University Faculty

Lord High Steward His Highness, Prince of Tir Righ
Lady High Steward Her Highness, Princess of Tir Righ
Governor Madame Jaqueline Lefleur
Deputy Governor Vacant
Registrar Lord Saito no Ryoichi Mitsukage
Dean for Novus (Newcomers) Maulana Halima al-Rakkasa
Dean for Arts & Sciences vacant
Dean for Humanities HL Brynja Kortsdottir
Dean for Marshallate Vacant

These are the main responsibilities for each role.

Governor Deputy Governor - Support for the Governor, training to take over the role as Governor.

Registrar Deans

Branch Officers

We will do our best to keep this list as up to date as we can. Please contact the Governor if a change is needed. Thank you. Updated July 31, 2021

Barony of Seagirt Vacant
Shire of Danescome Vacant
Shire of Ramsgaard Vacant
Shire of Lionsdale Vacant
Barony of Lions Gate TUTR Session Steward: HL Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim Effective February 12, 2018
Shire of Hartwood Vacant

Other TUTR Roles

TUTR Session Stewards

(Equivalent to event stewards for individual TUTR Sessions.)

TUTR Session Assistants

TUTR Heralds

From the University of Tir Righ Charter

It is therefore ordered, and enacted by the count, and the authority thereof, that for the furthering of so good a work and for the purposes aforesaid, from henceforth that the said corporation of Tir Righ, shall be the University of Tir Righ, consisting of at least seven people, to wit, the Lord and Lady High Stewart being the Prince and Princess of Tir Righ, Head Regent, Deputy Regent, and three Deans minimally...

In witness whereof, the Court hath caused the seal of An Tir and Tir Righ to be hereunto affixed. Dated the one and seventh day of the eleventh month, called November, anno 40, 2007 in the common year.