenlaw (Andrea McVean)
(250) 920-7710 <aemcvean@uvic.ca>

Shire of Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC)
Seneschal: Tewl Gover orth Kernow (Douglas Jeffery)
(250) 846-5290 <cardinal@bulkley.net>