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  {===========}     #87 September, AS XXXVIII (2003, C.E.)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Principality
of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative
Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the
SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is
available by subscription through the Chronicler.
Subscriptions are $2/yr. More information is available on
the Northern Sentinel Website:
Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any
given individual once only as a sample. Any other
distribution is theft and harms the Principality.

- Event Calendar
- By The Light of A Northern Star
- From the ...
... Prince and Princess of Tir Righ
... Principality Seneschal
... Web Minister
... NMS Deputy
... NSCA Treasurer
... Baron of Lions Gate
... A&S Champion
... Skald of the North
- Upcoming Events in Tir Righ
- Because I Can...
- Compendium of Resources
- Staff Credits



15-17 Homecoming, Danscombe, Kelowna, BC
15-17 SST, Seagirt, Victoria, BC
15-17 S/Y/G Trials, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC
22-24 Warren War, Shittimwoode, Bellingham, WA
22-24 Holmgang VIII, Krakafjord, Vernon, BC
22-24 Forest War, Coill Mohr, 100 Mile House, BC
23 Anniversary Tourney, Cragemere Campbell River, BC
29-31 Crown Tourney, Borealis, Edmonton, AB

5-7 Birthday Bash, Hartwood, Nanaimo, BC
5-7 September Revel, Dregate, Omak, WA
5-7 Summer's End / Ithra, Ravensweir, Quensel, BC
13-14 Coronet Tourney, Danscombe, Kelowna, BC
20-21 Workshop Ithra, Crickstow-on-Sea, Victoria, BC
26-28 Kingdom Bardic, Wyewood, S.King Co., WA
27-28 Minter Graden Demo, Lionsdale, Chilliwack, BC

4 Baronial Banquet, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC
4-5 Kingdom Scribal Symposium, Krakafjord, Vernon, BC
10-13 Golden Swan, Appledore Oliver, BC
11 Just a Picnic, False Isle, Powell River, BC
18-19 Ithra, Lionsdale, Chilliwack, BC
25-26 Newcomers Weekend, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC

1 Machiavelli, Danscombe, Kelowna, BC
22-23 Principality Investiture, Shittimwoode, Bellingham, WA
29 Feast of St. Catherine, Eisenmarche, Coquitlam, BC

6 Baroness' Tourney, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC


By The Light of A Northern Star....

My time in this Office draws near to closing. It's
been an exciting, and sometimes frustrating, 3 years. But
overall, I've enjoyed it. By the time you read these words,
I'll likely have spoken with the four applicants to the
position, and discussed my successor with Their Highnesses.
The announcement of the new Principality Chronicler will be
made at September Coronet in Danscombe. Given the
applicants and all their prior records, I don't think anyone
will be disappointed with the final selection....
But you know, being a Chronicler nowadays is quite
different from when we all started. A newsletter could be
two or three pages stapled together, with maybe a joke or a
small doodle-like cartoon tossed in if you had the space or
ability. There might be event copy for two events one in
your home branch, and one for Lions Gate.
And you took the minutes of your branch business
meeting. A busy meeting might take up a full page of

Not now, though.
Let's use the Principality position as the example.
You have reports to receive, read, and condense into
your own report, due two weeks after the other ones are
due. You might get 50% of the branches reporting, you
might get 80%; there is no guarantee how that will work.
Oh, and part of this is making sure the list of branch
chroniclers is kept up-to-date. Because you are now going
to be warranting them, along with the Seneschal and Prince
& Princess.
You have a newsletter to put out every month. With
an Event Calendar that, prior to having a Seneschal's
Calendar Deputy, meant you did all the hunting for
information. And making sure the event copy is available.
And sometimes you have to tap autocrats on the shoulder to
remind them.
It's not in the duties, explicitly, but you can
guarantee that you are going to be asked to take the minutes
at Curia.
Email. Welcome to the 21st Century. Email lists are
technically under your responsibility. Sort of. It's a grey
area, and no-one seems to want to address it directly.
Smart play: leave the status quo alone. If someone else is
running your local list, make them your deputy and then
forget about it. Unless you have to be the moderator, like
for the Officer's E-List. Like me.
And Web-Pages. Okay, those you are responsible
for. Their content at any rate. The actual maintaining
of it will also be yours unless you can find someone to do
it for you. Make them your deputy. Carry on as in the
previous paragraph.
About that newsletter: You are also going to be in
charge of the finances of it. You know, subscriptions,
publication costs, mailing. Hope you know some basic
Correspondence. Keep copies of your
correspondence with everyone that you deal with officially.
Make hard-copies of them. Save everything to CD (not
disk; they won't have enough room for the amount of
correspondence you are going to go through).
Archives. Almost forgot them. Congratulations,
according to Kingdom Law, you are also your branch's
historian. Unless you can find someone to deputize to do
that, too.

If you look carefully, there are only a couple of very
small differences between my position and the one at your
local branch. It is very true, the larger you get, the more
work there is to do. But I also gave you the secret of
success: Deputies.
Get the picture?

This is The Northern Sentinel, a publication of the
Principality of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir, of the
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is not a
corporate publication of the SCA, nor does it delineate
SCA Policies. The Northern Sentinel is available by
subscription through the Chronicler. Subscriptions are
$22/yr ($16 US). Cheques should be made payable to the
"The Northern Sentinel, c/o Warren R. Edge." Copyright¸
2003 Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. For
information on reprinting photographs, articles, or
artwork from this publication, please contact the
Chronicler, who will assist you in contacting the original
creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of
our contributors.

Lord Erasmus The Traveller, OP

Unto the populace of Tir Righ,
These last couple months have been very full.
We have travelled to False Isle, Griffin's Gate,
and then to Clinton War. We were at Day of Archery
in Eisenmarche, and Holmgang. Now we make ready to
travel to An Tir's Crown Tourney in the
Principality of Avacal. We have been busy creating
charters and working with the heralds to have the
device for the consort ready to submit. Yes there
will be another poll here.Please take the time to
fill it out and reply promtly. All in all, We are
having fun, and have enjoyed the support of Our

Also, it is time to think about the Coronet
tourney in Danscombe. We hope that all will make
the effort to come out and support the
Principality. We will discover our Heirs. We will
have a new champions for Archery and Bardic. A
reminder that all contestants for the
Championships must be SCA Members. Please listen
for any changes that may have to happen because of
the fires. The event will go ahead and there will
be a plan B just in case. We invite the
populace to write us and let us know of people who
are making great contributions for the
Principality. We are trying to get Principality
awards up and running soon. There will be awards
for people making significant contributions in the
following areas. Heavy Fighting, Rapier, Archery,
Arts and Sciences, and Service. If you know of
someone in one of these areas please let us know.
Thank you. You can find recommendation forms on
the Principality website. In the award area just
specify the area of contribution.

Finally our congratulations to the following

Announced at Lionsdale Champion's - June 21st
Asa Martel (Cragmere) GdS and AA
Tatiana Alexievna (Seagirt) GdS
Elizabeth Chatfield (Raven's Key) GdS
Antonia Fraser (Seagirt) GdS
Tristan Einarson (Lionsdale) JdL
Willelm Bogamann (Cragmere) AA
Effie Little (False Isle) AA
Edward the Merchant (False Isle) AA
Calindra de Silva of Aragon (False Isle) AA
Geoffrey of Mylar (False Isle) AA
Stephen of Hunmanby (False Isle) AA
Bartholomeus de Cressey (False Isle) AA
Arianwen verch Laugharne (False Isle) AA
Joshua of False Isle (False Isle) AA
Tita the Wanderer (False Isle) AA
Hermannus der Mensch (False Isle) AA
Morgan von Drachenwald (False Isle) AA

Announced at Eisenmarche's Day of Archery - Aug 9:
Brandoch (Lionsdale) AA
Synnovea Gravel (Lionsdale) AA
Arnarr (Lionsdale) AA
Ya Nafas al'Thaeib (Lions Gate) AA
Christopher Langley (Lions Gate) AA
Catte (Lions Gate) AA
Randolph Dana (Lions Gate) AA
Safiye (Lions Gate) AA
Delwyn (Eisenmarche) AA
Fiona (Eisenmarche) AA
Theodor (Lions Gate) AA
Anika Styfe (Lions Gate) AA

Announced at Holmgang - Aug 23
James Tanglefoot (Krakenfjord) AA
Patrick Wymond (Krakenfjord) AA
Seamus MacPhearson (Krakenfjord) AA
Anya Rozvardo (Lions Gate) AA
Finnian Mc Clarty (Lions Gate) AA

Einar and Thora
Prince and Princess Tir Righ


From The Principality Seneschal

Greetings All,

I would like to advise you of the following
additions to the Principality Seneschal branch.

Drop Dead Deputy:
Kieran Gunn (Kevin Manson), 711 Roderick
Avenue, Coquitlam, BC V3K 1P6 <kierengunn@shaw.ca>

Calendar Deputy:
Lord Tadgg h-ua Faelan of Clan MacNessa (John Rowe), 16
- 1084 Kitimat, BC, V8C 1E3 <tadgg@telus.net>

New Branches Deputy: Baroness Asthor (Kim Chambers-
Ross), 2530 Henry St., Bellingham WA, 98225

Reporting Deputy: Lady Zelda of Jorvik (Zelda Unger),
Cloverdale BC

If Baroness Asthor and Lady Zelda would advise us
of which email address they would like to use, or if
the Principality Web minister would create aliases for
every one, it would be greatly appreciated.

It is my pleasure to announce that Don Kieran Gunn
will be taking over from me, as Principality Seneschal,
at Winter investiture.

I would appreciate everyone with events from now
on, send your event request, notification etc, to Lord
Tadgg as he will be coordinating this important piece
of work. At present, the Principality is one large
conflict zone. He will be developing Principality
conflict zones.

Baroness Asthor will be assisting any group who
would like to form a shire, with the proper
requirements for that purpose, for the Principality.
Please ensure she is contacted by any new groups.

Lady Zelda will be ensuring that reports are being
sent and will remind those of you who have not reported
that reports are due.

Principality officers will send their reports to her
once you have received your subordinate reports. Branch
Seneschals will send their reports to her as well. Once
she has received all the reports, she will send them to
the Principality Seneschal for review and sending of
the final quarterly report for the Principality, to

I would like to welcome the new deputies to the
Principality and I look forward to working with you
during the remainder of my tenure.

I have one successful bid for a Principality event
for 2004 and that is Ravenswier for Summer Investiture.
I have received 2 other bids and I was curious if you
would like to take any other of the Principality
events, Spring Coronet Tourney, Fall Coronet and Winter

Please reply to the Principality Events Deputy
asap. Any other group wanting to hold a Principality
event, please send your intent in ASAP.

Ljotr Einarsson AA MI JL GS
Principality of Tir Righ

A Minister's Minute

The SCA is fun. That is the absolute bottom line
for me. There are things that I get to do in the SCA
that are just incredibly fun,rewarding, thrilling,
exciting, enjoyable, and, yes, fun!

Don't ask me why, but I've always had a
fascination with our awards. Finding out who was King
and Queen eleven years ago (Gunnar and Gabriell, by the
way.*double take*.yep there they are.), learning who
the members of the Order of the Carp are, or finding
out how many triple peers are in the kingdom is just
endlessly interesting to me.

So ten years ago, I started to compile lists, by
hand, from my college apartment (sharing a four bedroom
apartment with four completely forgettable people - do
the math). Unfortunately, putting together static lists
for the proto-An Tir website took far too much work to
be effectively done on the long haul and the project
died a unlamented death in the depths of An Tirian

Fast forward to this year. I'm holding down the
job of Tir Righ Web Minister and asking Their
Highnesses about what awards they give out each weekend
so I can post it on the website. I'm also working with
Asthor of Payton - our Principality deputy senechale in
charge of new branches and Shittimwoode's herald - in
compiling the Shittimwoode Order of Precedence. It was
at this point I found out that the An Tir Dexter
Gauntlet job - the keeper of the Kingdom OP - was open.

It sounded like my SCA dream job, but my plate was
already pretty full. However, I figured that I should
at least apply, let Black Lion know I was available,
and let him make the call. So I did.

It turns out that what the position needed more
than anything is a programmer who can do databases,
user interfaces, and web pages. Also, you had to know
heraldry protocol, and understand the OP historically,
but it boiled down to the simple fact that our Kingdom
had outgrown the Access database that the OP was in and
needed a new one. In other words, the same skills that
make me a Web Minister are needed
for Dexter Gauntlet.

Since that time, about six weeks ago, my SCA life
has been a blur of late nights, conversations with all
sorts of heralds, almost incessant programming,
planning sessions, recruitment, organization,
advertising, bug fixes, design, and study of the OP.
And to top it off, it's been fun!

So about two weeks ago, Black Lion introduced me
to the Kingdom as the new Dexter Gauntlet herald of An
Tir. Last week, we released the new, improved OP to the
Kingdom on the web at
http://www.antirheralds.org/awards/OP/op.html. Check it

The new OP does lots and lots of things, most of
which would bore the living daylights out of anyone who
is not a programmer. But there are a few things that it
does that have never been done before in this Kingdom
that you need to know about:

1. We can track people moving from branch to branch. If
you currently live in Dregate, but used to live in
Appledore, we can save that and you will show up in
both the Appledore OP and the Dregate OP.

2. We can track people's name changes. If you decide
that you need multiple personas or just want a name
change, we can save that information and look you up
under either name.

3. We can time when you received your award right down
to the second. If you know that your lady received her
Award of Arms in court before you did, we can save that
information and she will appear on the OP ahead of you.
We have very few records of this kind of information,
so you have to tell us.

4. The OP is a distributed system. Previously, only one
person could enter one name at a time into the OP. This
bottleneck caused the famous OP backlog. It is gone. I
now have a team of heralds working with me entering
information into the OP every day. That really is the
only way to handle a database of over 4,000 people
handling over 10,000 awards.

Our goal is simple: To produce a complete and
accurate An Tir Order of Precedence. To do that, we
need your help. Check the entries in the OP and report
to <op@antir.sca.org> if there is anything missing or
wrong, no matter how small it may seem. Check for you
family members and friends. Mail us at
<op@antir.sca.org> and let us know. Talk to your branch
and get the information from other members of your
branch. Then send mail to <op@antir.sca.org>.

Thank you, Tir Righ!

Lord Quentin d'Or
Web Minster, Principality of Tir Righ
Dexter Gauntlet Herald, Kingdom of An Tir

P.S. My team is not complete. If you are interested in
working on the OP, please mail me at


NMS Reminder

Greetings Seneschals and Autocrats of AnTir, the
greatest Kingdom of the Knowne Worlde,

A brief reminder about NMS, if I may...........

Your event is subject to NMS IF: You publish event
COPY in the Crier AND charge a gate fee or mandatory
donation. A listing in the Kingdom Calendar alone does
not count.

The fee is $3US or $4CAN (convert to $US) per non
member ADULT applied to either the full site fee or day
fee. Viscountess Callista, Kingdom Seneschale has
mandated that you submit collected NMS fees within 30
days after the end of your

You must also furnish the following data with your
submission; Event Name, Event Date(s), Number
attending, Number of Non Members, Total Surcharges
collected, in no particular format. If you are in
Avacal or Tir Righ, please send your submission through
your Principality Exchequer. Otherwise, please send it
to the NMS Clerk (me) at the address below.

Please forward and cross post this reminder. The
information is obviously not getting out as there seems
to be much confusion on this subject. If you have any
questions, no matter how minor or petty, even if you
just want to vent, please contact me so we can work
things out. We have no wiggle room on this, it's
something we have to do as part of the game we play.
Can we try to achieve some form of accommodation?

Thanks for your attention to this matter,
Pyotr Constantinovich
(Peter Gorshkoff)
10224 123rd St. Ct. E. #3
Puyallup, Way 98374-2602


From The NSCA Treasurer

Greetings all:
Clinton War Bonds -- the time has come for the
Clinton War Bonds to be redeemed!! While not all bonds
have been out for the full time until their due date,
the bonds are all being redeemed at the same time.
Since, originally, the bonds were issued to be held in
trust as collateral for the loan for the property, we
are happy to say that the bonds are no longer needed
for this purpose. According to the government, and
various banking officials, as long as everyone gets the
full amount of interest they would have gotten upon the
due date, we have the option of redeeming the bonds
early. This is being done. As a matter of fact, while
the bonds were originally sold for $ 100. and were to
receive $ 10 interest, you were supposed to get back $
110. However, due to wise investing we are pleased to
say that everyone will be getting back approx. $ 115.
for their bond.

I have a list of all the bond holders, however,
many of you have changed residences in the last five
years, and as a result, I am scrambling around trying
to find everyone's current address. If you are a bond
holder, I would appreciate getting a response from you,
along with your current address and your proper mundane
name, so that I can get a cheque out to you. If you
contact me early enough, and let me know that you will
be attending Clinton War this year, then I will
endeavour to have your cheque waiting there for you.

If you were a group of people that purchased a
bond, such as the Clinton Tavern Wenches, then I need
your group to appoint one person as the spokesperson,
so that I can make out a cheque in a proper name.

Some people have already declared that they wish
to donate their money to the Clinton War Site, or
improvement funds. Due to the government regulations,
we are not allowed to redeem the bond on your behalf
directly to Mistress Maelen, or the improvement fund.

Government officials have declared that I must repay
the bond to the person who purchased it, and after
cashing the cheque, they may do whatever they wish with
the funds. This means that I must write a cheque to
you, and that after cashing it, you may donate the
money in any manner that you see fit.

I hope that I have explained the situation
somewhat, without being overly lengthly, however if
anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to
contact me with them.

I look forward to an influx of emails along with a
lot of current information. Please be sure to put
"Clinton War Bonds" in the subject line -- it'll make
it a lot easier for me to sort my emails, and will make
sure that your message gets priority treatment.

On behalf of the NSCA, and the Clinton War crew,
may I say thank you to all of you who helped out in the
time of need. It was truly appreciated, and showed just
how important the SCA and our "family" is to each one
of us.

In service,
Tricia Le Pine
NSCA treasurer
(Aka, Eriu of Tlachtga, Exchequer for the
Principality of Tir Righ)


Baronial Banner Missing

When cleaning up after final Clinton court, and
taking down our purple and white "court" pavilion,
Aurora and I discovered that the box that carries the
Baronial Banner was empty.

The banner should have been taken down and put in
the carrier, but when we discovered that this had not
been done, most people were off site and well on their
way home. The banner was not with the baronial pavilion
when it was taken down.

It took a few days to check with Their Highness's
retinue, our retinue, our herald, Their herald and
those who took down the Baronial Pavilion but it seems
that someone took down the Baronial Banner and still
has it.

I am not saying that this was malicious - it was
probably a well intentioned mistake - but time enough
has passed for the person to let us know that they have
the banner.

Please ask your friends and check your camping
gear and see if there is a stowaway, the banner is
about 5 feet square, with the Lions Gate arms on it in
silver lame and black velvet.

If anyone knows anything about who took down the
banner, or where it might be, please contact us. Thank

Harold Devin of Waltham
Baron of Lions Gate, An Tir

From the A&S Champion

At the upcoming Championships in Danescombe, there
will be a display of current projects by all entrants
of past A&S championships in the northern region, now
Principality of Tir Righ. If you have ever entered
(need not have won) a regional contest, please contact
me (see below). Even if you cannot yourself attend, it
would be nice if you could send something along for the

Also, I am trying to compile photographs of the
past champions and their entries. If anyone has photos
of the above, could they please contact me? I would
like to compile them and laminate them into posters to
be displayed at future championships. My intention is
to continue with this for the principality
championship, but I would like to start collecting an
archive also. Any pictures or information would be
greatly appreciated.


Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim
Tir Righ Principality A&S Champion

Attention all BARDS
This is the format for the Skald competition for
Fall Coronet for the Principality of Tir Righ

Each participant will present a minimum of two
performance pieces to a maximum of 20 minutes.
Participants may do more than two pieces but will be
limited to the 20 minutes. Definition of performance
piece is: Poetry, Storytelling, Juggling, Singing,
Ballad telling, Dancing, Dramatic monologue, Play skit
and anything else one could do to entertain the
populous at a Bardic fire.

There MUST be documentation for one of the pieces,
this could mean the piece is period OR an original done
in period styling. (Yes, filking is a period style,
not just something to scoff at, it takes talent to
compose a piece even if the score isn't original--- see
Bernie's Soap box coming soon)

On Saturday morning all participants will randomly
draw, from a hat, two Bardic topics. Each participant
may toss one of the topics. One of the performance
pieces that evening must be on the remaining topic.

Topics are as follows:
War/Fighting Populous participation Bawdy
Love/Romance Patriotic
Ballad Comedy/Humour

The ideas behind this format are many
1) The competition, while not needing to be as involved
as Kingdom level, should be higher in standards than a
Barony would require as well as be closer in
preparation to Kingdom levels. Thus why documentation,
a requirement for Kingdom level, is greatly encouraged
for all pieces and required for at least one piece.

2) A heavy, rapier and archery champion is not chosen
on one battle or score alone, then why should a bardic
champion be chosen on one piece? A bardic champion
should have both breadth of knowledge and performance.
In the past one piece has been used, I feel that this
is inadequate to the job.

3) In my opinion, a good bard needs to be able to
please the populous. That sometimes requires being able
to perform requests. The choosing of topics on the day
of , in my hopes, will address this need of the
champion within the competition.

4) With no slight intended on anyone, there was no
format at all last year and I am feeling the need to
correct that as this is our first official bardic
championship as a principality.

Entrants MUST be members of the SCA in order to compete
I am in need of judges as I myself will be
competing. So any Laurels or other musically
knowledgeable gentles out there who intend on attending
this fine event and are willing to judge please contact
Yours In Service to the Dream,
Lady Bernadette Ebhili'n A'rd
Skald of the North, Bardic Champion of Tir Righ


Upcoming Events in Tir Righ

September Revel 5-7 Sept., 2003
Shire of Dregate Omak, WA

Greetings one and all.
September 5-7 the Shire of Dregate will once again
be hosting September Revel in the Okanogan Highlands.

Starting Friday we will be holding the first ever
Revel Roving Rapier tourney, an a&s competition (theme
below) and children's activities. On Saturday join us
for the third heavy bones tourney, a random weapon
tourney where the bones decide your fate.

The Arts and Sciences theme is Banners!. The
banner can be your personal banner, a historically
recreated banner, a pennant, a war banner, whatever you
would like as long as its a flag or banner!

Tickets will be available for the revel feast held
Saturday evening, open Bardic to follow. Breakfast will
be offered for a small fee. Sunday morning we will hold
the tournament for Shire Protector. We will also be
having a silent auction to benefit Dregate Arts and

Site info: Site opens 4pm Friday September 5th and
closes 3pm Sunday September 7th. The site features hot
showers, flush toilets, wheelchair access. This is a
mountain setting at a high elevation; pleasant days and
cool nights. Lake swimming nearby. Camping on site or
bunk style cabins are available (and included in site
fee) pre-registration requested. Above ground fires if
allowed by Forest Service in the dry season. Pets on
leashes only. The site is discreet. Nearest towns are
40 miles away, come prepared for the weekend.

Site fee: $10 US ($13 for non members) and $5 for
15 and under. Family cap of $30 ($36 for non-members)
Make checks payable to SCA Inc.-Shire of Dregate. Bunk
style cabins or camp onsite. Group cabins are
available. Contact HL Osorgarow for reservations:
odredful@hotmail.com Feast fee is seperate but well
worth it. Adults $7, children 5 to 15 $3, 5 and under
free. Seating is limited. If you wish to purchase
tickets they will be on sale near the list table as
soon as the heavy tourney starts

Directions: Take your best route to North Central
Washington. Tonasket is on Hwy.97 and Republic is on
Hwy.20 On Hwy. 20, Twenty miles in between these two
towns is a turnoff for Bonaparte Lake. Follow blacktop
to Lake and resort, keep driving, signage will be good,
follow our signs and signs to Lost Lake, don't turn off
the pavement.

Autocrat: Lord Cerdic Stuart (Philip Bedard) 732
So. Jackson, Omak WA. 98841 (509) 826-3910 (until 9 pm)

Hartwood Birthday Bash XIV 5-7 Sept, 2003
Shire of Hartwood Port Alberni, BC

Good Gentles of An Tir and Regions Beyond, the
Shire of Hartwood is celebrating its 14th annual
Birthday Bash with jollity all round and invites all
interested parties to participate. There will be
melees, both heavy and rapier, centered around Raven's
Castle with a "ransom" format.

There will be lots of activities for children so
all ages are welcome.

Set-up is Friday afternoon and evening, potluck on
Saturday night with prizes for best period potluck
contribution and best chocolate confection! A bardic
circle after the feast will see a prize for the best
children's bardic presentation and best adult bardic
presentation, voice or instrumental. There is also a
dance contest with prize to the best matched, most
graceful and courteous couple. Merchants are welcome.
There will be a childrens' court so that the populace
may present their children to be recognized by nobility
and rewarded for their achievements throughout the

Site Info: Raven's Castle, private campground, Port
Alberni, B.C.. Site opens at 4:00 Friday the 5th of
September and closes after Children's Court, Sunday the
7th of September. There is water on site (drinking
water is recommended) via a pump, and several
outhouses. Parking is out on the dirt road. Camping is
provided among the trees on a slight hill. Site rules
include fires is braizures, and smoking in your own
encampment (with use of an ashtray).

Site fee is $12.00 for the weekend, $6.00 for day
pass, $5.00 for children 5 to 15, under 5 free, over 15
considered adult. There is a $3.00 NMS surcharge on top
of these fees. Lots of signage will be available.

Directions: Take Port Alberni/Long Beach exit off
New Island Hwy and stay on Hwy 4 until Pt. Alberni,
keep to the right. At first set of lights turn right
onto Cherry Creek Rd, then left onto Cowley Rd opposite
school. Follow Cowley Rd to where it becomes Best Rd.
Keep along Best until you reach Kitsukkis St. and turn
right then left on Kingston Rd. Raven's Castle is at
the end of Kingston Rd down a long private dirt road.

Please see the Hartwood website www.stormpages.com/hartwood for updates.

Autocrat: Lady Lora nic t'Lin (Laurel Bohart), 5504
Hiquebran Rd, Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 5G6 (250)729-9858

Co-autocrat, MOS, Children's Autocrat: Lady Cyneburh,
Seneschal of Hartwood (Tracy Paisley) (250)754-7971

War DogTourney 5-7 Sept, 2003
Shire of Eisenmarche Burnaby BC

Come one and all to compete for the title of
WARDOG of Eisenmarche. See the two- headed troll! Watch
the mystical beast hunt. Obtain the honor of leading
the shire in WAR.

This year will be a memorial for Kona who has gone
to the great hunting ground in the sky.

We are adding a new category this year for the
non-fighter types. Heavies: Pell Pole, Round Robin;
Fencers: Ring Lunges, Round Robin; Archers: Special
target shooting; Arts and Sciences: One item in memory
of Kona to bring, one item made on site; Common Events:
Obstacle course, Potluck Popularity contest, War Alarm,
Best Inspiration, Some surprise contests!!!

Ladies: Enjoy the Ladies Tea. Surprises await.

Children: Boffer/whalebone tournament. Magic show.
Mythical Beast hunt. Scavenger hunt. Saturday dinner
will be pot luck with prizes for best dinner and
dessert so lets see some culinary genius at work!!

Site: Warner Loat Park Burnaby, BC. Site fees:
$5.00 Child 12 and under free (Cheques payable to the
Shire of Eisenmarche). Site opens at 5:00 Friday
September 5 and closes 4:00 Sunday September 7.

Competitors must camp for the weekend. Non-
competing participants are welcome (If you only want to
fight, shoot or swishy-pokey, please come and test our
competitors to your hearts content!) The site is
discreetly damp, period drinking containers only. Local
drinking laws apply.

Merchants welcome there is no merchant fee.

For more information contact us, we'll be happy to
answer your questions.

Lady Arianna Freemont of the Clan McBeighn Ph: (604)
574-0566 <dcocking@telus.net>

Kerry, War dog of Eisenmarche Ph: (604) 930-5785;
Jezebeth McBeighn Ph: (604) 461-9305

HL Rhiannon ap Gwynned Ph: (604) 594-0547

Donations for the local SPCA are also

Tir Righ Fall Coronet Tournament 12-14 Sept, 2003
Shire of Danescombe Kelowna B.C.

[Ed. Note: Full Event information is still forthcoming.
Be aware that both the Archery and Bardic Championships
will also be taking place this weekend]

Make your best way to Summerland via Highway 97 in
the Okanagan Valley. (There are two traffic lights on
the Highway in Summerland - One at the Macs/7-11
corner, the other at McDonalds) Turn west at the
McDonalds at the traffic light and follow the road up
the hill to the first stop sign. Turn left at this
stop sign, you are now on Prairie Valley Road. Follow
this road, (it will curve a lot) through the next stop
sign and on into Prairie Valley. At the end of Prairie
Valley it will curve to the right and go uphill. It
will soon curve right again – Past the Kettle Valley
Railroad station turn-off - Stay to the right. follow
this road through Meadow Valley. You will come to
another right hand curve, again -keep to the right.
Soon you will pass the Llama Ranch, turn Left at the T
in the road, (if you go straight the road will turn to
gravel). This is Fish Lake Road. Follow Fish Lake Road
right to the Camp. The road will turn to gravel just
before the Camp gates. The Camp is on your left side,
Parking is on your right.

It isn't as confusing as it sounds and there will
be many SCA signs on the way to guide you. Remember to
keep to the right and stay on pavement and you will be

Autocrat: Lord Enoch Sutherland [contact
information in Seneschal's Listing]

Baronial Banquet 4 Oct, 2003
Barony of Lions Gate Vancouver, BC

Greetings to the people!
We will visit the grand courts of Byzantium this
year for the Annual Baronial Banquet! Many mysteries of
the Exotic Far East will be explored. There will be
something for everyone to play, frolic and tantalize
their palettes. Games and dancing will be
entertainment during the day to caress your soul and
cultivate your imagination.

Site: Our Lady of Sorrows, 555 South Slocan
Street, Vancouver (1 block west, 1 block south of
Hastings and Renfrew) Hours: Hall opens at noon for
games and dancing. Dinner seating at 5pm.

Tickets: On board - $25.00 Off board - $10.00

Head Cook: Ciaran Stonebreaker Moonhawk

Hall Steward: Lady Genevieve Barbota of

Menu: Byzantine. For further information, please
contact the Head Cook. Off board tickets are available
immediately to vegetarians or persons with food
allergies; off board tickets will be available to
others after 150 on board tickets have been sold.

Ticket requests should include: Your SCA name and
mundane name; your contact information (email or
phone); the number and type of tickets you require,
along with the SCA name of each ticket holder (for
seating purposes); The name(s) of person(s) with whom
you wish to be seated. Tickets will be available for
sale at all Lions Gate practices and events

Tickets are available from:

Lady Genevieve Barbota of Gryphonshold (Barbara
Millard) (604) 872-8550 gryphonshold@shaw.ca

Lady Cerridwen Lady Cerridwen Yr Iachawr - aka
(Ravenhawk) <fullsilvermoon@hotmail.com>
Baroness Padraigin O'Bhuadhaigh (Patricia O'Donnell)
(604) 255-9120 <seneschale@shaw.ca>
Baroness Amanda Kendall of Westmorland (Nancy Stevens)

Machiavelli II 1 Nov, 2003
Shire of Danescombe Peachland, B.C.

Danescombe once again hosts Machiavelli. The
event will take place at 4th Street Place (#4, 4th
Street, Peachland, B.C., Canada) on Saturday November
1, 2003. The Doge of Danescombe will come out of
seclusion and risk his life this one night of the year
in order to allow his citizens to pay him homage.
Don't miss this rare event. If history repeats, it
could be this Doge's last appearance. In case of an
assassination, a new Doge will be elected by the end of
the evening and an aggressive campaigning period.

The doors at 4th Street will open at noon and
close at midnight on Saturday November 1, 2003. There
will be an Armoured (Heavy) tournament and a Rapier
Tournament in the afternoon. Formats to be decided on
the day. The winners will serve as the Doge's
defenders for the evening.

This event will also feature the competition for
Danescombe's Arts & Science Defender. Here are the
parameters: 2 entries; 1 display;1 presented.
Documentation is encouraged. Presentations need be no
longer than 20 minutes. Panel judging will be used.

In the evening, come to a masked ball and potluck
feast. The Doge will be in attendance and the intrigue
will begin. A licensed tavern will be on the premises;
no private alcohol please. Last call at 11pm; doors
close and event is over at midnight.

Site Fees (day & evening)(Canadian Dollars): $5
for adult members, $2 for youth (15-7), 6 & under free;
family cap at $12. Non-members add $4 Canadian.

Directions: Make your best way to Peachland, B.C.
Once in Peachland, leave Hwy 97 and turn towards
Okanagan Lake. 4th Street is off of the main road that
follows the lakeshore. 4th Street Place is at the end
of 4th Street. For a map visit www.antir.com/danescombe.

Crash space can be arranged for out of town

Autocrat: Lady Naomi (mka-Naomi Kleinschmidt) 468
Fleming Rd., Kelowna, B.C., V1X 3Z3 Ph: (250)763-
3516 <naomik@shaw.ca>.

Silver Whale Competition 13 Dec, 2003
The Barony of Seagirt Victoria, BC

Once again the Barony of Seagirt is hosting our
annual persona competition. This year Silver Whale
will be held on Dec 13 in conjunction with the Baron's
Scholar Trials. The competition is an opportunity to
present an authentic and logical persona you have
created and who could have existed before the year
1650. (This is not to be a recreation of an historic,
fiction, or SCA character). The competition is open to
both men and women.

This is not a competition to win against others,
but to accomplish a goal of presenting a successful
piece of theatre. This means bringing together and
presenting everything - from knowledge, bearing and
attitude to props and aids such as food, costume(s),
skills and activities needed to make the persona a
whole, living, believable person.

Interested in getting more information? Please
contact Tatiana Alexievna by email or phone and an
information package and application form will be
forwarded to you. Applications must be received no
later than Nov 1, 2003 in order to be accepted for this
year's competition.

tatiana-seagirt@shaw.ca Ph: 250-388-6983 (no calls
after 9pm please)


Because I Can...

Top Ten Reasons Why
Someone Might Never Be Recognized As A Peer

10. Prowess? Check! Courage? Check! Generosity,
humility, fidelity? D'oh!

9. Remember the time you said, "I wish I was a Pelican,
so I could sit on my butt while my proteges do all the
work"? Well, the Pelicans remember!

8. For some reason, the Laurels failed to fully
appreciate your A&S Food-Prep entry of 'Sardinian
Maggot-Filled Pecorino Cheese'.

7. The Ladies of the Rose weren't thrilled by your
Royal Command forcing them to act as your "Serving
Wenches" while you were Queen.

6. Win dozens of tourneys, most of the Knights still
don't know who you are. But kick your helm off the
field just once...

5. Buying an embroidered shirt off the rack at K-Mart
and entering it in A&S didn't fool anyone, you know.

4. You know those heralds you used to heckle every time
they cried the #$%^ camp? They're now the major Pelican
voting block.

3. In retrospect, taking the ICQ nickname "SwordGod"
wasn't the best way to get the Chivalry to take you
seriously. But it has given you ample justification for
your new nickname, "WalkingBruise".

2. Sure, mime was a period art form. And, yes, you do a
great job of staying entirely in your mime persona at
events. Unfortunately, you're also the Court Herald.

1. Even Sir John FitzRauf refuses to expand his
"Kitchen Sink" Peerage proposal to include
"Participating In The SCA Only Via The Internet".

[Editor's Note: This piece was unattributed when found.
Perhaps with reason. But y'know, I'd love to see a
Mime Court Herald, just to say I did....]


Compendium of Resources

Their Majesties of An Tir
Sir Gunnarr Brunwolf & Gabriell McBain
(Rod and Jackie Olson)
P.O. Box 574
Mead, WA 99021
(509) 466-6076

Their Highnesses of Tir Righ
Einar Guntharson and Thora Golvik
(Neil and Christine Foulger)
32615 Bobcat Drive
Mission, BC, V2V 5J8
(604) 826-5683 - no calls after 9 PM

The Champions of Tir Righ

The Scourge Of The North,
(Heavy Champion)
Sir Keron Azov

Scholar Of The North
(Arts & Sciences)
HL Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim

Scar Of The North
(Rapier Champion)
Maestro Guidobaldo d'Aquilla

Skald Of The North
(Bardic Champion)
Lady Bernadette Ard Eibhlinn

Scorer Of The North
(Archery Champion)
Ealeen de Seez

Principality Officers

HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck)
Mailing address: 1205-25th Ave., Vernon, BC, V1B 2C3
Phone: (250)542-6988
E-mail: <tir-righ-seneschal@antir.sca.org>

Lord Erasmus the Traveller, OP (Warren R. Edge),
Mailing address: 1283 Park Terrace, Victoria, BC, V9A 4Z2
Phone: (250) 380-9947
E-mail: <tir-righ-chronicler@antir.sca.org>

Arts & Sciences:
HL Aelana Cordovera (Sharon Burrows)
Mailing address: 2621 St.George St., Vancouver, BC, V5T 3R5
Phone: (604) 876-9105
E-mail: <tir-righ-artsci@antir.sca.org>

Signora Angela Fracassa (Eva Hartkopf)
Mailing address:
#207-720 Queens Ave., New Westminster, V3M 1L6
Phone: (604) 777-1749
E-mail: <tir-righ-chatelaine@anitr.sca.org>

Chirurgeon: VACANT; Apply to Kingdom
Chirurgeon & Principality Seneschal

HL Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter (Marion Felgenhauer)
Mailing address:
#202-46210 Chilliwack Central Rd., Chilliwack, BC, V2P 1P8
Phone: (604) 795-9611
E-mail: <tir-righ-constable@antir.sca.org>

HL Eriu of Tlachtga (Tricia LePine)
Mailing address:
#5-7576 Humpfries Ct., Burnaby, BC, V3N 3E9
Phone: (604) 524-2824
E-mail: <tir-righ-exchequer@antir.sca.org>

HL Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna (Heather Rowe)
Mailing address: 72 Starling, Kitimat, BC, V8C 1K5,
Phone: (250) 639-9301
E-mail: <tir-righ-herald@antir.sca.org>

Sir Throvald Hwolfson(Mark Vermette)
Mailing address: #3254-272B St., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3H8
Phone: (604) 607-0080
E-mail: <tir-righ-marshal@antir.sca.org>

Rapier Marshal:
Don Diarmuid de Rosas (Sean Irwin)
Mailing address: 14129 -68th Ave., Surrey, BC, V3W 2H3
Phone: (604) 591-1818
E-mail: <tir-righ-rapier@antir.sca.org>

Archery Marshal:
Ts'ai T'ien-P'u (Jaime Tiampo)
Mailing address: 2424 Lincoln Rd., Victoria, BC, V8R 6A4
Phone: (250) 744-4885
E-mail: <tir-righ-archery-marshal@antir.sca.org>

Minister of Lists:
Lady Caitrin ni Cingeadh (Janice Jackson)
Mailing address: #12159-222nd St., Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 5W4
Phone: (604) 466-0654
E-mail: <tir-righ-lists@antir.sca.org>

Lady Gera Ginevra Orlandini (Kimberly Montminy)
Mailing address: 9336-155A Street, Surrey BC V3R 9B7
Phone: (604) 328-7386
E-mail: <tir-righ-waterbearer>

Branches of The Principality of Tir Righ

Shire of Appledore
(Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)
George of Mangledwords (George Cornish)
Phone: (250) 495-7715
E-mail: <gcornish@direct.ca>

Shire of Cae Mor
(Kitimat, BC)
Lord Tadgg OhAolain (John Rowe)
Phone: (250) 639-9301
E-mail: <tadgg@telus.net>

Shire of Coill Mhor
(100 Mile House, BC)
Finnlaech MacGillandrias (Cameron Ross)
Phone: (250) 397-2151
E-mail: <finlaech @coillmohr.com>

Shire of Cragmere
(Campbell River, BC)
Lord Kjartan kraka (Jamie Prowse)
Phone: (250) 335-1599
E-mail: <j_amazon@island.net>

Port of Crickstow-on-Sea
(CFB Esquimalt, BC)
Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffyd (Tom Pilcher)
Phone: (250) 995-8526
E-mail: <tpilcher@shaw.ca>

Shire of Danscombe
(Kelwona, BC)
Lord Enoch Sutherland
Phone: (250) 490-2787
E-mail: <jarrodandkaren@yahoo.ca>

Shire of Dregate
(Omak, WA)
HL Killian Carrick (Kelly Cericker)
Phone: (509) 422-5101
E-mail: <dreadg8@televar.com>

Shire of Eisenmarche
(Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows, BC)
HL Eric of Clan Smith (Norm Nelson)
Phone: (604) 942-9412
E-mail: <nan@telus.ca>

Shire of False Isle
(Powell River, BC)
HL Rhyannan of Pembroke Castle
Phone: (604) 485-7234
E-mail: <ladyrhyannan@shaw.ca>

Shire of Frozen Mountain
(West Kootenays, BC)
HL Evangelina du Lac (Janette Mulloy)
E-mail: <j_mulloy@hotmail.com>

Shire of Hartwood
(Nanaimo, BC)
Lady Kineburh (Tracey Paisley)
Phone: (250) 754-7971
E-mail: <kineburh@hotmail.com>

Shire of Krakenfjord
(Vernon, BC)
Hengst the Saxon (Mike Hamm)
Phone: (250) 503-7902
E-mail: <dirtysaxondog@yahoo.ca>

Shire of Lionsdale
(Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC)
Don Kieran Gunn (Kevin Manson)
Phone: (604) 556-0887
E-mail: <kierangunn@shaw.ca>

Barony of Lions Gate
(Vancouver, BC)
HE Padraign O'Bhuadhiagh (Patricia O'Donnell)
Phone: (604) 861-0899
E-mail: <seneschale@shaw.ca>

Shire of Ramsgaard
(Kamloops, BC)
Wren (Jenna Ditrich)
Phone: (250) 319-9867
E-mail: <wrenshenna@hotmail.com>

Shire of Ravensweir
(Quesnel & Williams Lake,BC)
Lady Rowan (Brenda Miller)
Phone: (250) 992-7265
E-mail: <rowan@quesnelbc.com>

Barony of Seagirt
(Victoria, BC)
HL Lenora di Calizzan (Tami Hayes)
Phone: (250) 474-5602
E-mail: <lenora.is@shaw.ca>

Shire of Shittimwoode
(Bellingham - Whatcom CO., WA)
HL Floralyn MacBrian (Flora Shannon)
Phone: (360) 384-0547
E-mail: <seneschale@shittimwoode.org>

College of St. Giles
(University of Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: Niniane Greenlaw (Andrea McVean)
Phone: (250) 920-7710
E-mail: <aemcvean@uvic.ca>

Shire of Tir Bannog
(Smithers, BC)
Tewl Gover orth Kernow (Douglas Jeffery)
Phone: (250) 846-5290
E-mail: <cardinal@bulkley.net>


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