Frequently asked questions

How are TUTR credits earned?

Each hour of a class counts as one credit:

Course Hours Credits Awarded
1 hour course 1 credit
2 hour course 2 credits
3 hour course 3 credits
4 hour course 4 credits

I'm focussing on a major. Can my general credits be in any discipline?

Yes, you only need 45 credits to be in your field or in a specific major for your degree.

How can I transfer credits from the University of Ithra, Their Highness' University of Avacal, or courses taken at Pennsic War or Estrella War?

Out of the total sixty (60) credits required for your TUTR degree, a maximum of fifteen (15) credits can be transferred from one of the above. Please get in touch with the TUTR Governor for more information.

I want to major in a specific area, but I can't find enough credits to complete it. What can I do?

TUTR is your University. If you want to see certain classes or subjects taught, please contact the organizers of upcoming TUTR sessions and ask for what you need. Also -- don't be afraid to teach what you know already.

If I teach a class, do I still get credit for it?

Yes. You earn the same credits as a student would. Also, if you teach ten times for TUTR, you are inducted into the Fellowship of the University of Tir Righ.

Have a question that wasn't covered?

Please contact the TUTR Governor (e-mail TUTRGovernor AT tirrigh DOT org) who will be glad to assist you.