Tir Righ

Award Recommendations


Officers' Forms

Seneschals' Reporting Formats
Branch Marshal Report (An Tir)
Change of Officer
Extension of Warrant


Coronet/Principality Event Bid
Coronet Event Financial Report
Date Reservation / Event Information
Stewarding a Tir Righ Event

Gate-specific Documents

Gate Envelope Labels
Gate Float Reconciliation
Gate Drop Records

Waivers / Releases

Minor Medical Authorization (CAN)
Minor Medical Authorization (US)
Event Waiver - Minor
Event Waiver - Adult, Single
Event Waiver - Adult, Roster
Event Waiver - Multiple Minors

Permission - Creative Work
Permission - Model
Permission - Photographer


NMR Submission
Coronet Event Financial Report

Tir Righ Financial Policy (Dec 2021)
An Tir Financial Policy


Principality of Tir Righ Return to Play Plan

Four-year Authorization (An Tir)
Marshal Promotion (An Tir)
Branch Marshal Report (An Tir)
Field Marshal's Sheet (An Tir)
Marshal in Charge (An Tir)
Accident/Incident Report (An Tir)
List Reporting (An Tir)
Combat Practice Roster (An Tir)

Arts & Sciences

A&S Championship Entry
Judging Form - Objects
Judging Form - Performance Arts
Judging Form - Compositions
Judging Form - Research Papers

Laws & Policies

Principality Law (Jan 2020)
Kingdom Law (May 2019)
SCA Governing Documents

An Tir Calendar Policy
An Tir Calendar Procedures
Tir Righ Calendar tips