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  {===========}         #84 June, AS XXXVIII (2003, C.E.)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Principality
of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative
Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the
SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is
available by subscription through the Chronicler.
Subscriptions are $2/yr. More information is available on
the Northern Sentinel Website: http://north.antir.sca.org/sentinel/
Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any
given individual once only as a sample. Any other
distribution is theft and harms the Principality.
- Event Calendar
- By The Light of A Northern Star
- From the ...
... Seneschal
... Web-Minister
... Chirurgeon
... WaterBearer
... A&S Minister
... Regent of Ithra
... Principality Songbook
- A Brief History of Tir Righ or Perhaps, just of the Northern Sentinel....?
- Officers of the Principality, Crown Principality, and Region through the years
- Past championship events and Champions
- Blasts From The Past
- Upcoming Events in Tir Righ
- Because I Can...
- Compendium of Resources


6-8 SeaLion War, Seagirt, Duncan, BC
6-8 Griffin's Gate Champions, Krakfjord Vernon, BC
14-15 Coronet & Investiture, Lions Gate, Mission, BC
20-22 Champions Tourney, Lionsdale Chilliwack, BC
27-29 Highland/Fjord War, Dregate, Omak, WA

2-6 An Tir/West War, Summits, TBA
4-6 Mermaid's Tourney, False Isle, Powell River, BC
4-6 Fields of Gold, Tir Bannog, Smithers, BC
10 PJ Party Meets The Mummy, Appledore Oliver, BC
11-13 War of The Ravens, Hartwood, Port Alberni, BC
18-20 July Coronation, Blatha An Oir, Tacoma, WA
25-27 Sergeant/Gallant Trials, Seagirt, Victoria, BC

15-17 Homecoming, Danscombe Kelowna, BC
15-17 SST, Seagirt, Victoria, BC
15-17 S/Y/G Trials, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC
22-24 Warren War, Shittimwoode, Bellingham, WA
22-24 Holmgang VIII, Krakafjord, Vernon, BC
23 Anniversary Tourney, Cragemere Campbell River, BC
29-31 Crown Tourney, Borealis, Edmonton, AB

5-7 Birthday Bash, Hartwood, Nanaimo, BC
5-7 September Revel, Dregate, Omak, WA
5-7 Summer's End / Ithra, Ravensweir, Quensel, BC
13-14 Coronet Tourney, Danscombe, Kelowna, BC
26-28 Kingdom Bardic, Wyewood, S.King Co., WA

10-13 Golden Swan, Appledore Oliver, BC

22-23 Principality Investiture, Shittimwoode, Bellingham, WA

By The Light of A Northern Star....

I think I used the "What A Long Strange Trip It's
Been" riff before. But it's certainly appropo now.
I've been spending several hours at the computer
this week, getting the bare bones of this issue
together before the deadline. And going through my
archives. Eighty-four issues over eleven years. As
a matter of fact, eleven years ago this month; we
start our 12th year of publication with this very
issue.. Just one more wonderful bit of symmetry and
serendipity that has ben the hallmark of this week.
You just wouldn't believe all of it. Or maybe you
would. You'll be reading these words anywhere between
three days and three weeks after I've actually written
them, which is always a problem for columnists. And a
lot of you won't get it until the actual event, where
I'll be hawking individual issues. I decided to blow
my budget on this one, you see, so might as well go
completely crazy! Magazine-sized. Colour photographs.
Fancy paper, even. Okay, maybe just a colour cover,
and magazine-sized. No need to go completely crazy
about this.<p>

Besides there's budgets, and then there are budgets.
I mean, wait until you see the regalia. Man, it's
just going to be so wild! And of course, that all
cost money. A lot of it is being donated by
individuals and/or branches, but some of it is being
picked up by the Principality itself. Remember the
FUNdraising event a couple of years back? Well, time
to start using that money.....<p>

As you will see a little later on, the whole thing
got started back in May of 1990, with an open letter
to An Tir, written by Baron Gerhard. A year later,
the first newsletter was published. And it just went
from there. Do you know What was happening in the
first half of 1990? Thorin and Angharad were our King
and Queen, and Gunarr and Gabrielle were about to
embark on their first reign (the first in a strange
series of coincidences that have cropped up over the
years). The First Gulf War was just over six short
months in the future. Jean Auel's Plains of Passage
was the best-seller of the year, and Dances With
Wolves would walk off with the Best Picture Oscar.
On TV, we were glued to Ken Burns' The Civil War on
PBS, but we were actually more interested in watching
Cheers, or Seinfeld (which started that year). Oh,
and Bush Sr. was in his third year in the White House
another one of those little coincidences......<p>

Want to get even a little weirder? Got a couple for
you: First, when the original Principality Committee
stood itself up, our King was Davin, although he ruled
with Octavia Laodice Hybrida Africanus then. And how
about the month that the first issue of what would
eventually become the Northern Sentinel came out? Our
Crown Prince and Princess were Gunarr and Gabrilelle.....<p>

I suppose, if you keep digging far enough, you'll find
all these little cross-connections that can only be
serendipity. I mean, it can only be coincidence that
the infamous "Letter" written by Steffano that grew
into what we started calling "The Petition" was penned
during Davin & Groa's first reign? Right? Right?<p>

It's been a long and strange trip for many of us. I
first got into the Principality thing when I started
to realize just how big we were as a Kingdom back in
'94, during the first Heavy Championship. I started
getting more involved even after being thrown into
what I assumed was the deep-end of An Tirian politics
by becoming Seagirt's Seneschal (little did I know
then, lemme tell ya!). Hey, it was my Lady-Wife,
Aliena Searover, who created the very first name &
device ballot, back in the early part of '95 (the
ballot was in the Mar/Apr issue of that year). Some
of us recall the Sea-Panther and Bat-winged Sea-Lion
with a certain amount of whimsy; others would prefer
that that particular mess never be mentioned again.
That Clinton, '95 (before the rain started) was a
meeting about not just the name and device question,
but about the entire Principality idea. I met many
intriguing people that weekend Master Fiacha MacNeil;
Vlad, the then Regional Herald; Yolande, and a whole
bunch of others.<p>

The process seemed to be picking up steam, and there
was a fair amount of enthusiasm happening. Of course,
it couldn't last....<p>

Mundane life kept me busy in that middle-period, but
I was always interested in the question. When the name
& device process were started again in '97 -- and
dragged on through '98 -- I'll admit that I held little
hope for the outcome. A decision of sorts was reached
in August of '98, but within days of the announcement,
it became clear that it was still going to be a long
haul, as the device was found to conflict with the
Prince of Atenveldt's, and the name was already in use
mundanely. Not an easy road at all.<p>

And the road was no less easy for the creation of the
NPC. Appointed instead of applied for and voted upon.
Expected to lead by some, and to follow by others. For
some of us, it was somewhat rarefied air, hob-nobbing
with Peers and Royalty. And Steffano. But once we
understood exactly what our purpose was supposed to be
and let me tell you that what a lot of the populace
wanted us to do and what The Crown wanted us to do
were not even in the same league, let alone the same
ballpark! -- there was never any real looking back.
I was already a member of the NPC when I took the
position of The Regional/Crown
Principality/Principality Chronicler. It should
have come as no surprise that it was something of
a vehicle for pro-Principality voices (although
EB promised me a never-delivered "Why we Shouldn't
Become a Principality" article) it had pretty much
always been in the hands of a "pro-" voice from the
first issue. Indeed, it was one of the reasons for
its creation, back in '92.<p>

But now, that day is nearly upon us. And I too see an
end to my part, not only in helping to get there, but
in hanging about after the fact. It's been a long
three years, the last two doing this job on top of it.
It's time for someone new to step up, a fresh voice,
with fresh ideas, and no political horse to ride.
Someone to look after the care and feeding of a new
Principality. And not only a new Chronicler is needed
a new WebMaster is, too. The onus of keeping all the
communication lines open in our new reality is not
heavy, but it is imperative that they be cared for. If
you're interested me, let me know.<p>

In the meantime, I'm going to go and start packing
there's a Coronet Tourney to get ready for......<p>

Lord Erasmus the Traveller, GdS
From The Principality Seneschal

I am presently looking for someone who would like to
look after new branches within the Principality. This
person would be the liaison between the New Branch and
the Principality, (along with the sponsor of course),
whose responsibility would be to make sure the
appropriate documentation (forms) is submitted on time
to the right person as well as answering any questions
from the new branch. Basically to assist the Chatelaine
in getting new groups to full status.You would also
be working with the Kingdom New Branch Deputy.
If you feel you have the stuff to fulfill this position,
please drop me a line. I will be taking applications
until 21 Jun 03.
Thank You,
Ljotr Einarsson AA MI JL GS
Seneschal, Principality of Tir Righ

From The Principality Web-Minister

Thanks entirely to the enthusiasm and hard work of
Lord Quentin d'Or, my new deputy, the Principality web
http://north.antir.sca.org/ have been
streamlined for what we hope will be easier access and
This update added no content but that will be the next
project. If you have any electronic documents relating
to the past, present or even the future of the
Principality please let me know.
You do not even need to have the document available
electronically (although that would be nice.) Also
do not forget the CODEX BOREUM (Northern Book), a
web resource for residents of the Principality.

Duncan Macquarrie,
Principality Web Minister

From The Principality Chirurgeon

Due to irreconcilable differences between the present
Kingdom Chirurgeon, I have submitted my resignation
as Tir Righ's Principality Chirurgeon and have had it
accepted as May 19th.
I have enjoyed the friendships and years of events as
a Chirurgeon and am truly sorry that I can not support
the present Kingdom Chirurgeon in the performance of
her Office.
My best wishes are with the An Tir Chirurgeonate in
the future.

All Tir Righ Chirurgeons are now to report directly to
the Kingdom Chirurgeon who can be contacted at:
Kingdom Chirurgeon,
Lady Brg ingen Beth in, MC
c/o Wendy Showell
6407 SE Nathan Court
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Thank you to all the gentle folk who have made my term
as a regional and Principality Chirurgeon an enjoyable

In service


From The Principality WaterBearer

With summer tourney season well upon us, as well as
our fledgling principality approaching its new cycle
of events, I am attempting to organize waterbearing
supplies at the principality level. It is my
understanding that we are starting from the ground
up (but if somebody knows of dormant principality
waterbearing equipment please let me know!!!) and
luckily the most needed supply is the one most easily
supplied: bottles and pop tops.
So this is my request to all within the Crown
Principality of Tir Righ, please start saving your
one and two-liter pop/water bottles as well as sports
tops to donate to the principality. I will have a bin
at our first Coronet event to receive your donations.
We are also working on a fundraiser in order to
provide the Principality with a waterbearer sunshade,
as well as a table or two and other equipment as needed.
I will keep you all posted on this. Many thanks to the
individuals and branches who have thus far offered to
help with equipment!
A few thoughts on waterbearing:
To the fighters: Why are fighters prone to dehydration
and heat injury?? Very simply put, it's partly because
their natural air conditioning is not allowed to work
properly. Normally when you sweat, air hits it, it
evaporates, and you become cooler. Even if you're
sweating like crazy when you fight, your sweat does
not evaporate properly and consequently does not cool
your body down. The overheating of your body is a
contributing factor to heat injury. Remember to drink
at least two to four ounces every twenty minutes. This
will keep the chirurgeons happy, as they will not have
to treat you for heat injury.
To the waterbearers: As volunteers that are greatly
needed, you have my thanks! Your help is always
appreciated and I'd like to offer suggestions that
will also keep you happy as a waterbearer. Remember
to dress appropriately: light clothes are best, we
do not want you to get overheated anymore than we want
that for the fighters. Good footwear is a must,
especially if you are waterbearing on difficult
terrain. Last but not least, always wear sunscreen,
especially on overcast days when the lack of visible
sunshine is very misleading. You are doing yourself a
disservice if you get a sunburn while volunteering.
To the populace: Often we are approached by members
of the populace who seem to think that they are
imposing when they ask for us for water. Please do not
think this! It is the waterbearers' responsibility to
provide water to everyone. On the other end of the
spectrum though, sometimes it has been announced in
the event copy that there is no water on site. We
will always welcome water at Waterbearer's Point if
you have any to spare... and we still won't send you
away thirsty if you come empty handed!

Gera Ginevra Orlandini

From The Principality A&S Minister

Greetings from Aelana
Congratulations on our achievement of Principality
status, which I am still spelling phonetically as
North. We held our Arts & Sciences Championship on
April 27 & 28, were blessed with mostly dry weather,
and the resources of Antir's A&S Minister Linnet
Kestrel for pavilion and tables. We had two superb
entries with Alexander-Philippe de Bergerac as
runner up and Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim as our new
Principality Arts & Sciences Champion. I will be
writing in more detail in future to help autocrats
plan for an A&S Contest, but briefly the requirements
are a weather safe environment big enough for tables,
displays, chairs for judges and room for the populace
to observe and walk by the displays. We will also be
asking their Majesties permission to begin judging
before court so that your Minister has time for dinner
before the Officer's Meeting. The next Principality
event will be on June 15 and I am planning an Artisan's
Forum. This is an opportunity for Beginning and
Intermediate Artisan's to show their work for Laurel,
Jambe and general Populace comment. Folks are
encouraged both to put work into the display and
provide tokens of esteem for work they admire. A
coin, a bead, a ribbon, nothing too elaborate, just
a token of your esteem. The requirements for a display
or Artisan's Forum are a large space, with tables and
a chair for the Artisan to sit with their work and
discuss it with passing gentles. With documentation
optional, weather sensitive displays can be indoors
or more hardy works can be shown in a tent or sunshade.
Documentation is completely optional for the Artisans
Forum, but please put your name with your work. You
may sit with your work and talk with your admirer's
or ask advice. This is meant for people who are afraid
their work "isn't good enough" or "isn't finished" so
bring it along and show it off. Its a good chance to
network with other Artisans who have been hiding in
their workshops all winter.
It looks like we will be in the Cloisters, so bring
your weather hardy works to display. The Barter Box
will be on site so you can make tokens to participate.
We are looking forward to the Champion's Display in
September and the Guild Fair in November. Now that
we are a Principality the Artisans of the North are
really getting organized. The new Northern Guilds
Deputy is Corinne Hennenberg, reporting Deputy is
Magdalen of Haphazard Manor, contests and display
deputy is Brighid Anraithand communications deputy is
Elinor. Come by and meet them on June 15 at the
Cloisters I look forward to working with them in the

Aelana Cordovera, MI, AA, J de L, Golden Swan, LA, LS,
Arts & Sciences Minister, Principality of Tir Righ

From The Regent of Ithra

Yes, it is that time again, when I ask all of you if
anyone is interested in teaching at Clinton this year.
July 28 - August 1 - Clinton Work Week.
August 2/3 - Clinton War

Will you be at the War? Want to teach at Clinton?
We're looking for instructors now. Classes during
the Work Week ( July 28 - August 1) can be
anything from 1 hour to 5 days long. It is up to

Classes during the War Weekend (August 2 & 3) are
limited to 2 hours. All classes must be able to be
taught in a tent or out of doors. Want to teach?
Want more information. Please contact
Baroness Amanda Kendal
1192 Shavington Street,
North Vancouver V7L lK9
Ph: (604)988-0304
eMail - <kendal@lightspeed.ca>


The Principality Songbook

Hear ye, Hear ye!
After many travels, long searches, hours of scribalry,
compilling information, translating sanscrit - it is

The Book shall be called "The Official Songboke for
Tir Righ". This mighty songbook has taken over 2
years to build. It will a 200 page songbook including
music / chords (where possible), documentation /
biographies for SCAdian bards, resources used for the
book, 5 pages of Index, tips for bards and bardics,
guidelines and philosophies for bards and bardic

Books can now be sold pre-sale for and at Investiture
for $25 CDN and be ready for pickup on Friday
Afternoon, Saturday and Sunday of the Coronet /
Investiture event (June 13 - 15, 2003). All profits
from this fundraising tool will go to coffers for
Tir Righ. Only 100 copies available before and after
the event so order yours now!

Email Azure MacGregor at azure_347@yahoo.com or call
her direct at (604)936-7003 (home) (778)868-2341
(cell - message) Or contact Yolanda via email at

In service to work,
Azure MacGregor
HL/Aurora's Arts Champion

A Brief History of Tir Righ or Perhaps, just of the
Northern Sentinel....?

In the waning days of the reign of Gunnar II and
Gabrielle II (wow, talk about symmetry, eh?), The
Northwestern Region was created. This area included
all that we now call Tir Righ, as well as the branches
of Aquaterra, Baltha an Oir, Dragons Laire, Fire
Moutnatin Keep, Glymm Mere, the original Lionsdale,
Madrone, Midhaven, Port de l'Eau, Silverthorne,
Skywater, St. Bunstable and Wisdom's Keep. And even
as the first issue of "The Northwestern Regional
Newsletter" came out in June AS XXVII (1992), the
rumours were already flying that the region was about
to be split up into three. That first newsletter was
put out by Viscountess Maelen, EB and Kelinda Garret
(who were both Gouttes at the time). And in keeping
with our second (or is it third?) favourite pass-time,
we started talking about names. Like to hear a few of
the very first suggestions, just for history's sake?
How about "Cludland" (Old Eng, "Cloudland"), or
"Greymist" or "Nordsmarka" one suggestion was
"Cornusland", taken from the Latin for Dogwood,
Keep these in mind, we'll be coming back to the name
questions again later. Regularly, even.

By the July issue, the Northwestern Region had become
the Northern, Western and Oceans Regions. The line
was drawn essentially where it is now, between
Shittimwoode and Midhaven, but Seagirt and Hartwood
were a separate reporting region (although they were
both still listed in the branches for The North. One
of the golden tid-bits from this issue was the note
that in old Anglo-Saxon, the word "hordweard" means
"guardian of treasure, king, heir, first-born" What
an interesting title for a Prince.....
August saw a couple more names get offered: An Bealach
(the way, road), and Cris Farraige (Beside the sea).
September, saw a hand-written note under the September
Crown Event Copy saying, "It's snowing in Borealis!
Uh-oh." Crown was being held, of course, in Borealis
that year. It was noted that Clinton War that year was
won by Montengarde, and that the bake-house was in its
second year of production (mmmmmm, sticky-buns....).
And to give you an idea of just how young we all were,
did you know there were only four triple Peers in all
of An Tir then? The fifth was made that Clinton:
Viscount Sir Scellanus of Skye. And on a sad note,
the original Lionsdale slipped away quietly this
October was the first month that the newsletter then
still un-named offered yearly subscriptions as opposed
to a month-by-month charge. Reports told us that there
were 22,000 SCA members, and the names "Cascadia",
"Fjordland" and "Terra Nova" were offered up for the
region. There was also information about the polling
that was done via Tournaments Illuminated #103 a
proposal about combining all three peerages as
"Knighthoods" November came with no name for the
newsletter yet, although such suggestions as The
Kelinda-Elizabeth-Maelen Newsletter were suggested.
Okay, not very seriously, but it was. So was The
Naked North, Storm Warnings, The Northern Region Happy
Fun Book and The Highly Secret and Covert Monthly.
Device suggestions started to crop up, and new names
for the Region were suggested; the most memorable
being "Norse by Norse West". It was also reported
that James the Tormentor (aka, Master James Llewellyn
ap Gruffyd) had returned from The East.
No, truly; this was big news at the time!
December saw the report of Mistress Mercia (Meresigha)
of Shittimwoode had successfully completed the Golden
Swan trials in Appledore, and our first Chatelaine
was announced Megan Althea of Glengariff. Still no
name for the newsletter though. Midhaven and Aquaterra
were brought back into the Region.


Somewhere during this year, Seagirt and Hartwood were
returned to the region, after the dissolution of the
Oceans' Region not that they had ever left the branch
The New Year saw a listing of all the suggested
Regional names on the cover including such memorable
ones as Gaul, Hesperia, Land of the Icy Roads,
Janeltis, Nova Arcadia, Saxagelati, Tir Na Nagth and
53 other suggestions. Newsletter names were also
suggested, including some new ones like Valhalla's View
and, GarCottWood, and The Cedar Chronicle. Minutes of
the first Officers Meeting (held in October at
Ramsgaard's Freeze-Off Tourney) were published. EB was
trying hard to not become the Chronicler, but got talked
into it. It was decided that regional officer meetings
were going to try to be held every two months. Try not
to laugh too hard.
Rumour of the month: Aquaterra was going to try to
become a Province, instead of a Barony.
And the first YKYITSCAW appeared: "...When you ask for
paper bags instead of plastic at the supermarket,
because you can't make garb patterns out of plastic
February: Still no name. Royal Patrons first make their
appearance in An Tir. Megan Althea was made a member of
the Order of the Pelican at 12th Night, in a very unusal
ceremony (that report is re-printed elsewhere this
March. No name this month. The minutes from the January
Officer's Meeting at Ursulmas noted a concerted effort
to get both the Regional and Newsletter names nailed
down by April (if they only knew....!). Standardized
reporting dates first instituted. 46 copies of the
newsletter sent each month; 30 of them paid
subscriptions. And some serious discussion about a
Regional Name started, with a "letter to the editor"
from HL Ari Gudlifson (also reprinted in this issue).
April. No name yet. Regional name debate on-going, and
the complete list(s) went to the branches for comment.
52 issues going out every month. Reports included Mark
de Gaukler being put on vigil to contemplate his
membership in the Order of the Laurel, and Steffano
was made a Court Baron at the same event (Daffodil).
Madelene du Vos, now known as Mistress Gudrun, was
recognized with The Carp for her persona and
authenticity in dress and deportment.
May. 12th issue. Still no name. Tucked away in the
back of the issue, "antir@kwantlen.bc.ca" was noted;
The Cathedral Steps had been born! And the first General
of The Armies of An Tir were announced by TRMs: Sgt.
Peregrine Portico of Lions Gate.
June. No name and the first time a cover was re-used
the cover of the very first issue. Reported: 173 SCA
Members in the Region (which also doesn't have a name
yet). First mention of "Regional Events", and the
first time the SCA Membership form was printed in the
issue; $25US for the membership, and an additional $7US
for Canadian Delivery, and all additional newsletters
cost $15US (except Lochac. For $14, BOD Minutes at $8
and the Complaet Anachronist for $12). Some things
haven't really changed all that much at all, have they?
July. No name again this month. First discussion of a
regional calendar. Sir Hwolf Einarson requested tales
of chivalry, heroism and great deeds be forwarded to
him so he could compile a grate boke of An Tirian
Tales. And many new and fun ways to spell "Lions
The second August came and went and the newsletter still
did not have a name. The newsletter also changed from
a monthly to a quarterly, and the subscription rate
dropped to $5CDN.
And the regional naming ran into the age old problem of
"name first; attempt to document second".


So here we are, February of '94. The second quarterly
issue. No name. In the first very public move toward
Principality status, the original Pro/Con list was
included in this issue. The Pay-For-Play situation on
the war- and tourney-field was announced. Aquaterra
and Midhaven, while having been listed as part of the
Region for the last year or more, were officially made
a part of The North in January. This gave us 11
branches and 316 Paid Members. More discussion about a
regional calendar; two dates per branch per year with
no conflicts? Minutes of the parallel December Meeting
in Frozen Mountain brings up the topic of whether the
Interior branches are comfortable being a part of The
North. The College of Wisdom's Keep in Shittimwoode
was declared Inactive.
Finally, in September of '94 two years after the first
issue, the newsletter becomes "The Sentinel". This was
the last act of the out outgoing Chronicler and
Newsletter Editors before a new editor/Chronciler, HL
Rhiannon Geallishre stepped up.
Subscriptions go up to $10/year, and a promise to try
to make the newsletter at least a bi-monthly, but a
quarterly as a minimum.
The first "Final Four" of the name-game are presented:
Montforet, Cascadia, Asperia and Nordhaven. Announcement
of the first regional event: The Heavy Championship in
Seagirt, put on by House Aqua Cullis (later, the Port
of Crickstow-on-Sea). Pay-For-Play is officially
announced as "dead". The Incipient Shire of Cold Keep
is included in the branch listing for the first time,
and Frozen Mountain somewhere in all that became a
full-status Shire..
The Nov/Dec. Issue was the first to use "Northern
Sentinel" as the title of the newsletter and it stuck.
Reported: Sir Gaylen the Smiling won the inaugural
Heavy Championship in September. The first Rapier
Tourney was being planned for the Spring. and there
was talk of piggy-backing the Archery Championships
at Aquaterra's fall Archery Symposium..
The An Tir Guide to Happy Camping was also announced
as being ready for mailing. Aquaterra held what is An
Tirianly referred to as "September Drown".


Issue #19, Jan/Feb '95 had the first of many requests
for event copy, artwork and articles from the
Chronicler. And first appearance of the 3YC application
forms. It was also the last time Cold Keep was included
on the branch listings. The 20th issue announced that a
name and device should be chosen by the end of that
March; both names and devices had been unofficially
vetted by the kingdom heraldic staff at the Kingdom
Heraldic Symposium in Lions Gate in December, and we
were assured that none of them should have a great
problem passing. Little did they know.....
May/June, 1995: Cascadia and the bat-winged sea-lion
were the choice of the people (approx. 160 ballots
returned). A Principality Althing was announced for
September, in Lins Gate.
Issue #22, July/Aug, had the first mention of the new
Lionsdale, but not in the branch listings only in the
event copy.
The Sep/Oct issue was of little interest, aside from
event copy for the Principality Althing, and the
first listing of the incipient Shire of Fjordland.
And the very sad news of the passing of The Dowager
Princess, Janeltis Karane Starfollower. Things starts
hopping with the first publication of Sabrine's Column
in The Sentinel this month. As irreverent as anyone
could or would likely wish, this would be a continuing
feature until August


The 25th issue sees the first listing of the Incipient
Port of Aqua Cullis, even though they had been
incipient since the March before oops. The Incipient
Shire of Krakenfjord is also listed for the first
time. Somehow, Frozen Mountain gets left off the branch
listing, and "disappears" for some months.

The Mar/Apr '96 issue notes that funding is becoming a
major problem for the continuation of The Sentinel.
Lionsdale is finally listed as an Incipient Canton,
and False Isle makes its first appearance on the
There is a few months without a Sentinel, until August,
when the new creative team of Severin ap Selwyn,
Werburga of Wenlock and Wade of Many Places get their
first issue out.
Cragmere and the College of St. Giles are all listed as
"potential" branches, and the first mention of the
change from Aqua Cullis to Laighe na Greine. It's a
busy issue, with a new look.
Reported: The rules change for Combat Archery blunts
(1-1/4" required). Also, Vladmir, the then in
absentia Regional Herald reported that due to a "lack
of popular support, not to mention at the suggestion
of their current and previous Majesties, "the name
and device process was being redone this would
eventually give rise to the "one-branch-one-vote"
situation. Ian Guthrie was noted as being the
new/incoming Regional Rapier Champion, although there
was never notice of the tourney or the results in the
previous Sentinels (it was actually St. Giles' first
event, put on under Seagirt auspices). First mention
of a planned A&S Championship to occur in the spring.
The Sentinel is now publishing 10 issues per year, and
is re-printing the infaous "BOD Wars" comic from Lions
Gate's The Northwind. Subscriptions now cost $16 CDN
Obviously, it was a busy four months....
September's issue is also fairly meaty. Caer Bannog
(later Tir Bannog) makes its first appearance as a
"potential" branch, as does Dread Gate. Reported: The
West Kingdom's ban on Rapier Combat. The first idea of
combing Championship events is noted in the Officer
Meetings's Minutes from Clinton.
October sees the announcement of Aquaterra's elevation
to Barony, congratulations to Carlton of Oak, the
first Regional Archery Champion, Dread Gate becoming
officially "incipient", and the inclusion of the newest
SCA Waiver which of course would change before the ink
was dry, but an editor does what one can....
The December/January issue marks 30, and also has the
first of many "Map Covers", which when placed
side-by-each, shows the growth of the Region over the
next few years. This issue also starts listing the
Regional Champions as a regular part of the Compendium
section (at he time, Carlton of Oak, Archery; Thorvald
the Gentle, Heavy, and; Iain Archibald Guthrie, Rapier).
In the Chroniccler's Column, the first mention of the
populace badge, the voided star, is noted, and Regional
Seneschal, Malcolm of Lamont, notes their first event
appearance at Golden Swan.
The idea of "Identity", first bought up almost a year
previous, continues to gain a place of importance as
the Principality movement continues, and the populace
badge is a huge step forward. Mistress Ariel de
Courtenay is pointed out as having had a large hand
in the creation.
The Name & Device process stumbles along, and the SCA
Membership Form makes a return appearance, with the
new "International Membership" which includes Canada;
still only $25US.


1997 starts off with an announcement that the submission
process for names & devices is extended for a third (or
is it fourth?) time, until March.
Issue #32 starts off with announcing our first A&S
Champion: Aelana Cordovera, our current A&S Minister!
Caer Bannog is now the officially Incipient Shire of
Tir na Bannog. In the Officer's Meeting Minutes, it is
noted that our Regional Herald was suspended due to
reporting difficulties (he was in Ealdormere at the
time, and his deputies were in Lions Gate, and he was
then also in the midst of moving to Cold Keep) according
to The Crier, the position was vacant; according to the
Regional Officers, his deputies were taking care of it.
The placement by Kingdom of Sine as our new Regional
Exchequer caused a few feathers to be ruffled, as there
was some cross-purpose actions taking place. A
suggestion for branches to tithe a portion of event
profits to the Region to help set things up for the
future was first discussed, and reporting problems
by the branch chroniclers was also noted (they were
reporting directly to Kingdom, not via Sevrin). There
were 16 branches in the Northern Region. In the April
'97 issue, Cragmere was noted as being officially
Incipient, and Master Mark de Gaukler was congratulated
on being the new Kingdom A&S Champion. The Lancia Leonis
(later styled the Hasta Leonis) was first declared by
King Darius and Queen Morgaine.
While originally styled to be available to both heavy
and light fighters, it has yet to be awarded to a combat
archer. There were 43 paid subscriptions to. At about
this time, many problems began to appear on the road to
Principality. Maestro Artimis de Montessori of Blatha
an Oir became our third Rapier Champion as detailed in
the following issue. The subscription level for The
Sentinel continued to dwindle, and it was estimated
that an additional 55 subscribers would be needed to
make the newsletter "viable".
Seneschal Malcolm noted in his column that
communication continued to spotty, and that branch
seneschals were being replaced without any notification
being given to either Regional OR Kingdom. And the
office of Regional Herald was dissolved by Black Lion,
and the in absentia Regional Herald, in his own words,
was "sacked". Attendance at the Officers Meetings became
infrequent, at best, and while the Regional "Identity"
continued to grow, a sense of frustration set in. And
there was still no Name & Device for the Region.
June saw the newly Incipient Canton of Bear Mountain
listed in the Compendium, and Krakenfjord (officially
"Krakafjord") became a full-status branch. The
Exchequer's office become vacant, the Archery Marshal
was looking for applications, and although the position
was dissolved by the Kingdom Herald, the office was
described as "open" and for applications to be sent to
the Regional Seneschal. This was after discussions
between Malcolm and then Black Lion, Torric; the
position needed to be filled to get the Name & Device
matter out of the way.
Branch Heralds, however, would report directly to
Kingdom. Financial woes continued to hound The Sentinel,
and branch reporting through the regional Officers was
at possibly its lowest point since the region was
Submissions and subscriptions were both steadily lowering
for The Sentinel over the next two months. BOD Wars
finally came to an end, but other than that, The
Sentinel and the Principality movement seemed to be
Issue # 38, September '97 saw the first notice of Coill
Mhor forming up in the Lac La Hache - Forest Grove -
100 Mile House area. Clinton War seemed to ease the
subscription/financial squeeze a bit. Email problems
were a continuing bugaboo at this time, and repeated
notices to not trust it and to always use an alternative
method to confirm reception of your electronic missives
were repeated regularly. The Regional Herald's Office
question had new light shown upon it, after the
notification that the Kingdom Herald, Torric Black Lion,
had also been "sacked". What this meant to the Regional
Office was uncertain, and made for considerable debate.
In the Officer Meeting Minutes from Clinton, it was
noted that branch Seneschals were not reporting very
well at all, and changes in office-holders were not
getting reported in either direction, but mostly going
"up". The Region, according to Malcolm, was being used
as an example of "lousy reporting" by Kingdom, and he
was getting tired of it. There was still some
head-butting going on over who did the actual appointing
of regional Officers.
As the winter came in, and The Sentinel went into
near-hibernation (only two issues for the four winter
months), the regional officer corps was short 5 people,
and Malcolm was stepping down in December. The "no SCA
funds for Alcohol" rule was announced, and another
attempt at a regional calendar was made; the old
one-date-per-branch had become untenable, and
area-conflict zones were beginning to be discussed. John
MacAndrew was congratulated on his becoming the new
Archery Champion. As at publishing time, The Sentinel
had 42 subscriptions.
The Officer's Meeting Minutes from El Mar Fudd in
September notes that The Sentinel was the primary
method of information dissemination for the Officers
due to the costs of mail and the low level of electronic
mail; but due to the low subscription level, this
information didn't get out a "Catch-22" if ever there
was one.
Sevrin announced his intent to step down as Chronicler
in the December '97 issue, #40. The oft repeated cry
for artwork, articles and event copy to say noting of
Officer Reports was repeated. Owain pen Loran was
congratulated on his victory in the Regional Heavy
Championships at Krakafjord's Holmgang. The first
rumours of what would eventually become Ravensweir
and Ca Mor were noted by Malcolm in his column.


The first issue of 1998 saw the first use of
"Crickstow-By-The-Sea" instead of Laighe na Greine in
the Compendium., and St. Giles was finally noted as
being an Incipient branch. The continuing saga of
falling subscription numbers continued, and the
controversial "Two-Year Limit" on Officers was amended
at Kingdom, enabling Malcolm to continue for a whiel
longer until a new Seneschal could be found. Reported
from 12th Night, the first plan to do a "Four Champions"
Event was announced, due to the lack of event bids from
the branches. Thorvald The Gentle also became Sir
Thorvald at that event the second Peer from the
Interior. But the ennui that seemed to have affected
the Region continued.
March '97 saw a slight re-kindling of the Principality
effort, with the eight finalists for the device, and
the nine names on this, the long-awaited second attempt.
Gael Beir Dun, which would evolve into Gael Mathuin,
Bordergate and Ca Mor made it's first appearance as
a potential branch in the Compendium, and Dreadgate was
replaced by Highland Grove. Sevrin stepped down as
Chroncicler and Wade of Many Places stepped up as Acting
Chronicler. The Clinton War Bonds also appeared this
month, and went on sale at Kingdom A&S, which was
hosted by St. Giles College.
April would have been a quiet month, had not the Baron
and Baroness of Eskalya, part of the Principality of
Oertha, decided to announce there intent to annex the
very northern parts of Avacal and An Tir -- that being
the Yukon and as much of the Northwest Territories as
they thought they could get a way with. They challenged
us all to a war in Eskalya that June if we wanted to
contest the annexation.
May's Issue saw the appointment of The Regional Warlord,
Lord Gideon de Noirville, by The Crown. While it was
all very nice that we had a Warlord, we were still in
desperate need of a Marshal, Exchequer, Herald,
Chatelaine, and also someone to officially take over as
Seneschal and Chronicler! And the first of many problems
with booking Four (and later Five-) Champions cropped up,
with Highland Grove and Lionsdale both conflicting; the
June date in Highland Grove was pushed back to August
The first thought of the Heavy Champion acting as a
"Regent" was also proposed this month. And both
Cragmere and St. Giles were recognized as full-status
branches. The Exchequer situation grew more pointed,
as it was noted that an application had been resting
with the Kingdom Exchequer for some months, and no
appointment had yet to be made. As a result, the
Regional Officers moved to recognize the applicant,
Skya of Wrath, as the Regional Exchequer, and to
request the Kingdom Exchequer to do so as well. The
Minutes of the March 8th Officer's Meeting also
included a recommendation that each branch acquire a
subscription to The Sentinel.
June's Issue, # 45, saw the first inclusion of Ravens
Quay in the Compendium.. Wade noted that The Sentinel
had been late the last couple fo months and that things
finally seem to be back on schedule. Also, in an
attempt to drum up more subscriptions, Wade offered a
subscription extension to current subscribers for
every subscriber they could get to sign up.
July saw the first mention of The Great Northern Road
eList in print, and a continued appeal for applications
for the vacant Officer positions. The "regent" idea was
met with a resounding silence, but on the up-side, the
majority of the branch seneschals were finally reporting
via the regional office.
The populace badge made it's first appearance on the
cover in August, and Seagirt was congratulated on
achieving Baronial Status. Rumours of this year being
the "Last" Clinton were rampant as the event neared,
and the issue of under-age drinking at events got its
first really big spotlight thrown on it in Malcolm's
September, 1998, saw the first price increase for The
Sentinel subscriptions in quite a few years; $20CDN
and $13US. It also saw the first major up-swing in
Principality matters in some months. A proposal was
announced, suggesting that Avacal and the Northern
Region combine to make an attempt at Kingdom status.
The "Disputed Lands" north of Ramsgaard were also
brought into public discussion, as exactly who "owned"
what branches became muddled. In the end, the
"Disputed Lands" Coill Mohr, Ravensweir, Tir Bannog
and Gael Mathuin reported to both Avacal and the region.
A proposal of a Canadian SCA Registry not unlike the
Australian also came out from Sir Taras of Kiev, Baron
of Myrgan Wood, and HL Heinrich Alois vonSpeyer. We
also had our four new champions announced after
August's Four Champions Event in Highland Grove: Sir
Thorvald Hwolfsson (Heavy), Valentyne Delancie (Archery),
Bob of Boar's Tusk (Rapier), and Daniel of Stafford Pele
(A&S). A letter was sent to Kingdom, proposing the
Heavy Champion become "Regent" of the region. The second
name and device polling (one-branch-one vote, remember?),
came out with the name Tir Tirangir, which would present
several problems in the coming months, and the device
Azure, within a laurel wreath Argent, a compass star Or,
in chief, an esoille Argent. The fact that only 9
branches replied, and only 5 of those nine wanted that
name compounded the problem that later became known:
the name was being mundanely used and therefore had no
hope of passing. And the device appeared to be in
conflict withe Prince of Atenveldt. The situation
about the populace badge was made public (it's
actually registered with Lady Astriel of Smael Nest,
in Caid), but a few letters, a phone call or two and
the next thing we know, she's very keen on our using
it. Now that was a busy summer!
The next issue, Oct/Nov. '98, saw a report from the
Officer's Meeting that August. The Regent idea had been
amended to "Viceroy" and was re-sent to TRMs. On the
idea of the region and Avacal combining as a single
entity, while the northernmost branches were in favour,
(The Disputed Lands) the rest of the region did not. A
concerted effort to "standardize" the Champions regalia
is first put forward. The problems with the conflicting
arms waa going to require considerably more work than
the how the region went after the voided star badge. The
Bardic Championship was first proposed at that meeting,
as well.
The Dec/Jan issue was #50. No real celebration or the
like was made for it, and given the continuing low
subscription rate, there was reason to wonder if The
Sentinel would even continue for very much longer. And,
as if in reply to the continuing bumpy ride that the
region had been experiencing this past year, The Barony
of Aquaterra announced its intention to petition
The Crown and Kingdom Seneschal to transfer the Barony
-- and its Canton, Bear Mountain -- to the Western Region.


Issue #51, Feb. '99, saw the announcement from 12th
Night making the transfer of Aquaterra and Bear Mountain
official. Ravensweir was made Incipient, and was also
announced as being part of The Northern Region, while
it's neighbouring branches in "The Disputed Lands" were
still in somewhat muddy waters. And our Regional Rapier
Champion, Bob of Boar's Tusk, also became the Kingdom
Rapier Champion. And the word that Fjordland had finally
folded was made official in the Officer Meeting Minutes
from Baroness' Birthday Tourney. Subscriptions somewhere
between 20 and 30 (numbers were upped after the meeting,
but not by much). At the alternate meeting, the same day
at St. Nicholas' Feast in Frozen Mountain, discussions
were had regarding the name (liked but not well-known
yet), a concerted move toward Principality (opinion
noted that Aquaterra will almost certainly, and Midhaven
likely, to request transfers to Western), and the idea
of a Canadian SCA Registry.
The March issue had an article about the future of the
Clinton War site, the possible sale thereof and the
process to provide a security to enable Mistress Maelen
to obtain a mortgage to buy out her brother's half of
the property. And notification that the transfer request
on the populace badge had made it to Laurel in the
January LOI.
April saw rumours regarding The Disputed Lands end with a
proclamation from Their Hignesses' of Avacal, that was
reprinted in this month's issue The Disputed Lands were
Avacallian. For now. And the March Minutes of the
Officer's Meeting noting that another name and device
polling will have to take place, given the non-support
given to the conflicting device and the name Tir
Tirangir being used mundanely. Passability became a
major point, and no new suggestions were to be added
to the process unless they had at least 10 letters of
support and had been vetted by a branch herald. And
the first public suggestion was made at that meeting
to create a regional council to investigate the moving
of the region (which by this time was being called
"The North" with astounding regularity) into a
Principality. It was suggested that it be comprised
of 3-to-5 persons from all over the region. Candidates
would be chosen by the up-coming 5-Champions Event in
July.. Cold Keep: Avacal or North; no one knew, and
Kingdom wasn't talking. False Isle, still listed as a
"potential" branch in the Compendium, was noted as
moving toward full shire status from its being a canton
of Lions Gate.. Don Guido was announced as Regional
Herald, but it was never apparently confirmed, even if
the original announcement came at 12th Night.
Issue #54 came out in June, due in part to health issues
with Wade. The second Tatonka: The Great Buffalo
(read: RCMP) Hunt was reported upon, and the third was
announced as already in the planning stages.
Issue #55, July, 1999. The last issue before "the Great

The Silent Years

Even though there was no Northern Sentinel being
published for the next 18 months, that doesn't mean
that things were not happening that would have a lasting
impact on not only the newsletter, but on the region.
In the on-line world, there arose on The Great Northern
Road eList, a series of postings that started The Mad
Monk's Inn tale that very August of 1999. Over the next
three months, the North Road became the major method of
information dissemination, and the MMI, as it was known,
became the de facto forum for Principality discussion
(even though there was another eList for that purpose).
And on September 14, 1999, Baron Steffano wrote "The
Open Letter to The Northern Seneschal", which became
known as "The Scroll", as eventually, 212 names were
added to the signature line. On December 4, at the
Baroness' Birthday Tourney in Lions Gate, it was
presented to our new Regional Seneschal, Ljotr
Einarsson, who then presented it to TRMs, Sven & Sygny
on January 18, 2000. Their Majesties granted permission
to set up a committee on February 7th, and during the
first two weeks of February, 2000, the Nothern
Principality Committee was formed. It's first bulletin
to the public came out on the 22nd of the same month.
The following months are pretty well documented, now,
with the Opinion Survey that ran from March 10th to
May 15th; the Pro & Con list from the second bulletin;
the NPC growing by one with the addition of HL Margaree
as the Critical Advisor in early April; the notification
in November that TRMs Skepti & Asa were planning on
declaring us a Crown Principality at 12th Night in
Seagirt; and the launching of the Name & Device
sub-committee in December.
And somewhere in the middle of all this, The Disputed
Lands, with the exception of Cold Keep, were ceeded to
The North.
But The Northern Sentinel had not been forgotten. The
position of Northern Regional Chronicler was declared
to be open by the Kingdom Chronicler at July Coronation,
2000, and at September Crown, Your Reporter was notified
by the Kingdom Chronicler that he was his choice for the
position and that he had so informed Their Majesties.
That was confirmed in November The word soon spread that
The Northen Sentinel would be reappearing soon.


The Northern Sentinel made its re-appearance at 12th
Night, 2001 in Seagirt, with a special edition created
by HL Duncan Macquarrie. Besides the regular Event
Calendar, Office Listings and such, it also had the
infamous "Court Bingo Card" on the back cover;
apparently it came very close to having a number of
people crying "BINGO!" somewhere near the middle of
Davin & Groa's first court. This special edition was
fittingly the last newsletter of the Northern Region.
And so began a new series of Sentinels. Issue #56,
dated January 2001, was the first newsletter of the
Crown Principality of The North, and came out hot
on the heels of 12th Night, with a full-colour cover
of the events at 12th Night immediately after Skepti's
declaration of the Crown Principality. Looking at it
now, it also had almost the entire NPC on the cover,
A "Great Census" was undertaken by His Lordship, James
Llewllyn ap Gruffydd, and another item of note in it
was an explanation from the Kingdom Seneschal about
the very temporary ban on Kingdom/Crown events in
Canada -- which actually lasted about a week, but got
blown way out of proportion.
Oh. And the first eSentinel, an electronic, eMail
version of The Northern Sentinel was first published
that month, too.
The next issue was dated March 2001, given that the
Chronicler and Sentinel Editor was away in Ealdormere
for the month of February. After all the excitement of
12th Night, The North, as we had been calling ourselves
for the last couple of years, seemed to settle down.
Discussion about whether we should have 2 Coronet
Events a year or 4 was about the biggest topic of the
time, although we were about to lose our Exchequer
again, as Skya was stepping down. Behind the scenes,
the name and device vetting that had been going on
since December and actually before continued.
April's Issue had the usual cry for articles, the
latest A&S Championship rules, and an announcement
that Shittimwoode had voted in favour of moving toward
Baronial Status. The announcement was obviously
extremely premature. And the last-page silliness of
"Because I Can..." first made it's appearance this
May's issue saw some movement toward a standardized
type-setting for The Sentinel, after a couple of months
of experimentation. The Sentinel also started to
resemble The Crier more and more, which was both
applauded and condemned in about equal measure. We had
19 full and/or incipient branches, and another 4 in
the process of getting formed, which gave us more
branches than any TWO regions and/or Principalities.
24 Paper copies and 44 eMail versions were being sent
out every month. The NPC sub-committees were all
announced in this issue , as well (the bulletin actually
came out in early April, but the newsletter was being
put to bed during the last week of the month).
The 60th Issue was dated June, '01, saw little of
importance announced, although this would be the month
of Lions Gate's 25th Anniversary Event. Issue #61 says
"June" on the front cover, but it was really the July
issue. The fact that it was the tenth anniversary of
The Northern Sentinel's existence slipped by and
absolutely nobody was the wiser. The June NPC Bulletin
was re-printed, and the new Champions announced (Jarl
Hwolf was the new "Scourge of The North", a name that
got started during the "Great Silence"; Don Diarmuid,
Rapier; Eamon Ryan, Archery; HL Thorin, A&S, and Anya
Rozverdo was the second Bardic Champion). Discussion
by the populace about keeping Five Champions as an
Event or splitting them up was noted, as well as
reports that Their Majesties, Davin and Groa were
pleased overall with the ways the NPC was getting
things done; they particularly seemed to like the idea
of the sub-committees, which allowed more people to get
in on the building process.
And the third N&D sub-committee bulletin was also
published; it noted that the collation of over 100
names and over 200 devices was complete, and the actual
Name & Device Polling was commencing. Polling would
continue to September 30, 2001. Or, at least, that was
the plan....
August's Issue included the official announcement of
the "Anti-Bounce back Devices" for Combat Archery,
which had been a raging debate all over An Tir during
the spring. The up-coming Clinton War was in the
spotlight, with a long list of projects for the Work
Week, and various public meetings being announced as
well. 86 copies of The Sentinel were going out at this
time: 23 hard-copy and 63 eSentinels.
The aftermath from Clinton 2001 comprised a good chunk
of The Sentinel #63 the Name & Device Polling Deadline
had been moved up a month by Royal Decree, and Jarl
Hwolf and his Lady, Zelda, became the Guardians of
The Waiting Thrones; again, by Royal decree. Also
published was the so-called "Pennsic Accords", along
with a note form An Tir's Ombudsman requesting feedback
about it. A "heads-up" warning about Memberships was
made, noting that the official "Formal Poll" was likely
to occur within the next six months -- yes, we were
that close. And the Regalia Committee started taking
bids. And, of course, Ravensweir was made a full-status
branch. For the third time, a Name and Device were
chosen: The North and azure, on a saltire between four
mullets of eight points agent, a laurel wreath azure
were the populace's choice. And a second set were also
noted, just in case they were needed. A notice that the
Formal Poll was imminent was again posted, as well. And
Sir Hathawulf Spearbreaker's report on the first "War
Crown" was also in this issue.

The November issue slipped by, as we all seemed to be
holding our breaths, not just because there seemed to
be a pause in our forward momentum, but partially in
response, I think, to the events of September 11th.
That may have been one of the reasons that we failed
to "officially" notice Baron Steffano being accepted
into the Order of The Pelican at Crown Council in Lions
But December saw the announcements of both Cae Mor
(then going under the name Bordergate) and Danscombe
becoming full-status branches, which left us with just
one Incipient branch left: Coill Mohr, which was also
the second eldest of The Disputed Lands. Our CP
Constable was becoming the Kingdom Constable, and
Duncan Darroch of Ramsgaard took over for The North.
But most importantly, the announcement of the Formal
Poll was made just the week before The Senitnel went
to press. Anti-climatically, the draft Principality
Laws were finalized, as was the new Coronet Event


The January 2002 issue noted that Jan. 31 was the
deadline for the Formal Poll, and Sgt. Ekatarina said
she needed someone to take over the Chatelaine's
position, as she would shortly be moving up to the
Kingdom Office. It was almost like we were all holding
our breath.....
Issue #68 came out the first week of February, in the
aftermath of the R&Ding of Count Aveloc the Younger.
Announcements of the proposed "Code of Conduct", and
the proposed changes to the "Sanctions" section of
Corpora were made, and the Kingdom Deputy Seneschal for
Incipient Branches set forth the requirements for new
branches to follow.
March's issue saw notification from the NPC about the
finalized Coronet Event schedule, but there was still
no notification about how the Polling went, either in
print, electronically or otherwise -- although it
was known to be a positive result.
April's Issue, likewise was, well, quiet. Mikhail,
the CP Excheuqer reported that fundraising had been
able to get over $3000 collected for regalia and
other projects. And Maistre Iago and Maistresse
Cecille announced they were beginning to basic stages
of creating a College of Scribes for the Crown
Principality. But as the issue was going to press,
the news of the NPC being dissolved became public,
only a month after it had actually happened. Demands
from the populace for news became strident upon The
Great Northern Road, and confirmation of a positive
result in the Formal Poll was made. Along with news
that the name, "The North" was likely to be returned
as being unable to be registered. And while not noted
in The Sentinel, our CP Chirurgeon, Aaron, was made a
member of the Order of The Pelican at Kingdom A&S in
The 71st Issue, rang in the SCA New Year with a bang.
No longer "The North", The Sentinel was now the
newsletter for the Crown Principality of Tir Rioga, as
the first choice name did not pass the Kingdom Heralds.
Tir Rioga, the second choice, was the automatic
re-submission. But this was as nothing compared to the
announcement that after nearly 25 years, Gerhard and
Amanda were stepping down as Baron and Baroness of
Lions Gate. The dissolution of the NPC was also
officially announced by The Guardians, as well as the
probable time-line of scheduled CP Events for the next
The Sentinel had a subscription list of 65 people: 17
paper and 48 eMail.
The June Issue noted that there would be no more "Five
Champions", rather that we would be adhering to the
proposed schedule for Coronet Events, and the next one
would be in September.
This resulted in all the Champions having a term of
over a year, although the Rapier Champion would remain
in place for 17 months (June '01 to Nov. '02), and the
A&S Champion for 22 months (June '01 to Apr. '03).
July saw the announcement of the A&S Competition rules
for the next Championship, and that Sir Griffin was
stepping down as CP Marshal after just short of four
years in Office. And the Crown Principality acquired
a brand new Officer, the Minister of Lists, Dominiqua
Perreria. Rumours of an appeal for "The North" were
first being heard.
By August, the internal debate about "The North"
versus "Tir Rioga" was in full swing, and the word
came down from TehCollege of Heralds that technically,
we weren't "The Crown Principality of Tir Rioga" YET
since the name was not technically in submission, and
event when, it wasn't "ours" yet, either. So we were
once again the Crown Principality of The North as a
"working title.. It was also about now that the name
"Tir Righ" came to light as a more properly grammatical
version of "Tir Rigoa". A planned meeting of Curia and
Populace to discuss the name issue was set for Clinton.
One of the largest set of changes ever to Kingdom Law
were announced in the September Issue (about a month
later than The Crier), and the first "official" song
of The North was published, written by HL Duncan
October also slid by fairly quietly, as we awaited word
about our Name and Device, although we did welcome a
new Exchequer in to the Officer ranks, Eriu of Tlachta,
and the winners of the three CP Championships from
Danscombe were announced: Jarl Hwolf reprised his role
as Heavy Champion, and therefore was again The Guardian;
Lady Bernadette Ard Eibhlinn became our new Bardic
Champion and Ealeen de Seez was our new Archer.
November's Issue saw notification from Rapier and Lists
that replacements needed to be found for them, even
as we welcomed HL John MacAndrew as our new Archery
Marshal. Two CP newsletters, The Toad from Eisnemarche
and The Bard's Banner from Tir Bannog were nominated
for the William Blackfox awards for newsletter
excellence. On-line, the name debate arose again, and
we were told that "The North" was being appealed, but
that the ruling might take another eight months before
we get it. The debate centered primarily around
pronunciation, as opposed to Tir Righ or Tir Rioga's
popularity. 79 issues of The Sentinel went out this
month: 10 paper, and 69 eMail. Maestro Guidolbaldo
d'Aquilla became our Rapier Champion at the November
Principality Event, and the December issue reported
not only this, but that Don Diarmuid, our previous
Champion, also became our CP Rapier Marshal. The new
Crown Principality Web-Page went live that same
weekend. The Non-Member Surcharge, which had been
adopted by The BOD the previous June, was having its
implementation policies set down and explained, and
much of November's topics of discussion here in The
North were based on that decision. The Crown also
requested input form An Tir about Sumptuary Laws. And
I had noted in my column that month about things
being slow and quiet....


January's issue announced the first price increase for
Sentinel subscriptions since 1998: paper subscriptions
were now $22CDN, $16US and the eSentinel was now $2 a
year. The increase was effective February 1st, 2003.
The "First Event" fever was beginning to take hold on
many people as February's issue got mailed out. Bids
were being solicited for the April and June events,
and Lionsdale stepped up for April. Ljotr, the
Seneschal, requested that someone apply for the deputy
position for New and Incipient Branches. Just as the
February issue was getting mailed, however, word
arrived that our name and device had passed: Welcome
to Tir Righ and the blue and white Arms. This decision
by the College of Arms was not popular with everyone.
The Great Northern Road was a very busy place that
first week.
Just as the March issue was in its "Lay-Out" phase,
came somewhat disturbing news to many of us: The
Formal Poll would have to be redone. The old poll,
originally done in January 2002, had gone "stale"
-- 14 months was just too long for those results to
be carried over. It wasn't out fault, things just got
away from us about the Name and Device situation, the
re-submitting of Tir Rioga/Tir Righ after The North
had been bounced, which also held up the device
decision.... But all was not lost: In order to get
this done as quickly as possible, the Kingdom and
Society Seneschals agreed to take eMail ballots from
both Members and non-Members so the poll and the
petition could be finalized and sent to the BOD for
their April 26th meeting.. April wasn't going to be
the Coronet Tourney everyone thought but the June
Event could just possibly turn into a combination
Tourney and Investiture....
April's Issue was #82, and was sent out before the
results of the FINAL Final Polling were known.
Official word on the Poll came shortly after noon
on the 1st: 97% of those responding voted "Yes".
The euphoria felt by many at the news was quickly
swept away by the resignation the following day of
the Guardians of The Waiting Thrones, which was accepted
by TRMs, Davin & Groa. Some people wondered if there
was anyone at the wheel, which there were, of course:
Ljotr, and his Deputy for Principality Matters, EB,
and the rest of the Crown Principality Officers. And
the CP Officer corps changed yet again, with Johanna
Morgenstochter returning as the CP Constable and
Ts'ai T'ien-P'u stepping in as our new Archery Marshal.
And so the CP Event was held in Lionsdale, the same
weekend as the BOD was meeting.

Early that Saturday morning, a phone call was received
by Ljotr. It was the Kingdom Seneschal, who had just
gotten off the phone with the Society Seneschal. The
Principality Petition was the first item of business
for The BOD.

They said "YES".

Their Majesties, arriving late to the site were given
the news privately. At the end of Royal Court, after
announcing the winners of the Heavy Championship (Sir
Kheron) and the A&S Championship (HL Tanikh), and just
as the sun was beginning to set, King Davin, called
up all those who had served on one of the various NPC
committees, announced the BOD's decision to the
populace, and unfurled the first flag bearing the Arms
of Tir Righ.
May's issue, #83, reported this information. And in
one of those serendipity moments, The Crown
Principality also finally filled one Office that had
been vacant since /Feb. Of '98: Gara Ginevra Orlandini
became the CP Wtarebearer.

And so, the final chapter -- or in this case,
paragraph -- is still to be written. This Special
Edition of The Northern Sentinel will be available at
the June Event being put on by Lions Gate, where the
Tourney to decide the First Prince and Princess of Tir
Righ will be held, and then that evening, the
Investiture will be done.
Followed by, I'd imagine, a fairly large-ish party....

Oh. And we still haven't heard the final word from
the College of Arms about "The North".
Just so we're clear on that....
Officers of History
(As Gleamed via the Sentinel Archives and
in Order of Assumption.)

Officers of the Principality, Crown Principality, and Region through the years

June '92 - July '92
Siobhan Iyatrosakis (Madrone)
August '92 - Oct. '93
Katerina Della Fiore (Eisenmarche)
Oct. '93 - Jan '96
Elizabeth Braidwoode (Lions Gate)
Jan '96 - Aug. '98
Malcolm of Lamont (Appledore)
Aug. '98 - Oct. '99
George Slade the Dragoon (Shittimwoode)
Oct. '99 -
Ljotr Einarsson (Krakafjord)

June '92 - Nov. '92
Eric Ward (Aquaterra)
Nov '92 - May '93
Frederick of Zwickau (Lions Gate)
Aug '93 - Jan. '96
Rowenna de Ronscesvalles (Lions Gate)
Jan. '96 - Aug. '96
Vladmir Andreivich Aleksandrov
Aug. '96 - Nov. '96
Vladmir Andreivich Aleksandrov &
William McAndrew [acting]
Nov. '96 - Apr. '97
Vladmir Andreivich Aleksandrov (in absentia),
William McAndrew [acting]&
Griffin ap Bedwyr [deputy]
Apr. '97 -
Office dissolved.
Jan. '99 -
Guidobaldo d'Aquilla (Eisnemarche)
[never confirmed]
Feb. '00? -
Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna MacNessa

June '92 - Aug. '94
Einar (Oak) Guntharsson (Lions Gate)
Oct. '94 - Fall '96
Valdar Galdrasmid (Shittimwoode)
Mar. '97 -
- Apr. '01
Evangelina du Lac (Seagirt)
Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter
Apr. '01 - Nov. '01
Valdar Galdrasmid (Shittimwoode)
Nov. '01 - Mar. '03
Duncan Darroch (Ramsgaard)
Mar. '03 -
Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter (Lionsdale)

June '92 - Jan. '94
Siobhan the Wanderer (Frozen Mountain)
Feb. '97 - Feb. '98
Ingrid the Rascal (Lionsdale)
Apr. '03 -
Gera Ginevra Orlandini

Sept. '92 - Sep. '97
Kelinda Garret (Shittimwoode)
Feb. '98 -
Aaron of The Black Mountain (Lions Gate)

Oct. '92 - Jan. '94
George Slade the Dragoon (Shittimwoode)
Aug(?) '94 - Jan. '96
Alan of Bungay (Aquaterra)
Jan. '96 -
Ariel de Courtney (Shittimwoode)
Aelana Cordovera (Lions Gate)

Oct. '92 -
Rose Scarlet Slade (Shittimwoode)
Spring '94 - Sep. '97
Gaylen the Smiling (Lions Gate)
Aug. '98 - Jul. '02
Griffin ap Bedwyr (Lions Gate)
Jul. '02
Thorvald Hwolfsson (Ramsgaard)

Dec. '92 - Jan. '93
Megan Althea of Glengariff (Shittimwoode)
Jan. '93 - Jan. '94
Siobhan the Wanderer (Frozen Mountain)
Jan. '94 - Summer '94
Olwen Pen Aur (Appledore) &
Siobhan the Wanderer (Frozen Mountain)
Summer '94 - Jan. '96
Olwen Pen Aur (Appledore)
Jan '96 - Feb. '97
James The Tormentor (Seagirt)
Feb '97 - Feb. '98
Dalbach MacDara (Dregate)
Spring '98 - Aug. '02
Ekatarina Borisnovna (Seagirt)
Aug. '02 -
Angela Fracassa

Feb '93 - Feb. '94
Elizabeth Braidwoode (Lions Gate)
Aug.(?) '94 - Aug. '96
Rhiannon Geallishre (Ramsgaard?)
Aug. '96 - Feb. '98
Severin ap Selwyn (Lions Gate)
Feb. '98 - Aug. '98
Wade of Many Places [acting] (Lions Gate)
Aug. '98 - Jul. '00
Wade of Many Places (Lions Gate)
Nov. '00 -
Erasmus the Traveller (Seagirt)

July '93 -
Cassandra Wineday of Newingate (Lions Gate)

Aug. '94 - Jan. '96
Robert of Fermanagh (Ramsgaard) [acting]
Jan. '96 - Mar. '97
Robert of Fermanagh (Ramsgaard)
Mar. '97 - May. '97
Sine ni Guinne of Kilernan (Ramsgaard)
Aug. '98 - May. '01
Skya of Wrath (Krakafjord)
May, '01 - Jul. '02
Mikhail Kurganovic (Lions Gate)
Sep. '02 -
Eriu of Tlachtga (Lions Gate)

Rapier Marshal:
Jan. '97 - Sep. '97
Iain Archibald Guthrie (Lions Gate)
Sep. '97 -
Geoffrey MacLeod (Shittimwoode)
- Nov. '02
Enoch MacIain Sutherland (Lionsdale)
Nov. '02 -
Diarmuid de Rosas (Lions Gate)

Archery Marshal:
Mar. '97 - Sep. '97
Bryant Aeron (Eisnemarche)
Sep. '97 - Aug. '02
Byron Fletcher (Lions Gate)
Oct. '02 - Mar. '03
John MacAndrew (Lions Gate)
Mar. '03 -
Ts'ai T'ien-P'u (Seagirt)

Apr. '98 - Jan. '99
Gideon de Noirville

Minister of Lists:
Jun. '02 - Jan. '03
Dominiqua Perreira
Jan. '03 -
Caitrin ni Cingeadh

Newsletter Editor(s):
June '92 - May '93
Elizabeth Braidwood (Lions Gate),
Kelinda Garret(Shittimwoode) &
Maelen of Calcott (Lions Gate)
May '93 - Aug. '94
Elizabeth Braidwood (Lions Gate) &
Kelinda Garret(Lions Gate)
Aug '94 -
Rhiannon Geallishre (Ramsgaard?)
Summer '96 - Oct. '96
Severin ap Selwyn,
Werburga of Wenlock &
Wade of Many Places(Lions Gate)
Oct. '96 - Jun. '97
Severin ap Selwyn,
Werburga of Wenlock,
Wade of Many Places (Lions Gate) &
Kassia Locke of Cayley(Hartwood)
Jun. '97 - Sep. '97
Severin ap Selwyn,
Werburga of Wenlock &
Wade of Many Places (Lions Gate)
Sep. '97 - Feb. '98
Severin ap Selwyn,
Werburga of Wenlock,
Wade of Many Places (Lions Gate) &
Godith d'Arcy (Shittimwoode)
Feb. '98 - Jul. '00
Wade of Many Places (Lions Gate) [acting]
Nov. '00 -
Erasmus the Traveller (Seagirt)

Past championship events and Champions

The Championship Events:

Heavy Championship #1:
24 September, 1994; Seagirt
Rapier Championship#1:
29 April, 1995; Lions Gate
Principality Althing:
9-10 September, 1995; Lions Gate
Heavy Championship #2:
6-9 October, 1995; Appledore
Rapier Championship #2:
4 May, 1996; Seagirt/St. Giles
Archery Championship#1:
24 August, 1996; Shittemwoode
Heavy Championship #3:
A&S Championship: 15 February, 1997; Seagirt
Rapier Championship #3:
19 April, 1997; Shittimwoode
Archery Championship #2:
5-7 September,1997; Shittimwoode
Heavy Championship #4:
20 September, 1997; Ramsgaard/Krakafjord
Regional 4 Champions:
28-30 August, 1998; Dregate
Regional 5 Champions:
9-11 July, 1999; Shittimwoode
Regional 5 Champions:
22-23 July 2000; Krakfjord/Griffin's Gate
Northern Region FUNdraising Event;
14-15 Oct. 2000; Lions Gate
Regional 5 Champions:
1-3 June, 2001; Krakfjord
Archery, Bardic and Guardian's Tourney:
13-15 Sep, 2002; Danscombe
Heavy & A&S Champions:
26-27 April, 2003; Lionsdale

Champions of History

SCOURGE OF THE NORTH (Heavy Champions)

* XXIX/1994:
Sir Gaylen the Smiling & Mistress Kelinda Garrett
(24 Sept 1994/XXIX,Seagirt)
* XXX/1995:
Sir Einar Guntharson & Mistress Shirin al Hasana
(Oct., 1995, Appledore)
* XXXI/1996:
Lord Thorvald the Gentle (now Sir Thorvald
Hwolfsson) & The Honourable
Sine ni Guinne of Kilernan (now Sine
* XXXII/1997:
Sgt. Owain Penloran & Wren
* XXXIII/1998:
Sir Thorvald Hwolfson & Solveig Galarsdatter
(Aug 1998/XXXIII, Dregate)
* XXXIV/1999:
Sir Einar Guntharson & Thora Golvik
* XXXV/2000:
Sir Einar Guntharson & Thora Golvik
(Krakafjord/Griffin's Gate)
* XXXVI/2001:
Jarl Sir Hwolf Einarsson and Zelda of Yorvik
(5 Jun. 2001, Krakafjord)
* XXXVII/2002:
Jarl Sir Hwolf Einarsson and Zelda of Yorvik
(Sept. 2002, Danscombe)
* XXXVIII/2003:
Sir Kheron Azov and Ksenia

SKEWER OF THE NORTH (Rapier Champions)

* XXIX/1995 in Lions Gate:
Lord Caoimhin Toirdhealbach O'Briain
* XXX/1996 at S. Giles:
Don Iain Archibald Guthrie
* XXXI/1997 in Shittimwoode:
Baron Artimis de Montessori
* XXXIII/ 1998 in Dregate:
Bob of Boarstusk
* XXXIV/1999 in Shittemwoode:
Godfrey von Ravensburg
* XXXV/2000 in Krakafjord/Griffin's Gate:
Kallyn Rozvardo
* XXXVI/2001 in Krakafjord:
Don Diarmuid de Rosas
* XXXVII/2002 in Lions Gate:
Maestro Guidobaldo d'Aquilla

SCORER OF THE NORTH (Archery Champions)

* XXXI/1996:
Carlton of Oak
(Sept. 1996, Aquaterra)
* XXXII/1997:
John MacAndrew
(Aug. 1997)
* XXXIII/1998:
Valentyne Delancie
* XXXIV/1999:
John MacAndrew
* XXXV/2000:
Einar Guntharson
* XXXVI/2001:
Eamon Ryan
* XXXVII/2002:
Ealeen de Seez

SCHOLAR OF THE NORTH (Arts & Sciences Champions)

* Aelana Cordovera
(15 Feb. XXXI/1997, Seagirt)
* Daniel of Stafford Pele
(Aug XXXIII/1998, Dregate)
* XXXIV/1999 Kyndra d'Este
(Yrsa Kettilsdottir)
* XXXV/2000 Sarra du Corbelle
* XXXVI/2001: Thorin Olafsson
* XXXVIII/2003: Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim

SKALD OF THE NORTH (Bardic Champions)

* XXXIV/1999 Premier: Justin de Leon
* XXXV/2000 Petro Rosvardo Thorvaldson
* XXXVI/2001: Anya Rozverdo
* XXXVII/2002: Bernadette Ard Eibhlinn

Blasts From The Past
A few gems from the Archives and two from even before
The Northern Sentinel existed....!

(Reprinted from The Glaucous #145, Jun AS XXV/1990)
An Open Letter to An Tir
My Lords, My Ladies, the time has come to talk of
Principalities. The word, I am sure, strikes horror
into the hearts of some, fear into others and for many,
the reaction is indifference.
The reasons against creating Principlaities in An Tir
are many: Maintain the status quo, why break up the
Kingdom, another level of bureaucracy, more events
and more even conflicts....the list goes on.
But also persuasive are the arguments for Principalities:
Less pressure on Royal (Crown/Coronet) events, another
level of Royalty to take some of the burden from the
shoulders of our rulers, an opportunity to become part
in the creation of a Principality (and later, Kingdom)
...and this list, too, goes on.
One of the important factors toward Principalities is
that the Kingdom has grown, and is growing at an eve
increasing rate as friends tell friends and as
communication gets better.
Where once our King and Queen knew everyone, or had
at least seen them (and often knew personally of their
achievements, hopes and ambitions) now many subjects
are simply names on lists for recommendations to an
Award of Arms or similar.
Creating Principalities would also create Princes and
Princesses, a levle of Royalty which could have the
ability to grant Awards of Arms on a more personable
level, where it would be more effective, more caring
and more aware.
Travel is another reason for suggesting Principalities.
If you live at the population centre of the Kingdom,
the I-5 Corridor, you probably see your King and Queen
on a fairly regular basis, but if you are away form
this core...in Summits, in Avacal, or Wealdsmere or
Ramsgaard or Seagirt, there is an excellent
possibility that Their Majesties may never visit your
The reason sis simple: It costs money to travel. The
further the trip, the more it costs. To be King and
Queen already costs some $3,000 to $4,000 for one
reign. How long, even with the Kingdom Travel Fund,
can we expect our rulers to visit every part of Their
When we were a part of the West Kingdom, there were
misgivings by some, when elevation to Kingdom was
discussed. But now, who can deny that becoming a
Kingdom was the right thing to do?
The world evolves. It must, to remain vital. To some
eyes, we are seeing stagnation, as groups argue within
themselves. A sidelight of creating Principalities
will be a renewed vitality as groups work to create
this new political group.
I am not advocating the creation of Principalities
throughout An Tir right all at once and everywhere
at once. I am simply suggesting that discussions
within various Shires, Baronies, Cantons and
Households, would be a good thing. Discussing which
groups one would like to play with in a new
Principality would be fruitful as well, but keep in
mind that areas must be contiguous....actually
touching along a boundary.
My Lords, My Ladies, it is time to talk. All too
soon it will be time to act.
I am Gerhard Kendal
OL, OP, KSCA, Baron Lions Gate.

- - - - - - - -

(Reprinted from The Glaucous #154, April, AS XXV/1991)
That "P" Word
Meredith of the White Cliffs
mka Colette McMullen

Unto Seagirt's Seneschal, Duncan Macquarrie from small
committee of peoples interested in further exploration
of the P word!
We feel that there has been lots of talk on the subject
of Principalities, and that the generality of the
subject has been exhausted. Our proposition assumes
that you have already come to an acceptance of the
necessity of Principalities forming. However, if you
do not want, or feel the need, for Principalities
we still need your feedback.
The area that we would like to consider forming into a
Northern Principality could include: Skywater, Midhaven,
Seagirt, Shittimwoode, Wisdom's Keep, Lionsdale,
Eisenmarche, Lions Gate, Hartwood, Ramsgaard, Appledore,
Frozen Mountain and Aquaterra.
If you would refer to your SCA Organizational Handbook,
page 12 (to save me re-typing), you will see all of the
fundamental things that need to be dealt with as we pass
the initial planning stages. If you feel surges of
creativity, the need of a Device and a Name for the new
Principality will be of interest to you.
We would appreciate it if you could discuss our proposal
with your membership. Please send me a reply by April
1st. [Letter was read out at April's council and
discussed by all members in attendance; obviously, we
were not able to make the above deadline. - ed.]
Assuming that enough interest is generated an
information package of all the replies, and details of
all the plans proposed will be distributed. At a future
date a weekend long "All Thing" will be held so that
all the populace can express their opinions. Be aware
that this is only a first survey, and what you express
at this time in no way restricts your future options.
The "small Committee": Baron Gerhard Kendal, Sir
Geoffrey de Rennes, Mistress Rowena de Roncesvalles,
Master Nikolai Andreiov, Ladyship Kelinda Garrette,
Ladyship Elizabeth Braidwood, Sgt. Gaylen the Smiling,
Lady Meredith.
Thank you for your attention and for you consideration
of this vital issue.
Copy to Kingdom Seneschal and to that Seneschals of
all the above-mentioned areas.
In Service to An Tir
Lady Meredith.

- - - - - - - -

(Reprinted form The Northwestern Regional Newsletter,
Vol. 1, No. 1 June AS XXVII/1992)
An Apocryphal Recounting of the Founding of
Frozen Mountain
And it came to pass that Fulk the Sinister Handed-one
and Paolo Francesco Giovanni Lisanti did leave the
Shire of Seagirt and sail across the great water, in
sight of Gate of Lions, and did journey inland, upon
a quest to find the headwaters of the AN Tir River.
Long Days they travelled, over high passes and through
steep valleys. Valley s of fruit-bearing trees and
sweet apples, and vales of dark pine, until at last
they came to the confluence of two rivers.
And so, on a day thar dawned bright and radiant, when
the sun did shine down in all his splendour, they set
off in their boat. Whether 'twas the dazzlement of the
sun, or whether, as sinister-handed folk are sometimes
prone to do, they confused their dexter with their
sinister, it is not for us to judge. Suffice it to
say, they turned to dexter, not to sinister, and sailed
up the wrong river. Thus were their fates, and ours,
Their boat moved up the stream they had chosen, betwixt
dark and lowering hills, when at last they came to a
widening of the stream and calming of the waters, they
did command their craft to shore. And so, in this
fashion, did they come to our land.
They saw before them a wondrous city, that seemed to
hang from the heavens, so steep were its streets and so
marvellous its buildings. They saw there were many
people going about their diverse tasks and these people
were so fair and gentle in demeanour, and so delightful
of countenance, that they resolved them to stop for a
Their craft touched the shore and they did alight, Fulk
and Giovanni, and they did claim this land in the name
of An Tir and of our King and Queen, and did pledge
themselves to give the people of this land their wisdom
and knowledge of chivalry and nobility.
When they stood and looked about them, they saw,
gleaming and snag-toothed, a mountain peak cloaked in
ice. And so they called this land Frozen Mountain.
Above them was the azure sky and around them the
verdant green forests and hills. Before them lay the
silvery waters of a great lake. Thus were chosen the
colours for the field of our Arms. As they roamed
their newfound home, they saw about them many splendid
birds and beasts. Eagles and ospreys soared in the
skies, bears and deer roamed the forests. All these
they had seen in other places, and they marked them
fair and good.
But they ere sore amazed to see, in the icy streams
that issue forth from the Frozen Mountain, a salmon,
far from the sea. This mighty fish did live int eh
great lake as if 'twere in a small ocean, and when
its time had come, like all of its kind, it did
return to its home stream, there to bring forth it
children and then to die. So great was its valour
and nobility in its final journey that Giovanni
and Fulk chose this fish as their emblem. And so
its brilliant crimson form blazes forth in the
centre of our device, as a sign to all of the
virtues of courage, of honour, and of generosity,
that we may all strive to emulate its example by
Lady Olwen pen Aur of Frozen Mountain.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Regional Newsletter #3, Aug. AS
Quote of The Month
From Seagirt's June 1992 Council Meting.
When discussing the new all-night ferry runs
this summer and whether it was only Vancouver
to Nanaimo:
"Our ferries go both ways."

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Regional Newsletter #6, Nov. AS
Rumours of Love
Clinton War was a romantic site! Malcolm of Lamont
and Olwen pen Aur (both of Appledore) were wed on
Sunday night in the north field. That makes at least
one wedding a year for the last four Clinton Wars.
And Marc Rene Sebastien Dubois of Lions Gate proposed
to his lady Renee on the battlements of the Clinton
Castle and she said yes. Must have been the starlight.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Regional Newsletter #9, Feb. AS
New Peer
Congratulations to our region's newest member of the
Order of The Pelican, Mistress Megan Althea from
Shittimwoode! Mistress Megan's ceremony at Twelfth
Night was different from the standard Pelican
ceremony. Syr Brand declared that he had business
before Their Majesties Darius and Jacyntha and spoke
a poem describing the characteristics of a good Peer,
ending with a declaration that he had a candidate
with such characteristics. One by one, from the
audience, balcony and foyer, other members of the
Order joined Syr Brand in the aisle, each declaring
that they also had a candidate, and described several
worthy characteristics of their candidate. Eventually
eight or ten Pelicans stood in the aisle and King
Darius, with glowing alarm, declared that he didn't
think that they had enough regalia to make so many
peers. "Ah," the peers declared, "But was are all
describing one candidate!" and asked tha Megan Althea
be called.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Regional Newsletter #10, Mar. AS
by Ari Gudlifson from Seagirt
[The following arrived in a personal message attached
to some event copy. We thought it deserved greater
exposure Eds.]
While I have your attention, I'd like to kick in a
couple of coppers worth on the "name the region"
issue. I was looking over the list of prospective
names, and none too pleased with any of them, when
it began to sink in that this is very un-period.
Nobody in the middle ages sat around wondering what
to call their region. It was always named after the
people who lived there: England - the land of the
English/Angles; Scotland -- land of the Scots,
Ireland the land of the Irish; France land of the
Franks; Lombardy land of the Lombards; etc.
So the proper question should not be "what we should
name our land", but "WHO ARE WE as a people". That's
almost impossible to answer given the cultural
diversity built into the SCA landscape, unless we
want to call our region Heinz 57 or maybe Borscht.
However, there is one intriguing possibility fro
the list presented so far: Janeltis, which would
be better rendered as Janeltia, or perhaps
Janeltland. We would then be the people of Janeltis,
and I cannot see too much opposition to this, given
the enthusiasm with which Janeltis is saluted at he
Kingdom, Baronial and Shire level, even by those
such as my own self who have never enjoyed the
pleasure of meeting the lady. This would mean of
course that Janeltis would eventually be elevated
from Dowager Princess to the level of Great and
Holy Ancestor Goddess , the mother of our people.
(My tongue is only partly pushed into cheek at this
point, and I have no idea how Janelits would react to
becoming an eponymous kingdom founding legend.)
Now some might quibble that Janeltis doesn't even live
here, but I'd say SO WHAT; the Sagas say that Odin came
to Scandinavia from the plains of Russia, and Romulus
and Remus weren't from Rome. I think it's a bonus that
she doesn't live around here, [it] helps to prevent
factions among supporters of various founding figures
within the region, and the Gods can attest that we
need more factions like we need a B.O.D. I suppose if
we needed an eponymous founding figure within the
region, then Fast Eddie would be a good candidate;
Ziffronia kind of has a ring to it. (Now if only
we could get Rufus T. Firefly to win crown...)
Anyhow, before things get too silly, with more Duck
Soup splashed around, I'd better get to work. So, I
vote for Janeltia for name of Region. If you would
like to publish above ramblings in newsletter, you
have my blessings to do so. Please edit in some
paragraphs and proper spellings and whatever, to
disguise somewhat the fact that it was composed at
8AM BEFORE COFFEE, and after bicycling to work the
first time this year. Or I could think it over and
perhaps write a proper piece for you if you'd like.
[Thanks, Ari, but we like what you wrote just
fine. Eds.]
Also, re: region device, I'd guess I'd choose a
Centaur, partly because I'm a Sagittarius, and
partly because I'd heard that Centaurs brought
knowledge or wisdom or somethign to mankind once
upon a time, and we sure could use some of that
Take care

- - - - - - - -

(From the Northern Regional Newsletter #12, May AS
If this means anything to you, read on. If it's
gibberish, skip this section. An electronic mailing
list has been created at the above address for the
discussion of things An Tirian. If you'd like to join
the list, send mail to antir-request@kwantlen.bc.ca.
We now return you to our regular newsletter

Malcolm of Lamont, Deputy Regional Seneschal
....My attention was drawn to an article published in
Tournaments Illuminated of Summer AS XXI, in which
Hilary of Serendip (Steward of the SCA) cites the
fact that the first laments fora vanished courtesy
appeared in the T.I. in May AS III. She points out
that such complaints have cropped up regularly in
newsletters ever since, "proving that people in the
SCA have always suffered from the shortfall between
their dreams and reality"......

- - - - - - - -

(From the Northern Regional Newsletter #14, Jul AS
How to spell Lyon's Gatte, uh...Lionzgayt? Lionnes
Gayte? No...Hlionsgaite? mumble
The Vikings would spell it: Hlionsr Hgater,
The Welsh would spell it: Llyawnns ap Gaddwr,
And the French would use: Port de Lyonsm
The Scots: MacLyons O'Gatie,
And the Germans: Gergattenovdassenlionsen,
the Japanese: Most Honourable Gate Lions-san.
But the heralds spell it just plain old "Lions Gate"

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Senitnel #20, Mar/Apr, AS XXIX/1995)
by Clavious the Curious (Dec., AS 29)

Dear to heart,
Principaltiy orate,
Birth pangs start,
Kin celebrate.

Cup raise high,
Song ring clear,
Dancing feet fly,
Peasant and peer.

Together all stand,
Guide and support,
Dream created land,
Future Kingdom's fort.

Device emblazon,
Name to choose,
With documentation
Problems sooth.

Prince select
Voices cheer,
Pride erect,
Child of An Tir.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel #27, Aug. AS XXXI/1996)
As I approached the US/CAN border on the way home
form 3YC, I found myself wondering, "Just how does
one claim 5 pounds of dust and half a bale of hay?"

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel # 30, Dec/Jan AS
The following is a list of paid SCA members each group
has, as of May 31st, 1996....

Northern Region 442
Appledore 18
Aquaterra 123
Cragmere 8
Eisnemarche 24
False Ilse 6
Fjordland 12
Frozen Mountain 12
Hartwood 6
Krakensfjord 10
Laighe na Greine (with Seagirt)
Lionsdale 8
Lions Gate 66
Midhaven 34
Ramsgaard 23
Seagirt 36
Shittimwoode 52
Caer Bannog

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel #32, Mar. AS XXXI/1997)
I would like to request a correction or clarification
of an item which appeared in the last newsletter: The
voided compass star is not a proposal for a regional
badge, as it was specifically chosen because SCA
heralds will not pas it. We in Shittimwoode wanted to
make it clear, by choosing something which cannot pass
(it is too complex a charge to be voided), that we have
no desire to monopolize the chioce of a Northern
Regional device, or to force a device on people wihtout
going through the proper channels of regional decision
making. Because a region can have any number of badges,
we have simply started putting this one about as one
possible option for people who want to show the Known
World where they come from. In that spirit we invite
people to make their own, or to pick up a favour at eh
next regional event.
With respect and good humor
Mistress Ariel de Courtenay

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel #35, Jun. AS XXXII/1997)
It was with great pleasure that we, Gerhard Kendal of
Westmorelnad and Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland, announce
the wedding of our daughter Mistress Melissa kendal of
Westmoreland to Master Siegfried the Immane on July 26,
1997 at Clinton Ranch (country castle of Mistress Maelen
of Calcott) in Clinton, BC. Melissa and Siegfried have
known each other for many years. They are both
constables and have been for most of those years.
They will have a 20th Century wedding June 28, 1997.
The wedding at Clinton will be the joining of their
medieval personas to reflect their longtime commitment
in the SCA. They will be making their home in Lions
Gate. All are invited to witness this joyous occasion.
The wedding will be followed by a potluck feast and
As there will be limited facilities (tables, chairs,
stoves, etc.) And no electricity, please plan
accordingly. There are some favourite dishes of the
wedding couple. If anyone wishes to bring one of those,
please contact Amanda for information.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel #47, Aug. AS XXXIII/1998)
Barony of Seagirt
At May Crown this year, the shire of Seagirt presented
its petition to be elevated to baronial status. The
petition was accepted by the Crown and appropriate
paperwork was sent to the appropriate people. With all
the seals firmly affixed, Seagirt's paperwork was
complete by July Coronation.
At July Coronation, with appropriate ceremony, Seagirt
was elevated by the words of Brendan and Aryana, to the
status of Barony. [The] founding Baron and Baroness are
Ulliam the Mariner and Riognach of Ruantallan. Promptly,
they were invested tothe post, despite Ulliam's absence
([Seagirt's] Defender stood as proxy), and much
celebration ensued.

(From The Northern Sentinel #48, Sept. AS XXXIII/1998)
Northern Badge
It was found that the badge we have been using for the
Northern Region a white voided star on a blue
background, is actually registered to Lady Astriel of
Smael Nest from the Kingdom of Caid. It was registered
to her some 17 years ago.
As it is very improper to use someone else's badge,
Elizabeth Braidwoode and William McAndrew sought Lady
Astriel out to determine if she were still active and
if she might be willing to transfer it to us.
They were successful in contacting her and she has most
graciously agreed to transfer the ownership of her badge
to the Northern Region.
Many thanks to Lady Astriel of Smale Nest, Elizabeth
Braidwoode and William McAndrew on this matter.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Great Northern Road Email List, 14 Sep 1999
MMI- The Letter
The Cardinal can hardly hear himself think amongst the
hubbub in the Star Chamber. The seats have long been
taken and there is barely room for dear Erasmus to
bring him the 2 pints he asked for - because the dear
man's rounds are getting so long that a good Christian
could die of thirst!
"Enough of this talk" the Cardinal says beneath his
breath "let's do something".
He turns his book to a new page. Taking quill in hand
he writes:

"An Open Letter to the Northern Seneschal
We, the undersigned, believe that the Northern Region
should become a Principality. To that end, we ask you
to appoint a Formal Committee to study the issue and
take such steps as are necessary to bring our Prince
and Princess to Their Thrones."

He leaves a blank space, at the top of the list, for
that mad but darling bird-wearing zaftig redhead who
got him into this mess, then signs:
"Steffano da Gucci, Baron"

He smiles to himself, and says "Let the Games begin".

And passes it to the person sitting next to him

- - - - - - - -

(From The Crier, October, AS XXXIV/1999)
.....Now we must speak on the subject of Regions in our
great land. When the idea of regions was set in motion
many years ago, the intention was to simplify and share
the burdens of reporting and administration in our
growing kingdom. Simply put, Regions were and are an
administrative entity. They do not hold events, they
do not give awards, they do not have champions, they
do not have warlords. Regions were not set in place
to divide the great Kingdom of An Tir into pseudo
Principalities. Community needs should be met within
the Baronies and Shires of a Region, and Regional
officers are in place to serve the kingdom by serving
the needs of the Baronies and Shires in their
prospective Regions. It is not the place of the
Regional officers to circumvent the Noble Estate, as
the Barons and Baronesses are the direct Vassals of
the Crown. There are many positive things that can
come from Regional affiliation, but, again, Regions
are not Incipient Principalities. The Crown will be
setting guidelines into kingdom law that more strongly
define the role of regions.

Davin and Groa

- - - - - - - -

The Northern Principality Committee Bulletin #1
22 February XXXIV/2000, Northern Region, An Tir
Please copy and distribute this information freely.
On Dec. 4th at Baroness's Birthday in Lions Gate, in
the Court of Baroness Amanda, a letter was delivered to
Ljotr Einarsson, the new Regional Seneschal.
The text of the letter was as follows:
"An Open Letter to the Northern Seneschal
"We, the undersigned, believe that the Northern
Region should become a Principality. To that end, we
ask you to appoint a Formal Committee to study the
issue and take such steps as are necessary to bring
our Prince and Princess to Their Thrones."
The Letter was signed by 212 people.
This letter was a call to action by a sizable portion
of the residents of the Northern Region. On Jan. 18th
His Lordship Ljotr sent a request to King Sven and
Queen Signy asking for permission to form a Principality
Committee. On Feb. 7, permission was granted to begin
the process of investigating a change of status.
This was followed by a written command:
We the Crown of An Tir, have heard the voices of 212
of our subjects who aspire to see Our Lands in the
north become a principality. So that We might know
if these worthy people are joined by their brethren
in the Northern region in this goal, We make the
following command.
We accept the committee that is now in place. We
command that they go forth on Our behalf and seek
the opinions of the people on the issues surrounding
an advancement to Principality status by means of an
opinion poll.
Sven Rex An Tir Signy Regina An Tir
January 21, AS XXXIV, 2000

The members of the Committee are
Chair: Jarl Sir Hwolf Einarsson
Cometessa Morgaine Brigantia of Eisenmarche
Mistress Meresigha Stonegatta of Shittimwoode
Lord Erasmus the Traveller of Seagirt
M'lord Finlaech MacGillandrias of Coill Mhor
The Honourable Ljotr Einarsson, Regional Seneschal
Mistress Elizabeth Braidwood,
Secretary to the Committee.
The Committee plans to immediately hold an opinion
poll to determine the wishes of the people of Northern in
regards to principality status. This opinion poll
will resemble a survey as we hope to ask a variety of
questions on topics relating to a change of status.
The opinion poll forms will be available in your local
newsletters, the "Northern Sentinel", from your branch
officers, from the Principality Committee members, or
from Northern Principality website. Full details about
the opinion poll will be distributed shortly.
Every resident, member or non-member, of the Region is
encouraged to fill out and return a poll form. The
results of the poll will be reported to Their
Majesties as They have commanded. At this time the
mandate of the Committee is to determine the best
reflection of the current opinion of the North
regarding these issues. It is important for the people
to take this opportunity to respond to Their
Majesties' call for input whether their view is pro
or con or somewhere in between.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Great Northern Road, 1 Nov., 2000)
An Important Announcement
Unto the subjects of The Sable Lion residing within
the Northern Region:
I have been in conversation with the Kingdom
Chronicler, Lord Christophe de Lascaux, over the
last few days, and I am pleased to announce (with
his permission) that I have been chosen to fill the
position of Regional Chronicler. I accept this positon
with humble thanks to Lord Christophe for his faith
in me.
There are a number of items that I feel need addressing
immediately, to get the office rolling:
1) Would all branch Chroniclers please contact me as
soon as is convenient with their mailing addresses and
email addresses. As well, I would like to announce that
effective immediately complimentary copies of your
newsletter do not need to be sent to Lord Christophe;
they need only come to myself. As well, due to the
timing of my taking over this office, I require a
written quarterly report from each of you to bring me
up to date as to how things stand in your branch with
regards to your office. This will be the last written
quarterly I will be requiring of you for the
foreseeable future, as a new reporting guideline will
soon be distributed. I require that these reports
reach me via email or snail-mail no later than 15
November in order that I may prepare my own quarterly
report to Kingdom.
2) The Northern Sentinel will be going to press again
soon. Exactly how soon depends on a few items, which
I will be receiving over the next few weeks.
Subscriptions outstanding will be redeemed, and new
subscriptions will also be sought. I am investigating
an e-Sentinel, as well, and hope to have more exact
information about it in the very near future. I
request that anyone willing to submit cover-art,
interior art (including borders and the like), and/or
articles to please contact me. I will be more than
willing to use all that you may be willing to send
me. Likewise, I will be including event copy of as
many Northern-area events as reach me. I also hope
to be able to bring you, the Northern Populace,
information and reports from your Regional Officers,
as well as, perhaps, invitational columns of opinion
by some of the more famous and infamous gentles of
our great region.
In other words, I got lots of plans, and the
bullheadedness to try to pull them all off......

Lord Erasmus The Traveller

- - - - - - - -

NPC Bulletin #8 (Originally and
incorrectly distributed as #7)
Northern Region To Be Named Crown Principality
20 Nov. XXXV/2000, Northern Region, An Tir
Greeting from Jarl Hwolf;
I just received a phone call from Their Majesties
informing me that They will declare us a Crown
Principality and They've given us the go ahead to
start getting our ducks in a row
(all that stuff) to become a full principality.
His Majesty asked me to distribute the news as quickly
as possible, for They are sorry it has taken this long.
His Majesty has suggested that this committee
stay intact and guide what needs to be done.

Jarl Sir Hwolf,
Chair of the Northern Principality Committee
in service to the Kingdom of An Tir

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Principality eMail List,
6 Feb., 2001)
[n-princ] How Long To Princpality?
Elena de Maisnilwarin wrote:
> EB wrote:
>> We're probably a good 18 months away from full
>>principality status
> Are we that close? For some reason I thought
> the process would take much longer.

Yeah, I think we're about that close.
The only thing making it take even that long is the
registration of a name and device.
The deadline to have your name or device suggestions
in to the N&D Committee is the end of this month.
Give them a month to winnow down the suggestions to
a handful.
Say 2.5 months to hold the poll.
It takes about 8-10 months for a submission to work
its way through the submission process. (And during
all this time we're working our assorted butts off
working doing everything else.)
Petition is examined by Kingdom: 2 months.
Petition is examined by Board: (This bit is a trifle
problematic. The Board only meets four times a year.
The Board may even decide to table its decision until
the next meeting.) 2-4 months.
When they say "Yes", we are free to plan and hold the
Coronet Tourney to choose our first home-grown Prince
and Princess.
Which would put us when? About mid-summer 2002,
give or take.


- - - - - - - -

(From The Great Northern Road, 7 Jun, 2001)
Juicy Principality Tidbit III
Having attended all of the original Rules Committee
meetings for the then Incipient Principality of
AEthelmearc, along with all the Curia Principia for
the first year, I managed to come up with an easily
expressible statement concerning my opinions on SCA
"The SCA is a _game_! The purpose of the laws is make
the rules for the game. The purpose of the rules is:
(1) Make game safe; (2) Make game fun. If it doesn't
either of those, we don't need it as a law!"
-- Dagonell


- - - - - - - -

(From The Great Northern Road, 11 Jun, 2001)
Re: A SCA Legal Qustion
....... [while] regional champions are (at the least)
"discouraged", The North has had a Champion since 1994.
Two years ago, we opted to have 5 Champions, and build
an event around the competitions of all of them;
previously, the Armoured Champion, A&S and later
Rapier and Archery, were stuck on existing events,
with sometimes good and sometimes not-so-good results.
These were well-publicized events, and were probably
not unrecognized by The Crown and Curia. But I believe
that there may have been a little bit of intentional
"neglect" in making us Northerners officially aware
of this policy. This varies from what occurred a
couple of years ago in the Western Region, where the
regional champions and championships were, well,
noticed. And not in a good way. There was some more
to that situation that I do not know, and do not
really wish to know, but the policy of "Regions do
not have Champions" was made very clear.
This policy was heard here in The North as well, but
for some strange reason, The Crown never really....
"enforced" that policy with us. And I think that was
because there was some perhaps subliminal recognition
that we were trying to get things prepared for when
we would have "real" champions because we were a
"real" branch.
We are not a "real" (read that to say, "official")
branch yet, but a Crown Principality is a very
different monster than any other type of branch --
even incipient ones. We are not yet where we are
headed, but we have made good progress, and The
Crown has recognized that by styling us "The Crown
Principality of The North". This has granted us a
little more leeway WRT Champions, and we have had
our former Champion, The Scourge of The North, Sir
Einar (called Oak), recognized by The Crown when
They welcomed him into Their Court at 12th Night
this year.

Lord Erasmus the Traveller, GdS

- - - - - - - -

Northern Principality Committee Bulletin #13
Name and Device Results
25 September, AS XXXVI/2001, Crown Principality of
The North, An Tir
- - - - - - - -
IMPORTANT: Please do not use these results for any
formal Crown Principality Regalia work. Both the name
and device have yet to go through the formal heraldic
registration process, and this could take many months.
It would be terrible if a change had to be made to the
device and a project with many hours of work in it was
suddenly inaccurate. Also: only the Prince and Princess
can wear and display the arms of the soon-to-be
principality. Feel free to continue to use and display
the populace badge in your projects.
Backup Name: Tir Rioga
DEVICE RESULTS: Azure, on a saltire between four
mullets of eight points argent a laurel wreath azure.
Backup Device: Per pale Or and sable, in pale a laurel
wreath and sealion counterchanged maintaining in dexter
paw a vallary crown gules........
- - - - - - - -
As reported in the last NPC Bulletin, the Formal Poll
will be happening very, VERY soon. In order to assure
that you will be able to voice your opinion on this
very important question, it is strongly urged that
you do not delay in purchasing your SCA Membership.
It takes approximately two months for your name to be
added to the Kingdom mailing list, which is where the
names of those eligible to vote come from.
Do not wait; get your membership in NOW.
It is estimated that the Formal Polling could commence
within three months. Note the words; not "in" three
months, but "within" three months. We want as many
people's response on this poll as possible -- all
that has gone before means nothing if you don't
make yourselves heard.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Great Northern Road eMail List, 30 Mar.,
2002 Principality Questions....
Good morrow, good gentles of the North. I signed on
here because our local list on the Island has been
lacking its usual regular postings from the Northern
Principality. As I ocasionally get error messages
from the server, I am wondering if there has been any
recent Principality bulletins out? I haven't had word
in a while, on what's up with the principality
steering committees...so I have some questions...
Has anybody heard anything from the heralds? Will the
name and device pass? How's fundraising for the
regalia coming? Wasn't there an SCA member's poll a
while back? Whatever happened with that? When will
we find out the results?

(tumbleweeds roll past..)

Hello? :)

Briana Kassia

[Ed. Note: This was written during an apparent
"quiet-time", when in actuality, there were a
great many things happening behind-the-scenes
including the dissolution of the Northern Principality
Committee by The Crown and at such a speed that
communication became a real problem. Too much was
happening too fast to even get het word out. And there
were also a number of things that were of the
"hurry-up-and-wait" sort. A frustrating period for
many of us.]

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel #71, May AS XXXVII/2002)
From Their Excellencies Lions Gate
Unto our friends, the people of Lions Gate and
Lionsdale, and our friends everywhere;

We have decided to step down from the baronial seats,
and relinquish them to others.
For more than a quarter-century, we have basked in the
wonder that is Lions Gate. Now however, it is time for
other hands, other minds, other voices to steer that
wondrous ship that is Lions Gate and Lionsdale, and
to help fulfil the promise of the Kingdom of An Tir
and the new Principality.
There is no rancour in this decision, it is simply
time to make the decision, rather than have it made
for us or made in a hurry. No one has asked us to
step down, and health is not a factor in our decision.
It's simply time. Over the years, we have watched the
Barony accomplish much and we have been privileged to
grow and learn with it. Now, we choose to step down
while we are hale and hearty and able to enjoy
ourselves even more, but in different ways. And to do
this on our own schedule. We will still be members of
the Barony. We will still come to Baronial events, and
enjoy ourselves, much as we have in the past. We will
continue to attend events in and support the Crown
Principality, the Kingdom of AnTir and the Society at
Amanda will continue to be Regent and Chancellor of
the University of Ithra.
There is a formal process for choosing our successors
and we shall be following this to the best of our and
our officers' abilities. We ask that you now begin
considering whom amongst you would serve best as Baron
and Baroness. Or Baron alone. Or Baroness alone.
Whoever you eventually choose will have the best job
in the Known World.
Thank you for the privilege of being Baron and Baroness
of the Greatest Barony in the Kingdom.

It's been a pleasure.

Gerhard Kendal and Amanda Kendal
Baron and Baroness Lions Gate

From The Lion's Blood Herald
[except from the Letter of Notification, April 5, 2002]
.....The Administrative Handbook of the College of
Arms for the SCA, Inc., Section III.A.5., pertaining
to the protection of non-SCA names reads as follows:
"Names of Significant Geographical Locations Outside
the Society - A geographical location will be
considered significant if it is associated with
important administrative, social, political or
military events (e.g.. a capital city, the site of a
major treaty or battle, etc.) Geographic locations
will generally be considered significant if they
appear in standard references such as an encyclopaedia.
Generic descriptive names outside the Society will
not be protected except where the name is immediately
associated with a single significant location."
Unfortunately, The New Encyclopaedia Britannica 15th
edition has an entry for "North, the" defined as
"northern United States historically identified as the
free states that opposed slavery and the Confederacy
during the Civil War."
Per the section of the Administrative Handbook
included above, this must be considered a protected
non-SCA significant geographical location. Previous
to the current Administrative Handbook, locations
considered to have generic names were not so protected
by the SCA. . . . .
Having no name with which to submit it, the device . . .
. must also be returned at this time.....

[The letter does not refer to us as the CP of
the North, but the CP of Tir Rioga]

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel #74, Aug. AS XXXVII/2002
By The Light of A Northern Star....
The old saw goes, "What's in a name?"
In our case, it's a pretty convoluted answer.
You may have noticed on the cover of this issue that
we are once again "The Crown Principality of The
North." This is not a typo. And it comes from about
as high up as you can get.
At July Coronation last month, there was a meeting
held at the CP's pavilion on the listfield dealing
with (primarily) our name situation. Included in the
discussion were The Guardians of The Waiting Thrones,
the CP Seneschal, Mistress Elizabeth Braidwoode
(the CP Deputy for Principality Stuff) and Black Lion
Herald, HL Marco Valentino. There was much concern
over the flip-flopping of the name form North to Tir
Rioga to Tir Righ and this was at the Kingdom level
(an I'll bet you thought they weren't paying
attention). Marco Black Lion had even gone before
Curia earlier to make an announcement on this very
issue, before our meeting even took place. His
announcement to Their Majesties and his fellow Kingdom
Officers is the same one I am relaying now:

Until a name is formally registered, continue using
"The North".

The main thrust is, we don't "own" Tir Rioga" or "Tir
Righ" until after it passed through Laurel King of
Arms hands. So we are to continue using our "baby
name" until our "grown-up" name is settled.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel #75, Sept AS XXXVII/2002)
Brave Northern Land
by Duncan Macquarrie ( Ted Godwin)
[Tune: Black Velvet Band, Traditional]

The Star it shines like a diamond,
In front of our warrior band.
So lift up your cups in her honour,
And drink to our brave Northern land!

In country that once was West Kingdom,
In fealty to strangers were bound,
The bold and the brave of a northern enclave,
Who swore to support a new crown.
When rebellion did stir up the country,
This bold group of nobles did stand,
To raise up a cheer for the King of An Tir,
And drink to our brave Northern Land.


Well one day a Baron named Kendal,
A master and knight and much more,
Said "I think we'll go far if we follow a star,
And begin once again as before.
We'll talk about regions and princes.
We'll sign letters with a proud hand.
If ever you cherished your freedom,
Come drink to our brave Northern Land."


So come all you jolly young fellows,
All you maids and you matrons today,
Rejoice in the pride of our Kingdom,
And of the Princedom we've made.
None will be more happy tomorrow,
Than those who are here in this band,
As we raise up a cheer and a cup full of beer,
And drink to our brave Northern Land.

[Note: this song bears only some resemblance
to actual history but sounds good.]

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentinel #77, Nov. AS XXXVII/2002)
The William Blackfox Nominees for 2001
The nominees for the William Blackfox Awards for
the very best of The SCA's newsletters is up at
the following web-site:

Of particular note, are the following nominees from
The Crown Principality of The North:

Best Overall Newsletter
The newsletter which best meets the needs of the
local group or guild for which it is published. It
should accurately reflect the status of the group
and be a valuable tool for growth and promotion of
SCA goals and ideals. The title is awarded to the
newsletter and the Chronicler:
The Toad, Shire of Eisenmarche (An Tir),
Chronicler: Corrine Hennenburg.

Best Layout and Design
For the best-looking newsletter.
Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler:
The Bards Banner, Shire of Tir Bannog, (An Tir)
Chronicler: Valthmar Hawkwinter.

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Principality eMail List,
5 Jan, 2003)
Re: My Most Humble Apologies to The College
Here's what's happening in the Principality
North was returned from kingdom in March. Tir Rioga,
and the azure & argent armory with the saltire, were
sent to Laurel in July.
In November, the appeal for the name "North" was sent
to Laurel. If Tir Rioga was registered, it will be a
name change.
So, when the November LoAR is released (February/March
timeline) the news on Tir Rioga and the device will
be released.
IF Tir Rioga was registered, then on the March LoAR
either the name will be officially changed to North,
or North will be returned with cause from Laurel.
IF Tir Rioga was returned, then on the March LoAR
North might be registered as the branch name, and
at that time the arms can be, as well.
So, some news will come down on the LoAR for
November, and the final word will be in the LoAR
for March. Either way, this'll be wrapped up by
July Coronation.
I'm in contact with Northern Herald and other
principality representatives, so news is being
released as it comes in. And of course, I'm
happy to give status reports anytime.

Teceangl Lions Blood

- - - - - - - -

(From The Northern Sentniel #82, Apr. AS XXXVII)
What's In A Name
Lord Mitchell Girvin

The land of Tir Righ
Is a land of history
The land of Tir Righ
As old as land can be

A rose by any name
Would smell just as sweet
For a name is but a name
It's our spirit that won't meet defeat

The spirit here is strong
And the people here are true
Our life here flows in song
As the land of legends do

To call a Rose a weed
Would not change it in my eye
For the spirit is in the deed
And the name be but a lie

A name is but a name
It has no honour of its own
And to search one for its fame
Is such I can't condone

So call us as you may
For we know it's us you see
And we'll work towards the day
When they exalt the name Tir Righ


Upcoming Events in Tir Righ

SeaLion War
6-8 June, 2003
Barony of Seagirt
Duncan, BC

The annual clash of forces between the Barony of
Seagirt and the Barony of Lions Gate will occur
June 6-8

Site: A Farmer's Field, Duncan BC.
Site opens: 2:00 pm Friday
Site closes: 3:00 pm Sunday

For War Points and Directions, please go to the
SeaLion War webpage at:

Merchant fee is $5.OO CAD or the minimum equivalent
value in goods.
We cannot guarantee space in the market for anyone
who does not register before June 4, 2003. To
register, contact:
Lady Antonia Fraser

- Pets are allowed, with strict leash laws. This
is a farm, and there will be livestock in the
neighbouring field. We don't care how well
trained you think Rover is, he needs to be on
a leash at all times. Pet owners are responsible for
disposing of their pet's waste.
- There will be a bin for garbage.
- Site is a grazing pasture - be prepared to do a
puckey patrol of your chosen campsite.
- Site is primitive, and while there will be some
wash water available, at this time we cannot
guarantee potable water so please bring your
own drinking water.
- Site is damp - period containers only please.
- Please use enclosed candle lanterns (not open
flame) for lighting purposes. If local fire hazard
conditions are favourable, brazier fires and tiki
torches will be permitted. If allowed, braziers
need to be a minimum 12" above ground, and all
those with braziers and tiki torches need to have
sufficient water or sand for fire suppression or a
fire extinguisher close by. Dispose of cold brazier
contents in garbage bag, not on the ground.
- Smoking is in your own encampment *with an ashtray*
and at bardic areas with permission of bardic
attendees. This is a grazing pasture - NO butts on
the ground.

Lord Ming Lum Pee
(Terrance Lam)

Tir Righ's First Coronet and Investiture Tourney
13-15 Jun., 2003
Barony of Lions Gate
Aldergrove, BC

Come and join with the northern populace in the
Barony of Lions Gate, as the tension and excitement
mounts! After many years of hard work, the time is
upon us -- Tir Righ's first Coronet Tourney is about
to be held, and we anxiously await it's outcome. To
increase the excitement levels, we will also be
holding the Investiture, and we will watch as
the proud King and Queen of An Tir invest our very
own Prince and Princess.
Further postings with info such as schedules, etc.,
will be posted as they are confirmed. Some things
are still awaiting confirmation from Their Majesties.
If you have something that you feel should be put on
the schedule, please contact me as soon as possible.
Rules of the list state that this will be a double
elimination tourney, with no weapon restrictions.
By Corpora regulations, any entrants and their
inspirations must both be paid members of the SCA,
Inc., and must maintain that membership till their
reign is over. No-one may take part in the lists if
they know that they, or their consort, would not be
able to fulfill the entire duration of their duties.
Both entrant and consort must also have access to
the appropriate corporation newsletter at their place
of residence. By Draft Principality Law, they also
must have resided in Tir Righ for the last year, and
have plans for remaining there for at least the
duration of their reign.
Branches will be given priority for eric space for
period pavilions. Others with period pavilions will
be given space as available. Everyone should contact
the autocrat with size requirements (include guy
ropes) as soon as possible. Anyone who wishes to
merchant, should contact the autocrat as soon as
possible. Your info will be passed to the deputy
handling this. More event info will be posted to
various lists and newsletters as the organization
of such is formed.
Site Rules:
- NO PETS!! This is a working farm, and the owner's
have asked that ALL pets be left at home.
The site owner is trying to move most of the animals
to another site for the weekend, however, if there
are animals in the next fields, please keep away from
them, especially the children.
- Also there is a small creek along one edge of the
property, so parents should closely watch all small
- Site will be discreetly dry.
- There will be a tap for water from the barn, so
bring receptacles for carrying water.
- There are no indoor facilities.
- Fires must be in above ground braziers, etc.
Water and / or sand must be kept handy.
Site Opens Fri: 5pm for merchant; 6pm for populace.
Site Closes Sun: 6 pm
Site Fees: Adults - SCA members $10CDN; non SCA
members $14CDN ($4 NMS); Minors, age 12-18 $6CDN,
under 12, no charge. US Funds will be acceptable
at a current exchange rate,
however, any change will be given in Canadian
funds. Cheques should be made payable to "Barony
of Lions Gate"
Site Address: 26055 - 0 Ave., Aldergrove, BC
From the US: Take the best route to the Lynden
border crossing. After crossing the border,
take a left onto 0 Ave. Follow this for approx.
3/4 mile. The site will be on the right.
NOTE: The Lynden crossing is closed from midnight
to 8 am. If crossing during those hours, it would be
best to take the truck crossing. After going through
Customs, proceed north to the first light (8th Ave).
Turn right, and follow the directions for the
Canadians travelling from Hwy. 99.
From Canada: If you are close to the Hwy 1, take the
best route to the Aldergrove/Lynden border crossing.
Make a right onto 0 Ave before crossing the border.
Approx. 3/4 mile down the road, on the right, is the
site. If you are close to Hwy 99. Take Exit 2, to 8
Ave. East. At the light, if you were crossing the
border, you would turn right. Go straight through
the light. Stay on 8th Ave. Eventually, 8th Ave.
becomes 4th Ave. Continue along and turn right on
216th. At 0 Ave, turn left. Continue along to
26055 - 0 Ave (this is quite a ways). There will
be SCA signs from all directions.
Eriu of Tlachtga
(Tricia Le Pine)
# 5 - 7576 Humphries Crt., Burnaby, BC V3N 3E9
(604)524-2824 or (604)551-4030
bashful@lightspeed.ca or

You are invited to
An Eric Party in Honour of
The First Prince and Princess of Tir Righ

Date: June 14, being the Saturday of the
Principality First Event
Place: On the Eric
Time: After Investiture Court

You'll be at the Investiture Court anyway, right?
So when the Court Herald finally says "You have
Their Majesties' and Their Highnesses' leave to
depart" -- don't go anywhere. Shift your chairs
over to the fire pit for later (when the bards
get started), grab your favourite dancing partner,
and cut loose! Pause between rounds of Hunker-Down
to wet your whistle. Take a moment to kiss the new
Princess's hand, call her "Your Highness" and watch
her blush. Shark into Hole-in-the-Wall and finally
meet that cutie you've been eyeing all day. Settle
in your chair and participate when the entire bardic
circle perform "Song of the Shield-Wall" for our new
Prince. Make new friendships and renew old.
Bring: * chairs, goblets, and contributions for
the dessert potluck * household members, children,
old friends and new * bellydancers and drums * tablero
boards and glasses * a cooler full of appropriate
libations to share * songbooks * big fire pits (we
need four) and spare firewood * game equipment such
as Hunker-Down stools and rope, pillows for
Twilsy-Whopping, and does anyone have a spare sheep
for Viking Football?
Mistress Elizabeth Braidwoode

Lionsdale Champions
20-21 Jun, 2003
The Shire of Lionsdale
Chilliwack, BC

Come one come all to Lionsdale Champions! Something
for everyone This year we have a wonderful site!
Minter Country Gardens - on the same road as Island
22 - you cannot miss it. For all the garden
enthusiasts we have 14 acres of beautiful land
behind Minter Country Gardens in Chilliwack. (NOT
at the last years Demo site) Plenty of parking and
wonderful utility grass to play and camp on. No
floods we promise! We are expecting lots of colourful
merchants to surround our erics to tempt you to spend
your coin. Heavy, Light, Archery, Rapier, Thrown
Weapons, Arts and Science, and Bardic Competitions.
(more details will be announced regarding Bardic
competition as soon as available).
As well we will have a raffle 1) a chest made by
Ciaran and Cerridwen similar to the one presented
to the King and Queen last Sept. Crown, 2) a stained
glass in medieval style on Canvas. There will also be
a contest for those participating in Merchants row, 1)
most colourful merchant tent, 2) most period merchant
Bardic competion will be for a original song new to
the populus.
Contact Danika at

The proposed A& S competition is for most period
encampment. This will be the first year that
individuals or a group can enter. Specific judging
criteria will be given out at a closer date to
the event, but essentially the competitors will
have to identify the period items new and old in
the encampment. Documentation isn't needed but
recommended. The less mundane items the better.
Bonus points if they cook the judges a meal on an
open fire. Registration will be on site after
opening court.
We will also, have M 'Ladies Frying Pan Throw.
Heraldry Treasure Hunt for Children, and Pied
Piper, silent auction, Raffle, Pas da Armes on
Sunday, Ithra Classes!!! Registration on site.
and lots more to do!
Opening Court on Sat. morning - Closing Court on Sunday
afternoon. SCA time of course, (if
their Majesties are staying over night.)
Site Info: Minter Country Gardens. Discreetly wet. -
above ground fires only - Well water - Wine store and
small grocery store in Country Minter Gardens - Food
merchant on site.
Site opens Friday - June 20/03 5pm.
Site closes Sunday - June 22/03 5pm.
Site Fee: Family Cap $30; Adults - $10,
Children - 6-15 $5, Children - 0-5 free.
NMS - $4 Canadian - $3 US. please bring your
membership card.

Autocrat: Lady Cerridwen Yr Iachawr, aka Ravenhawk
(MKA - Michele Franklin),
Ph: (604)869-2296;
eMail: <fullsilvermoon@hotmail.com>
Co-Autocrate: Genevieve de Clairvaux
(Lin Merchant)
Ph: (604)869-3005;
eMail: <genevievesca@hotmail.com>
Merchants to register for Champions contact:
Ph: (604)869-3005;
eMail: <rainbowc@uniserve.com>

Because of construction happening in Chilliwack,
pls. From Vancouver take exit 116 and turn left
when you come off of the exit. You will be on
Lickman Rd, then turn right at the stop sign,
follow Yale rd. to the lights then turn left at
the lights. Drive to the second set of lights,
turn right on to Airport Rd. Drive down to the
lights, turn Left on Young Rd. Keep going straight
past the rail road tracks, past down town, over
the bridge, (you will see the SCA signs), once
you are over the bridge you will see County
Minter Gardens on the Left hand side. SCA signs
will be posted for Gate. It is NOT at the Demo
site Minter Gardens as last year in Sept. It is
at the Garden Store in Chilliwack
If you are coming from the Interior take the
Young Rd. exit #120 as you come off the exit turn
right on to Young Rd.. Keep going straight past the
rail road tracks, past down town, over the bridge,
(you will see the SCA signs), once you are over the
bridge you will see County Minter Gardens on the
Left hand side. SCA signs will be posted for Gate.

Highland/Fjord War
27-29 Jun, 2003
Shire of Dregate
Oroville, WA

Pray Attend!
After Dregates successful sacking of the Shire
of Krakenfjord last year they have vowed revenge
with an invasion on our beloved Highlands (and our
Come one and all to either aid in the invasion or
help defend. The war will be won or lost based on
war points for the following activities: Heavy
fighting scenarios, Rapier scenarios, Archery,
Arts and Sciences and Bardic. Dregate is hosting
this year with a new beautiful site in Oroville,
Washington which includes green grass, apple
orchards and lake swimming. Limited water so bring
your own.
Merchants welcome. Some on site food available and
not far from Oroville. Site is wet.
Site Info: Thorndike Orchard, 7 Hard Cider Drive,
Oroville WA.98844.
Site opens at 12pm Friday June 27th and
closes at 5pm Sunday June 29th.
Site fee in U.S. funds: $10/adult, $5/under
15 SCA member; $13/adult non-member.
Make checks payable to SCA inc, Shire of Dregate
Directions: Take highway 97 to Oroville and then
go east on central for five blocks. Turn left on
Cherry. Follow it over the bridge and then turn
left on Eastlake road. Continue for 2-3 miles and
then go left on Thorndike Loop Road. Follow the
SCA signs to the sight. Map located on Dregate.org
Lady Olivia Whyterose
(Carol Dow)
1045 Omak Wa.
eMail: <ladyolivia@neversleeps.org>

Mermaid's Tourney
4-6 July, 2003
Shire of False Isle
Powell River, BC

Once again the Mermaid of False Isle is beckoning
the populace of An Tir to come join her in her Sixth
Annual Mermaid's Tourney. The emphasis for the tourney
is, as always, on pageantry and gallantry. Heraldic
display on shields, surcoats, banners, and helms is
highly encouraged.
This is a camping event. There will be a Pas d'Arms
fighting Tournament, which will include Heavy and
Rapier fighting, an Archery and Boffer Competition
and an Accolade style Rapier Tournament. We will
have a communal gathering on Saturday evening where
people bring their own food to sup and socialize.
Braziers will be available. When darkness falls we
will once again have Moonbagging, shoot Flaming Arrows
into the Ocean (it's perfected now!) and a bardic
circle on the beach. The prize for our Arts & Sciences
competition will go to the best tribute to our Mermaid,
be it in song, verse, drawing, carving, performance or
any medium. The site will be Kent's Beach Campsite. It
is located right on the ocean (not too far away from
our famous Mermaid under the sea) and only moments away
from the Saltery Bay ferry terminal. This is a
beautiful site on a lovely beach.
Site Info: The site (14171 Sunshine Coast Highway,
Powell River, BC, V8A 4Z2) opens around noon on Friday
and closes around 6:00 PM on Sunday (times are
flexible). Please note, all fires must be above
ground. The site has running water. There are nice
clean bathrooms with coin operated showers (cost:
a loonie ($1.00) per 7 minutes).
Electricity and laundry facilities
are available. This is a wet site. Merchants are
welcome and will only be charged for their camping
site fee. Pets are welcome, but must be leashed.

From Vancouver take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to
Langdale. Drive approximately 1- hours, easy
driving time, to Earl's Cove ferry terminal. Take
the ferry to Saltery Bay. Coming off the ferry follow
Highway 101 north for 2.4 km, turn left at the BIG
water wheel (Kent's Beach Campsite).
Note: There are two ferries to get to Powell River
from Vancouver, but you only pay for one. It is the
same fare as going to Vancouver Island. From the
Vancouver Island (Comox) ferry, go straight off the
ferry to Marine Avenue (2 blocks). Turn right,
follow Highway 101 south for 28 km, turn right
at the BIG waterwheel (Kent's Beach Campsite).

Visit False Isle's website at:

For up to date ferry schedules go to:

*Note about ferries: Please make sure to arrive
an hour or two before your sailing as this is a
very busy time of year.

HL Rhyannan of Pembroke Castle
(Wendy Lewis)
Ph: (604)485-7234
eMail: <ladyrhyannan@shaw.ca>
Assistant Autocrat:
Lady Saeunn Hrafnsdottir
(Valerie McKeen)
Ph: (604)485-5188
eMail: <ladysaeunn@shaw.ca>

War of the Ravens
11-13 Jul, 2003
Shire of Hartwood
Port Alberni, BC

Come and enjoy the warfare whilst Ravens Key once
again tries to break free from the tyranny of Hartwood
The battle begins at noon on Saturday and ends when
one side is victorious

Gates open at noon Friday. Site fee is $8CDN for
adults, kids 15 and under $4CDN, under 5 FREE
Contests include: Best Hunker down contestant,
Best Viking shield with documentation,
Best sweet meats

Take highway 4 to Port Alberni stay on the main
road until the first set of lights. Turn right
on Cherry Creek road and pass four way stop sign
at the school turn left on Cowley Road. Stay on
this road all the way to T intersection where you
turn right onto Proctor Road a short distance later
take first left onto gravel road. Go Straight through
gate please drive slow people living in trailer on
left side past gate and keep driving down dirt road
past barn until you see an open field

Because I Can....

Mistress Elizabeth Braidwoode -- Principality
Booster #1. And probably the main reason we actually
GOT here. I was going to say "The Brains of The
Operation", but that wouldn't be true -- she was
The HEART of it.

Compendium of Resources

Their Majesties of An Tir,
Prince and Princess Of Tir Righ
Sir Davin Steingrimsson & Groa
(Damon Hill & Gretchen Hubbert)
1520 NE 102nd, Seattle, WA, USA, 98125

Their Royal Highnessess,
Crown Prince & Princess of An Tir
Sir Gunnar Brunwolf & Gabriell MacBain
(No Contact Information at This Time)

Scourge Of The North
(Heavy Champion)
Sir Keron Azov
(Richard Bertrand)

Scar Of The North
(Rapier Champion)
Maestro Guidobaldo d'Aquilla
(Paul McCann)
404 - 1176 Falcon Dr.
Coquitlam, B.C., V3E 2N8

Scorer Of The North
(Archery Champion)
Ealeen de Seez
(Allison Mail)

Scholar Of The North
(A&S Champion)
HL Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim
(Joanne Burrows)
139B W.King Edward Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5Y 2H8

Skald Of The North
(Bardic Champion)
Lady Bernadette Ard Eibhlinn

Principality Officers
HL Ljotr Einarson
(Mitch Steck)
1205 25th Ave., Vernon, BC, V1B 2C3

HL Erasmus the Traveller
(Warren R. Edge)
1283 Park Terrace, Victoria, BC, V9A 4Z2

Arts & Sciences:
HL Aelana Cordovera
(Sharon Burrows)
2621 St.George St., Vancouver, BC, V5T 3R5

Signora Angela Fracassa
(Eva Hartkopf)
#207-720 Queens Ave., New Westminster, V3M 1L6

Apply to Principality Seneschal
and Kingdom Chirurgeon.

Lady Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter
(Marion Felgenhauer)
#202-46210 Chilliwack Central Rd.,
Chilliwack, BC, V2P 1P8

HL Eriu of Tlachtga
(Tricia LePine)
#5-7576 Humphries Court, Burnaby, BC, V3N 3E9

HL Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna
(Heather Rowe)
72 Starling, Kitimat, BC, V8C 1K5

Sir Throvald Hwolfson
(Mark Vermette)
#3254-272B St., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3H8

Rapier Marshal:
Don Diarmuid de Rosas
(Sean Irwin)
14129 - 68th Ave., Surrey, BC, V3W 2H3

Archery Marshal:
Ts'ai T'ien-P'u
(Jaime Tiampo)
2424 Lincoln Rd., Victoria, BC, V8R 6A4

Minister of Lists:
Lady Caitrin ni Cingeadh
(Janice Jackson)
#12159-222nd St., Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 5W4

Gera Ginevra Orlandini
(Kimberly Montminy)
9336-155A Street, Surrey BC, V3R 9B7

Branches of The Crown Principality of Tir Righ

Shire of Appledore
(Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)
Seneschal: George of Mangledwords
(George Cornish)

Shire of Cae Mor (Kitimat, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Tadgg OhAolain
(John Rowe)

Incipient Shire of Coill Mhor
(100 Mile House, BC)
Seneschal: Finnlaech MacGillandrias
(Cameron Ross)

Shire of Cragmere (Campbell River, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Kjartan kraka
(Jamie Prowse)

Port of Crickstow-on-Sea
(CFB Esquimalt, BC)
Seneschal: Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffyd
(Tom Pilcher)

Shire of Danscombe (Kelwona, BC)
Seneschal: Lord Enoch Sutherland

Shire of Dregate (Omak, WA)
Seneschal: HL Killian Carrick
(Kelly Cericker)

Shire of Eisenmarche
(Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows, BC)
Seneschal: HL Eric of Clan Smith
(Norm Nelson)

Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC)
Seneschal: HE Padraign O'Bhuadhiagh
(Patricia O'Donnell)

Shire of False Isle (Powell River, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Rhyannan of Pembroke Castle

Shire of Frozen Mountain
(West Kootenays, BC)
Seneschal: HL Evangelina du Lac
(Janette Mulloy)

Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, BC)
Seneschal: Lady Kineburh
(Tracey Paisley)

Shire of Krakafjord (Vernon, BC)
Seneschal: Hengst the Saxon
(Mike Hamm)

Shire of Lionsdale
(Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC)
Seneschal: Don Kieran Gunn
(Kevin Manson)

Shire of Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC)
Seneschal: Wren
(Jenna Ditrich)

Shire of Ravensweir
(Quesnel & Williams Lake,BC)
Seneschal: HL Cerridwen Maelwedd

Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: HL Lenora di Calizzan
(Tammi Hayes)

Shire of Shittimwoode
(Bellingham - Whatcom CO., WA)
Seneschal: HL Floralyn, Fern of Dale
(Flora Shannon)

College of St. Giles
(University of Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: Niniane Greenlaw
(Andrea McVean)

Shire of Tir Bannog (Smithers, BC)
Seneschal: Tewl Gover orth Kernow
(Douglas Jeffery)

Staff Credits: Chronicler and Northern Sentinel Editor: Lord
Erasmus the Traveller (mka Warren Edge). eSentinel Deputy:
Lord Quentin d'Or (mka Don Sowell) <quentindor@shittimwoode.org>.
Special consultant: Duncan, Lord Macquarrie. All queries
regarding subscriptions and copy should be sent to the
Any technical concerns regarding the eSentinel should be
sent to the eSentinel Deputy. All articles are copyright
their respective authours.