Principality Officers handle the day-to-day business of the Principality.


The Seneschalate is the Administrative Branch of the Principality

Principality Seneschal

Viscount Sir Kheron Azov

(Current – March 2023)

Seneschal (at)

Deputies to the Seneschal:
Caemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais,
Morweena goch Bengrych

Calendar Deputy

HL Ciannait Contuirt Cailin
Calendar (at)

Events Deputy

Dame Elena de Maisnilwarin
events (at)

Social Media Officer

Duke UlfR Blodfotur Fallgrson
socialmedia (at)

Chancellor of the Exchequer

The Chancellor of the Exchequer handles the financial matters of the Principality


Frau Greta Grunwald

Exchequer (at)

Contingency Exchequer Deputy:
Dame Elena de Maisnilwarin


Currently vacant
Chamberlain (at)

Awards Deputy

Viscountess Lishinia Aurelia
awardsdeputy (at)

Fundraising Deputy

Dame Arianna Freemont
fundraising (at)


Sir Cyneric Bearson
teamster (at)

The Marshallate

The Marshallate is the department dedicated to the safety and education around the various martial activities available in our Principality

Earl Marshal

Armsmaster Ts’ai T’ien-P’u

marshal (at)

Contingency Deputy Marshal:
Viscount Thorwulf Bjornsson

Archery Marshal

Archos Athelina Grey
archery (at)

Thrown Weapons Marshal

Archos Harold of Hartwood
thrownweapons (at)

Rapier Marshal

HL Seamus McKinneach
rapier (at)

Cut & Thrust Marshal

Currently vacant
rapier (at)

Equestrian Marshal

HL Cassandra Wineday of Newingate
equestrian (at)

Youth Armoured Combat Marshal

Currently vacant
yacmarshal (at)

Minister of Lists

Duchess Dalla in Fagra
lists (at)

College of Heralds

The Tir Righ College of Heralds cultivates and promotes the use of heraldry throughout the Principality

Silver Yale Herald

HL Edwina de Herst

Herald (at)

Tir Righ Herald’s Website:

The College of Heralds maintains their own website at


The Office of the Principality Chronicler records what is happening and what has happened in the Principality

Sigridis Gala Eiriksdottir 

Chronicler (at)

The Northern Sentinel

Tir Righ Curia Minutes


The Chatelaine welcomes newcomers to our organization and helps them follow their interests

Elspeth Selwode of Wilton

Chatelaine (at)

Minister of Arts & Sciences

The Minister of A&S promotes artistic, scientific, and research pursuits through various activities and contests

HL Juliana Laverick

Current – Nov 2023

Artsci (at)


The Scribe promotes the creation of the awards given by the Coronet to the populace and fosters an environment of learning the skills required for award creation

Maminka the Bohemian

Scribe (at)

Keeper of the Seal

Morweena goch Bengrych
Seal (at)

Governor of the University of Tir Righ

Madame Jaqueline Lefleur

Tutrgovernor (at)

University of Tir Righ Website:

The University of Tir Righ maintains their own website at


The Webminister team is the Information Technology department of the Principality

HL Jacomina van Vossenbrouck

Webminister (at)


Duke UlfR Blodfotur Fallgrson

Contingency Deputy

Sayyida Halima al-Rakkasa