On becoming a member of the Serjeantry

In the days when An Tir was a Principality of the Kingdom of the West, the Crown granted the landed Baronesses the right to recognize Sergeants; those armoured fighters who meet the requirements of the rank and are willing to serve and swear fealty to their Baroness.

In the years since, this rank has expanded to include Yeomen who specialize in missile combat, thrown weapons or siege combat and Gallants who show prowess in rapier combat.

Candidates must petition the Baroness for permission to participate in the trials, then prepare to participate in a weekend of trials. Candidates are tested in the arts, sciences, warfare, courtly manners, dancing, heraldry, games, and their chosen martial activity. Candidates are encouraged to seek out members of the Sergeantry for assistance in preparing for the testing.

Succesful candidates swear fealty to the Barony of Seagirt and direct fealty to the Baroness of Seagirt and act as her protectors and military advisors.

Candidates shall choose to undertake the trials as one of the following:
A Sergeant at Arms (Armoured Combat fighter)
A Gallant (Rapier Combat fighter), or
A Yeoman (Combat Archery. Yeoman candidates shall choose a specialty of either 1) Archery 2) Thrown Weapons or 3) Siege Weapons)

Those who have passed the trials consist of:
1. Sergeants, Yeomen or Gallants - these are active members of the Sergeantry whom Her Excellency feels are contributing actively at least once per month. They wear the belt, bracer or glove.
2. Serjeantry Emeritii - these are semi-active members of the Sergeantry whom Her Excellency feels are contributing in an advisory capacity and cannot participate at least once per month. They still wear the belt, bracer or glove.
3. Retired Serjeantry - these are voluntarily no longer active members of the Sergeantry. They may advise Her Excellency on occasion. They no longer wear the belt, bracer or glove. (This is the honourable discharge)
4. Those dismissed from service will not be entitled "retired Sergeant" and will no longer be considered in an advisory capacity.
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