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  {===========}     #88 October, AS XXXVIII (2003, C.E.)

This is The eSentinel, a publication of the Principality
of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir, of the Society for Creative
Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate publication of the
SCA, nor does it delineate SCA Policies. The eSentinel is
available by subscription through the Chronicler.
Subscriptions are $2/yr. More information is available on
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Permission is granted to forward a single copy to any
given individual once only as a sample. Any other
distribution is theft and harms the Principality.

- Event Calendar
- By The Light of A Northern Star
- From the ...
... Prince and Princess of Tir Righ
... Principality Seneschal
... Principality Marshal
... Principality Archery Marshal
... Principality Calendar Deputy
... Principality Web Minister
... SCA Board of Directors
... An Tir Royal Equestrian
- Principality of Tir Righ Curia in Danscombe
- Upcoming Events in Tir Righ
- Because I Can...
- Compendium of Resources
- Staff Credits



4 Baronial Banquet, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC
4-5 Kingdom Scribal Symposium, Krakafjord, Vernon, BC
10-13 Golden Swan, Appledore Oliver, BC
11 Just a Picnic, False Isle, Powell River, BC
17-19 Knowne World Costuming Symposium & Rapier Academy,
Kingdom of The Outlands
18-19 Ithra, Lionsdale, Chilliwack, BC
25-26 Newcomers Weekend, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC
25-26 Freeze-Off, Ramsgaard Kamloops, BC

1 Machiavelli, Danscombe, Kelowna, BC
1 Ringing In The Past, Ravensweir, Quesnel, BC
8 Sing For Your Supper, Cae Mor, Kitimat, BC
15 Bard & A Banquet, Lionsdale, Chilliwack, BC
22-23 Principality Investiture, Shittimwoode, Bellingham, WA
29 Feast of St. Catherine, Eisenmarche, Coquitlam, BC

6 Baroness' Tourney, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC
13 Yule Revel/Silver Whale Seagirt Victoria
January, 2004
9-11 Kingdom 12th Night, Dragon's Laire Ocean Shores, WA

February, 2004
7 Day of Dance, Lions Gate, Vancouver, BC
28 Winter Tourney, Lionsdale, Chilliwack, BC

March, 2004
5-7 Kingdom A&S, TBA

April, 2004
9-11 Penguin Crusade II, Cae Mor, Kitimat, BC
16-18 Sir Edward's Tourney, Shittimwoode, Belllingham, WA
24-25 Coronet Tourney, Tir Righ, TBA


By The Light of A Northern Star....

One of the wonderful things about our new
Principality is how many very worthy gentles are finally
being recognized with Awards of Arms and even a few
Jambes and Gouttes. The Crown long ago decided that
Their Coronets should look after the bestowing of (most)
AoAs in the Principalities. And it wasn't all that long ago
that The Crown added that, with Their approval, the various
awards that bestow Grants of Arms could also be done by
The Coronets. This has not been as constant a thing as the
AoAs, but then, it is still a fairly new law, and not all
Crowns agree with it.
But they haven't taken it out of the Kingdom Laws
yet, either....!
Some would have it that being given your AA or a
Jambe by someone other than The Crown "lessens" the
award in their eyes. It doesn't come from "high enough up
the food chain" or some such thing. That it "means more"
when it is given by The Crown. I don't claim to understand
it, myself; that you are being recognized for your efforts, to
me, is the important thing. From who's hands it is bestowed
means what it will mean to the individual receiving it. Be it
from an unknown Crown, or a more familiar Coronet, it is the
recipient that matters. Really, who's hand it directly comes
from is as much a matter of convenience as it is necessity.
Armigerous Awards can only be granted by the will
of The Crown. And if we were to wait until each and every
deserving person were able to meet The Crown, there are
some people who would never ever be recognized. And we
all know why.
And so The Crown has decreed that in Their
Names, Armigerous Awards may be bestowed by others.
And The Crown has even gone so far as to say that the
decision to bestow those awards may be done by The
Coronets (we won't bother dealing with the situation where
The Crown hands the scroll and such to the resident Royal
Peer or Territorial Baron & Baroness). Sometimes, when
The Crown knows that they won't be able to make
arrangements, will allow The Coronets to decide on matters
pertaining to the Jambe de Lion and Goutte de Sang. On
very very rare occasions, even Peerages have been
bestowed (after appropriate consultations and all).
And let me tell you, I have heard someone sneer at
such a Peerage, or have "tsk'd" in sorrow over the "fact" that
the newly recognized will never know the "true joy" of
receiving such a recognition from The Crown.
Since June of this year, I have been watching the
lists of people recognized by The Crown and The Coronets.
And many of the names on the Tir Righ list would likely be
waiting still if it were otherwise than it is being done. Timely
and proper recognition of effort and excellence is a
cornerstone of Our Society, and we let it crumble at our
Of course, this means that The Crown and Coronet
need to know that people are deserving. Which means they
need to see Letters of Recommendations. And if you don't
really know how to write one, well, there are forms available
on-line at he Kingdom and Principality sites. And yes, this
is just one more way to make sure one of my favourite topics
gets more atteniton.

And for those who think it may be "less" because it
came not from Their Majesties hands, well, they have
already been rightly sentenced to live in those heads. And I
can't think of a more fitting "reward" for them.

Lord Erasmus The Traveller, OP

From Their Highnesses of Tir Righ

Unto the Populace of Tir Righ, Greetings and Salutations.

We would like to announce our successors. Ulf and Celdae were
successful at the Coronet tourney held in Danscombe. We wish
them all the luck and joy we have had during our reign.

Thank you to Mistress Yrsa Kettilsdottir for stepping up and
taking care of the event itself. You are an amazing person.
Thank you.

We look forward to continuing to visit the branches of Our
grand Principality.

Best wishes.
Einar and Thora
Prince and Princess Tir Righ

Words from the Princess Tir Righ
After great deliberation and consulting with the heralds, I
have come up with a consort's devise. In asking a few
questions before registering it, it came to my attention that
I must submit this with the support of the populace behind me.
Thus being said, there is yet another poll. This poll is just
as important as all the other polls that we have had. This
poll affects the devise for the Princess (or Consort). You can
view it on the Tir Righ web site when you go to fill out the
Anyone can participate. If you are a member, please include
your membership number. The closing date for the poll will be
November 14, 2003. Please forward this message at your council
meetings and on any lists that affect Tir Righ.
To participate in the pole please go to
This is very important for everyone to do. Thank you
Princess Tir Righ

Royal Progress of Tanist Ulf and ban-Tanist Celdae
October 4 - Lions Gate Baronial Banquet - Lions Gate
October 11 - Baron's Ball - Wastekeep (Ulf)
October 10-13 - Golden Swan - Appledore (Celdae tentatively)
October 18-19 - Lionsdale Ithra - Lionsdale (Celdae
October 25 - Freeze-Off - Ramsgaard (Ulf) (Celdae tenatively)
November 8-9 - Crown Council - Wealdsmere
November 21-23 - Tir Righ Winter Investiture - Shittimwoode


From The Principality Seneschal

It has been an exciting time since I stepped up in Oct 1999.

We now have our own Prince and Princess, our region has come
together to form a strong Principality, we are developing a
strong since of identity. As my tenure as Seneschal is in its
twilight, I would like to thank all that have supported the
Office of the Seneschalate in Tir Righ.

I have been dogmatic at times however we finally achieved our
Without your assistance I do not believe we would be where we
are today. Your vision, determination and hard work has
accelerated that process.
His Lordship, Kieran Gunn will be accepting the Mantle of
Office at Winter investiture. I hope your unwaivering support
will also be afforded to him as he settles in. I would like to
thank you all for the honour of serving in the position of the
founding Seneschal of Tir Righ.

It is something I will never forget.

Yours in Service,
Ljotr Einarsson AA MI JL GS
Seneschal, Principality of Tir Righ


From The Principality Marshal

As Their Highnesses have instructed I am posting my list of
what branches that have, and have not reported for August
Their Highnesses have also incorporated a "3 Strike" rule
about non reporting branch officers. Meaning after 3 missed
reports your seneschal will be asked to replace the officer in
To make reporting easier (for all you MOS's out there) fill
out the pre-setup report form from the Antir Web-site, save it
into JPEG format, and email it to the Tir Righ Marshal email
address <tir-righ-marshal@antir.sca.org>

If you haven't sent in your report DO IT. If you have, thank
Sir Thorvald Hwolfsson

Branches Reported
Appledore (Okanagan Valley BC): Yes
Cai Mor (Kitimat/Terrace BC): NO
Coill Mhor (100 Mile House): Yes
College of St. Giles (UVIC): No MOS
Cragmere (Campbell River): Yes
Crickstow-on-Sea (CFB Esquimalt): Has never reported
Danescombe (Kelowna/Penticton): Yes
Dregate (Omak Wa.): Yes
Eisenmarche (Port Coquitlam/Pitt Meadows BC): Has never
False Isle (Powell River BC): Yes
Frozen Mountain (W. Kooteneys BC): Has never reported
Hartwood (Naniamo): Yes
Krakenfjord (Vernon): Yes
Lions Gate (Vancouver BC): NO
Lionsdale (Abbotsford & Chilliwack BC): Yes
Ramsgaard (Kamloops): Yes
Ravens Key (Port Alberni): Yes
Ravenswier (Quesnel BC): No MOS
Seagirt (Victoria): NO
Shittemwoode (Bellingham WA): Yes
Tir Bannog (Smithers BC): No MOS


From the Principality Archery Marshal

Ni Hao,

As autumn is now underway the end of the archery season is at
hand. Time to start thinking about hanging up your bows and
storing your arrows, unless of course you're lucky enough to
have access to an indoor range.

Congratulations to everyone who has succeeded in accomplishing
any goals they have set for themselves this year. Also a big
congratulations to Anika for becoming our new Archery
Champion. The tournament was hard fought, and she showed
exceptional skill in her victory.

I am putting out the call for deputies. I am looking for a
Deputy of Scores and a Drop Dead Deputy. The Scoring Deputy
will be in charge of maintaining the Principality archery
scoring list. For the Drop Dead Deputy, applicants should
preferably be a TAM, a thrown weapons marshal, a light
marshal, and be a paid member of the SCA.

Applications can be sent to: <tir-righ-archery-

Armsmaster Ts'ai T'ien-p'u
Royal Archer for The Principality of Tir Righ


From The Principality Calendar Deputy

Greetings unto Prince Einar, Princess Thora, the new Heirs of
Tir Righ, Ulf and Celdae, and the populous of Tir Righ.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I
am Tadgg h-ua Faelan, the new, and first, Calendar Deputy of
Tir Righ.

Over the past month I have been putting together this new
office, creating Date Reservation, Event Information and
Principality Event Bid forms, which are now available on line
at http://north.antir.sca.org/library/forms/ , and setting up
communication lines between Kingdom Calendar and the powers of
Tir Righ.

For the ease of all autocrats, branch seneschals and everyone
else involved, Tir Righ will adopt the same event designations
as An Tir.
These are: "Open Date (Tier 2)" This means the branch believes
their event will be of local interest only and will allow any
potentially conflicting event to coexist on that date. These
events can be advertised on the Kingdom Web Calendar, The
Principality Web Calendar and/or in the Sentinel, but will not
show up in the Crier. Non Member Surcharge does not apply.
"Limited Date (Tier 1)" This is given to events the branch
believes will draw from outside their home territory such that
conflicting events may negatively impact their own event. The
branch may, however, grant permission to conflict on a case by
case basis. An Event Information Form must be on file, event
copy must be published in the Crier along with a calendar
listing, and the Non Member Surcharge must be levied on all
adult non-member attendees. Conflict policies as
defined are in effect.

NOTE: a limited date event may be listed along with a pre-
existing open date event. However, an open date event may NOT
be listed if a conflicting limited date event already has the

Forms: Currently kingdom law requires an Event Information
Form (EIF) be on file with me for the event to be "official".
This allows for awards, official announcements and business
with greater than local
level impact to be conducted. The Date Reservation Form (DRF)
is a courtesy form that allows a seneschal to book a date when
no other information may be known. This doesn't mean group
fight practice or business meetings and the like aren't
official, they just don't qualify for principality or kingdom

As HL Ljotr Einarsson said, "Now that we are a Principality,
TRHs want to recognize the work of the Principality with the
granting of awards. In order to grant awards, an event has to
be legal. It has to be printed in the Crier and the event copy
has to be in.... Please ensure that your events are "legal" by
submitting the proper paperwork in an appropriate time."

Finally I would like to address Principality event bids. It is
required by Principality Law that Principality Bids be
received a year in advance. I would also like to see
Principality events move around the Principality. So, if your
branch has an appropriate site for a Principality event, and
you have not bid on any of the Principality events, please do
so. You may not get the first Principality event you bid on
but we will know that you have a site, an interest, and which
event you may be interested in hosting in the future.

If anyone has any questions please contact me at
<tadgg@telus.net> or by phone at 250-639-9301 (before 10pm

Send all completed forms to: Tadgg h-ua Faelan, c/o John Rowe,

Righ Calendar, 30 Quail Street, Kitimat, BC, Canada, V8C 1K1

In Service,
Tadgg h-ua Faelan, AoA
Tir Righ Calendar Deputy


From The Principality Web Minister
A Minister's Minute

Here are a few things taht we offer the populace of Tir Righ
on the Tir Righ website:

The Royal Progress –
We watch our Royalty like a hawk! We're reporting where
they've been, where they are going to and what awards they
gave out when they were there!

The Countdown - http://north.antir.sca.org
The number of days until the next major event is counted down,
one by one until the event is over! This fun addition is on
the home page of the site

Order of Precedence –
Thanks to the efforts of the Tir Righ OP maven, HL Yolande
Chastellain, we have the Tir Righ OP ready and available for
you to peruse

Arts and Sciences –
Alienor has added a whole new wing to the Tir Righ site
devoted to nothing but Arts and Sciences! Come check it out!

Forms - http://north.antir.sca.org/library/forms/
Ever wonder how to make an award recommendation? You fill out
a form. Make and event bid? You fill out a form. Reserve an
event date? Yep, it's another form! Thanks to Lenora di
Callizan, our Tir Righ forms deputy, we have easy access to
the forms that allow us to communicate effectively and easily
across the vast distances of our Principality. Check them out!

As always, please feel free to come to me with suggestions or
offers of help! If you see something that needs to be up on
the site, it probably does!

Lord Quentin d'Or
Tir Righ Web Minister


Principality of Tir Righ Curia in Danscombe

Sunday, 14 Sept., 2003

In Attendance: [not taken]


- reporting good last Quarter; 2 shires didn't and they were
- few verbal warnings, nothing major

- terrible reporting; Their Highnesses want "vertical"
- problems at Warren War, Clinton and Lions Gate SYG; giving
specific reports to THs and Ljotr

- no one reports; Lists Mistress is reporting to both Kingdom
Lists and Earl Marshal

- Deputy, Rothgar
- doing a letter to enforce reporting; "3 Strikes and Out"
rule in effect
- reporting has been sporadic at best
- suggestion to begin pulling marshalling cards; His Highness
says "soft approach" first.

- reporting not bad, surprisingly
- received donations for supplies; Baldrics from Krakenfjord,
banner from Ramsgaard

- Deputy, Don Kieran Gunn
- Dregate has been given warning about reporting.
- no contentious issues
- would like to be in the loop for issues
- currently four deputy positions

- 50% reporting (11 total)
- Seneschals are responsible if no Chatelaine in shire

EXCHEQUER (absent)
- new law changes re: Travel Fund Policy; must go through
- new Highnesses not allowed to drop below 50%
- encouraged to do fundraising to expand account
- Principality events bidding:
Only one for June; Ravensweir
April (Tentative); Krakenfjord
September; Frozen Mountain
November; maybe False Isle
- looking for another Chamberlain candidate

- promote Principality travel
- magical pockets of people

- ensure all branches in BC have non-profit status
- the SCA still has no legal status in Canada
- branch funds could be considered "personal income" and taxed
- Their Highnesses are drafting a letter to let all branches

A&S (absent)
- has advertised for replacement(s); candidate lists still

- stepping down soon.
- reporting spotty this Quarter after good 2nd Quarter.
- many branches not bothering to send on Change of Job forms
or Proof of Membership
- 2 Deputy positions
- With permission of Their Highnesses, will announce Baroness
Theocharista as "Chronicler-to-be"ASAP.

- none

- Earl Marshal asked if list is available for what is needed
still for the Principality; Her Highness noted that the
Chamberlain will be in charge of that.
- Fundraising needs a new person to head it up; contact
Exchequer and Her Highness
- His Highness noted the need for a sun-shade for Court; also
need new boxes made of padded bags.
- Principality Trailer needed to transport & store; rough
estimate needed for materials.
- Fundraising: cheesecake and dessert auctions more successful
that raffles and draws (which are "iffy" by BC Laws)


From The SCA Board of Directors

Greetings unto the esteemed members of the Society:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I present to you the
following request for commentary on a possible change to

Corpora IV.C.2 currently reads as follows:
"The royal pair must attend their Coronation or Investiture,
preside over the Royal Lists to select their successors, and
attend the Coronation or Investiture of their successors. They
must also attend such other events as may be dictated by the
laws of their realm. Should extreme and extraordinary
circumstances, such as death, prevent a Crown, heir to the
Crown, Coronet, or heir to the Coronet, from completing the
these requirements, the Board of Directors may, upon
substantial petition, and on a case by case basis, waive these
requirements to allow the bestowing of a royal peerage or
royal title."

In light of several situations that have arisen in the recent
past in which Crowns have been unable to complete all of the
requirements listed above for reasons the Board considered
sufficient and extraordinary, but which did not involve death,
the Board requests comment on the idea of removing the phrase
"such as death" from the above passage.

The Directors request comments from the membership regarding
this proposed revision no later than January 1st, 2004.

Please send them to:

Corpora IV.C.2
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas CA, 95036
Or email: <comments@sca.org>


From The An Tir Royal Equestrian
I just received the following information from the SCA
announcements list. Since it is of specific interest to event
autocrats and persons of the equestrian persuasion, and not
everyone is on the SCA announcement list, I have cross-posted
liberally. My apologies in advance for consuming the
bandwidth, but this is important and needs the broadest
dispersion possible. Please feel free to repost to other lists
where this may be applicable.
Fionn Ban MacAoidh
Royal Equestrian


Unto the members of the Society, greetings:

There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding Equestrian
insurance certificates. Let me try to clear some of that
confusion up, if possible...

As everyone is aware, our insurance must be activated for each
occurrence in order for equestrian activities to be covered.
The question that comes up again and again is - what
constitutes an "occurrence"?

There are two types of occurrences for equestrian activities –
practices and events. The insurance activation policy works a
little differently in each of these two cases.

1. Equestrian Practices
An insurance certificate is required for practices. However,
if your group holds regular practices, you can order a single
$50.00 certificate, which will be good for the entire period
during which practices will be held, up to an entire calendar
year (January - December).
For example, let's say the Barony of X holds equestrian
practice every Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the same
location. One certificate is all that is needed for this
regularly recurring practice – the Barony simply specifies the
dates involved (yes, you must actually go to a calendar and
write down the date of every Wednesday), from 6:00 pm to 10:00
pm, on their insurance certificate request, pays the necessary
$50.00 fee, and they're good to go for an entire (calendar)
year of equestrian practices.

In order for this to work, a few things must be true: (1) the
exact dates must be known in advance and specified (for
example: August 7, 14, 21, and 28) - the dates need not be the
same day of the week, but all applicable dates must be listed;
(2) the time must be specified, and be for no more than a 12
hour period (such as: Saturdays (list dates), 8 am to 8 pm);
and (3) the location must always be the same.

What WON'T work: specifying entire weekends, or periods of
more than 12 hours' continuous duration. Activities of this
length are no longer practices, but Events. You also may not
simply say "every day". You need to actually schedule your
regular practices in order to be able to insure them under a
single certificate - this requires some planning on your
group's part.

If your site changes, or if the dates or specified times of
your practice changes, you will need a new certificate, which
will need to be paid for anew.

2. Equestrian Events
Events are often (not always) of longer duration, and often
(not always) have other activities going on in addition to
equestrian activities.

A separate insurance certificate is needed for each event,
regardless of its duration. Events can range from single-day
events to multi-week events such as Pennsic. Events are
advertised as such in newsletters or other appropriate media.
I believe everyone is capable of using common sense to
differentiate a practice from an event and applying that
knowledge in a reasonable way.

I hope this information helps simplify the whens and how-
oftens of ordering Equestrian insurance certificates. Remember
that they must be ordered at least 30 days in advance of the
date of the event, or of the date of the first occurrence of a
regularly-scheduled practice. If you have any questions,
please contact me or Patricia LaChance in the corporate

In service to the Society,
Meg Baron
President, SCA Inc.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036
You may also email <comments@sca.org>


Upcoming Events in Tir Righ

Baronial Banquet 4 Oct, 2003
Barony of Lions Gate Vancouver, BC

Greetings to the people!
We will visit the grand courts of Byzantium this year for the
Annual Baronial Banquet! Many mysteries of the Exotic Far East
will be explored. There will be something for everyone to
play, frolic and tantalize their palettes. Games and dancing
will be entertainment during the day to caress your soul and
cultivate your imagination.

Site: Our Lady of Sorrows, 555 South Slocan Street, Vancouver
(1 block west, 1 block south of Hastings and Renfrew)
Hours: Hall opens at noon for games and dancing. Dinner
seating at 5pm.
Tickets: On board - $25.00 Off board - $10.00
Head Cook: Ciaran Stonebreaker Moonhawk
Hall Steward: Lady Genevieve Barbota of Gryphonshold
Menu: Byzantine. For further information, please contact the
Head Cook. Off board tickets are available immediately to
vegetarians or persons with food allergies; off board tickets
will be available to others after 150 on board tickets have
been sold. Ticket requests should include: Your SCA name and
mundane name; your contact information (email or phone); the
number and type of tickets you require, along with the SCA
name of each ticket holder (for seating purposes); The name(s)
of person(s) with whom you wish to be seated. Tickets will be
available for sale at all Lions Gate practices and events

Tickets are available from:
Lady Genevieve Barbota of Gryphonshold (Barbara Millard) (604)
872-8550 <gryphonshold@shaw.ca>
Lady Cerridwen Lady Cerridwen Yr Iachawr - aka (Ravenhawk)
Baroness Padraigin O'Bhuadhaigh (Patricia O'Donnell) (604)
255-9120 <seneschale@shaw.ca>
Baroness Amanda Kendall of Westmorland (Nancy Stevens)

Golden Swan 10-13 Oct., 2003
Shire of Appledore Oliver, BC

The Golden Swan Tourney is a persona development challenge for
female personas. There are 14 contests which are judged by the
Swans and by other qualified individuals. All of the contest
categories are open to anyone, male or female, who wishes to
compete either out of interest or as an applicant to join the
growing "sisterhood" of Golden Swans.
The event also features many other related activities. For
information on the Golden Swan, or on competition categories,
workshops or contests, please contact HL Olwen Pen Aur (Olwen
is out of town until the event - if you have questions please
contact Magdalen at <mdefeo@netidea.com>).
Many of the event's activities remain the same from year to
year. There will be a Pas d'Armes tournament on Saturday. It
is assembled by the Company of St. James (Seagirt) and it will
revolve around Arthurian Themes. At least one archery contest
will be scheduled, as well as a Rapier tourney. For children
several activities will also be provided.
There will be two feasts, one on Saturday and another on
Sunday. The feast on Saturday will be a catered feast for $8
per person. Contestants in the Bardic Contest will entertain
in the feast hall. The Sunday feast is made up of potluck
offerings and will feature the annual Jawbone of the Ass
contest, for the shire's best (or worst, depending on your
point of view) punster.
Site fees : $9 for adults, $6 for young people 16 19, Under
16 free with responsible adult supervision. The family rate is
24 dollars. The NMS fee of 4 dollars will apply to all not
holding a SCA membership card. Make cheques payable to Shire
of Appledore.
Directions: Make your way to Oliver on Highway 97 (13 miles
north of Osoyoos at the junction of Highway 3 and 97). From
either direction go through the first traffic light. At the
next corner, where the Chevron station is located (348th St.)
turn east (right from the south, left from the north). Go all
the way to the bottom of the hill where the road turns right
and becomes 91 St. Stay on 91 St. for about 2 blocks. You will
come to a car wash on your left. Opposite the car wash is a
gravel road. Turn right onto this road. The site is the first
house on the left at the bottom of the hill.
For a list of motels in the Oliver area, go to
This is a camping event, but the late October nights can be
very cold., so be prepared for winter conditions. The days can
still be very warm.
Autocrat: Lord David the Bruce of Lamont (David Turner), P.O.
Box 1053, Oliver, B.C. V0H 1T0; Ph: (250) 498-3636 before 9 pm
ONLY! no e-mail

Contests, Golden Swan info (while Olwen is away): HL Magdalen
of Haphazard Manor (Mary Defeo) Email:

Ďall Potluck & Revel 18 Oct, 2003
Shire of Cragmere Comox, BC

When: October 18, 2003
Where: Comox Masonic Hall, 215 Church
Time: 4 p.m. until we're all tired (midnight?)
Site Fee: $2 plus potluck dish
Join us for an evening of play and relaxation after a long
summer of tourneying. Bring a potluck dish, your favourite
game, your dancing shoes, and a poem or song to share. If you
happen to be working on an interesting project (that stainless
steel knee, that practice bit of embroidery), bring it and
tell us about it. Or even work on it in the ambiance created
by your friends!
Site is damp, in period containers. Newcomers are welcome.

To participate in the feast you must bring a potluck entry.
Based upon your modern LAST name:
A-E: Salad
F-J: Side dish
K-R: Main dish
S-Z: Dessert
For each person, please bring enough to serve 8-10 people.
Every dish must have with it a card listing the ingredients.
Further information on potlucks is available at
http://cragmere.antir.com off the Fall Potluck page, with
suggestions for appropriate (medieval-ish) food. Newcomers are
reminded that an attempt at pre-17th century clothing is
required, and that clothing and feast gear may be borrowed
from the Gold Key.

Reann; Ph: (250) 286-0129, Email <hamill@island.net>
Halima; Ph: (250) 703-0494, Email <doerksen@island.net>
(Fighting is not planned, but fighters are welcome to call
Lord Asa at 334-8191 to encourage it.)

Make your best way to Comox. At the corner of Comox Avenue and
Church Street, turn uphill (downhill leads to the docks). The
liquour store is on your left, and then the Comox Masonic
Hall; the church is on your right.

Freeze Off 25 Oct., 2003
Shire of Ramsgaard Kamloops, BC

The Shire of Ramsgaard is pleased to invite one and all to our
16th annual Freeze Off tourney and feast. Along with our
traditional silly weapons tourney for heavy and our rapier
contest, we will also be offering A&S classes during the day.
Don't forget our Pied Piper activities and Bardic competition.
This event offers feasting at it's best, with a truly
enchanted hall and plenty of great food. How better to spend a
chilly October evening?
Site Info: The Pavilion Theatre in downtown Kamloops (1025
Lorne St. (250)372-3216) Site opens at 9:30am and closes at
Site Fee: $2.00 SCA members, $6.00 non-members (Adults),
$3.00 Children ( 4 to 15); $15.00 modern family cap (max. 2
(Children 3 & under Free) Feast: $12.00 Adults, $6.00
Children 4
to 12, 3 & under Free. Canadian funds; Make cheques
payable to SCA Inc-Shire of Ramsgaard.
Feast Reservations Are Recommended. Any food allergy
concerns, please contact the Autocrat before hand. Wet site:
All alcohol must be purchased on-site. All BC liquor laws
From Yellowhead Hwy #5 turn at Mount Paul Industrial Park (Mt.
Paul Way) cross the bridge, turn left on Lorne St. drive
straight, the Theatre is at the end of the road.
From Coquihalla & Hwy 97 South take exit 309, follow Columbia
St., turn left on 10th Ave. the Theatre will be on your right
after you cross underneath the railway tracks.
From East Trans Canada Hwy #1 take exit to City Center, keep
right, follow Battle St., turn right onto 10th Ave. the
Theatre will be on your right after you cross underneath the
railway tracks.

Autocrat: Sir Abu (Alan Graham) Ph: (250) 828-0251 or Email

The Feast of St Crispin's 25 Oct, 2003
Shire of Tir Bannog Smithers, BC

Come one and all to The Shire of Tir Bannog's (Smithers, BC)
annual OPEN rapier tournament! Come see all the talent up
here in the Northern reaches of our great Kingdom!

Site opens at 12pm and goes till we all get tired and fall
asleep in the Great Hall provided. Hence, the brewing
competition. There will also be a centerpiece contest as well
as a prize for the most authentically decorated dish.

This is a potluck, enough to feed 8 please. A Phoenix tourney
to follow if time permits.

Come join the fun! This event is quickly becoming a favourite
of many.

Site: Glenwood Hall, Telkwa Highroad. V0J 2N7

If coming from the South on Hwy 16, Once in the Village of
Telkwa turn right, onto The Telkwa Highroad. Keep driving and
stay on the Telkwa Highroad It turns to gravel. Drive 10mins
or so till you get to the Hall settled on the right side of
the road. Watch for clear bright pink SCA signs.

From the west on Hwy 16 drive through Smithers, after crossing
the bridge turn left onto Old Babine Lake Road, turn right
onto Telkwa High Road, drive a few min till you see the hall
on the Right. Again the signs will be posted.

Site Fees are $10 for members, $5 for youth (15 and under) 6
Under are free, Family cap $25. Non-members add $4
Canadian.(Please make checks payable to the Shire of Tir

Autocrat: Lady Josephine Blackthorn; Ph: (250) 847-5115 email:
<dreamer@bulkley.net >

Ursa Pas d'Armes 25 Oct, 2003
College of St. Giles Victoria, BC

A Deed of Armes held October 25th, in Seagirt to honour the
departing Baron & Baroness

The Company of Saint James and the Collage of Saint Giles
would like to extend an invitation on behalf of Their
Excellencies the Baroness and Baron of Seagirt, Mistress
Nadezhda Toranova and Sir William mac Brennan.

All Good-Men-At-Arms (and Women) are invited to a Grand
Tournament to be held at Noon the 25th day of October, In the
Day of our Lord Two Thousand and Three.

* A Grand Melee with Single Sword to Five Landed blows * A
Passage of Spear over the Barrier to Three Landed Blows.
Combatants shall be defended by the swords of those in fealty
to them.
* The Company of the Baroness shall accept Challenges.
* Team Combats over the barrier to Three Landed Blows
* The Company of the Baron shall accept Challenges.
* A Passage of Sword and Buckler will be fought to First
* Defence of the Barrier shall be held.
* The Baron & Baroness may entertain requests for additional

All so found willing shall be met in good faith, and marshaled
unto the company of the Noble Baron William or the Lovely

Location is the University of Victoria; find your best way
there and follow signs, or see:

Ŕachiavelli II 1 Nov, 2003
Shire of Danescombe Peachland, B.C.

Danescombe once again hosts Machiavelli. The event will take
place at 4th Street Place (#4, 4th Street, Peachland, B.C.,
Canada) on Saturday November 1, 2003. The Doge of Danescombe
will come out of seclusion and risk his life this one night of
the year in order to allow his citizens to pay him homage.
Don't miss this rare event. If history repeats, it could be
this Doge's last appearance. In case of an assassination, a
new Doge will be elected by the end of the evening and an
aggressive campaigning period.

The doors at 4th Street will open at noon and close at
midnight on Saturday November 1, 2003. There will be an
Armoured (Heavy) tournament and a Rapier Tournament in the
afternoon. Formats to be decided on the day. The winners
will serve as the Doge's defenders for the evening.

This event will also feature the competition for Danescombe's
Arts & Science Defender. Here are the parameters: 2 entries; 1
display;1 presented. Documentation is encouraged.
Presentations need be no longer than 20 minutes. Panel judging
will be used. In the evening, come to a masked ball and
potluck feast. The Doge will be in attendance and the
intrigue will begin. A licensed tavern will be on the
premises; no private alcohol please. Last call at 11pm; doors
close and event is over at midnight.

Site Fees (day & evening)(Canadian Dollars): $5 for adult
members, $2 for youth (15-7), 6 & under free; family cap at
$12. Non- members add $4 Canadian.

Directions: Make your best way to Peachland, B.C. Once in
Peachland, leave Hwy 97 and turn towards Okanagan Lake. 4th
Street is off of the main road that follows the lakeshore.
4th Street Place is at the end of 4th Street. For a map visit
Crash space can be arranged for out of town visitors.

Autocrat: Lady Naomi (mka-Naomi Kleinschmidt) 468 Fleming
Rd., Kelowna, B.C., V1X 3Z3 Ph: (250)763-3516

Sing for Your Supper 8 Nov, 2003
Shire of Cae Mor Kitimat, BC

Greetings all!! You are invited to attend the 5th annual Sing
for Your Supper, held in the Shire of Cae Mor, on the 8th of
November 2003 at the United Church in Kitimat, British
Columbia. Singing, dancing, stories and jokes are the theme of
the evening. Make us laugh or cry, just get up and perform!

If you are a thrifty gentle, this is the event for you. Site
fee is $2.00 (Non-members $7.00), a potluck dish, and a
performance. Groups of performers are welcome so if you can't
get in front of a crowd on your own, get some of your friends
to join you. The idea is to participate. If you do not wish to
perform the fees are as follows: 6 and under - free, 7 to 16 –
$7.00, 17 and over - $12.00 (non-member price $16.00) and a
potluck dish (dishes should feed 8-10 gentles). This is a DRY
SITE, smoking is outside, please use the butt can.

There may be a fight practice and/or a class or two. If you
are interested in a fight practice, please contact me.

Our hospitality is legendary so try to make it for the whole
weekend and we'll find you places to stay and make sure you
aren't bored!!

Directions: make your best way to Prince George. Take Highway
16 West and drive until you hit Terrace (about 6 1/2 hours).
Take Highway 37 to Kitimat (about 45 minutes). Stay on the
main road until you reach town. Turn right onto Kingfisher Ave
(just after the fire hall) and drop off is at the United
Church(A-frame church on the corner of Kingfisher and
Albatross). SCA signs are highly visible. Parking is across
the street.

Autocrat: Lady Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir (called Dana the
Sweet); Ph:(250) 632-6169, Email <danathesweet@hotmail.com>

Tir Righ November Investiture 21-23 Nov, 2003
Shire of Shittimwoode Bellingham, WA

Their Highnesses Prince Einar and Princess Thora send
greetings unto the populace of Tir Righ and an invitation to
attend the coronation of their successors, Tanist Ulf
Bloodfoot and Ban Tanista Celdae. Join them in the Shire of
Shittimwoode for a grand celebration of dance, theater and
feasting. A masked ball on Friday night will highlight Tir
Righ's finest Bards.

Site opens on Friday the 21st at 3:00 p.m. and closes at 6
p.m. on Sunday the 23rd.
Pre-registration is highly recommended. Instructions are on
the website (only 45 days 'til Investiture!)
Fees are follows: Adult members $12.00 USD; Adult non-members
$15.00. Teens 13-16 years are $8.00 USD for members Children
12 and under are free. Checks payable to Shire of
Shittimwoode SCA, Inc.
Merchant space is available! Contact the Merchantcrat Tabytha
at hirtzenocker@yahoo.com
The primary location is the Best Western Lakeway in
Bellingham. Feast Tickets are on sale now. Feast tickets are
limited and are pre-paid. Tickets are sold for space so no
reduced fee tickets available. You can order feast tickets
when you pre-register. Contact Baroness Asthor of Peyton by e-
mail at feast@shittimwoode.org or call 360-738-1896 evenings
before 10 p.m.
Any Questions may be directed to me, the Autocrat, HL Floralyn
MacBrian. seneschale@shittimwoode.org)

Feast of St. Catherine 29 Nov, 2003
Shire of Eisenmarche New Westminster, BC

Doors open at Noon:

Games, games and more games, and colouring books and pencil
crayons available for children of all ages Classes start at
1pm: (all are NON-ITHRA): S.C.A. 101 - Who, what, where and
why of SCA life; Persona Development - How to find out who you
are; Costumer's Guild Challenge; Blackwork; Basic T-Tunic
Construction; Bog Coats, Capes and Cloaks; Feasting and
Flirting; And More!!
EisenChef Competition starts at 6PM Judges must be ready
Dinner - Pot Luck by mundane last name: A-F Meat G-L
Vegetable M-R Starch S-Z Dessert. Please ensure you have made
enough for 10 people. Please supply a list of ingredients.
Musicians will be performing through dinner - by invitation
St. Catherine Game - Test your knowledge of SCA life
Dance - Period dancing. Taught by Lady Rhiannon ap Gwynned.
Dance ends and site closes at 10pm
Site Info: Upper Floor at the Orangemen's Hall, 333 6th St.
New Westminster
Site Fees: Members - $5.00; Non-Members $9.00 (includes NMS);
Children 6-12 $2.50; Under 6 - Free; Eisenchef judges and
competitors $15.00 plus gate. Make cheques payable to Shire
of Eisenmarche, SCA Inc.

Directions: Make your best way to New Westminster. From 8th
Ave. & 6thSt., turn South on 6th Street - the hall will be on
your left before you get to the Salvation Army between 3rd and
4th Avenues.
From Columbia St, turn North on 6th St - the hall will be on
your right. There is pay-parking in front of the building and
free parking on all the side streets.
If coming by transit, take the Skytrain to New Westminster
Station, get the 106 Metrotown. Pull the bell at the Salvation
Army on 6th St. Or, take the Skytrain to Edmonds, take the 106
New Westminster. Pull the bell when you see the Pantry on the
opposite side of the street.

Lady Beth Dougall (mka Sandra Nelson), 1751 Prairie Ave., Port
Coquitlam, BC, V3B 1V2 Ph: (604) 942-9412 Email:
HLS Alexander Ivor (mka Dale Arthur): Ph: (604) 708-3934

Silver Whale Competition 13 Dec, 2003
The Barony of Seagirt Victoria, BC

Once again the Barony of Seagirt is hosting our annual persona
competition. This year Silver Whale will be held on Dec 13 in
conjunction with the Baron's Scholar Trials. The competition
is an opportunity to present an authentic and logical persona
you have created and who could have existed before the year
1650. (This is not to be a recreation of an historic, fiction,
or SCA character). The competition is open to both men and
This is not a competition to win against others, but to
accomplish a goal of presenting a successful piece of theatre.
This means bringing together and presenting everything - from
knowledge, bearing and attitude to props and aids such as
food, costume(s), skills and activities needed to make the
persona a whole, living, believable person.
Interested in getting more information? Please contact Tatiana
Alexievna by email or phone and an information package and
application form will be forwarded to you. Applications must
be received no later than Nov 1, 2003 in order to be accepted
for this year's competition.
<tatiana-seagirt@shaw.ca >
Ph: 250-388-6983 (no calls after 9pm please)


Because I Can...

The Bunny & The Duck Revisited

Within this court of Lions Gate
The bunny sought to find a mate
A drake most bold, bedecked with gold
That she did want to have and hold.

Nine months and more this tale is told
And proof there is the duck was bold
For there behind for all to see
The bunny had some progeny.

Some say that they look mis-begotten
With webbed feet and tails of cotton
But wait to see what next appears
Ducks with furry bunny ears.

In Lions Gate we take much pride
In taking everything is stride
Take the case of the Lionsgator
Whose parentage we'll get to later

The 'Gator, not to be outdone
Courted oyster and had some fun
She too increased, and for her sins
Her babes were born with pearly chins.

The music, pause, the partners change
The dance begins anew again
The 'gator now embraces duck
And Oyster doth the bunny f.........
(Oops! Uh, let's see here....
*scribble scribble scribble*..... A-ha!)
The 'gator now embraces drake
And Oyster doth the bunny take.

Then toothy bills and nacred scuts
Cause bigots first to tsk then tut
But the SCA embraces all
The scaled, the feathered, the short, the tall.
For when it comes down to the wire
All God's children got a place in the choir.

Lord Kenneth and Lady Vivien of Shaftesbury


Compendium of Resources

Their Majesties of An Tir
Sir Gunnarr Brunwolf & Gabriell McBain
(Rod and Jackie Olson)
P.O. Box 574
Mead, WA 99021
(509) 466-6076

Their Royal Highnesses of An Tir
Skapti Thorinson & Asa Starradottir
(Scott Zeller & Alison Avery)
11221 80th Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
900 SW Holden St #106
Seattle, WA 98106

Their Highnesses of Tir Righ
Einar Guntharson and Thora Golvik
(Neil and Christine Foulger)
32615 Bobcat Drive
Mission, BC, V2V 5J8
(604) 826-5683 - no calls after 9 PM

Tanist & Ban-Tanist
Ulf Bloodfoot Fallgrson & Celdae the Seeker
(Chris Hall & Colleen Anderson)
Sir Ulf Bloodfoot Fallgrson
2343 St Catherine's Street
Vancouver, BC, V5T 3X8
Companion Celdae te Seeker
1046A Odlum Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5L 3L6
604.251.1666 (until 10 pm)
<tir-righ-tanist@antir.sca.org> <tir-righ-ban-tanist@antir.sca.org>
The Champions of Tir Righ

The Scourge Of The North,
(Heavy Champion)
Sir Keron Azov

Scholar Of The North
(Arts & Sciences)
HL Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim

Scar Of The North
(Rapier Champion)
Maestro Guidobaldo d'Aquilla

Skald Of The North
(Bardic Champion)
Lord Stephen of Hunmanby

Scorer Of The North
(Archery Champion)
Lady Anika Styfe

Principality Officers

HL Ljotr Einarson (Mitch Steck)
Mailing address: 1205-25th Ave., Vernon, BC, V1B 2C3
Phone: (250)542-6988
E-mail: <tir-righ-seneschal@antir.sca.org>

Lord Erasmus the Traveller, OP (Warren R. Edge),
Mailing address: 1283 Park Terrace, Victoria, BC, V9A 4Z2
Phone: (250) 380-9947
E-mail: <tir-righ-chronicler@antir.sca.org>

Arts & Sciences:
HL Aelana Cordovera (Sharon Burrows)
Mailing address: 2621 St.George St., Vancouver, BC, V5T 3R5
Phone: (604) 876-9105
E-mail: <tir-righ-artsci@antir.sca.org>

Signora Angela Fracassa (Eva Hartkopf)
Mailing address:
#207-720 Queens Ave., New Westminster, V3M 1L6
Phone: (604) 777-1749
E-mail: <tir-righ-chatelaine@anitr.sca.org>

Chirurgeon: VACANT; Apply to Kingdom
Chirurgeon & Principality Seneschal

HL Johanna Katarina Morgenstochter (Marion Felgenhauer)
Mailing address:
#202-46210 Chilliwack Central Rd., Chilliwack, BC, V2P 1P8
Phone: (604) 795-9611
E-mail: <tir-righ-constable@antir.sca.org>

HL Eriu of Tlachtga (Tricia LePine)
Mailing address:
#5-7576 Humpfries Ct., Burnaby, BC, V3N 3E9
Phone: (604) 524-2824
E-mail: <tir-righ-exchequer@antir.sca.org>

HL Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna (Heather Rowe)
Mailing address: 72 Starling, Kitimat, BC, V8C 1K5,
Phone: (250) 639-9301
E-mail: <tir-righ-herald@antir.sca.org>

Sir Throvald Hwolfson(Mark Vermette)
Mailing address: #3254-272B St., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3H8
Phone: (604) 607-0080
E-mail: <tir-righ-marshal@antir.sca.org>

Rapier Marshal:
Don Diarmuid de Rosas (Sean Irwin)
Mailing address: 14129 -68th Ave., Surrey, BC, V3W 2H3
Phone: (604) 591-1818
E-mail: <tir-righ-rapier@antir.sca.org>

Archery Marshal:
Ts'ai T'ien-P'u (Jaime Tiampo)
Mailing address: 2424 Lincoln Rd., Victoria, BC, V8R 6A4
Phone: (250) 744-4885
E-mail: <tir-righ-archery-marshal@antir.sca.org>

Minister of Lists:
Lady Caitrin ni Cingeadh (Janice Jackson)
Mailing address: #12159-222nd St., Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 5W4
Phone: (604) 466-0654
E-mail: <tir-righ-lists@antir.sca.org>

Lady Gera Ginevra Orlandini (Kimberly Montminy)
Mailing address: 9336-155A Street, Surrey BC V3R 9B7
Phone: (604) 328-7386
E-mail: <tir-righ-waterbearer>

Branches of The Principality of Tir Righ

Shire of Appledore
(Kelowna and Okanagan Valley, BC)
George of Mangledwords (George Cornish)
Phone: (250) 495-7715
E-mail: <gcornish@direct.ca>

Shire of Cae Mor
(Kitimat, BC)
Lord Tadgg OhAolain (John Rowe)
Phone: (250) 639-9301
E-mail: <tadgg@telus.net>

Shire of Coill Mhor
(100 Mile House, BC)
Finnlaech MacGillandrias (Cameron Ross)
Phone: (250) 397-2151
E-mail: <finlaech @coillmohr.com>

Shire of Cragmere
(Campbell River, BC)
Lord Kjartan kraka (Jamie Prowse)
Phone: (250) 335-1599
E-mail: <j_amazon@island.net>

Port of Crickstow-on-Sea
(CFB Esquimalt, BC)
Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffyd (Tom Pilcher)
Phone: (250) 995-8526
E-mail: <tpilcher@shaw.ca>

Shire of Danscombe
(Kelwona, BC)
Lord Enoch Sutherland
Phone: (250) 490-2787
E-mail: <jarrodandkaren@yahoo.ca>

Shire of Dregate
(Omak, WA)
HL Killian Carrick (Kelly Cericker)
Phone: (509) 422-5101
E-mail: <dreadg8@televar.com>

Shire of Eisenmarche
(Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows, BC)
HL Eric of Clan Smith (Norm Nelson)
Phone: (604) 942-9412
E-mail: <nan@telus.ca>

Shire of False Isle
(Powell River, BC)
HL Rhyannan of Pembroke Castle
Phone: (604) 485-7234
E-mail: <ladyrhyannan@shaw.ca>

Shire of Frozen Mountain
(West Kootenays, BC)
HL Evangelina du Lac (Janette Mulloy)
E-mail: <j_mulloy@hotmail.com>

Shire of Hartwood
(Nanaimo, BC)
Lady Kineburh (Tracey Paisley)
Phone: (250) 754-7971
E-mail: <kineburh@hotmail.com>

Shire of Krakenfjord
(Vernon, BC)
Hengst the Saxon (Mike Hamm)
Phone: (250) 503-7902
E-mail: <dirtysaxondog@yahoo.ca>

Shire of Lionsdale
(Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC)
Don Kieran Gunn (Kevin Manson)
Phone: (604) 556-0887
E-mail: <kierangunn@shaw.ca>

Barony of Lions Gate
(Vancouver, BC)
HE Padraign O'Bhuadhiagh (Patricia O'Donnell)
Phone: (604) 861-0899
E-mail: <seneschale@shaw.ca>

Shire of Ramsgaard
(Kamloops, BC)
Wren (Jenna Ditrich)
Phone: (250) 319-9867
E-mail: <wrenshenna@hotmail.com>

Shire of Ravensweir
(Quesnel & Williams Lake,BC)
Lady Rowan (Brenda Miller)
Phone: (250) 992-7265
E-mail: <rowan@quesnelbc.com>

Barony of Seagirt
(Victoria, BC)
HL Lenora di Calizzan (Tami Hayes)
Phone: (250) 474-5602
E-mail: <lenora.is@shaw.ca>

Shire of Shittimwoode
(Bellingham - Whatcom CO., WA)
HL Floralyn MacBrian (Flora Shannon)
Phone: (360) 384-0547
E-mail: <seneschale@shittimwoode.org>

College of St. Giles
(University of Victoria, BC)
Seneschal: Niniane Greenlaw (Andrea McVean)
Phone: (250) 920-7710
E-mail: <aemcvean@uvic.ca>

Shire of Tir Bannog
(Smithers, BC)
Tewl Gover orth Kernow (Douglas Jeffery)
Phone: (250) 846-5290
E-mail: <cardinal@bulkley.net>


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Lord Erasmus the Traveller (mka Warren Edge). eSentinel
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